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  2. Jumping over, Akua yells as she twirls her saber, cutting down a few cortosis battle droids, her eyes now set on targetting these dangerous new weapons. However, the female was unable to head back, due to a slight sprain in her foot from the fall earlier, the female now facing the droids alone. Bring it on tin cans. The female smirked.
  3. Ok. I’ll go with what you did then. One crit, one setback and one boost. Will use the one triumph fr smth vital.
  4. I sure hope this is different enough from the source material.
  5. I'll also add to this and say a lot of places Heroic is used, it's on A-Wings which have two slots anyway.
  6. But it "feels" so bad when the terrorist player uses their passive mod to escape my clutches!!!🤬 Real Talk: The fact that Heroic is virtually an auto-include on Resistance ships should be a red flag. It reminds me of Trickshot at 1pt. So increased to 2pts for me.
  7. More FFG Created characters: Playing as a good easterling or haradim, Beorning, dalefolk, breeland bandit-style character turned good, more dwarves, more elves, gondorian, rohan.
  8. TheCeilican

    Inert Fat Han

    I can imagine this Han is pretty fun to play with. You're constantly getting to make decisions and are pretty consistently going to be rewarded for making them correctly.
  9. Some pancakes with scrambled eggs and bacon with a glass of apple juice sounds good right now.
  10. Partial credit. For most militaries, the smallest organizational unit is a platoon-sized element I.e. Smallest element with an officer. It is important to note that, at the point where areas of operations intersect for different units, they work more closely together and intermingle more, both to increase coordination between elements that may not have the same means of communication and to prevent potential fratricide from misidentification. You won't always see different in such a small area, but it's not so uncommon as to be immediately dismissed especially when you start talking about bringing inorganic assets (armor, aviation and personnel with more training specifically for dealing with the current situation like engineers, special operations forces,etc).
  11. That's fair and good to point out. There are people who genuinely liked Jumpmasters, or Defenders, or Redline. But I'd guess that they are about as frequent as those liking FatHan. I mean, personally, I was extremely glad about the 5 Awings becoming so viable again. So I know what it feels like to be in that hipster-y group of people who genuinely like something that suddenly becomes cool. edit: my question is also tricky because ultimately I ask how people perceive it - and that's yet again different from whether it is or isn't fun.
  12. If it was me, I'd huddle in the tank and hide as much as possible, lol. However, Panic requires you to perform a move action that most efficiently takes you toward the nearest board edge. Since Disembark is a choice during a move action, you would have to do it.
  13. Who cares? Obviously we are the ones to decide what's fun and what isn't! That's why we are trying to get this game changed for a greater good and for the whole community. People should be grateful, because we are trying to get rid of a huge NPE here.
  14. Wetaas Each unit has it's own unique play style, merits and flaws.. so to me the theme or uniforms are totally irrelevant since this game isn't being created based on what everything looks like... its how everything performs and what it does that adds to game play, different tactics/strategies, hazards, tricks, etc. In all tabletop war games I ever seen, it just comes with the territory one way or another, whether different units or different ways ppl paint their armies ends up the same, sort of out of place yet totally acceptable. Which doesn't do anything to effect the game, it just doesn't look the best visually.
  15. That's a backwards way of thinking about it. That indicates that other upgrades don't have the same perceived value as Heroic, which already has a pretty grey interpretation from the community of how good it really is. If you make Heroic go up, you won't see it replaced with other Talents, the slot will just go unused.
  16. LagJanson

    Inert Fat Han

    That's... tricky. I don't have fun using it, so I've shelved it and without even taking it to a big tournament. That doesn't mean that others don't have fun with it. Some people have fun swinging baseball bats at mailboxes (not implying these are the same people here folks!) so the question of "is it fun" does not provide a straight answer.
  17. Of course it's no fun to play Fat Han! To **** with that ship! Nerf Han already.
  18. One thing that just came to my mind we should probably rename "Senator Amidala" to "Padme Amidala" for futureproofing - maybe one day there will be a "Padme Amidala" officer card or something.
  19. what % of resistance talent slots are filled by heroic? if it's the 80-90% that it feels like it is, it should go up to 2 points for the sake of listbuilding decision-making
  20. Which is why so many people (including myself) are doing custom expansions to add stuff that WE want and gives us new stuff to play with.
  21. Right, we agree. I think now that Advanced Sensors is 10 points, you can still safely drop Defenders an additional 3ish points across the board. 67 points for the base I1 Delta is a good price. 1 point more before 3 fit in, which you could probably make an argument that 3 Defenders at I1 wouldn't be too crazy.
  22. i hear what you are saying, but why can't we play both 'generic wookie' and Luke Skywalker? i play lotr lcg, and love the FFG created heroes..but i'd love play the main charactor also. thanks again dwaynedauzat.
  23. I think he is a bit but hurt because he asked about Fat Han back in February - before the rule change. That makes his behavior even more hypocritical as 1) he already back then got the answer that Han is viable and 2) he should have been aware of the impact that the KananID interaction had. He even suggested a very fat Han himself, with R2, Luke, Trickshot. Lando was mentioned as other option, and the strength of i6 arcdodging was pointed out. I'd like to add another potential reason why fat Han is disliked, though I'm not so sure about it and would like some thoughts: Han requires the player to compromise his own fun and the fun of his opponent in exchange for a good tournament run. We always emphasize that it is the correct choice to take a strong list, and it is. But this list, unlike quad phantoms, is not even fun to play. Fat Han could be seen as representative for reintroduced 2.0 WAAC lists, and that fans the flames of heated discussion. Is it fun to play him? Does Han reward those who put results above fun while playing?
  24. One more time in English please.
  25. In addition to what @dwaynedauzat said, I want to point to the new LOTR game FFG just released, which allows you to play as iconic characters. Looking at those boards, a lot of players wish they were playing as generic characters rather than Legolas or Ghimli. My point being, there is no pleasing everyone with this topic. Honestly though, I sort felt like you did when I first heard about Imperial Assault, but now that I’ve played it I’m happy that it was made with “generic” characters. By the time we get to the end of a campaign, I feel like we’ve built our own story with the universe.
  26. Just printed me Dr. Aphra to use in the game. I‘d post a pic but the forum only lets me post files smaller than 0.02MB. So take this link instead. Next up her command card
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