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  2. For now... (I would make the case that half of the factions may want spare parts canister from wave 3, but Resistance is about to get it so only strictly rebel is hosed now). That is about to change in wave 4 and 5, both of which include new content exclusively to the prequel factions (and to a lesser extent the autoblaster is Resistance only at that point). No sign of when those will be available. Additionally, afterburners was a card made available to all at the beginning, albeit in very limited quantity. It was not a net new design that was added to the game. There better be a card pack in wave 6 for all the missed out on stuff: plasma torps, autoblaster, passive sensors, snap shot etc. The fact they actually announced one for legion give me a little hope. Then again, the legion one isn’t stuff you can only get by buying both sides - it’s stuff that can be found in either side already.
  3. Feels great to know tariffs on our hobby is of interest to national security
  4. Hi all! I'm an italian player and I love this game since it was born. I want to share my PDF file: a simple way to check all products that everyone has of this beautiful game, divided by Deluxes/APs/PODs/Nightmares !! GG for all!!! (Sorry for my bad english, mates) This is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/tqw6oyf8p19k8vb/LOTR_LCG_-_Expansions_Images_ALL.pdf/file PS: Do u think to put the file on BoardGameGeek?
  5. maybe block them with jerry and then bomb them?
  6. If they are consistent with their other games, too 64 are card stock cards and too 32 will be a plastic card of the same artwork. Runewars had a similar confusing prize setup for one of their big tourneys.
  7. Fair point. I might try it in smaller vessels again to see if I’m off on my evaluation
  8. What we really should be complaining about is her awful ability...
  9. I will be using http://makeplayingcards.com/ for printing mini cards of the Sands of the Past expansion. As they offer 63x41 mm cards, no manual cutting is needed.
  10. This is more of a list building topic, but also a continuation of LegionOdds discussion on why is competitive building for Rebels so bland. I'd like to preface by saving that in my local community I've had a blast building and playing what I want, to degrees of success that I amount to be in game decisions rather than meta gaming. I've been able to run all sorts of combinations; Full corps with different asortments, dish turrets, full commando team. The rallypoint is comming to my town in October, so my doctrine of 'run whats fun' might not hold up. Yet when I try and build based off of what the community has deemed good, it just seems so cardboard. I understand that Z-6 is good, and snipers are good, and wondertwins is good, though if somone would explain why exactally that would be awsome. The point is, the numbers don't lie, and those 3 things are in winning Rebel lists Luke Skywalker Force Reflexes Force Push Emergency Stims Leia Organa Strict Orders Emergency Stims Rebel Troopers x6 Z-6 Trooper Rebel Commando Strike Team x3 Sniper Should come out to 800 even. I see why all of these are good, it just seems like a boring list. Is there any other winning rebel archetype?
  11. Well I need peer review before I will even accept my current opinion as valid.
  12. He's a naturally gifted kid, capable of winning one of the deadliest pod racing events, a feat we do not see any other human even attempt. He then happens to fly a starfighter built on the principles of GOING FAST, backed up by a helpful astromech. I'd say that I4 is a fair level for him.
  13. Thank you. I reckon that expansion has to be distinguishable from the others and I will create a custom icon for it in the future to mark the items with. Items expansion would require all small and large boxed expansions.
  14. hmmm... you're right! thank you for making me reexamine and reconsider. looks like the revealed maneuver can be changed. how annoying.
  15. Vader was physically stronger, almost certainly, but I'd say that the evidence in the films suggest that he is weaker in the Force as Vader than he would have been at the same age as Anakin. After all, Leia held out against him on the Death Star. His fighting style was certainly more sedate than in his younger days. Of course, he does call on the Dark Side, and is, as you said, fuelled by rage, but does that make him stronger, or "only the Master of evil"? As I said, it's debateable that a direct quote from George Lucas is canon, but he seems to suggest that his intention was that Anakin never reached his full potential due to his defeat on Mustafar.
  16. Live here in Orlando. 20 minutes from Walt Disney World. We have Annual Passes and visit just about every weekend. We regularly visit Hollywood Studios new Toy Story Land because you can see the progress from there and it looks amazing. Cant wait til the end of August (pushed back due to Hurricane Irma). We waited over 20 years to see a new Star Wars film, we can wait 3 more months. Actually look forward to the merchandise the most. After riding Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom, (hands down best attraction ever) I know the Disney Imagineers are going to make the rides at Galaxies Edge top notch. It also doesn't hurt that my next door neighbor actually builds the attractions/lands for Walt Disney World.
  17. I've created a Dropbox account and made separate folders for conditions and items. You can find the links in the post.
  18. padme pilot skills are clearly bad.... like a woman that drives a car! But this makes her highly unpredictable! .....So initiative 4
  19. What about unenforced blockades by units with "no shoot" orders? Stands to reason that production should be allowed to continue unimpeded
  20. Well, 'revealed maneuver' isn't actually a thing in the rules. A dial is revealed, and then a maneuver is executed. I think that setting the dial to a new maneuver after it is revealed changes the ship's revealed maneuver. However, this is definitely one of those things that FFG will need to clarify ASAP to make sure these interactions are properly understood before people start getting all cranky at tournaments and whatnot.
  21. I am in agreement, after playing with it quite a lot. I'm not entirely sure that "not game breaking" is the bar that we need to be setting, but there it is. Currently I am playing it in Preston. Since he rarely needs the resources I am usually using it as card draw. I'm playing Carcosa campaign so: no haunted, maximum brokenness. I also am running Rabbit's foot, so with everything down I can draw 3 for an action. I'm not using Take Heart or Live and Learn. It's very useful to have since I tend to quickly deplete my hand with everything that I'm playing, and of course I can search for answers. My Preston relies on Intel Report, Look What I found, and Lola to get clues, so it's important to be able to dig for those. But perhaps it's even more powerful in someone else. 2 resources are generally speaking more powerful than 1 card, just not for Preston. Back to my experience, it's very strong, but it's not like it makes the game un-loseable. In fact, I even sort of lost a scenario once because of it. I was at like 2 remaining horror with a Moment of Respite in my hand, took my first action to use drawing thin + rabbits foot to draw 3 (looking for some help for a team mate who was in a spot), but pulled Stubborn Detective, which I was unable to evade or kill. I could easily take his damage, but it meant I couldnt play my Moment of Respite. Pulled Horror damage on the next mythos card and was defeated. D'oh. Ok, sure I admit that's a corner case and most of the time it's well worth it, I just thought I'd share an amusing story. Fact of the matter is still that it's very undercosted. At 0, it's a no-brainer for anyone who can take it. The value of the card is far beyond what it costs. It's not game-breaking... but it's far, far ahead of the bell-curve. Maybe it's that way because the designers felt that Survivor class needed some help (I certainly do). Currently it's super-strong. If any card (post-taboo list) is too strong, I'd certainly say it's this one. At least by a cost/benefit analysis.
  22. Today
  23. Oh come on. Exactly how does it help gameplay that the I4 N1 pilot is Padmé and not some rando? As far as I can see it doesn't, so this is nothing but a fluff consideration. Anyway relax guys, my tone wasn't serious, I'm firmly in the "it's just toy spaceships" camp.
  24. Just like "Jar Jar is the key to all of this", the concept that Anakin's powers diminished seems to have been left out of the films. Of course his physical strength is weaker when he starts to wheeze but even his physical strength is better with cybernetics. Everything in the Canon shows Vader pulling off stuff with the Force that Anakin never could and I think it's mainly from his conviction. As Anakin he lacked focus because he was torn between light and dark.
  25. It would also work on things like Inertial Dampeners and Ion maneuver.
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