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  2. It’s mostly quite random. Even on replays I’ve had the Hill Troll at diff times. Generally though I would say: Heroes (you want) → Ruffians → Goblins → Orc Marauders → Archers → Wargs → Wights → Troll
  3. I have another (definitely spoiler) question about this scenario.
  4. I would kill for a mini of Durge! I think, based on X-wing's current releases, we will see Episode 1 and 2 characters as part of Republic/Seperatists. Maul and Jango would make great operatives. Maybe Nute Gunray as a commander. Kalani was the tactical droid that appeared in Rebels. I think he'd make an awesome commander. It'd be fun to be able to field a pure droid force without the force-users.
  5. Today we have two cards. One is a supremely powerful but disguised Sith Lord secretly manipulating the events of the entire Star Wars saga. The other is Palpatine:
  6. Then remove the destiny point flip. That's what I did for my force & destiny campaign I'm currently running, as I wanted the dark side to be even more tempting. Temptation, moral quandaries, and consequences are a hallmark of my games, and this one is focused on those themes even more so. The PC's in my game are fairly deep xp wise, but the two most powerful are the magus and the consular. Both have high force ratings, but the Magus is capable of putting out more raw force than any other PC in the game, though it's almost all dark side points. He often chooses not to, as the PC is worried about falling too far to the Dark sides influence. However, he has "slipped" when pressed and dropped enough force points to power his harm power to wipe out a very large group of NPC's. The consular has a big hammer (maxed out move) and has the force rating to consistently pull it off. As for the destiny point being a party resource that the force user is using. Nothing is preventing the force user from trying each round to use their spiffy powers. Second, destiny points should be a constantly changing pool, where there's a good deal of back and forth during tense scenes. I also like that the force setting is neutral, as there is no penalty for going light or dark, other than the inbuilt morality benefits/penalties for having high or low morality. There is nothing stopping a PC from embracing the dark side, or the light side, though it's been my experience that PC's tend to drift towards higher morality as a default due to their actions most of the time. It seems to be a player thing, as a lot of my players tend to consider the impact their actions before they act. It's not always the case, but it happens. Ultimately, my main objection to your rules is that the middle path gets all of the benefits, and none of the penalties. Which, given the default at which most force users start, makes it inordinately powerful, and a mandatory choice for anyone choosing to optimize their PC, which means I'd never allow it. Anywho, that's my experience. Good luck, good gaming.
  7. This time I tried out Sense on Mace, and it was super cool! Used it 6 times, which is amazing for an upgrade. https://greendragoon.home.blog/2019/05/25/battle-report-vaapad-vassal-25-5-19/
  8. Today
  9. Thanks for the info guys...appreciate it. I watched the you tube videos by FFG on the character creation and the adventure. The character creation was interesting, but the adventure? Meh...didn't care much for the dice. I prefer the actual d10 version.
  10. He throws shade like a Doji being overlooked by matchmakers.
  11. In full disclosure, I fully intended on buying the epic battles packs or whatever we are calling them now because I wanted to play more formats of x-wing and I think it’s great. But I do fully expect there to be unique “standard dogfight” legal product only available in it as well. Oh, I know - let’s make the tourney players super salty and only include the K2SO pilot in in
  12. No apologies needed. I was just confused. I figured you were going somewhere with it (and not to kill my PC in the first encounter of the game) As the permanent GM in these parts, I'm just happy to be playing So now Castar's free and in the room with the assassin with the doors closed. I'm assuming the assassin is between Castar and the door? Is it possible to use something in the room to try to incapacitate the assassin? Or to maneuver around him and make a running break for the hallway? Trip an alarm? Sorry, I'm just trying to do something more interesting than "Aim and keep putting lasers into the guy", though I'm certainly happy to do so, seeing as it's been the only thing Castar has been successful at...
