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  2. I've been running Star Wars campaigns since before WEG was released. I don't ever recall the players having a YT-1300. Too iconic?
  3. A more 'fun' version of my list replaces Luke with 2 dish towers, and Leia trades her upgrades and 2 rebel troopers for 2 fleets with scatterguns, as well as 2 medic droids and an officer thrown into the corps mix. Are the dish towers unviable? Yes they don't hit as hard and often as Luke, but they offer fixed control, and the fun part comes incase your opponent brought vehichles
  4. Well in my opinion, R2A6 not changing the revealed manouver but the executed manouver is really strong, even better than expected. Example, you want to execute a 2 bank to avoid a bump or an obstacle. You can set your dial on a 3 bank and execute a 2 bank thanks to R2A6. In that case, you did the manouver you wanted but with a 3 bank you might have an extra dice!
  5. The problem is Spain FFG. We go systematically delayed. Gotta waint and see how others upload their pics
  6. Thanks for the points of comparison. Starting wealth in RoT is actually 500 silver, which would be 50 gold. To make the math easier, that might equate to 100 gp in Pathfinder being equal to 500 silver in Terrinoth (or 50 gold). With that math, the quest promises 250 silver per PC, or about half starting wealth. That seems too low for a full adventure's worth of rewards or perhaps even as a carrot to draw the PCs into the adventure. So, these conversions are handy for a rule-of-thumb conversion rate, but I'm also curious what other GMs think is about right for an average adventure reward. Is 250 silver per character enough, provided there is other loot, like new weapons or runes or whatnot?
  7. My players never used the YT-1300 for very long. They always wanted something bigger. The biggest they've ever gotten was a Vigil Class Corvette and an "acquired" Marauder that the female commander obtained through going on a date with a love sick Zygarian who she intimidated into giving her the ship. They handed it over to the Rebellion.
  8. Again, this comes back to the context of "defensive hero". I like Fastred a lot and I recognize Rossiel's weakness and have no quarrel with the idea that Fastred is a better *hero*, but I like Rossiel better as a *defender*. My Rossiel decks are typically secrecy decks, so I mulligan for Out of the Wild and use that to setup Rossiel (typically for defense, though in quests with a starting location it may be for turn one willpower). So she's often defending at 4/3 from turn one against most enemies, and that's solid defense. That usage explains why Rossiel doesn't make the strongest VD decks, since you're powering up Rossiel with (likely) a weak card instead of taking out a nasty card and powering up Door Is Closed. But getting an 8-threat hero to defend for 4 or quest for 4 in turn one is pretty cool and helps me get off to a good start. Rossiel decks are neither the best victory display decks nor the best secrecy decks, but I find them fun for all that--they are certainly viable against non-nightmare quests. Fastred is the bomb in the specific archtype of staging area attackers, which is a ton of fun -- but it also means that he's tied at the hip to a handful of heroes. Without staging area attacks/damage (or a handful of quests where some enemies are important to un-engage) his ability is *terrible* for a defender, putting enemies back in staging to contribute threat and preventing you from attacking them. Looking at him as a generic defender, he starts with a 1 def advantage, but Rossiel has an ability that will add to her defense while Fastred has an ability that actively works against combat. He is also not eligible for most in-sphere defensive attachments. If I grabbed two heroes at random and was choosing between Fastred and Rossiel to be hero-defender-when-needed, I'd usually go for Rossiel. (Of course, it's likely I'd prefer one of the 3 def heroes *without* an explicit defensive ability over *either*.) The one big advantage Fastred has as a generic defender -- and it is a big one -- is Warrior. That doesn't help him in Spirit unless he's playing with SpBard, but Raiment of War is beautiful on him, buffing his defense and hp with one card. Rossiel's eligible 2-cost tactics attachment gives her sentinel instead of +1 def, which is usually much less useful for a generic defender, though it does leave a restricted slot free (with the ABB nerf, that obviously becomes very important).
  9. That's because due to WEG getting it wrong decades ago, the Wiki is wrong. In my humble opinion of course. The DC-15A is the predecessor to the E11. The E11 was considered a "rifle" in WEG even though a carbine was offered, and others followed suit. The E11 should have been called a carbine, which is a small-sized rifle. The movies used a Sterling SUBMACHINEGUN to make the weapon and it could even be put in a holster at the hip with the stock collapsed, like a PISTOL. It could be fired one handed if needed in a pinch. There's actually an argument that it's a submachinegun, but that category of weapon has never existed in the Star Wars universe for blasters. So, yeah, carbine all the way, not a full sized rifle. I've always changed any references to calling the E11 a rifle to carbine in whatever system I've used.
