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  2. I prefer epoxy. It dries fairly quickly, dries clear, fills gaps, doesn't hurt the paint, and can be peeled off if needed. I have used Loctite brand, Gorilla Glue brand, and a random brand I found at Harbor Freight.
  3. Two units in base contact are in a melee. I was wrong about the cohesion bit, but in this case I would say in base contact with the AT-RT is good enough. Minis don't get auto-defeated.
  4. I think this rule only applies between 2 trooper units. Ground Vehicles are not forcing troopers into melee (although they can melee attack).
  5. Finally got my copy. And, yeah, I have to agree with you. Combine those graphics with constant reminders in the copy about so-and-so's modified starship/vehicle? I think a gear/starship compendium has to be on the horizon with stats for all of those personalized vessels.
  6. Actually, I would like to sincerely thank the OP. My surprise at seeing such gibberish in an IA post has only reminded me of the extremely high quality of the community here. ; )
  7. These are beginner lists I have made. They are mostly thematically fun, and I try to incorporate abilities that are not head scratchers, while also working on skills like blocking (most lists has a low ps ship). I also take into account only buying 2nd Edition releases, staying away from conversion kits (when I can), and also buying minimal amount of ships to be kind to the wallet. All lists assume you have at least the core set. Rebels Luke Skywalker (62) Hull Upgrade (5) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Wedge Antilles (52) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Escort (41) Servomotor S-Foils (0) Gray Squadron Bomber (31) Ion Cannon Turret (4) Proton Bombs (5) Total: 200 Two fun themed aces, a turret ywing, and some bomb fun. Simple upgrades, easy to fly, and thematic as ****. Ace abilities are easy to trigger and dont require actions or special range requirements. BUY: Xwing, Ywing, and the third Xwing can easily be subbed for a Bwing or another Ywing, or anything really for around 41pts, as its there just to provide beef. Empire Darth Vader (65) Fire-Control System (2) “Howlrunner” (40) Iden Versio (40) Gideon Hask (30) Academy Pilot (23) Total: 200 I like force users for new players to help not crush them when they bump or fly onto rocks. So I present Vader, greatest of all force users. Easy ability as he just spends force to do more and more actions. You also get a little miniswarm to prepare you for the 6 and 7 ship swarms. The academy is here to practice the blocking skills. BUY: two ties, and tie advance. Scum Old Teroch (56) Fearless (3) Boba Fett (86) Perceptive Copilot (8) Zealous Recruit (44) Total: 197 Everyones favorite bounty hunter Boba Fett. Pretty easy ability to trigger. He can be built to have a billion upgrades, but Im keeping it simple here. Take a focus action, get two. Other than that, he is just big mean Boba Fett. He is accompanied by two fangs. One is a low initiative fang to practice blocking, while the other is a scary mofo ace named Old Teroch. All three at range 1 of an enemy is a dead enemy. BUY: Firespray and Two fangs and you are set! Resistance Poe Dameron (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Black One (2) Nien Nunb (55) Heroic (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) L’ulo L’ampar (38) Heroic (1) Blue Squadron Recruit (32) Total: 200 The main man, Poe! His double actions are great for new players wanting to learn ace flying, since he is also beefy with 6hp, one mistake doesnt mean D.E.A.D. He also comes with a get out of jail free card called Black One. His wingmates are Nein Numb, and simple ability to use and effective for newbs to stay stress free. Also, two of the new resistance Awings. If you are gonna fly resistance, you need to master these dudes, plus they are the most fun ship to fly. You get Ace Lulo and also a ps1 awing to practice your blocking skills. BUY: Two T70s, Two Awings. First Order Kylo Ren (76) Hate (3) “Quickdraw” (45) Predator (2) Pattern Analyzer (5) Special Forces Gunner (10) Epsilon Squadron Cadet (28) Epsilon Squadron Cadet (28) Total: 197 Its everyones favorite, Kylo! Again, force user! I paired him with Quickdraw. QD can be tricky to fly, but the SF is one of my favorite ships and is really fun. To go along with the aces are two ps1 blockers. They take up space and plink damage. Keep them out in front of Quickdraw to make the enemy come through them to get to QD while Kylo flanks. The list has force, aces, jousters, and blockers. Everything a newb needs to practice. BUY: Silencer, Tie S/F, Epsilon, Epsilon. First Order Conversion Kit Republic Obi-Wan Kenobi (53) Delta-7B (17) Anakin Skywalker (60) Delta-7B (18) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Gold Squadron Trooper (25) Total: 198 It's Obi and Anakin together! Master and Apprentice! Easy