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  2. I very rarely take my wife to any of this stuff but we also have a rule. If I can take a kid with me (to whatever), it doesn't count as burning any of my chips. I married a mundane. Best decision of my life. If my wife showed any more interest in this stuff, I'd be like a gambling or drug addict, only, for nerd gaming stuff. I would over-indulge to the point of self-ruin. I am not exaggerating. She always liked traditional games so she'll play things like D20 minis and Heroscape. She likes to sew and to camp so she'll make herself an outfit and hang out at the occasional reenactment event. But she reserves slight and vague judgement for all this "nerd stuff" as you put it. Thank the geez. Or my life would be pathetic. She doesn't judge it any more harshly than a lot of women do their husbands golf clubs or fishing gear, but, it's enough to introduce a control element into the system. Yep. That's totally what it is in my case. I was thwarted in my interest in this stuff as a kid (cause my parents thought DnD would get us into death cults or something) and now it's forever lodged in the pleasure center of my brain. In the way that only thwarted youthful ambitions can be.
  3. Hey look, contempt for each other's hobbies is not a healthy thing in any kind of relationship. My partner and I have plenty in common to find in common with each other - but wargaming is not one of those. She likes the painting and artistry, but she's lukewarm about the gaming. And that's fine. Coupledom doesn't mean sharing anything and everything. But a relationship where you have to settle doesn't sound great at all.
  4. So I am working on my painting...but I'm getting anxious to play. Does anyone know of a good order to do the painting in so that I can start playing before I finish all the figs, but minimize the likelyhood of playing something unpainted? Would love to hear things like, "the troll never shows up before the 3rd game," or "the first game is always the goblin archers." Any insite? Thanks!
  5. A friend of mine used a t-70 dial, in a list that only had Biggs. Back in 1.0 days. He realized he brought the wrong dial and asked his opponent if he wouldnt mind him finding a correct dial. 1st rou d of a tournament. Luckily he did. His opponent reacted with great sportsmanship. My friend could have recieved a 1st rou d loss but won instead. Ended up going 2nd out of 40+ players.
  6. It’s a minor example, but I’ve always regretted throwing out the packaging from the very first expac I bought. Since then, I’ve taken to snipping out the part of the packaging where the ship rests and inserting that into my storage case, because that helps cradle the mini & keep it from knocking about. That mini just keeps getting more and more beat up, despite a couple rounds of storage case customizations & improvements focused on shoring-up its compartment. 😓
  7. Accelerate + Drive Into the city: 1eA+3eP+2eB+2eD+1eC+1eD 3 successes, 2 advantage 2 Advantage for a High Speed Distraction (EV p.74)? Maybe another escaping racer forces Ari to veer away a bit? Mechanically, adds automatic 1 Threat to checks for remainder of encounter.
  8. @idjmv nice! Way to put the pressure on their home system. Now that they have combined their fleets the best we can hope for is to find/crush them with a 500 pt fleet of our own..
  9. Sounds more like a social version of the Mass Combat rules to me. Just decide the stages, victory conditions, and participants (your voting block & lobbyists vs the opposition). Then have scenes the PCs can participate in to give modifiers to the big rolls depending on how well they handle the scenes.
  10. I’m sure that will be a factor. “Buy epic battles .... here’s some new must haves if you want more options!” I mean, they’ve done it before so there is a precedent.
  11. ATRTs would be great if DLTs were not a thing. Stormtroopers will shred the thing without breaking a sweat.
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  13. Hey @oneeyedmatt87, Sorry for taking further player agency from you, in this situation- and the confusion. You are correct about Ensnare, and if Castar's response is to shoot, rather than try to escape... I'm going to reinstate your previous attack roll. It should certainly be your choice, not my directive. So.. your assailant takes more damage. Unfortunately, your failed Resilience check means you take 5 Wounds, as well (the vibrodagger attack was laced with a neurotoxin). How would you like to spend your 3 Advantage? The assassin's failed attack was from the round following these actions, so you're up again.
  14. @The Jabbawookie hey this weekend is a federal holiday in the US. I'm on vacation for the next five days and always struggle to issue orders without a computer. I'll go ahead and create a new tab for this turn now but any chance we can get an extension for this upcoming turn?
  15. I once went to a tournament (CAC 2018) and completely forgot all my obstacles - had to borrow some from a guy for the day.
  16. I have flown the 5s as my list enough to know what will kill it. I was flying them to prep for a local tournament, and I can tell you while the list looks like it doesn’t mind jousting, in practice there is no way it wants to. The list wants to goad you into a bad spot and outflank/outposition you. When I fly the 5s, my goal is to get all my shots on one target while you only get to shoot 1-2 times back. That’s the “I’m winning” scenario (obviously, it’s even better when you have NO shots back but that’s not going to happen every turn). T70s are durable and can survive a lot, but they will burn down if you’re not careful with them. And Lulo in particular is fragile as can be with those low hit points and often 2 green dice (you don’t get quite enough damage out put with the two attack to make it work, pushing you to want the stress). Do not engage this list until you can bring all your ships to bear! If you had lower initiative stuff that deployed first in setup, keep the ships closer to the 5s held back on slow roll while the others catch up. You want them to take the list on in force. I am telling everyone how to beat the list because I’m hanging it up for now - I enjoyed my time with it but I’m wanting to play with the new transport when it drops and I have some other factions to fly. 5s is still a solid performing ace play list — the only reason it dropped in list builder is more people know how to kill it.
