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  2. 396/400 Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost, Dangerous Territory ISD2, Vader, Gunnery Team, ECM, 160 VSD1, ACM 80 Interdictor, Grav Shift, Target Scramblers, Interdictor 100 2 TIE-D, 3 TIE-F 56 Options could be to Replace Vader for Konstantine, a Pylon Q7 and LS on the ISD. Ditch the 4 point bid for a set of Boosted Comms. Change the fighters for Marek, Jendon and 2 TIE-F. The Grav Shift is excellent in your Yellow mission dragging the base further back and building a wall of rocks for the enemy to travel through or follow one clear path into your killer arcs. Dangerous Territory too benefits by dragging enemy placed obstacles closer to you giving you a chance to take some or placing them in the middle of your front arcs making them too hot for the enemy to collect. Opening Salvo is good adding 6 rerollable black dice to your first shots potentially getting ACMs to work at long range.
  3. Lucas has given interviews where he said that Palpatine is based on Nixon. However there are similarities to both the American civil war (Grand Army of the Republic) and to Hitler (rise to power), also possible Kaiser Wilhelm, (stormtroopers being from WWI).
  4. True, but that is the exception more so than the norm. I did an analysis for my statistics class and found that the chance of having as many shadows decks in decks with more than 6 chains, if the houses were all equally powerful is .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000642% chance. This shows that, for the most part, a deck that has shadows is much more likely to be powerful and do well in tournaments than one without Here is the full analysis Keyforge Stats.docx
  5. "Gotal'ur bic ad'eta rayshe'a bal gar've ganar koor," Rei replies.
  6. Well this is the way it worked out unfortunately. I'll sort the ic tomorrow.
  7. The only problem I see with the +1 approach is the issues of the language used throughout the books will become confusing for your players, especially once they start diving into their books outside of a session. I’m all for changing rules, but there are some rule fundamentals that should never change. If you need some examples: - Healing - Medpacs - Unconsciousness - Criticals
  8. Six Crack Strikers (Fun fact, this list isn't even that good and could fit without affecting the meta majorly, but costs 234 points)- contains 33 unique words. Nathan's Adepticon Squad- contains 109 unique words.
  9. I actually took a list with more than a single Bulbasaur and some support-Vultures 3-0 at a tournament last weekend; between Captain Sear's ability & Crackshot, I was punching pretty hard. Captain Sear — Belbullab-22 Starfighter 39 Kraken 10 Impervium Plating 6 Ship Total: 55 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 3 Skakoan Ace — Belbullab-22 Starfighter 41 Crack Shot 1 Impervium Plating 6 Ship Total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 3 Skakoan Ace — Belbullab-22 Starfighter 41 Crack Shot 1 Impervium Plating 6 Ship Total: 48 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 3 DFS-311 — Vulture-class Droid Fighter 24 Grappling Struts 3 Ship Total: 27 Half Points: 14 Threshold: 2 Separatist Drone — Vulture-class Droid Fighter 22 Ship Total: 22 Half Points: 11 Threshold: 2
  10. I agree however I think the 500 combined cap should be in effect,
  11. Isn't a minion group considered one ally though? So even with Imperial Valor, a blast from a big weapon would wipe them all out right?
  12. @Tramp Graphics, ok, he will agree to this, but with the threat he's not going to be happy to do business in the future with Rei.
  13. I will also note that I do not believe the jedi senses are always as precise as people think. Like I know they can sense danger, but they can not always sense where the danger is coming from. For example Aayla Secura's gun down by her group of troopers on felucia, right before it happens it looks like she is in kind of a panic looking around for the source of danger, almost like she couldn't tell that her own troops were the source of the danger. I always took this to be the whole "I don't believe it." 'that is why you fail' line because the jedi's ability is limited to what they can believe is possible. Or as Qui-gon put it "your focus determines your reality". In this case I feel like some were caught off guard by the clones because they unwittingly got attached to the idea that the clones were friends and allies of the republic and the republic was a friend and ally to the jedi, so when the clones turned they felt danger, they felt a threat, but they probably could not tell it was coming from the clones as that was beyond their ability to 'believe'. That said it is already a fact that quite a few jedi survived order 66. It is also a fact that quite a few were hunted down and killed by vader and the inquisitors. It is also a fact that the emperor's propaganda machine put even more jedi in hiding and made it impossible for them to act. I do not know about you guys, but I personally like to tell my players that what they are doing is 'canon' that they will likely not meet nor mess with other canon characters but what they are doing still happens within the universe of star wars. That this is their star wars story and that everything we are doing could technically have been happening off screen where ever they are because the universe is so vast that the books and movies and tv shows could never possibly cover all the stories to be told. In my games there are more force users that are not found by the inquisitors because they have yet to make it obvious that they are force users and they may never and that would be 'canon' to my game. I also want to note that "padawan survivor" is literally a spec from the dawn of rebellion book to me this suggests that there were enough "padawan survivors" from order 66 besides kanan that it is an archetypal back story for a character.
