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  2. One more added. Hopefully we can at least get all the 4-2s and up.
  3. This is a super interesting rules interaction. I have a feeling that, barring a ruling from FFG or the unofficial rulings, that most Marshall's would declare it out. I'm in the "it works" camp.
  4. Only once. DCO works multiple times, depending on the number of attacks and contain tokens.
  5. I'd love to see that, because that's hilarious if true.
  6. I'm guessing it's meant to be the "when your Not!Ahsoka leaves the Jedi" spec.
  7. No kidding..! I'm glad I have Fly Casual otherwise my itch would never get scratched, but man, it's almost good I don't have a reliable income. I don't think I'd be doing much else!
  8. Heck, life IS X-Wing for some people here!
  9. “My posts have doubled since the last time we met, Count...” ”Good. Twice the pride, double the posts.” “This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them.” “Always two, there are. One to merit discussion, the other to crave it.” ”That post was our last hope.” ”No. There is another.” ”As my sweet mother always said, ‘Son, if one post is good, two are better, and three, well, that’s just good business!’” ...I’m all out.
  10. We tested your version of On The Lam in several games. In my (our) opinion, it is still Overpowered. Maybe a ban instead of an Errata would be better?
  11. I wasn't sure what a sideboard was. I don't play MTG(?) games, but it sounds the same. It would certainly add another dimension to fleet building.
  12. Ah i c, thanks. Still says its preorder on the site. Well, gotta wait for the pdf anyway, can’t buy the hardcopy.
  13. I can verify this. Five hull lets you tank a few hits to use your focus offensively if you have to. Come to think of it that's actually a very well put together squadron. Absolutely no mods but... Hm. Just the chassis alone is good stuff.
  14. Not quite. Depending on who the Ace is, some lists are just too beefy for a loan Ace to take down in 75 minutes. Maybe if it's a 2 hour finals match, but not a Swiss round.
  15. And sometimes they're not just filler, they're the whole shebang. Player at a Hyperspace Trial in Orlando last weekend won the whole thing with Sinker, 104th, and 4 GSTs. He said his opponents usually made the mistake if trying to go after Sinker first, and if he survived (which he usually did) the shots back on the initial joust were devastating. He also said that the GSTs were good when they got into the scrum and blocked opposing ships. GSTs are apparently tough enough against unmodded rolls.
  16. Here's my worry about that, though. https://i.imgur.com/QbajJXh.mp4 Because that sure is one **** of a roll... Sounds about right! I'll be totally honest, guys. I haven't found an ounce of utility for the clone ARC-170s. Very very true! I just wish their dials weren't... so bad...
  17. Today
  18. It's not been implemented yet. But then again, Han right now is bugged to only give rerolls for attack and defence rolls anyway, so that probably needs to get fixed first.
  19. They way I read it, players are supposed to know the TN before rolling the dice. The GM can withhold that information and give them a Void Point in return. So, yes, it is fun and an easy way to hand out VP at the same time.
  20. Two instead of one is actually a pretty big deal in this regard, though. When combined with the (slightly) higher total hit points and increased agility, they generally take a bit more effort to bring down than an ARC would. And, because they're nameless grunts, they naturally discourage the opponent from going after them. When an opponent sees Wolffe or whoever, they see a damage sink which is dangerous enough to justify nuking, so they do exactly that and the Jedi don't get a lot of time to go to work. They see little nameless V-19s, they often shrug and try to pressure the Jedi -- which is generally a mistake. It sounds easy enough to "just catch the ace", but we're talking about double-reposition-and-still-have-defence-mods Jedi here. If they don't want to get shot at, it can be pretty hard to force the issue. And if you do fail to catch them, the V-19s score free damage and may even get an advantageous joust when the enemy finally gives up and turns on them.
  21. Exactly this. Wolfe is a big stick but one that’s easily broken, the Torrents are springy saplings to whip your opponent with.
  22. i'm not saying stunned pilot cares about a drone sitting on top of debris. it's when it maneuvers off it kicks in. in this case we were talking about an ion maneuver. it's still possible to barrel roll off a rock with you action with struts open and then maneuver somewhere else during the next round as well, without taking damage.
  23. So some tough questions exist for the squadron play. As a pretty long-term Sloane 2 ship player, I can tell you that you have a choice with those YT-2400s: deploy them far forward enough to get hit by 3-5 squadrons round 1, or not be able to hit Sato range round 2. Now thanks to rogue you’ll probably about break even if they alpha strike, but the important thing is that they have Intel, and you don’t. Meaning you’re locked down, especially if they have first (reasonably likely for such lists.). From there you have three Hammerheads and scout Admo, which is a nice amount of ranged firepower against one ISD, but also pretty fragile and unlikely to last long. Which is not what you want against a list designed from the ground up to break fragile things quickly and therefore avoid retaliation. I like the list, and this isn’t meant to discourage, just start with the tough issues. With that in mind, my advice is: Switch to Torpedo Hammerheads. They’re not only cheaper even kitted-out (OE, DCaps, TFO, a crit upgrade) but they hit as hard as a Scout, are better up close (you’re both front arc ships, you’ll be there!) and get more mileage out of Sato. This will also improve your bid, which is potentially a big deal. Tycho. He’s vulnerable to heaps of blue dice, sure, but he’s fast and a serious threat (and better in other matchups, too, because a list with one good matchup isn’t getting tournament wins). Having one more fire for them to put out matters. Swap Fighter Ambush for Hyperspace Assault. FA screws up deployment, making it harder to get every ship on target. And Intel-less YTs shouldn’t expect to hit hull anytime soon against squad-heavy matchups, which will be the lists happily picking it over SC. With HA you can jump your admiral and a spotter squad or two into position at the same time. Drop XI7s/Exrax for a crit+optional turbolaser. Crits at long range are why you bring Sato. Why? Because changing two reds (0.75 avg damage) to two rerollable blacks (1.25 avg damage) adds just 1 damage. But if you trigger APT one more time than you would have, that’s another extra damage faceup, through shields, early in the game while it has time to affect your opponent. Or ACM; just one extra trigger is +2 damage above Sato’s normal bonus. Exrax just doesn’t reap those benefits, and starts to looks pretty bad when compared for more than one shot (which is the point of Sato and the point of a Scout.) XI7s should go because realistically the ISD won’t be dying just to Admo, and any Hammerhead shots will be redirected just fine. If you want to keep XI7s, APT complements them. But ACM can make redirecting suck anyway... Hope this helps, good luck building. I want to fight a similar list with Sloane 2-ship now, the closest I’ve come is triple Sato 30s...
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