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  2. I agree with this and even do a few rolls on setting the traps. Successes increases the base damage done by the trap and Advantages and Triumphs add difficulty in spotting the trap. Threats/Despair may make the trap more visible or even disabled. This could allow the PCs to come across one that did not trigger and allow them to be on the alert.
  3. Unfortunately I don't think a pass mechanic will help here. Imperial Assault usually had the delay units be cheap support pieces (think Veers, Leia, Krennic, generic officers) who either could not attack or had short range dice pools. Snipers can help you "pass" and start putting wounds on your opponents units (not every unit will be in cover or behind LOS blockers on every table). Right now these filler activations can contribute to the fight easily and they do not feel like a difficult choice. You have 3 Special Force slots, and can take three cheap Special Forces units that don't really fight for said slots with anything (It would seem that competitive scene has deemed wookiees and pathfinders "meh" and Imps can just Entourage whatever doesn't fit). This could possibly be addressed by: - Making the Strike teams or the sniper minis unique (my vote would go to the latter) - Having a cap on number of units you can bring in competitive play list building to stop the race to 10+ (How long will the rounds have to be for someone to finish activating their Separatist droid swarms? :D) - Possibly re-working the Rank Restrictions (I would not like to see Special Forces slots decrease as it would hurt rebels a lot more than it would Imperials.)
  4. I saw a Fenn/Guri build at 177, but I didn't see a Boba/Guri build.
  5. I'm (not) sorry the discussion doesn't align with how you want to talk about the game. Why not just walk away instead of announcing that you're walking away? I love the game. I just am unwilling to celebrate things which I don't think is much of an achievement.
  6. Bikes are 6 wounds 90 points. i.e. 15 pts per wound. while normal stormtroopers are 11 pts per wound. Bike shoot way better and are more effective when wounds are being dealt. SO no reason to update costs. MAybe it would be better to improve your tactics.
  7. This is certain point of view heavy. How long should a campaign last? How much XP is enough? Are the players supposed to be comparable to Movies, or not? Are the players in your group going for fluff builds, or hardlining Specs so they can get ranks in dedication as fast as possible? What's the party composition and resources? All these will matter, and again, is good reason to really work those pre-campaign events and get a feel for everything. But yeah, it's also stuff that will vary wildly from group to group and campaign to campaign. I'm not of the opinion that a low XP campaign automatically bad. One of the campaigns I eventually would like to run is intended to see relatively little character advancement in the (XP realm anyway) but I'm also building the campaign around that concept to help keep it fun. However, the argument that this GM appears to have: that XP needs to be kept low because of how certain characters in A&A were statted... Well that's not a very good reason. You shouldn't build your campaign around how someone else envisioned an NPC that likely won't even participate in your campaign. If the monster manual says Orcs are level 4, but your campaign needs them to be level 10 if you follow normal XP awards... It's probably going to be more fun for all if you just level the Orcs up rather than keeping the players down.
  8. (That would've been a funny Vassal fight. Z-95 vs. Y-Wing!) So it's true; the drones do not consume fuel. I think we can also assume by now that they do not have GF, and blockading planets helps them to multiply.
  9. Dear @melminiatures, Have you thought about an armada squadron set of 6 X-Wings and 6 B-wings with their wings in the folded transport position. It would make a nice variation to mix in with the regular FFG models and could make it easy for the charachters to be distinguished.