  13. I know normally all I do is **** post here, but the following is a serious discussion. As we approach another time interval where the meta has had no new content or adjustments in some time, the meta (particularly Hyperspace) is once again in a similar state to what it was before the January changes- Once again there are very few low- Initiative pilots, and virtually all lists consist of getting the highest-initiative named pilots as possible with the strongest abilities, and these lists are used for jousting eachother. generic pilots are nowhere to be seen, except as filler (in the sense of "I have 24 points left, I guess I take an Acad") or as slightly sub-optimal guns, and when they are the second case, only ships that have a large health pool are taken with any amount of success- IE- Generic Arcs with 9 health. Once again, I must go back to the developer AMA prior to the release of 2.0- in it, the following question was asked: And the developer response: The only generics that see use as of now are those that meet at least one of the following categories - Have the steep point scaling of wave 3 factions (IE- the i3 Unique Vulture droid costs 7 points over a trade fed, or Oddball costing 13 over the Gold Trooper, and at least with resistance - Literal filler - sub-optimal list building mistakes In terms of viability, the most usable and most used pilots now are all named, as they do not pay a significant increase in cost for their higher initiative and their powerful abilities. Here is the collected Hperspace data since the first point adjustment, which I will be referring to throughout this rambling rant. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pZmi_QJEJ939Pi6QaaRhjQOu_RSoGUhz3pLYJ1Ffxxo/edit#gid=2042480759 The current meta boogeyman is "Rebel Beef" - The list operates by utilizing the large amount of offensive power it can carry, jousting, and then attempting to Leia-kturn to get as much When we first saw REbel Beef, it was typically UXXYY- As many ships with 3 or pseudo-3 dice guns that could abuse leia's underpriced new cost, and "The cheapest thing that can carry Leia". The list is now typically "Cassian, Braylen, Wedge, and a Friend "(Biggs, Jake, Ten, Who cares)- 4 higher initiative pilots who are taken for their powerful pilot abilities (Either Braylen's 24/7 Double Mods, Cassian's abilitiy to completely mitigate Stress for his squad, Biggs's Damage spreading, etc) and initiative killing (Wedge) to not allow lists with lower initiatve values to retaiate effectively. While the UXXYY version was viable, it loses and loses comically to the new The reason is that pilot abilities are still not properly priced. Like, Braylen- he's just 6 points (3% of your list) over an initiative 2 B-wing. The move from an i2 generic to an i3 generic is 2 points. We all know that initiative scaling shouldn't be linear (Each point of initiative is worth more than the last), but even if it is, that means they value Braylen's ability at 2 points. (Effectively it's priced at 0-1 points) . It gives you double mods every turn, and passive ones at that. Cassian allows you to un-stress anyone in your list every single turn, and gives an EPT slot, and an extra initiative, for 4 points. Look at other 4 point upgrades. Is a Blue Squadron U-wing with a Novice Technician really supposed to be a fair comparison to Cassian? ****, even in FO, Muse is the exact same ability but range 0-1, and she pays 4 points for it and 1 init (From 1 to 2, the jump that matters the least)- Range 0-3 is a massively larger area than range 0-1, and the timing on her ability is worse. The list of successful pilots accross the factions all follows this trend. Further, the most successfulyl used generic pilots are those with large health pools. The reason that these pilots have the best of the limited success for Generics is that their large health pool allows them to be more resistant to alpha strikes. The mechanic of destroyed ships being removed at each initiative allos higher inititive lists to suffer minimal consequences with trading shots with enemy lists at lowe I values, and is not priced properly either. The faction that this is most noticable in is the CIS. The CIS's thematic builds should be those with a large amount of Vulture droids, but their most viable list is double infiltrator. This is because while the best use of a Vulture droid is an ESC carrier that tries to unload 7x 3 dice shots into the opposing list to allow them to remove major threats before they shoot back, they are unable to do so because simply trading shots will result in 1-3 vulture droids dying before they shoot (Depending on the opposing list), and their limited dial (The removal of the ability to 3-bank+Barrel roll is