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  2. "Seems like a missed opportunity" could be the catch phrase for FFG's supply chain woes lately
  3. I just painted my Vader from SWCC, and am excited to post pictures of it soon. Just thought Id make a thread in advance.
  4. I'm wondering if they limit the build at all too on squads. Like you can have Luke, but his wingman are generics. That would be in line with Armada at least a little.
  5. As a side note, you know what annoys me... When people use the "Not all who wander are lost." quote... Look Human, Aragorn is talking about the Ring Wraiths. Its not some cutesy quote about traveling. Its a meant to terrify the Hobbits about the dangers of those who are out in the wild lands.
  6. Before I take the GM reigns, I want Tramp to explicitly sign on for it.
  7. And stuff that is hurting Disney's family friendly image (characters with crude phrases or in crass poses) are probably higher on their list than alternate miniatures for a game which still encouraging purchasing the actual expansion to use the model, especially with as blurry as the "fan art" line can be.
  8. As the group of Force Sensitives walked to the space port, Elias commed his brother. Hey Chemdat I ran into Korath, we're going to ditch the shuttle and leave Gorse on Korath's ship. Chemdat, Oh **** no, you're not pawning me off on Korath, I found a buyer offworld, I'm taking the shuttle to him to get my payout and I'll see you when I see you, Chemdat out. A few seconds later, they saw the first order shuttle rocket skyward. Korath looked questioningly at Elias Elias: let him go, I can find him later after he cools off. He turns to the female Pantoran. To answer your question, everyone in this group, including you, is force sensitive, and has the potential to become a Jedi. Korath, Drez'n, Jonas, and myself are Jedi. I can't speak to what if any tradition Mr. Reesh follows although I have my suspicions. Korath's ship is a mobile jedi training academy, Arvel has signed on for what amounts to a jedi leadership class to help him be a better officer, I suspect that the Verpine Kark has signed up to train to be a jedi, Jonas' speech at the funeral home was quite eloquent and motivating. We are proceeding to Mandalore, you are welcome to come along if you are interested in learning to use your gift. Aris Renn: I am willing to tag along on a trial basis but I'm not ready to commit yet so I'm taking my own ship, a CEC Kestrel 100 that I named the Astral Wren. To Korath she asked Is it ok if I dock with the Jedi Star before you jump to hyperspace?
  9. I'm also all for the cape. I think it will really make his model pop in the midst of the non-caped droids. Looking at the wrist angle of the bottom arms on the 4-armed pose, I think you're right. Which does mean 4-arms and a cloak would take a fair amount of trimming, and a 2 arm pose no cloak may require modification to get the pauldrons.
  10. The minor issue is that as far as I'm aware, (in Star Wars at least) EMP grenades should have no effect on biological targets, whereas Ion weapons are confirmed in canon to be capable of damaging biologics (T-7 Ion Disruptor rifle for instance, and the Jawa Ion Blaster apparently). I could still see droid poppers being handled as Ion weapons though, but I'm not convinced that Droids need even more drawbacks such as a weakness to Ion weapons than no surge white dice and AI. We've only see the stats for the B1s right now, other Droids might be more expensive and more capable. Especially since the effect Ion weapons seem to have on individual droids tends to be a complete shutdown, represented by the model be defeated by the attack. I could maybe see Ion weapons causing one additional wound if they cause any wounds, but that might affect the game balance too much.
  11. Okay home. Left late, biked home, showered, looking at stuff shortly.
  12. The Lion now have holdings bordering the Fox? I think that's new. Part of the reason Genji put them in Kitsune Mori was to keep them as far away from the Lion as possible.
  13. Yup, I'll be creating my character this weekend.
  14. "Please send us your playtesting results with this kind of army and Command deck build." I've played two rounds with a 6 point Somos and don't think it needs to be raised. Being able to chain into Somos from a DT is part of what makes him viable in lists. Can you pull off shenanagins? Sure. But you have to plan it out way in advance and then execute it. There should be significant rewards for superior positioning, planning, and execution. For testing purposes: I posted a thread for the Somos list in question. I played against the rebel Trooper list I also posted. Won a close game. Also played against this list and that rebel Trooper list in a 3 way match as a Jedi list and lost to the rebel troopers.