  10. Bard is great for off-sphere attachments, but Bard himself is off-sphere to LoDenethor and Radagast, and if you're going off sphere to bolster defense (which you pretty much are required to do in any sphere except monoSpirit with spBard) you can just include tactics or leadership normally. If you're looking to set up a multiplayer Super Defender, then LoDenethor (prior to the ABB nerf) has an advantage over LeDenethor and Radagast fully-loaded because he can do G. Shield/Ancestral Armour/ABB combo without a prerequisite card (Song of Wisdom for LeDenethor, Diligent Noble for Radagast) -- but you can't do it anymore, and you still need sentinel + readies, and you could start with a bunch of other more sturdy defenders in the first place, etcetera. Bilbo might be the best pre-errata Lore super defender just because of Fast Hitch. Post-errata and outside the super defender role -- say as the primary defender in a solo deck or even in a two-deck fellowship, I like Radagast better than LoDenethor. Two more threat, but that's a negligible factor in defender quality. Ancestral Armor is great, but so expensive, setup with G. Shield/ABB seems more likely. Once setup, that gives an advantage to LoDenethor in that 5/3 is better than 4/4 defensively. But it's not enough (in my mind) to offset being able to survive a 6-strength attack *before* getting a Shield on. In Lore itself the defensive options are the same for both, of course, and the healing favors the higher hp hero. But the biggest factor in my mind is their respective abilities. LoDenethor's ability is blocked by defending, while Radagast's ability is compatible with defending. And especially solo, Radagast's potential to quest for 2 for a resource (or free, once he gets his staff) and still defend looms large for me -- as does the prospect of guaranteed card draw with the Wizard Pipe + Messenger Raven (or ETH). Radagast can defend + help you elsewhere. Denethor can defend at the expense of not being able to help you elsewhere. Now to be clear, the synergy and anti-synergy of their abilities with defense don't affect the defense *itself* unless you're using Protector of Lorien, it's just the reason that I think Radagast will be more attractive than LoDenethor in a splash-Lore-primary-defender role. I think Radagast is going to be good fun even (or especially?) outside an Eagles deck. One other point in the favor of Radagast as a defender is that his staff can be used to return a (non-unique) enemy to staging. In general that's not optimal behavior, but it *does* mean that he can prevent an attack as needed, and that's a handy thing for a defender to have in his back pocket (unrestricted attachment, can only go on Beregond). It can also be used to play Loyal Hound for free, and that's also a handy thing to have around for a hero defender. I think that outweighs Denethor's ability to benefit from out-of-sphere events like For Gondor!, Behind Stone Walls, and Gondorian Discipline.
  11. bye? Edit: for what it's worth - I used to get daily updates on this thread, and I unsubscribed from that. Now I just check in weekly or so. Sometimes I have something to say - other times I dont. Like, it's fine to check out?
  12. More interesting discussions that just week by week flipping across the lists that are 'overpowered' or 'boring' because they don't align with how you want to play the game. Time for me to check out, maybe next time I look in here ya'll will have decided you like the game again, or let the thread die ... either would be good.
  13. Another way to get to a cap on the tokens is to view Baze as not counting a cap on extra focus tokens, but a cap on valid enemy ships. If Baze's ability only sees two ships at 0-1, then he'll hand out three tokens. Frankly, I don't see any reason why Baze's cap shouldn't be applied to the number of ships, rather than the number of tokens. It doesn't say "to a maximum of 2 tokens," and the last item counted in the card were the ships.
  14. Hi, I've played through a complete campaign and a few missions of the next and haven't come across this. I always thought the app knew how many minis came with the game and therefore knew how many it had allocated out to the adventure at any one time. Perhaps I'm wrong though but seems odd it would do this.
  15. The When Revealed effect is still resolved. Now, if a card is added to the staging area instead of being revealed, when revealed effects don't trigger.
  16. I'm not sure what you want. The strategy is pretty straightforward, and has been lined out here multiple times - it's just boring. Additionally, approximately 40-50% of the meta is two archetypes (slightly lower in hyperspace, except rebel beef numbers remain around 25%). It's just boring/unfun - not confusing.
  17. Oh, definitely. I didn't think about the impact this would have on the CIS. I expect that 6 unit corps spam will be how you start building their lists, so if we limited lists to 8 units, they'd have all of one slot left to fill after picking their commander.
  18. Nothing new, but took a couple of cool pictures at last week's Legion night, and thought I'd share: Sniper team and E-Web in overwatch Mudtroopers leading the charge into the trenches, with Stormtroopers and Death troopers backing them up.
