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  2. It's strong, but the Elite ships vary between a little overpriced and extremely overpriced, so it's also very costly.
  3. this one: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwifwJX_k6riAhVQjlkKHXONBVwQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fstarwars.fandom.com%2Fwiki%2FNu-class_attack_shuttle&psig=AOvVaw3Kwi6Pf49Uh_t4xlYOGER7&ust=1558443317864732
  4. Dude. "Casual play" doesn't mean you can do whatever the heck you want. We still want structure, balance, and a good game. Implying casual players don't care about rules and errata is, frankly, a bit insulting to what I suspect is a majority of the fanbase.
  5. Nu class shuttle looks awesome and heavily armed.
  6. How strong do you guys feel adding a white barrel roll to republic arcs is? I feel it's pretty strong myself, and tend to take it and use it often.
  7. Everybody plays games for different reasons. I would happily play a starting character and gain no XP for years if the story was engaging and would be utterly bored by getting XP if there was no engaging story to go with it. Different strokes for different folks. As it is, I am in a weekly game that I have played for about 6 months and have earned 115xp so far (some quick math tells me that is about 1-2xp per hour). I want about 25 more xp and I would call my character good for a long while however the story we are playing through is really, really fun and engaging so we aren't that concerned with stats and talents when we are too busy trying to solve a mystery, romance NPCs and get into trouble. Everybody needs to ask themselves what do they find fun, are they having fun, if they aren't then how do they change it so they are having fun? For my group, it was a good chat after a few sessions about expectations and direction that really cleared the air, for other people it might be looking for a different group that is more aligned to the play style they find fun.
  8. I love them. Clearly not designed for species with four limbs, though:
  9. I have been thinking lately that an Imperial defector would make for a cool Hero. Maybe make them a former Intelligence agent or something. They could have an ability that would allow them to view opponent’s open group hand and discard a card for a turn or two. I think something like that could work well.
  10. Balthazar addressed Lax and Ariel as the group watched for tails. "You both reacted quickly and brought your weapons to bear without hesitation. Once we do that, the Emperor must decide if our bullets find their mark. We accomplished our mission today without injuries, so we should all be thankful. Keep training and maintaining your weapons, and He will see us through any trial."
  11. weebaer

    Hero Armies?

    Never said everyone one at Adepticon was an expert, I said they knew the game and their army. They were competent, not schlubs. Is your definition of a non-schlub an expert? That's weird that you only have 2 categories for players. Multiple good players have done well with 7 activations. Again I did say YOU WILL NOT WIN ANY MAJOR TOURNAMENTS, but that is a far cry from horrible. Which was my original point. I guess you are welcome to continue to put words in my mouth to make your point seem more valid though. It is a common online practice for disagreements these days.
  12. So on the Beef thing The Rebel Beef i have no issues with being good is stuff like UXXYY However, I do have issue with Cassian Braylen Wedge, Friend (jake, biggs, whatever) Generic jousting squads see use not because they are good, but because the lists are easy to make- we are reaching a similar state to 1.0's Stage 4 Rebels in that the Glue has been concocted- a list of all named pilots is once again the best at jousting. I have no issue with generic jousters. Once again, it's the same damned thing causing it- Words. Pilot abilities are still underpriced, and comically so. Words allow something other than good dial choices to allow you to mitigate dice randomness, and they do so at a higher Init (more perfect info to opportunistically arc dodge, chance to Init kill for No Nonsequences)- FFG needs to price pilot abilities properly. As is tradition, i'd like to remind you all just how bad the generic TIE Strikers, especially the Black Squadron Scout at 38 points, are. Either FFG needs to cut the price of low-health-low-agi generics massively (Strikers are more frail than a Z-95, and CIS as a faction has 2 of their ships beimg unplayable(16-17 is a fair point for Vultures)), or Words need massive nerfs.
  13. Anyone did stats for Stone Mites before? is there a Swarm talent/ability for adversaries?
  14. Thanks for pointing that out! I don't know how I missed it. Here's a corrected version:
  15. The only XBOX 1 games I play have been Skyrim and Fallout 4. Im finally level 23 in Skyrim with no cheat mods or exploits. ...but im chomping at the bit. I also didnt declare some income last year on my taxes. Im a filthy cheater.
  16. I don’t think anything can save a VSD antenna. They break off with a light breeze.
  17. Today
  18. I think that in this case it becomes more clear that you can take the no-progress choice. The location could be explored after all, and it has a passive ability not lasting until the end of the round.
  19. Plo Koon 104th Battalion Pilot w/ Commander Cody 2x 104th Battalion Pilots w/ 7th Fleet Gunner I've been having a lot of fun with this list. Fly Plo as a support ship, his only job is to take the weapons disabled from the recharging 7th Fleet Gunner. Shoot the target with the Commander Cody ARC first, then throw 4 dice primaries from the next two at a strained ship. Works really well!
  20. I have friends who cheat at Solitaire. It’s the ultimate extension of the idea that “the object of the game is to win”. I see it as, cheating intentionally means you aren’t actually playing the game anymore. They don’t. To me the game is a shadow universe which only exists when we play by its rules. To them, it’s an action in life like washing dishes or flying a kite. However the dishes get clean, however you win, whatever keeps the kite flying, it’s all the same.
  21. The game initially started a few months ago, though due to his work we've only had 4 sessions, and the GM recently got Allies and Adversaries. He did a reboot and some of us made new characters, which is no big deal. I went from my attached character at the beginning of the thread, to a Wookie Hired Gun Marauder. Also, what fun is it to play a character that is 1st level for the foreseeable future, so to speak?
  22. Bikers are very fairly and correctly priced. If they're not working for you I'd suggest either practicing more or playing with more terrain.
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