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  2. And what about the other way around? When being Coordinated by AP while, can Jake perform a reposition action and then follow it up with focusing? I tend to interpret "no", but AP's language specifically permits "actions", not "an action".
  3. Okay, I've heard a lot of things about how bad the post-Clan War fiction was, but isn't it a bit exaggerated? What was exactly so bad about the arcs you mentioned.
  4. Hard 1s and barrel rolls make the Scout a much better blocker. The YT1300 is a better overall ship that's sort of wasted in that role unless you're really planning around it, and even then it's an easier dodge.
  5. For Imperials the Decimator and for Rebels the A-Wing
  6. Yeah I'm pretty sure at the time that I had a points reason why I just wanted to stick DMS on them and have another ship shoot them, but I can't remember what. Baffle is a good shout though. Especially if they're on one hull after wading into a swarm and will likely die anyway. I do rather love mechanics like that.
  7. I for one am glad they didn't forget to give Lando ranks in Piloting (Space) this time.
  8. I finished the first cycle (Mirkwood), and now I'm ready to move on to the next (Dwarrowdelf). Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this next cycle? Should I look for good cards to merge with my favorite decks, or try to use as many new cards as I can? Treat it like another adventure pack or more like a new game altogether? Obviously it looks like there is a heavy dwarf theme here. From what I've read, there's a lot of slogging through enemies in some of these scenarios. Does this mean Tactics will be more useful than it was in the first cycle (bear in mind I play mainly solo)? Sounds like fun, a bunch of dwarves bashing orc heads in.
  9. I hope we get the Charger C70 for the Republic...
  10. I'm on team Tie Defender for the Imps and team A-Wing for the Rebels.
  11. Jedi Master is a pretty obvious option, probably with an FR3 pre-req. Grand Master seems extremely unlikely as there's only one of those at a time, and Yoda's got the job already. Having a Council Member spec is a cool idea, but it's too easy to exploit. Having that spec without taking Master unfairly gamebreaking to an outrageous degree.
  12. Good thing we’ve been getting constant updates!
  13. I will need a reference guide citation for this mechanic...
  14. But not as slow as armada was, when they hadn’t had any news for half a year
  15. I just got the game and played the first mission -- and won! I played with Beravor (pathfinder) and Gimli (Hunter). Both characters worked out really well. Gimli I equipped the sword, harp, and ring mail, Beravor the great bow and cloak. Gimli can't pass agility checks but otherwise he passed almost every test. The harp helps supplement inspiration so there's never a completely dry period, and he still fights well with the sword, and the occasional extra hits from prepared cards. Beravor sometimes failed tests due to drawing blanks, but she always had inspiration due to Trailblazer (I never discarded it in my game), and passing tests often got her the inspiration back. Sprinting helped her search a lot, and I even won a title. Plus with the Great Bow she was able to pick off enemies from the safety of range. None of my characters took damage from enemies, it was only from threat events and search tokens that I took some hits. I went with Hunter first for Gimli in order to get some strike cards, and later I'll probably swap to Guardian for the card that gives inspiration when you strike, plus all the other good guardian cards.
  16. Essentially what shinbo said. I basically flew them for a month straight and came to the same conclusion. THIS BEING SAID, all three ships are insanely fun to use. The Republic, as a faction, in terms of ships, pilots, and identity, is crazy fun. I think they're just going to get WAY more viable as they get a few more ships. Even the Naboo I think is going to have a huge impact. Having generics that can hit hard and also dance around with the Jedi is going to throw a huge curve ball, along with the Y Wing coming later. This means I remain hopeful, as rather than being the Rebels who were kinda crippled and could possibly go downwards at the start of 2.0, they are pretty good and just overshadowed by other factions with better stuff, and can only get better as time goes on. I think the biggest issue is that the Arc is just a fireball foom foom magnet, so playing two or more is basically required. This means that you're left with the Torrent (which isn't strictly bad by any means, just kinda limited in options for true viability at the moment), and the Jedi (which are crazy fun, but about half the roster doesn't exactly work with the current ships, which is why adding the N-1 and Y wing is going to be so huge I think. Take for example, Plo Koon and two Y wings with ProTorps for example, probably with a second Jedi in the mix, or an arc or some torrents. With Plo available, both Y wings can shoot Protons Two rounds in a row, which opens up way more possibilities and stuff). Basically, they have a bunch of potential, but like the FO don't have too many options to work with. After all this, Mace, Luminara, and 2 GSP's is where I'm leaning right now. Luminara is a monster, and Mace because I haven't caved and given in to the Anakin side yet.
  17. Even the legion one is a bit slow. Kinda glad the discord is always moving.
  18. Today
  19. I would be surpised if that first passive ability isn't allowed to be used along with the Guard 3 one. But on the other hand...life often surprise me. 🙂
  20. It's ESB Era Luke. Nemesis Stats are 242244 Soak 3 W13 Str16 Adversary 3, Exhaust Port (flip destiny pt to ignore Massive rule), FR 3, Natural Pilot, Parry 3, Reflect 2, Touch of Fate, Force Powers: Enhance, Foresee, Move, Sense; One in A Million (spend Destiny pt for 2 Successes, 2 advantage, or 1 success and 1 advantage)
  21. Why is competitive culture sad? Because we enjoy competition? Weird. I’ve never said anything negative about your obsession with TTs, and was happy when you got tagged a billion times when they hit the news.
  22. Blail Blerg

    Arc Dodge 101

    @Boom Owl great work and informational post.
  23. Where? Link to what shops they bought it from??
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