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  2. Well, to preserve peace, you must (be able to) protect it. Makes perfect sense to me.
  3. It should be pretty easy for somebody less lazy than I to confirm the correct size for the N1 relative to the X-Wing, as there are plenty shots in films of both of them next to people.
  4. Can't blame FFG (or Wookipedia) for it. Official ships lengths have been clearly wrong for... well, ever, I think. Just look at the A-Wing!
  5. We can't do it this turn either. We are, however, fighting another kind of Evil on another front.
  6. Was wondering about this as well. Looking at the quickbuild lists (and cards that come with expansions), I noticed that the pilot names do have the "limited" dots, while the upgrades they carry, don't. So I assumed that pilots do have to follow the "limited" rules, but this does not apply to their upgrades. Of course, "solitary" is a new thing. I'm just going to assume that in QB rules, the restrictions box of upgrade cards do not apply (given how the QB already break certain restrictions, like Ablative Plating on a small ship), therefore the "solitary" keyword also does not apply. I know it's a casual format, but it would be great if FFG gave this a bit more attention. It's a great format for casual play. But come on... Duplicate pilots in the QB lists, non-existing pilots, etc...
  7. So basically, peace loving Naboo with its democratically elected teenage queens, had a ruler training regime reminiscent of a militaristic Ancient Greek city state. That place is messed up.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, gozanti with corelian-cockpit design extra nose, and bigger engines.
  9. No worries <rewatches> Oh yeah! So, repaint one chrome and chop the astromech off another. That's what I'll be doing I reckon. Already relocated the astromech on a few Aethersprites to turn them into 7Bs.
  10. Just played my first MoM 2.0 Valkyrie scenario tonight. I'm still fairly new to the game and recently acquired all expansions including the tile and figure collections, and have been playing the official scenarios in the order they appear in the FFG app up to and including Cult of Sentinel Hill. I was curious to try out some Valkyrie scenarios, and instead of going straight for the most highly rated/popular scenarios, I went for something that was on par with Cult of Sentinel Hill (the poorest rated FFG scenario). I thought I could only go up from there if I wasn't impressed with mid-rated Valk scenarios, and I also wanted to start out with scenarios that use only Core set or RN/SM tiles and monsters. So I gave Exotic Material a whirl... at first, I wasn't impressed. But the deeper into the scenario I went, the more I appreciated it in spite of its shortcomings. I played solo with 2 investigators and lost, but look forward to trying it again. What I liked:
  11. Opening Salvo is definitely not the right objective for this list.
  12. You could try facebook as well: Facebook-Link Guy's name is Thorsten Asal, I wrote a comment on his search already.
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  14. Image of 1st edition Red Scorpion You can find images of all first edition sculpts on my pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.de/Sadgit/descent-1ed-painted-heroes/
  15. (from an earlier thread) Scum: Annoying mother****ers Empire: Get ****ed Rebels: Bet you can't **** us FO: **** you, and then **** you more Resistance: At least the dice won't **** us CIS: ****s everywhere Republic: Let's help eachother **** them
  16. After mucking around with several Imperial lists (read: getting Soontir Fel blown up in a variety of ways, often including rocks), I've decided to go back to flying Rebels. Here's an idea I've been turning over in my head: RZ-1 A-wing - •Arvel Crynyd - 39 •Arvel Crynyd - Green Leader (34) Intimidation (3) Predator (2) T-65 X-wing - •Wedge Antilles - 55 •Wedge Antilles - Red Two (52) Swarm Tactics (3) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) UT-60D U-wing - •Cassian Andor - 53 •Cassian Andor - Raised by the Rebellion (47) Fire-Control System (2) Tactical Officer (2) •Leia Organa (2) Pivot Wing (Open) (0) T-65 X-wing - •Garven Dreis - 50 •Garven Dreis - Red Leader (47) Swarm Tactics (3) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) Total: 197/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder The rough plan is for Arvel to attempt to flank, using his ability and intimidation to be a right pain in the neck. Cassian, Garven and Wedge move forwards as a group, attempting to maximise the benefits of firing at I6 to delete a given target. Cassian can then provide additional flexibility via his stress removal ability, especially once things devolve into a furball and Arvel (if he is alive) is boosting into things.