  14. Well you can work into something more like everyone else is planning to, but everyone has to start somewhere.
  15. I'll pass for now. I don't want to be a "run of the mill" clone trooper. I was a "regular" soldier in real life. That's why I chose the two specs I did. I want to play something more than the "Standard" trooper.
  16. BTW you can ask rules questions here. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/440-star-wars-armada-rules-questions/
  17. I'm ok with having a free spec (I'm a scrounger so I'll take what I can). I don't currently have the new book however so I may struggle finding the talent tree. I'm thinking either a pilot (probably failed if they crashed), or maybe a combat focused type.
  18. The chase rages across the smooth sandy opening of the beach until the crew see the sudden rise that marks the sand dunes. These separate the city from the beach. If they can make it through the winding mounds of grass and sand, they may be able to escape into the urban sprawl. The racers are forced to separate to try and burst through the maze of small hillocks, and the large panther speeders separate to pursue their prey. Unsurprisingly, Ari chooses to go after Zara, with the other racing after Lei. Although Zara burns through the dunes at a tremendous pace, Ari is one of the best pilots from her time in the corsec academy. Banking up along one of the dune the panther speeder is only inches from the bumper of Zara. The wild chase through the rolling terrain threatens to unseat Krydil, forcing him to try to clutch into something to avoid a potentially lethal fall. Meanwhile, despite her knowledge of the area, Lei struggles to make her way through the dune system. She suddenly has to pull back on the throttle to avoid ploughing straight into a sandbank rising up ahead of her. The panther speeder screams past before spinning around to try and block her path. The sudden turn from the pilot however leaves a potential path for Lei to dive through, but it is going to be difficult to escape.
  19. I doubt we’ll see it. I think there’s enough margin to swallow it on existing announced ( and price stated) products. but it’s the new ones calculated on it where it’s lijely to happen. (Say, a fictional new Armada Clone Wars core set, for example) which is likely to come, but isn’t priced for pre orders. it also depends on how long you assume both parties can and will keep it up - a temporary (say, year long thing) might not be enough to bother shifting a whole price rate on your pricing system.... but banking it being 5+ is different. I mean, I’ve been tie-Fighter eatingly wrong before... But logistically speaking, adjusting for a temporary change only to adjust back is paying twice for a net low effect... And if they were to do so, for that reason, you’d have to wonder how they’d handle existing paid pre orders (both on their own retail and wholesale to international distributors). Its. A. Mess. one that’s probably, again, corporately logistically speaking, easiest to ignore for existing product, and only factoring going forward - if at all-.
  20. Ok, I'm going to be a little cruel with @Edgehawk's despair. @Shlambate as the passenger I'm going to need an average athletics with a setback to see if you can stay on the bike during the chase through the dunes. @Edgehawk with your advantage you can ignore penalizing terrain or perform a free manoeuvre (if you want you can also do an average athletics with setback in case @Shlambate fails). @Tramp Graphics, your speed goes back down to 1, but the advantage can add a boost to the next check as you've ridden around here before. Corsec Chase: @Edgehawk: speed 2, 3s3a1d Engaged range between: Ari: 8/8 HT, 7/8 SS speed 2, 5s1t @Tramp Graphics: speed 1, 1f2a Engaged range between: Corsec officer: 8/8 HT, 7/8 SS speed 2, 2s Ok, @Jonas Shaaf I still need your piloting check as well. Ari is focusing on Zara, with the other officer currently chasing down Lei. With the Corsec pilot being at engaged range with @Tramp Graphics for 2 consecutive rounds he is going to try a manoeuvre to force you to stop. Also you have been unable to make it through the dune this time and will have to try again next turn.
  21. Den would look across to the specialist with an odd look. "I think we're probably not the traitors, I doubt we can get there and back in time to cut off some guys hand".
  22. Reesh sighs a little as he watches the movements of the group in the park. Unlike Kark, he does not seem very interested in the goings on here. "Did you really come to Mandalore to dance? Is there not something more important to do?"
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