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  2. yeah, I think she's better than wolfe, but only because the available options to help her currently.
  3. Question also applies to afterburners. Would it be legal to (a) fully execute a maneuver and not be in R1 or BE, then (b) P17 or Afterburn into R1 or BE and finally (c) trigger Anakin's ability This one is a bit trickier than it may seem, some relevant notes: The ability que is our mechanism for resolving "multiple abilities that trigger during the same timing" (RR Ability Que). They have to trigger, simply having the same timing is not enough to allow us to que them up. So the question revolves around weather or not Anakin's range check is part of his trigger. For example, compare him to Jake: Jake is After [timing], you may [range conditions] [do effect] While Anakin is After [timing], if [range condition], you may [cost] [ do effect] Jake's range check is clearly after the "you (may) do ...." clause, so clearly not part of the trigger, but no so for Ani. So can range check be part of a trigger? If so, is it in this case for Ani? If it is, would his ability not fail to trigger, excluding his ability from being queued?
  4. I'm not sure if I would dismiss the escalating cost of adding new specs as a "pretty cheap" option to get a lot of ranks in particular talents. The cost of just getting "a few other specs" is upwards of 100 XP just to be able to spend further XP on the talents you want, which is not trivial, especially if you're earning it 20 XP per session. In my experience, players go for a second spec fairly early, but it takes a while for them to go for a third, because dumping 30-40 XP for no immediate benefit is a hard sell when you could be getting closer to that Dedication/Force Rating/capstone talent. I also don't get the obsession with the characteristic-switch style talents, but that might be because no non-Force using archetype gets to have their cake and eat it too in that fashion. The Spy's Infiltrator spec doesn't get a talent to switch Melee to Agility just so they can put their stabby on the same characteristic as their sneaky. Commanders and Diplomats don't get to shoot people with Presence, nor do Engineers get to snipe you with Intellect. About the only archetype that does get it all in one place is pilots, but if you ask me that's just compensation for how often the pilot skillset gets sidelined for the majority of an adventure in a mixed group. Why should Jedi get an easy ticket out of multi-attribute dependency? As for what you're asking for with Force power, low-XP characters can already do all that. Basic Move can telekinesis a toolbox across a room and that's 10 XP (5 with the Mentor discount). Basic Harm does Intellect level damage ignoring soak, which, taking into account that most beings you'll fight have at least two soak, is at least worth 5 damage (or you can get the same effect from Move again for a maximum of 25 XP by tossing a 0 silhouette object). You can dump a lot of XP on upgrading a Force power, sure, but you don't need to if all you're trying to do is get the basic feel of being a Force user.
  5. Hey, Shara is pretty darn good! Especially combo'd with anyone who can help in passing focus or extra actions, magva crew, etc..
  6. I would agree with you except for the only time we see him actually fighting he is fighting Jedi, which are clearly Republic. I would say that he plays just as big of a role in the CIS as he does in either of the other factions he's apart of.
  7. Comparing Republic Arcs to Rebels is kinda pointless, since you'd have to be off your gourd to believe they're worth a **** outside Norra (I 5; incredible ability) I'm convinced now that FFG did well by pricing Republic Arcs (7th fleet and Oddball excepted), because the LEAP in points to named pilots is punctuated by great abilities If we were to look at Rebel Arcs via the lens of what FFG should price by (initiative + ability), their cost would have to drop pretty significantly Thinking there's a sudden drop to the 104th, rather than a jump, is also a bit misleading because higher initiative + abilities are a MASSIVE advantage over generic pilots. It's something I'd rather see reflected over more ships. (course, it also depends on the abilities. Non-Norra rebel Arcs have pretty...bleh abilities, as do the Torrents. Costs should reflect that)
  8. Yes you can. Yoh can do everything you see in a new hope. You are acting like you want to see revenge of the sith obiwan being in a new hope. And that certainly cant be done.
  9. The game tells you to imagine Obi-Wan from A New Hope, and you can't do that, though. So there's a mismatch in what the game itself is telling you. That's a problem.
  10. I'm with Golem here -- small modifications generally aren't worth your while, and big ones justify a whole new item. The item creation rules in the core rulebook should stand you in good stead, so the only advice I'd give is to make sure anything that's very far outside the ordinary has a drawback. Tell the story about why this particular augmentation isn't common and sought-after. For example, a cyberlimb with an armored case might have Defensive 1 and maybe Reinforced, but it's probably significantly heavier than a normal one and would impose setbacks on Athletics, Brawl, and Coordination. A concealed weapon would require physical reinforcements or electromagnetic shielding which takes up space that would otherwise be dedicated to make the prosthesis convenient and easy to use. I mean, or it could be the super-advanced next-generation prototype developed by Haas and your character is now wearing a literal fortune on his shoulder. I'm sure that won't have any consequences.
  11. Unless, of course, the campaign starts at a heroic xp level. Nobody is stopping anyone from starting a 300+ xp game. I’d play.
  12. Honestly, that sounds like it has more to do with how you guys are using them then. Is your GM using them in such a manner that you’ll have one available when a climactic moment is imminent? They should be. You also shouldn’t be using them for every force check, that’s the path to the darkside right there. Unless, of course, you wanna go darkside, then I’d say go for it.
  13. Sure. I never said they were slouch. But I think people expect to play Obi-Wan in the Prequels. And that is not where your character starts.
  14. No. The wolf is separate from Reynhart. (When Descent was first released, there was a similar question about Widow Tarha and the Reanimate, answered in the FAQ).
  15. Yeah, Jedi leverage the force so well, starting with +1 and being able to strategically hold one in reserve is basically equivalent to having an extra ability in and of itself. The 2nd force force is worth at least as much as a shield upgrade, maybe more. With JKs at least you get a noticeable discount with the base and scaled costs, but Bariss is DoA
  16. ****, that makes the ability very limited indeed. Thanks for the reply.
  17. It can be the GM as well, just saying. However, the very reason it's fundamentally flawed is due to the design inherently being based on them being used by either side frequently, so frequently that it can be considered that at least one destiny point will almost always be available for the force using player. Which can be very far from how it actually is panning out it the game.
  18. All those illustrations of of lightsaber-wielding, Force-using badass characters in the core book do build certain expectations. As does including "former Jedi living as a hermit" as the very first suggested character concept in the character creation section. That's Obi-Wan right there, and he was certainly no slouch.
  19. It is also quicker. You are more likely to get what you need. So yes quicker.
  20. That certainly depends on the perspective, it is easier, but most certainly not quicker, if anything the light side distribution is the quicker one, because you can more quickly generate more points than you can in comparison to the dark side point sides on the force dice. You say they should be flowing back, but the keyword here is SHOULD, because thats where it's fundamentally flawed, as they may not be flowing back and forth in the pace thats the INTENDED pace, so they may not be available when it's actually needed. I weren't saying it should be force skills, I was saying it should use the ability and skill dicepool system for generation of the points and for determining various things in relations to the force, like for instance if the force user is able to remain cool as the force is being used all while being in a situation that would cause fear.
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