  19. Inspired by Baba Yaga the character and the hut, relating it to the ideas of your adventure and any improvements that emerge from the playtests and feedback, the way I'd try to use it: Ideas Resources:- Baba Yaga info from folklore https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Yaga The 3d mini for the hut and Baba Yaga here as inspiration/ player game kit options as previously mentioned (you have to scroll down, it's about fourth and sixth in the stretch goals): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aetherstudios/aether-studios-swamp-of-sorrows The hut on two legs: Also gives some possibility to fix some gameplay issues that may arise including as a potential means of exploring ways of resolving Sadgit's points here 1 - No, he cannot place it on the hut. I should change the wording maybe ? 2 - Yes, but at least 1 border can be left. Playing descent in 2 heroes is unbalanced in the first place Also on these points as you'd both discussed them I actually like the idea of splitting up the players- it just needs figuring out how to make it work should they get split up, one way they split could be different heroes being inside/outside hut, especially if hut is walking at the time, different heroes could even be in and under the hut at the same point in the game if walking under the hut is an option. Possibly the hut has two or even three 'statuses' - walking (raised up on legs and on the move) or sitting (at rest and at ground level) or (third option) standing (raised up on legs but not on the move)- if walking or standing then it can be freely passed under by other characters (is not blocking apart from its rather chickenlike footprint), if sitting it is blocking route although can be entered/exited - maybe if standing it needs a skill check to enter, walking a harder skill check, some really nice potential for using this walking/sitting idea (a fun 'lose' condition could be getting fatally squished by the hut if underneath it when it sits down- though there's a survival mode too- "luckily the soft mud and hollow ground below allows you to avoid being crushed to death under the sitting hut....") Of course the really awesome thing is the hut can be both a monster and a varying bit of the terrain (something that can walk over you or that you can walk under as well as a building you can enter) - this has lots of possibility to play with The fact it utilises a moving game tile is also a great twist on the 'moving room' element in a game. Thus part of the game design/development could be a monster card for Baba Yaga's Hut itself - this could also be a way of giving the hero players more strategy choices (asking as game designer how could these work versus what the overlord is doing), for example enter the hut to steal* the cauldron from inside or destroying the hut to bring it crashing down, then stealing* it (* also known as repurposing it or liberating it because the heroes are good right?!), I'm approaching my game designs by thinking what characters might do and how other characters might respond based on the elements in the game. Perhaps there are dynamics to the strategy and benefits/disadvantages to the various characters in the game (on both sides heroes and overlord) of being inside/outside/away from/underneath the hut, how can each character in the game interact with it or use it to their potential advantage?, maybe the heroes could even use a walking hut as a means of escape for example or the overlord use it as an ambush by putting monsters in it ready to attack heroes after the cauldron, thus each side has various strategic choices like these, and the chance to respond to what the opponent is doing. Whilst balance is always important you don't always have to rule out the possibility of bad player choices in game design- one or two things inexperienced or less wised-up players may do that are perhaps bad choices can make the possibilities of gameplay greater. With Descent it's the tug-of-war of what might the hero players/overlord player do and how might the opposing player(s) respond. Does either side have the chance of victory up until the later stages of the game? How/when do they begin to be on the losing side? Playing with these ideas could be challenging- it may take some time to come up with a way that works gameplay and balance wise, but if you can pull it off it could be a really unique and enjoyable aspect to this adventure, kudos @rugal for the Baba Yaga idea as the hut is just such a unique aspect it brings something quite special to the game so be patient with the fact it may not immediately work in-game, you can get it to something that does. Don't feel you've failed (or attacked should any playtest feedback be negative, it's a game idea in development so it isn't going to be perfect YET ) en route to the working game- someone wise once told me they built and engineered amazing bridges that do work by designing plenty of bridges that failed first, in game design there are plenty of fails before the win... I genuinely think if you wrestle with this til you get a working game it will be as good as any of the official Descent adventures- the hut, Baba Yaga and cauldron reward concepts alone being awesome. It's nicely partnered with things like the lycans and tree too- works well for the 'dark forest' theme. Love the good/evil reward idea too- a bit like the dawnblade/duskblade, depending if heroes or overlord have it at game end- the cauldron that can heal the heroes or restore Baba Yaga's youth, again why I love this adventure idea so much. I appreciate I've slowed my progress down somewhat as I've put a bit too much Descent/Terrinoth/Genesys project food on my plate to digest and cook things up with at once- I'm still working on it all but it's quite a juggling act and a slow burn with doing it at the same time as overlapping projects but I will find ways to catch up and eventually complete parts- it became a slow burn as a lot of opportunities to expand and improve what I'm working on cropped up at the same time, better's great but it also means more work and the overlapping goes with the territory, a few ideas became a lot of ideas. I will playtest and maybe help with your projects when I can, this one being near the top of my list as I'm so excited for it, especially now there's the chance of the hut mini to match! I'm still looking at the Margath campaign and the writing feedback, so bear with me- things are moving forward, just slowly in between other life things and work (I'm also having to focus on some work at my flat so temporarily have slightly less leisure time than normal), Rome (Mennara) wasn't built in a day as they say! A lot of the delay is wanting to get some future timesaving things done for both Genesys and