  17. Would be interested to know how the Grand Inquisitor gets on. I love the ship but he seems very overpriced and his force management is problematic. Been loving Seventh Sister or a generic Inquisitor with SNR, but they don't anchor a list. Their main gun is a bit weak so they're more a massive nuisance than a main threat. Either would save some points for a few more Redline toys, but it maybe leaves the list a little unbalanced.
  18. I see no reason why not. The hard part is using them all legally 😁
  19. I think with each ship it's pretty easy to figure out a general idea with how it should be played. While things like titles can alter/specialise a play style, they aren't all too hard to comprehend. I recommend playing a few games without upgrades, just to get an idea of how everything plays. After you have a general sort of idea on how the game tends to flow, dice, etc. Then you can start chucking in upgrades here and there, experimenting with tactics, combinations and building lists. The only ship I'd really recommend staying away from due to its play style is the interdictor, just because it relys on upgrades and some slightly more advanced tactics. But after a few games, it's pretty easy to understand what it brings to the table.
  20. Thank you all for your responses, before playing X-wing I played a capital ship game made by games workshop called Battlefleet Gothic, a game that they unfortunately dropped. I have played many objective based games in the past such as Mordheim, Wraith Of Kings, Warhammer(40k and Fantasy) Are there any rebel capital ships or squadrons that have very niche or unorthodox use that I should avoid until I further understand the game?
  21. Hey there, here's a quick update; everything I've done so far for Chambers Militant. - PDF Link - Currently we've got - Vague and incomplete guidelines on how to integrate these powerful combat focused characters into a party. Rules for how to manage equipment for Chambers Militant characters. Theoretically finished rules for making Deathwatch Marines, including a full set of Home Chapters (replacing Home Worlds), Careers, and an Elite Advance covering the things which make Deathwatch Marines special. Ranged weapons, including a variety of ammo types. Melee weapons. Weapon attachments. Armour, including some extensive rules for how power armour works, along with artificer armour, terminator armour, and scout armour. Armour attachments. Still need to do all the remaining Deathwatch gear, and then some talents, and theoretically the Deathwatch part will be done. Next on the agenda will be Grey Knights (a much smaller job now I've done so much Space Marine related groundwork), then Sisters of Battle (also a smaller job, but I want to design a system for Faith Powers which will be a big job on its own). Also obviously this is a very incomplete document so expect a lot of weird quirks. Still feel free to point out any issues you can see, I'm sure there's typos and balance issues.
  22. Not desperately calling for it but let's be honest , it would be fully understandable if they did it
  23. Yikes! This thread is kinda depressing. Here’s an alternative experience that’s more pleasant, for whatever it’s worth: I don’t play in tournaments, I don’t care who wins (no; really—I just don’t), and my wife is one of my most frequent gaming partners. I don’t think either of us would enjoy tournament play, but we love playing friendly games at home. I paint all the miniatures and build terrain, but she’s more than happy to play games. We have a lot of overlap in literary and other interests, so it’s not too surprising. As another poster commented, every marriage is different, and I can’t speak to what works for other people, but I will say that for my own sake, I could never have been happy married to the sort of woman some of my friends ended up marrying—the sort who turn up their noses in sneering, uncomprehending disgust at ‘nerd stuff’ but grudgingly tolerate it in their husbands like some kind of sadly uncontrollable addiction. Younger fellow nerds: take this into account when seeking a spouse. 😉
  24. @OggDude just a thought that I had and I’m not sure if it would be easy to implement. Is it possible to add an “ignore limitations” option to the options menu that would essentially allow us to free build a character however we saw fit, please? Thank you very kindly for all the work you do.
  25. I like it i am torn on wanting a classic look and something different like yours. I will probably end up with 2 just to satisfy my indecision. Well done Sir
  26. I did notice that. That's why the first thing I addressed is that I think no bonus or penalty for middle Morality is exactly what you should get. And you can skip the rest of this post as it is all debate points about proper nomenclature of Force Users... Now Dark Jedi. As I understand, it is originally from KOTOR and if I remember correctly was a layman's term to refer to any Darkside Force user, especially Fallen Jedi that had joined the Sith. So in thoses instances I think Fallen Jedi is much better a term. Jedi and Sith are religions. They have tenants, rules, creeds, etc. If you fail in following those rules all the time you may not get kicked out of the order or even in any trouble. But when you change the Rules you live by, you are no longer part of that religion. Examples: Ahsoka makes it overly clear in Rebels she is no Jedi but she stayed a Lightside Force user. Qui-Gon did some morally grey stuff bending the expectations of the rules but never strayed into the Darkside (in current canon) and his Conflict would seem to keep him in middle Morality (otherwise he might have had enough WT to beat Maul hahahha). And while his reputation in the order suffered (some would say the opposite), he never crossed the line enough to get kicked out.
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