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  2. Thanks you Norsehound for your help. Final cost for now will be 63 (same difference as between Support and Escort) making it higher then Pelta and same cost as Torpedo MC30. Maybe the price difference will cut at the end to choose Escort if you need those few points to finish your fleet. Final design for now until play tested (feel free to try it and comment!): http://v1.kdyards.com/ships.view.php?id=9639 Thanks you all. (Think I revived that thread, which I find beautiful and full of good peoples working to make that game so great.)
  3. Build allies with rocks around range 1 wide. Point arc down said alley. Bullseye likely achieved as opponent enters it.
  4. Not sure which edition is the current one, but the last one I got was 4th Edition by AEG. Now I see that FFG has it. Is this the current edition? How different is the FFG edition compared to 4th Edition? I remember playing L5R back when it was 1st Edition way back in the late 90's...good times Doug
  5. I would love to make Sunday 5/26 but I won’t be free until 5:30-6:00pm.
  6. Getting bullseye Not saying it's easy to do, but it happens 3 or 4 times a game even when neither player is trying to get it
  7. CP9-J: Agreed, those that have been paying attention should know where not to tread.
  8. CP9-J: D1 is a Wookie colony, or at least it was until you illegally siezed it from us. We chose not to make a big deal out of it at the time, as giant bugs started popping out of hyperspace and slamming into everyone and everything. [Frustrated Wookie yelling] CP9-J: Do not mistake our delay in retaking what is ours for acceptance of current conditions. The larger threat still needs to be dealt with, but we will be back sooner rather than later.
  9. I do have 2 points to add tactical officer. I won’t have a bid but I feel this list probably doesn’t need one.
  10. There is a lion card that relies on lower bid, and I found I got one turn surprise low bid and then honour dials just matched. I like the idea of composure but expect it will take awhile before its useful.
  11. What are the rules for having a painted army at the NA championship at Gen Con? Dose my army have to be 100% painted so I can play?
  12. It is my fondest wish to one day play a jetpack-using character who gets to deliver the line "I am a jet trooper, like my father before me."
  13. We haven't even started negotiating a new trade deal yet...
  14. Hmm. Y1 is acceptable. Thank you. We claim Y1-3 along with B3, C2 and D1
  15. That is a fresh take. Lol Seriously though, love the idea.
  16. Emptying your wallet at your FLGS when a new wave drops
  17. Yeah that really is. I will do this for the parts of the setting that are different. My goal in this thread was to explore ways to be more mainstream in my approach without completely selling my soul, a good workable medium. I thought maybe others might have had the same issue or just thoughts on it. For my personal home group I won't be making any changes, but I want to try to be more accommodating when running in like local game store or with players I don't know. I am not a Con guy so I have not been in that situation, but I Imagine some of the same GM skills and attitudes will probably apply.
  18. I am sending you a data file for the Jedi Career that I have so far. Including the first 2 rows of the master and general Jedi Career.
  19. Don't even swap out the names. "Where'd you learn to scrap clankers like that?" "I learned all I know about fighting from my father, CT-4412." It's an instant background or plot hook.
  20. Or trained by an instructor from the temple. Case in point Yoda training Luke.
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