abilities to use and thematic. Pair them with two clone troopers (or 1 Arc like Wolffe depending on what you bought). This list is very economical. BUY: Guardians of Republic Pack, 1 Delta. CIS I dont recommend this faction to new players as its full of weird tricks and networking and Dooku alone can have 6 or 7 triggers per round to remember. Also, flying 5-8 droids can be brutal on the wallet. But, if you must, I made a simple list that only requires the Separatist Pack and 1 Sith Infiltrator. Very economical to try the faction out: Darth Maul (65) Hate (3) Proton Torpedoes (12) Kraken (10) Wat Tambor (43) Trick Shot (2) Impervium Plating (6) Soulless One (10) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Total: 199 Everyones favorite Sith, Darth Maul. His ability is simple and straight forward to use, compared to Dooku. Normally, you want him paired with Palpatine, but thats more triggers to remember and Palps is NPE to newbs you are playing against, so I went for good old Proton Torps instead. Simple to use and packs a punch, especially with double shot Maul. Ive paired Maul with two droids. They are simple and can block and be pests and the Energy Shells give them a little bite. Mauls main wingmate though is Wat Tambor who gets rerolls pretty easily thanks to Kraken on Maul and brings some beef also thanks to Souless One and Impervium Plating, making him essentially a 9 hit-point monster. BUY: Separatist Pack, Sith Infiltrator
  8. Technically, by basing the unit leader, in base contact with the AT-RT is a legal placement. Infact, all minis of the unit would need to be placed in base contact with the AT-RT, it has started a melee with the trooper unit. They don't have to maintain cohesion for this placement. Only if they cannot be placed in base contact are they placed in cohesion. Also, AT-RTs cannot overlap each other on movement, so good luck getting 3 of them to perfectly surround an individual trooper unit leader.
  9. yes, he can. jake gives him the focus action specifically. it comes from his pilot ability, doesn't need to come from anywhere else. just like cad bane can let any ship boost after dropping a device, or any ship equipped with debris gambit can perform an evade action.
  10. I'd assume the most common mistakes are that a) people commit them too early and b) that they get exposed to too much focusfire. Danger Sense is nice, but it does not mean they should be focused by more than one enemy unit at a time. If they start behind a line of sight blocker at a different angle and range 3 to the enemy army than your main force, they can usually pull their weight. Instead of aiming, they should move-shoot-shoot-move in order to minimize the fire they take. If Boba and Luke are in the enemy army, I would maybe instead keep them near my main force instead and play them as Fleet Troopers without pierce but range 3. Chewie is a good buddy for them as well. It can of course pay off to expose them early in recover the supplies, but that is usually a high risk high reward move that can backfire. It often puts them in exact the kind of place where they go down just as fast as any other cheaper unit.
  11. I will be hosting an Armada Event at Inconceivable Toys and Games on the 5th of May. The event will be standard 400 points. No entry fee just come in and play. The event starts at noon with the doors opening at 11 am for set up. Please post here or message me for details.
  12. Hiemfire

    Inert Fat Han

    ID/Kanan works because of how the ability que functions (ID has to fully process before Kanan can start). The "ruling" was merely clarification.
  13. What's the best type of glue to use for gluing metal to plastic? Not just brand, but chemical type.
  14. It's crazy that I am just realizing that this has never come up before.
  15. I expect it will not be cross faction. At most, they will have Armada allow GAR/Imps and CIS/Rebel to be played together until enough CW content is out. If if they make Venator cross faction, GAR will be almost 100% repeats of Imps and that’s boring as all ****.
  16. Is AP-5 allowed to perfirm a focus action if Jake performs a boost or barrel roll at range 1? I think he can, but our local TO rules that because he doesn't have a focus action on his action bar, he cannot. My view is that it states perform a focus action and therefore is irrevevant to the action bar... Thanks!
  17. I suspect, regarding what to do with squadron cohesion and bumping, that the squadron flight tool will only be used at a certain range (when enemy ships are beyond range 5, for instance). Otherwise there's no good way to do bumping. You could say, "Well, move the flight leader, then align the tool and place the other ships" ... but what if that makes them bump? I can't really think of a clean solution, other than using it to close distance, then switching to "normal" movement. It will still save significant time.