  10. Here are some thoughts I posted to a FB group: I have to admit that I am worried about some aspects of the game with this release. I've found 3 Jedi lists to be particularly nasty to deal with and incredibly arc dodgy. I mean, 3 green dice and Force points if you are lucky to get someone in range has been pretty rough to face off against. There are some new things that make it a bit scary to me. The free Evade is pretty powerful to me. These better not be too cheap or it will be hard to kill these things. Add in that they can carry Torps and they just might be nasty glass cannons that are hard to kill. The Handmaidens seem the worst as they can make someone like Anakin near impossible to destroy first, which makes him really strong in the end game. There are other ships, too, that they buff, of course. I find the Jedi hard enough to kill and now they will be even worse. If you manage to actually out fly one, you still might not hit them. Since they get the Evade for free, it will be tough. Padme will also make it difficult to actually get hits on people, including herself. I mean, you can only mod one die, not matter who you shoot at. She will have an Evade and might have Handmaidens to back her up. I can see 2 Handmaidens, Padme, and a Jedi jousting and doing alright with all the toys. R2-A6 is going to be terrible on Anakin. He's already squirrelly enough in the hands of a good player, but you might get to out fly him and he STILL avoids you with changing speed and Jedi ship powers. Maybe I'm overreacting, but it just seems like a lot of OP stuff all in a faction that will make things tougher. I don't see the V-19 Torrents getting used after these guys come out. Republican turns into the arc dodgy Naboo and Jedi faction with occasional ARCs.
  11. Thanks! I've already started trying to convince the wife, so we'll see how things go!
  12. I'm pretty sure the uniforms are unique to the newer Battlefront games, debuting with the Rebel troopers on Sullust in the first (third) game.
  13. I doubt original Elder Sign would feel any different for you.
  14. For the record I am a big fan of the Legacy Era and I thought Deliah Blue was a fun character. So that's why Zeltrons appear on my list. And if you wanted to see a Zeltron not defined by their species, check out Demagol from the Legends KOTOR comic
  15. Keep in mind your squads or SSD can't heal on the station in CO. I'm not sure it's the best, although I have to admit you'd probably get a lot of points out of it. If I was playing an SSD list, I'd want to heal on the station. I'd prefer Capture the VIP or Planetary Ion Cannon. Solar Corona is probably best, just for the outdeployment. I wouldn't pick SP; an opponent with rogue squadrons would love it. Dangerous Territory may be good too; eliminates the danger of getting a faceup from an asteroid.
  16. My ever shrinking wish list (in no particular order. Despite being numbered). 1. Arkanian (Offshoot) 2. Miraluka 3. Jawa 4. Neti 5. Besalisk 6. Kaleesh 7. Zeltron 8. Togorian 9. Verpine 10. Echani 11. Whipid 12. Feeorin 13. Lurmen 14. Ugnaught 15. Gungan Secret Item: Sith Pureblood
  17. I guess you must have bought an beta version back in the days
  18. Indeed. Handmaidens are indeed powerful bodyguards, but there are limits to their capabilities. Shutting down Full Throttle makes the N-1 as a whole a very vulnerable ship.
  19. I dunno about better commanders, at this point (at least not better characters). What Rebels do have is efficient close range damage and mobility, which is why terrain is so important to them.
  20. 4* *This ability works better if the pilot can re-position after these other pilots who also happen to have 1, 2, 3 or 4 printed in orange on their card have moved.
  21. Except there's no evade on the N-1's action bar so the Handmaidens need to go full throttle or have Plo play pass the purple evade.
  22. Hmmmm ... I look at mine and it is all gray ... 😋
  23. Indeed. It is just another input as the card translators may have communicated with the game developers to clear up some ambiguities.
  24. It's a very good habit to announce each and every phase of each and every turn. Don't want to start flipping your dials and then find out your opponent wanted to drop a device in the system phase. If you finish a final attack and you or your opponent say "dials" or "planning phase" before time is called, you finish that new turn. Even if you say "plan-" or "p-" the previous turn is over and a new turn begins. Unless the game is super tight, it would be courteous to the rest of the event if you play that last round speedily so the next round can start on time.
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