  15. It would be awesome to have faction packs (aces, ship titles, unique mods and crew) and Upgrade packs (missiles, torps, cannons, etc. with all upgrades per wave). Or whatever they came up, but super afforable... Could make the game grow (or at least that first ed ships get buyed and tried by exp players and so..) Anyway, looking forward to this!!! Superexcited!
  16. I can see them adding Master in FotR just to Troll Anakin. But seriously, I feel they could stop there. They could all all kinds of Specs, however, most of the things they could add would be covered by other specs from other careers. Which could lead to Jedi being "too good" of a career leaving no reason to cross career spec if you can get everything in one. Now the 2 we've seen let you play a decent (and flavorful) force user without FaD if you are coming at it from the other lines, so that is a plus for more casual player groups. I do like the idea of a Temple Guard of Archivist spec, but again these could be well covered by other careers and specs as does General. It seems unlikely they would do 2 the 4 in the next book. Although they could add more with an Old Republic book later. I think they could and maybe should just leave it at 3...
  17. I think that interesting character creation is hurt by how the movies went away from the Jedi Code. Tenants weren't explained and you were expected to know that they were good instead of seeing them be good. What exactly makes them "good"? I would think that is the moral code they uphold, but we barely see that. The RPG game spends a LOT of time telling us about the variety of Jedi and precious little about why you would want to play one. What sort of interesting things do they do?
  18. Jedi are like paladins, they can ruin the fun for the shady people in your group. They have their moral code which a lot of people don't like to have in there group since it can cause conflict between the characters and potentially between the players.
  19. Cormil thinks, I've got this, I've got... Zara is getting really. He shouts, "Great bantha poodoo! Zara!" as he slams on the breaks to avoid getting rammed by Zara on the ramp.
  20. It's a strong ship but it's also a lynchpin, if it goes down the rest of the list burns up quick. It does have a good dial for it's size though, and cloak helps it out tremendously.
  21. Today
  22. The Emperor owns everything. At least on paper and in the eyes of heaven. I believe that all the Clans pay leases/taxes every year to the Imperial Throne. And those taxes largely fund the Imperial Families. As noted the families also have various (usually minor) holding that also generate at least some revenue. And the Imperial Court can offload some of their upkeep with the Winter Court. On a practical level I would assume that the Imperial families have Diamyo that are as rich as their Great Clan counterparts. Per EE the Miya start with 8 koku, The Otomo with 9 koku, and the Seppun start with 6 koku. That suggests that Miya and the Otomo are among the richest families (at least per capita) with the Seppun lagging somewhat behind...though not poor! The Seppun still start with more wealth than any of the families of the Crab*, Dragon, Phoenix or Lion clans. On a practical level, if an Imperial Daimyo wants it, they have it. *excluding the Yasuki
  23. To quote the iconic classic film {sarcasm intended} Spaceballs, ...."Good is dumb." Looking at it from the movies, the Jedi cannot see what is right before them, suspect something is wrong, enlist a fellow Jedi to spy on the Chancellor for them, let the galaxy fall apart right before them, and thousands of years of wisdom and experience doesn't seem to be worth anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... explain away how the Dark Side was "concealed" from them or their ability to use the force was weakened. Sure. They didn't just sit by and let the galaxy fall apart, they helped jump-start its demise! Rubes. Who wants to play THAT? Yes, sir, "Good is dumb." Secrecy, concealment, deceit, lack of morals, lording it over people ("Jedi business!"), lying, arrogance, ....I thought those were all Darkside elements? Then, the chastity code? Really? What for? Yet, seems like story after story talks about Jedi romance. Then the "we're not generals" thing. Except, then, they are leading armies everywhere. Who decided that Jedi made great generals? Ugh..... Guys hate the duplicity. The hypocrisy. The weakness. I think that after IV, V, & VI, Jedi would have been cool to play. After all the other stuff? Ugh... Make a Smuggler like Han solo? Yeah! Make a Gambler like Lando? Yeah! A Diplomat like Leia! Yeah! A Scout like Chewie? Yup!!! Make a Jedi like.......uh....... Nah......I want to play something I am proud to represent.
  24. Meh, 24/7/365 I can get same-day delivery from Amazon all the way out in the sticks on a Sunday. The future is now.
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