  17. Well that is certainly an indicator of how they intend this to work. A ruling stating that the revealed maneuver is the maneuver selected on the dial, after any modifications, would clear that up nicely. But until that is done, we will be having debates on how to handle it.
  18. Good job! Hopefully you can make the trek to worlds (which I assume will be at adepticon next year!)
  19. Depending on your play style I have seen people swap Han for Leia, you can use Luke as a distraction and get Han in peoples faces. Legion Command used this list to a great effect to win his RPQ. You could also swapping a couple of troopers out and putting a medical droid in and keeping this droid with in range of your commandos to keep them alive. I ran a sab list on my last RPQ and really enjoyed playing it, I didn't have any practice with it so lost every game but a couple were pretty close. In my games I struggled with the lack of range 4 so I am tempted with 2 snipers and 1 sab team just to mix it up a little bit. I thought I agree it seems like there are some boring lists and probably an optimal list for rebels just now, however I would guarantee that you would win with this list because it depends on a lot of things. Terrain seems to play a big part, if the terrain doesn't suit snipers or snipers on your side of the board your on a up hill struggle from the start.
  20. No problem...edit to say Paos trousers were Rhinox hide...not Thinox hide
  21. If you like that first list, I would drop chewie and give Luke stims and push. Take the extra troopers off and cram some more Z6 squads in there. 5-6 is preferable. Right now rebel lists should push 10-11 activations to help you place Luke last and get that extra movement in after your opponent has activated. Heres a modified version of your list: http://tabletopadmiral.com/legion/rebel/p04u09uEMu2bp0buEMu2cuEMp06u10u40uEMuEMp1cu4bu21uEMu3au49uEMp0eu2fuEMuEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp06u10uEMuEMuEMp0eu2fuEMuEMuEMuEMc08 I tried to keep some of the things you had already picked to preserve the original flavor of the list. A few notes: 1. The Pathfinders should deploy in a position to support your army, not on their own. Leia can help manage their suppression so they aren’t wasting actions. 2. Luke needs push and stims to keep him in the fight. Use them to manipulate your opponent and keep him alive. 3. Improvised orders can fix an early Luke pull. Save it for when he comes up but you don’t need him yet. 4. The medical droid can get your snipers back up after they’ve been knocked down. 5. Embrace the variance with the Z6s. Sometimes they kill everything, sometimes they blank. Make sure you have more than one tool to accomplish a task Incase you get hit by the blank bat. Last thing I can say is play at least ten games with this list, then play ten more to actually get comfortable. It’s tough to be a rebel with krennic and DTs being so good, but they can still do work when applied correctly! Good luck!
  22. Awesome. Thank you for the advice. I have been practicing quite a bit with them and really enjoy playing them. I find that they engage really well at range 3. Then either disengage and come back round or go in for blocks. Not stressing the pilots is pretty key though as you are dead right that they become a bit wooden when stressed. Which matchups would you say would be the toughest to go up against?
  23. @BiggsIRL @Bertie Wooster Please be aware that Proprietary Limited in not in a position this turn to reassert control of the planet Quantadox this turn. The planet itself is of no value - its starting credit value of 2 has now been entirely destroyed by the Malarian Brood. We urge one of you to send a force to Quantadox this turn to eliminate the infestation. {I suppose we are really urging the Wookies since the Gungans are not supposed to have a force in the non-existent planet of P.} Best Regards.
  24. Racing in this system isn't great and I ran it similar to above and you are right, turn by turn make little difference. What I did instead was use a grid system, mapped out the course. Your speed is how many grids you travel in a turn. A roll is made each turn to maintain/increase/decrease speed. Rolls that are made are half-silhouette and speed as per standard piloting checks. Where's the challenge? If two characters are near each other they make opposed rolls to inflict setbacks on each other. Terrain on the track add setbacks. Corners add set backs. Aswell as any other actions other players may think of such as ramming, getting in front and slowing down etc... I know using a grid goes against the systems abstract nature but for me it was the best way to handle it.
  25. In my group we always joke that the character looks down the weapon like a scope (or pool cue) then lunges. Silly but enjoyable.
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