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  2. In D6, that would be a lot of points.
  3. Doing direct comparisons will not work in this game because you need to factor in point costs due to synergies with cards and other units. Also, I think it's pretty pointless to debate how powerful a unit. FFG has already tested and printed the card. No need for us to debate the exact pointcost ... The BARC will cost between a AT-RT - Speeder Bikes. Damage output will reflect this aswell.
  4. And two more battle reports https://greendragoon.home.blog/2019/04/22/battle-report-vaapad-vassalleague-21-4-19/ https://greendragoon.home.blog/2019/04/23/battle-report-vaapad-vassal-21-4-19/
  5. ...so I've been collecting IA since it first came out but I've had few chances to play it, or keep up with the community. My friends and I are planning an IA campaign weekend soon and we wanted to try to play through somewhat chronologically, I was wondering if we start with Tyrant's of Lothal and then just carry on with the same characters into a new campaign - does this create big balance issues? Has anyone tried this? Is there an easy fix like adding more threat to the Imp player? It seems annoying to find a really cool character and have to have them start from scratch each adventure. Also, has anyone played around with killing player characters and having the player have to choose a new one?
  6. 1. Assuming Venators are released for the empire in addition to the republic, it would give the empire a new playstyle available only previously via the arquitens. 2. Ship armaments/weapons systems are not tied to die color. Also, ISD-IIs have zero point defense according to canon, but in game they have 2 blue flak dice. Game design is going to take priority. 3. 9 hull for being a large ship. It's weaker than a VSD in numerous ways. Weaker shields, weaker defensive token suite, weaker main arc, etc. Hope that answers your questions.
  7. Esteemed leader and running him close to two stormtrooper units kept him going to the end today with just 1 wound so thanks for the tip
  8. @MasterKazur My book is at home, but I recall it being mentioned in the Intro that Leia's stats from DoR are for her as a she was in Rebels, and that her stats in A&A are from the orginal Trilogy.
  9. True. A YV-666 could effectively use Outmaneuver with a front-arc style cannon (Like an Ion Cannon) or missile (like Concussion, Homing, etc). Fearless ONLY works with Primary attacks. Regardless, for both, the relevant weapon being used has to be a standard front arc, for both.
  10. JJ48

    Inert Fat Han

    The 0-stop I'll grant you, but I honestly don't see how R2-D2 or Luke really change the puzzle that much. R2-D2 will make the fight take longer, but is he really doing anything that would alter how I handle Han, besides having to do so for more turns? The only thing interesting he's really adding is the possibility that he could backfire and expose a damage card, but that possibility is lessened quite a bit by the fact that he's on Han. As for Luke, it seems he's actually reducing the amount of thinking involved on both sides rather than increasing it. Without Luke, I have to consider how I might be able to either dodge out of Han's arc or handle the shot if I can't/won't. With Luke, same thing only without the possibility of dodging. I mean, I'm not completely against upgrades that only help a ship survive or simplify decision-making, as long as they don't go overboard, but let's not pretend that they're adding additional depth and tactics to the game, either.
  11. nothing about this ship screams broadside. why blue? this ship should have ZERO blue as blue indicates ion cannons yea no. 9 hull makes this a way better victory already and giving it so much out the sides and even making a stronger brawler version would completely seal the victories death as a possibility. You guys are trying to give this ship too many dice when it really needs to be unimpressive with it's dice, but shine as a carrier. I am fine with a heavier version, but it would max out at 5 dice. Upgrade slots are where you can add dice to make it a better attack unit, but that wasn't the venator's role. double check everything as an imperial version. they wouldn't change hull values, so would a 9 hull quasar make sense for the Imperials?
  12. I think aces packs would be awesome, but they’d only cover the ships included, unless they added extra pilots for other ships, but for new players that would cause issues.
  13. kindof. Outmaneuver works with front arc cannons, Fearless doesn't.
  14. Let's look at the cards! FEARLESS: This card falls under the same category as Outmaneuver, since it explicitly calls for a Front Arc (primary) attack (while the YV-666 only has a Full Arc primary). PREDATOR: Since it only looks for the location of the enemy, and not the actual attack arc, Predator would work with any ship, including the YV-666. MARKSMANSHIP: This one works exactly the same as Predator; it only cares about whether or not the enemy is within your bullseye.
  15. Also: Ewok. I am a professional Chess player and Armada feels like chess a lot more than it feels like checkers. This is the #1 reason why I play armada over X-wing, because X-wing is a lot more luck and prediction, where Armada is all calculation. Nothing in this game, and I repeat NOTHING is unbeatable, too good, or broken in this game. There are some upgrades that are good or in some cases stapled, so yes the game can get stale if you only play the same thing, but nothing is without weakness.
  16. When you launch it beneath two ships, you choose which one it's on and have to attempt to fit it in either the front or back nubs of that ship. If if doesn't fit in one of those then it and that ship each take a damage. So yes, you appear to be correct there.
  17. I'm already sitting. Why should I sit down again?
  18. What about in the rare situation that the buzz droids are launched in such a way that 2 enemy ships are simultaneously overlapping them? Would the controlling player first have to declare which ship they are attempting to relocate the buzz droids to before checking to see if they fit or are they able to check all 4 locations between the 2 ships before deciding? My thoughts are that they would have to first pick a ship before checking.
  19. And another one, against 2 infiltrators and an FOA https://greendragoon.home.blog/2019/04/23/battle-report-vaapad-vassal-21-4-19/
  20. Yah, sounds like a fun night out. Best not to record those.
  21. Proprietary Limited is, however, interested to know which faction has sent forces to the "J" system. Would you care to announce yourselves and your intentions?
  22. So since Outmaneuver doesn't work with primary 180 attacks, I have some questions. What about Fearless? What about bullseye arc like Predator, Marksmanship, etc?
  23. Proprietary Limited thanks you for your invaluable opinion. At this time we are not taking unsolicited suggestions. We wish you well in your future endeavours.
  24. Are you going to make me turn to One Ship to avoid this? or make my quasar fly off the board on round 2 so that round 3 I can only activate my ISD and still first last? 😂
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