major, as that move is effectively a 5-forward+45 degree rotation, and is majorly needed to outmaneuver people on the approach) doesn't allow them to reliably position themselves to take uncontested shots. Further this is assuming that the other list is simply OK with trading shots with the 6 Vulture+B22 list, as it's highly likely that the other list will take uncontested shots on the vultures before the real engage. The only viable ship in CIS is Dooku and Maul due to their passive mods, high initiative, health pool, and plenty of ability text to allow them to try to win the game in listbuilding. There are other ships that suffer immensely for their combination of low-initiative and low-health as well. As an example - Strikers have linear initiaitve scaling from 1-5 and a free ability on duchess, and are more frail than a Z-95: The generics are entirely unusable, and the community knows this- none of them have seen use. Are you really teling me 3/2/4/0 is only worth 4 points less than a 3/1/6/3 statline with a rear arc? (38 Black Squadron Scout to 42 104th Squad ARC) Would anyone pay 34 points for a 3 dice Z-95 that has even more vulnerability to critical hits? - TIE Interceptors are entirely "Soontir Fel- The Ship" - Alphas and Sabers pay massive amounts for each point of initiative, but lacking passive mods and perfect information given by Soontir, the are entirely non-viable. - For TIE Fighters, the only successful list as of now involves 5 named pilots- Howlrunner and Iden allow for the list to not be alpha striked. Why would you run Black Squadron Aces when all of the passsive-mods AOE TIE Fighters are only a few points more? - For Vulture droids, they are all entirely non-viable- They simply die when trading shots, and they lack the maneuverability to not trade shots. - For B-22's, the one with the closest to anything resembling "Success" is Grievous for his Init 4 and passive mod ability, and the rest of them flop around aimlessly. In particular, the named pilots are actually CHEAPER than the generics- Captain Sear isn't great, but for some unknown reason, he costs 2 points LESS than the generic-with-focus. Are they tring to say his ability, which is basically a Tac Relay and a better one than TV-94, is somehow worth negative 2 points? - For The Fang Fighters, the point jump to access Old Teroch is miniscule - Skull Squadron Pilots somehow cost a quarter of the list, before upgrades. At least the Recruit is an OK blocker. - Z-95's are TIE Fighters but without the massive amounts of ability text that the named TIE pilots have to prop them up. - TIE/FO pilots are priced very similarly to RZ-2 A-wings, but RZ-2 A-wings have better upgrade bars, dials, a rear arc, access to linked actions, improved health distribution, and cheaper abilities and initiative. Why on earth is Lulo just 3 points more than Scorch? And unlike TIE/LN fighters, they don't have access to cheap ability text to allow them to try to win the game in listbuilding. - There are other ships, like the TIE/SF, the TIE Silencer, the Delta 7, TIE Advanced, and T-65, where the pilot abilities and initiative are incredibly cheap, but their increased health allows for them to not immediately die- These generic pilots are simply sub-par, as opposed to the "******* atrocious" that the other ships on this list are. in short, FFG needs to re-adjust prices in those ships heavily, or accross the board for higher initiatve named pilots. I mentioned this exact same thing prior to the January adjustments, and here we are where we started- The meta is high-initiative ships jousting eachother, and generics can't compete. There has been minor improvement (ARCs at least seem farily priced for their ability text), but we are still dangerously close to "the game is decided in listbuilding by whomever brought the most underpriced ability text". Positioning is still comically easier to do with more perfect information, and one does not typically pay enough for that information, especially as it also lowers consequences for just trading shots aimlessly as well. Will FFG correct this in the next points Adjustment? me and some other people (Ryan from OCX, Biophysical, the guy who placed 2nd at Denver with 2 First order Test Pilots) recorded a discussion on this a couple weeks ago, if you want to hear more in-depth discussion on this. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/thesaltminesxwingpodcast/episodes/2019-05-09T13_13_23-07_00
  14. You already can. The generator allows you to so to ignore limitations
  15. Unless they’re doing new generics, I don’t see how this could be an issue at all. Every squadron in CC was unique. I imagine the same would be true of card/campaign packs. And Armada requires cardboard for bases too.
