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  2. Hi Thanks... Yes, I know there is a big difference in price and that is why both can fit with any top. To be honest, my first upload was with separated "ramps" and it costed more than the actual one and this is because the way of Shapeway pricing. For example the one piece is like (base price + model volume + support material + machine space"including all the emptiness around" + labour) if I divide the "ramps" you get the same volume a little less support mat and around same machine space + the extra 4 parts cost) I have tried to link them with sprue but then you are charged for the extra plastic with no use and the price was a little higher than the actual. To express my personal opinion, Shapeway offer a great service, but the pricing is not good for smooth details, even more with the last price increment (during the modelling of the mc80 it was around 110$ cad and get up to a little more than 150$ cad one week before I release it). Knowing I could make the same model and sell it for around 30-40$ cad with a Anycubic Photon I really start to think about buying one and start producing on demands... If you don't want to wait, you can order the mid part in versatile plastic you will loose a little detail, but the mid part is not the one you will see the most during a game.
  3. Enough introduction, it is time to get into this series proper! Today, the first quest of the game is discussed being played through 4 times. Even with these new rules, Passage through Mirkwood isn't too difficult, but is at least made more fun with the use of Havens, Strongholds, and slightly different rules. You can check out the article here: https://visionofthepalantir.com/2019/05/23/passage-through-mirkwood-there-and-back-again/ Next week: Journey Along the Anduin.
  4. so over the past the average time from announcingt shipping now to released has been 2 weeks. the FFG has been very reliable with this. each of them being about 14-15 days released after appearing as shipping now. someone had posted all the release up to director krennic with each status update awhile ago i have a screen shot of this but can't upload as its too big. also the average rate from announced to release is 137 days. so with bossk and sabine being announce back on 6 febraury we won't see it till june no matter what. yes the down at-st is coming out first (announced 1 week later then sabine and bossk), its also not a mini for your army also it doesn't require a rules book update so it was easier to release then the new units.
  5. I agree with you that Braylen's existence, or even that of Braylen/Cassian, isn't broken in itself. Problem is that you can fit two of the other best Rebel pilots (Wedge, Biggs, Ten, Dutch+Torps, Horton+VTG) and call it a day. Let's suppose Leia goes up to 6. Wedge, Braylen, Cassian all get +3 pts. You could then fit: Wedge/Braylen/Jake/Cassian(Leia) - 197 Wedge/Biggs/Thane/I2 U-wing(Leia) - 200 Biggs/Thane/Braylen/Cassian(Leia) - 199 These lists are still very strong both on offense and defense, but there's some actual choice to be made during list building. Edit: Only Leia going up won't change anything. The current best Beef can fit her at 6.
  6. Would part of the bounty hunter's points costs have factored in the extra VP? I definitely think Rebels need some of their own entourage units.
  7. hi, to make krennik work maybe it's better the lambda title. so you can coordinate a focus with sai giving a focus to another ship (maybe the one with advanced prototipe condition) and to yourself then target lock (thanks to the title) a ship that is a possible target of the ship with "advanced prototipe". in this way it should run better and my experience is you can trigger it about 2/3 times a game. lamda/krennik/title is a good choise if you pair it with a v1 supernatural r. inquisitor (to boost the 2 dices only primay) or another very manuvrable ship maybe a little overpriced for what it does and how it is difficult to trigger.... but fun.
  8. for the first question, my answer is doing all the stuff that other people do that you think is cool. running tournaments, making alt-arts, having podcasts, writing blogs, creating memes, making videos, filming and streaming games, etc. isn't that hard, the reason we appreciate people who do these things is because of all the time they put in. Seriously, everyone should try running a tournament, making a podcast, drawing funny x-wing cartoons, whatever floats your boat. It's not that hard and I appreciate it greatly when people put time into helping other people enjoy the game. for the second, reading. reading is hard. I played multiple games with Fenn Rau (the real one) this week and just now realized that he also gets another defense dice at range 1. Not a biggie, but it would have probably changed my "can I joust here" decisions in those games.
  9. I just don't buy this "Initiative doesn't represent the pilot's Skill". It clearly does! FFG's minor hand wave around that allows for some legitimate exceptions and lots of balance-necessitated fluff-breaking, but on the whole it's the same situation as we had with Pilot Skill in first edition isn't it? The fluffily best pilots have the highest Initiative. Also, they're both in N1s in the Forces of Destiny episode, and it's clear from the dialogue that Snips is the more advanced pilot even in that ship.
  10. Leave it to Happy to tempt me. The Geonosian thing is a good point I'd never thought about. I think the whole idea that these large territories were contested by the droids from that one planet and the clones from another planet is hogwash. I'm sure in the intervening years there have been paperbacks and RPG supplements that explain how I am wrong and that all the numbers line up. Everyone just follows the examples of the movies and paperbacks so it's moot. I hate the battle droids. How do you have bad guys that are comedy relief? Making the troops into mechanical idiot clowns was a foundational terrible idea of the movies. Gungans. What the **** do I do with these dumb things? Midichloriens.... Jedi who really weren't needed by the Galaxy because they sucked anyway and they had become lobbyists for the republic or some crap. List goes on and on
  11. Is anyone else finding the links don’t work? Says server can’t be found.
  12. Today
  13. I'll get them over to you some time this weekend.
  14. Well that settles it...I’m making a Crab/Crane deck no matter how lore breaking it is...
  15. Due to the need to retreat the survivors, we cannot attack this turn. We intend to attack next turn, however, and request the extended loan of your vessel to increase the odds of winning the next engagement.