Descent so putting some time into this now that saves me time in future as I found I kept repeating certain things a lot such as finding particular bits of info, choosing what to use for each adventure, or with Genesys finding the things not in the index repeatedly then having to find them again (so I'm working on my own full index), these will be useful for other player-creators so I'll be sharing these resources too, but doing them's added the work of doing them- worth it for how much time it will save in future, but with the downside of the extra work now, once it's done it's there to make life easier! On which note stick with The Dark Forest- it's going to be awesome once complete and work on it as and when, I know time is precious and there's never much of it spare, so don't worry if progress seems slow- it tends to be for these things and it's worth it in the end, I feel that pressure sometimes to get stuff perfect and finished right now but it's a spare time hobby and takes time, so don't worry about things that don't quite work yet or everything needing to gel together- it will get there! Our creations will be worth the effort and time to get them over the finish line! When I do have social time (as I say currently temporarily reduced re work at flat and a period in frenzied game creation mode more than game play mode) I go to various games groups- not all into games like Descent but there are those genre of players among them, so I'm sure I'll be able to get some volunteers to playtest the ideas at some point. So I may see what I can come up with as options as well as testing whatever is the current version at the time. Thanks to those who've playtested thus far- may be worth people putting the call out on places like bgg for more playtesters (understanding of the fact it's a work in progress in the design stages and of the fact English is a second language to Rugal should any rules need clarifying etc). Thinking about 3d printing it makes me wonder if 3d printing takes off more it could be another way companies like FFG could offer players more outside the realms of what they can physically make (as with other digital files you can offer more expansions terrain/buildings/figures-wise without the risk of having to make everything in the range, shouldn't be the only way a product line is delivered- as with the app I'd still want original, pre-made, physical kit for games I don't have to print/ make/ run on a computer but FFG could do some epic things that may not be cost effective as boxed product such as Uthuk/Latari etc scenery and buildings). I think there are 3d printing services now too, so possibly no need to even have to have your own printer, just a thought. Could be good for those fringe items only the most dedicated players would want.
  20. no and no. different game states benefits slower or faster play, no matter what the list. swarms sometimes require a lot of planning. lists with fewer ships may have to be more careful and consider their opponents options more before risking one of their pivotal pieces. if a player is up on points, they will benefit from slowing the game down, which is not a nice thing to do. if a player is down on points, they want to keep the pace of play higher, which is generally good for the game to progress and be more interesting. there is always a balance, though. some people will rush as much as they can, which can also be annoying. it's that simple. please stop putting the blame on players who like different lists. take responsility for managing your time well. keep a reasonable pace of play, even when you're up on points. don't stress your opponent out, but also don't be afraid to ask them or a judge to make sure there is a reasonable pace being maintained.
  21. Requoting because it aligns with my feelings as well (unfun, particularly from the boring metric) Disagree a bit here, but from the perspective that 1) it breaks a 'core" game rule, so it's worth more and 2) cassian is now comically the most played u-wing. I personally believe cassian should be the most expensive u-wing pilot, whatever the u-wing price changes as a chassis are. You're allowed to change your opinions based on new data and experience. I used to prefer hyperspace... ^^^ both of these, simultaneously.
  22. Sinker helping fix blanks seems like it'd make CLT better. Kinda a cool choice, but Wolffe does let you go 7B on Anakin... I dunno. Sinker's range is pretty long, and those side arcs are huge. I still want to fly more with him, but he does feel like he covers a massive amount of the board. Full flanking doesn't really work, but you can keep things fairly loose, so long as everyone is engaged.
  23. Agreed and I feel like this will only hurt factions like the CIS, who will rely on having those higher activation lists because there corps units are so weak/cheap.
  24. I hate to agree with Derrault, but yeah, capping activations is a terrible idea. It may be targeted at snipers, but will hurt other list types as well. The list I ran at the RPQ a week or so back had ten activations, and only a single sniper team. E-Web lists (I can't be the only one using them, am I?) will be hurt, and any reason to use the generic commander will likely go out the window. I think such a cap would hurt rebels more than Imperials. They have more spam options and can maximize activations without even using snipers. As annoying as snipers are, I'd rather use tactics and strategy to beat them than an arbitrary rule change.
  25. Today
  26. I agree, 4 ship Rebel isn't a problem. Even with the pilots involved. There is just too much going on with Leia. I'm also of the opinion Wedge could do with a 2 point price hike, and he'll still be competitively viable. However, you also kind of making the point: those other good options aren't in there because there are better options. The point is not to kill the archetype. The point is to gently push the archetype down a peg. Leia-less 4 ship has already done well and that is great. We don't want to see it go away, but we also don't want to see it be 40% of the meta. Pull Ten out and add in Norra Y or Horton or Sabine and the list drops a peg. I also agree with this. Leia is completely different: she is a force multiplier that makes all your ships in the list better, and is reduced in value as she loses ships. However, at 2 points she'd be worth taking on some ships even if she only gave the ship she was on a white flip. Glad you are too intelligent to hang here with the plebs. Now I feel like I wasted my words above trying to have what I thought was intelligent discussion, but now I realize that all I've done is expose my stupidity to someone obviously more intellectual than I am.
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