  16. I never liked the whole crunchy gear part of the rules. For me it is counterproductive in several ways. It is a strange rules-heavy add-on to a supposedly narrative game, it really doesn't stuit the setting - Star Wars heroes are not cool because their blaster has modded attachments - and it adds to the whole splat books bloat with the almost always accompanying power creep that plagues many systems. I know that it sells books, so that is good, I guess, but I do not feel that it really adds anything worthwhile to the game, neither rules-wise nor story-wise. I prefer to keep it low, and luckily my players agree.
  17. Dark Jedi is a.term from WEG because to WEG force user and Jedi were synonymous. That has since been shown to be inaccurate. A Jedi is a follower of the jedi philosophy. A dark jedi is more of a fallen jedi. And gray jedi is pretty much nonsense since they dont follow the Jedi philosophy. There are other force traditions and we do have rules for them in Disciples of Harmony.
  18. Thank you. The best defense is a strong offense. And thank you for the ships. They will not be wasted.
  19. Cleto0

    Hero Armies?

    imagine luke dies on round 6. then he doesn't. That's why it is so good.
  20. Yeah, its legal (as long as it's the ships dial, not something from Thrawn or Piett) But as mentioned, you can only resolve a ships command once per activation. so no spending 2-3 tokens of the same type in one activation.
  21. On paper, bounty seems like it should be one of the simplest obligations to work into the sessions. In practice, however, I've found it difficult to find ways to make it interesting and rewarding while not ruining the main plot. What do you do to incorporate bounties so that it's not just another throwaway combat encounter? How do you prevent it from derailing the story too much if the PCs instead decide to run?
  22. Sorry to go off topic..... But that is a interesting insight into how the movies depict Force use.
  23. Yeah we are playing them slightly out of order. Keeping the deluxe expansions with their Adventure packs as best we can. But you do what you can and it's easier with the first three cycles as the story wasn't as well developed as the later ones, so missing a pack isn't a huge deal.
  24. Use Jawas, Ugnauts and Dwuni. Only half-kidding, there. Comic relief can also be release of tension. In one session, my party was on the trail of something, and the last known owner was an agro magnate who'd just been busted by the Empire. Matching pairs of Stormtroopers and planetary security stopped players at a checkpoint. This being BBY and Mid Rim, the ISB was acceding to planetary laws, which allowed the party to meet with the accused — and it was communicated by way of security interrupting the lead Stormtrooper. As their speeder hovered past, PCs heard the Stormtrooper mutter, "...Locals."
  25. I’m not saying it’s won a tournament so nerf it. You said it was an okay list at best, yet when the list has been taken by people who actually understand it it has won. The list has elements of 1.0. Double modded torps, double taps, Expertise, infinite Rebel Captive, and combowing to the extreme. All of this is powered through hate. Hate’s “cost” is through taking damage. However, when your ship is designed to take damage there isn’t a true cost. Which is why the card should be priced based on agility.
  26. You could keep Outmaneuver, if you have the points for it. What is your plan for the Tie Fighter? The advantage of arc-dodgers is that they don't get shot. If your opponents shoot the academy pilot instead, you lose some value of arc dodging.
  27. My current list. 2 ship build is tough to win with. I just like the manuevers D provides when performing the S-loop. Outmanuever is there to capitalize on that anility. IG-88B + Outmaneuver + Advanced Sensors + Contraband Cybernetics + Shield Upgrade + Jamming Beam + Ion Cannon + IG-2000 / IG-88D + Ion Cannon + Jamming Beam + Contraband Cybernetics + Shield Upgrade + Advanced Sensors + Outmaneuver + IG-2000
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