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  2. The template can go off the mat as long as the manoeuvre ends on it so don't play in a 3x3 pit I guess.
  3. Yup. In this case the crit claims the shield, and because it was uffer3d, the fuels leak claims the farmboy.
  4. They are now listed as "at the printers" which puts them a little behind the speeder and snow rebels. Sad, but what cana you do?
  5. Okay, so Fat Han is back and the sky is falling? Please don't get me wrong here: from reading this thread I understand that Fat Han has got a great maneuverability, can recharge shields, reroll dice and use force tokes. That's strong! But it's also just one ship at the cost of 3 normal ships. It has a damage output of 3 dice per round. How can anyone lose 200:0 against this, seriously? How is there even enough time for Han to kill 4 enemies with his crappy 3 dice. (The A Wing doesn't count. It's a 2 attack ship that will explode into dust as soon as an enemy looks at it with an angry facial expression) You guys need to learn some basic tricks. Fake an injury! Play the clock! Just roll on the ground and call for a referee, whenever you're in front with points. That's how italy has won quite a few world cups in soccer. I remember that large base ships used to be unusable a few weeks ago. They were much too expensive. No one would actually want to fly a Fat Han shortly after the cost adjustment either. But right now it's back. It happens to be THE NIGHTMARE even though everyone out there is still playing 4 Sigmas? Alright! Don't worry. FFG is probably going to take Hans Illicit Slot away. Problem solved.
  6. Cracked me up, I couldn't have put it down in a better way lol
  7. How does Hitler's rise to power compare to Hitler's? Abraham Lincoln I can see. Both are leaders that rose to power during a crisis with member areas threatening secession followed by a civil war pitting the central government and loyalist regions against the secessionist elements. Plus Lincoln and Palpatine both used their civil wars, well Palpatine's first civil war, as an excuse to seize powers they weren't supposed to have in the name of security. The big difference is Palpatine tricked the government into granting him those powers, which is really the only way I see his rise to power being like Hitler's, while Lincoln just did what he wanted and ignored the courts when they ruled he didn't have the authority to do so.
  8. I'm fairly confident that the first letter is a P. I can see a loop at the top and nothing below this loop as a B or R would have. It looks like an e at the end and double letters in the middle also.
  9. It seems Asmodee/FFG are non interested in this game: no news, no preview, nothing 😞 Probably Asmodee acquisition had only one thing in mind: MONEY, MONEY, MONEY and not to sell good products 😞 They have one good product here, but no intention to support it 😞
  10. Now, I'm curious. Why do you hope that one or more of them isn't a shugenja? All three of those families have strong shugenja bloodlines, although Seppun are equally famous for their bushi. However, in the most recent story, Kachiko and Satoshi were sending for the Seppun daimyo to do the cleansing and religious duties. This implies that they're a shugenja. The Kitsu and Agasha already have prominent members who are non-shugenja as well.
  11. It was already up, see the link in the first post
  12. Note that “current speed” is a defined term in the RRG It is “the value shown on your speed dial”
  13. I have put my maneuver tool numbers on thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3401868 And my command token holders. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3578090 If someone is intressted.
  14. Yeah, just use Imgur and paste the direct image link, the forum software will do the rest for you. New epic sounds super hype btw!
  15. Today
  16. I cannot disagree more wholeheartedly. Yes, there are those objectives that you see over and over again. But not because they are too strong, but because the others are too weak. Always keep in mind that an objective is there to counter first player advantage. We are already at the point where nearly none complete set (i.e. one of each color) is able to do that. Hence, we have high bids quite often - and always for first player. We need more objectives like superior positions, not fewer.
  17. Sorry. I'm still confused on the last responses. If my vulture, stuts open, is on an obstacle and would like to rotate 90 degrees I dail in a maneuver that allows me to rotate. Once I'm rotated I can take my action, i.e. barrel roll off the obstacle for instance. Right?
  18. Jerry changes the first yaw "of your current speed" during the determine course step. So I believe you could Jerry once at speed 2, then Jerry again for an Engine Techs (or similar) maneuver.
  19. Just making Flak its own attack you can make would still be the best option, because its the easiest, with only one ruling changed. 2 ship to ship attacks, 1 Flak atrack of all squadrons in range in one firing arc.
  20. Doesnt look like 'Harrow' at all. Ideas is that I spend most my games going speed 2, even when I am using faster ships.... like, MAYBE my Gladiators will be going fast to flank, but I always get back down to 2. And normally, my enemies are either 2 or 3... suprisingly, when the options are, 'fly right past and near the edge of the combat area, or engage the enemy.'... people slow down.
  21. scrap'em: on successful attack suffer 2 strain and select allies up to rank sin leadership who add boost to attack again target until characters next turn improved scrap'em: scrap'em affects twice the number of allies and allies add 2 boost die to combat checks against the target
  22. I wouldn't say more powerful, per se. There are plenty of really, really powerful builds in F&D that the Jedi Career specs simply can't hope to match.
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