  16. this 1 2 3 is quite confusing, because it's not following the order in which activation is performed. while i do get where you're coming from, the 2 straight is the maneuver revealed, but mauever being changed to a 3 straight and the maneuver the straight 3 is, is still the revealed maneuver, since that's the one you're supposed to execute and that's the only maneuver you can change. of course, replacement effects lets you execute a different maneuver all together, which is where the term executed maneuver comes in.
  17. I ve tried several variations of 2 phantoms with Vermeil and also tried your interceptor list with Jendon instead of Vermeil (Tarkin works better on Jendon IMO). My fav squad is similar to yours, but with composure and Minister Tua on Vermeil. Mister Tua will help him survive longer and has the merit of canceling your Ailerons for next turn. I ve been also practicing with this variation lately which is lots of fun with Ion Clouds on the board. https://squadbuilder.fantasyflightgames.com/squad-preview/57188b25-94d6-4c80-8a79-8bfe286e7208
  18. Imperial Counter assault, part 2, Evacuation, 1st replay. OK so we decided to give this a whirl, after last week's dismal showing. Shrek at PS4, Snoopy at PS 6, and both Twitch and Shatter benig at PS5 gave us a PS5 overall average. That meant that Charlie's bomber wave, came in with one of the 2 being an Elite. Otherwise all was the same as before (3 fighters in Alpha, and 2 bombers in Beta starting out, Charlie coming in on round 3, Delta's Avenger in round 5, along with Epsilon's Lambda, and Sigma's Lambda on round 7). Like before I set up Shrek and Snoopy to go for the bombers in wave 1, while Twitch faced north so he could go to the side of the YT-1300, just in case Charlie's bombers showed up over on that side of the map, and Shatter went toe to toe with the fighters. By round 3, the bombers of Beta had done some nasty damage to the YT-2400, but one was at 5 hull damage himself.. Then Charlie's showed up, and just like we predicted, they came in on that side.. Right into Twitch's front.. 1 bomber died in the third round, another 2 rounds later (when the aggressor and lambda showed up), 2 fighters by round 7, and though it was a hard slog with the Lambdas, by the 12th and final round, we'd cleaned the board of Every enemy fighter, and one of the Lambdas, one YT safely made it out (the 1300), and we stopped the imperials getting a boarding party into the rebel base.. So this week was a win for us, and we barely got touched. Snoopy lost 3 of his 5 shields, both for Shrek and 2 of 6 on Twitch.. ****, even our Turrets did their work, finishing off several of the fighters themselves.. Shrek earned himself 7xp, he used to acquire a shield upgrade. Snoopy made the most again, earning 13xp. He upgraded his PS to 7, banking the remaining 5 for now. Shatter earned 8xp. Cashed in his R4-D6 droid as he's barely had any use out of it, and purchased himself a R2-D2 instead, and had enough to up his PS to 6. Twitch earned 11xp, and joined the 2 he had in bank to shift HIS PS to 6... The dice were a LOT MORE with us this time, than last.. that's for sure!
  19. As an example, I think it's silly that the droid factories on Geonosis are largely automated since one of the few things really attractive about using Geonosis as a production center is its vast worker caste population. In my Star Wars, the droid factories of Geonosis are not automated--forget what you see in Epsode II--and are instead massive sweatshops (not that Geonosians sweat) with terrible working conditions.
  20. https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms/releases Version 1.1.0-alpha1 Due to a massive influx of enhancements, we're doing doing alpha testing on a major release! This release has a variety of bugfixes and enhancements, but was chiefly focused on adding support for database internationalization. We currently have brave translators working on German, Spanish, and Polish database translations, and this alpha release includes a full translation into French! While we've made efforts to test this release, the number of back-end changes are significant. We'd love some feedback and testing from adventurous users--but read this description completely! Changelog (from 1.0.1-beta1): Support DB Translation (current supported languages: French!) Locale now uses settings.ini file found in the App Data Directory Now remembers last save/open directory Locale now saved in character files. Will not open a char file if wrong locale detected! Allow editing family name after saving Performance enhancements, data and code bug fixes As noted above: starting with this release, character files will be linked to a locale--you won't be able to load characters from a different locale. The application's database and UI locale will default to your system locale, but can afterward be adjusted by changing the values in <applicationdatadirectory>/settings.ini and restarting the application. NOTE: Database translation is an inherently fraught activity -- it is likely that there will be bugs. Please let me know about them! Known Issues: This application may be unrecognized by Windows or Mac (causing the infamous "Windows has protected your PC" error). If this occurs, you can run it anyway -- see this link for steps on Windows, and something like this link for guidance on OSX.
  21. I like this. People always talk about xwing stuff in black and white and its rarely useful. Yes Moving Last is easier. No Moving Last is not always easy. Same is true for low init vs high init. Theres so much variation moment to moment and matchup to matchup.
  22. You have a hard-hitting weapon with Auto-fire and only ENC 3. If you want more range, just use the standard heavy blaster rifle (but be prepared to give up Stun Setting).
  23. Well, what happens in Endor stays in Endor as the old saying goes!
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