  18. Biophysical

    Inert Fat Han

    At that point you've got to do SNR, I think. Everything else is flavor to taste.
  19. Not sure I agree that it would make it more relevant. If you kept the modifier, it almost becomes "Fail your next skill test, then shuffle it in". As it is, it's sort of a constant risk but not that guaranteed to go off. IMHO this makes it more interesting, as you have to constantly be aware of the potential and account for it for a much longer period of time. Higher probability of failure would mean you just take a few low-importance tests to get it to go away.
  20. Frozen in Fear: FAQ (underlining mine): Fast abilities are still abilities, so they still "count as an action of that type".
  21. Milan needed to change because he defined Seekers as a money faction, and did it all by himself. Resources were never an issue if you had him, but a serious limitation if you didn't. Every Seeker I ever played was night and day for a scenario depending on whether I had Milan in my opening hand. Once you had him out he's almost a free Emergency Cache every turn. It was just too much. 8 XP for the permanent boosters (or 5 for Scrapper) doesn't seem out of line for what you get. Yes, it makes them expensive, but they're incredibly efficient boosters that cost nothing to play, don't take up deck space, and aren't dependent on a draw. They completely invalidate every other pay-for stat boost in the game. And that's even before you get to the three that got hit covering even better stats than the ones you have to draw (with the possible exception of Streetwise not giving a Fight boost). Key of Ys... meh. I would rather have seen it get an errata that made it harder to keep around by requiring all horror to be placed on it first, but making it Exceptional will make it a lot less reliable to build an entire deck around. Rex is an obvious change as well. A lot of the other changes seem to target specific combos like the Rita infinite action loop, or are just sort of general. I'm sad seeing Elusive get hit, but it's honestly an incredible card for 0XP - free disengage and a near-unlimited move is always incredible even before you consider the potential it has to trivialize any number of scenarios. Sleight fixes bouncing Flamethrowers and can still do Lupara, so that makes me happy. Machete is obvious, and the Switchblade seems (as mentioned above) to be more of a general tweak to make ammo-based weapons a little more worth it. I'm a little nervous about that though, as Guardians no longer have a real damage-boosting melee weapon at L0. It's going to change how they have to approach the early game pretty dramatically (which is probably a good argument that the change needed to happen).
  22. It never ceases to amaze me what people can do when they actually try instead of speeding through like I do.
  23. In my experience they aren't that bad but you need to play them cheap. The heavy weapons are pretty lackluster, so when I run Pathfinders, I run them like this: -Rifle upgrade, Duck and Cover, Recon Intel Personally, I feel the Rifle upgrade is a toss-up, but it gives them Range 4 as well as a really solid Range 1-2 that doesn't need aim tokens. IMO, Pathfinders work best as cheap skirmishers that get in your enemies way early, which allows the rest of your troops to get into position. I also tend to only play them with Jyn, and will tend to play her 3 Pip on turn 1 to get Suppression on her and the Pathfinder unit so that they are rolling 2 dice (because of Duck and Cover) right from the outset, which makes them very beefy. They can die to a bad random shot, but to the most part, if you place them well, you may have just won that part of the board before the game started. Further, I never aim with Pathfinders. I either dodge or move, if I have the action available. Rerolling white dice isn't amazing, and the Red dice don't need it, so I would rather dodge to annoy my opponent even more. Naked Pathfinders are 68 points, but I feel Duck and Cover is auto-include, which makes them 76 points, 84 if you deck them out as I listed above. Either way, they are cheaper than a Commando squad and way more resilient, but have a niche. One of my favorite Rebel lists right now is Jyn and Luke with 1 Pathfinder. The big weakness of Pathfinders and Jyn is melee, they get absolutely wrecked in melee, which is where Luke comes into play. Purely competitively, they may not be the best choice, but I frankly think that has more to do with the fact that they are taking up a spot that is reserved for Snipers more than anything else. Overall I think they are really solid, cheap skirmishers. Don't worry too much about the damage they deal, that is not their value. Their value is forcing the enemy to have a slower advance in one part of the board, and to lock down an objective. They are very good at this role.
  24. That's a bummer, but I'm still glad there are other people in the area. I'll message you.
  25. Oh sure give him the opportunity to get double attacks with Luke. That will help(!) Either change the ID/Kanan ruling to make it not work, or remove the slot entirely.
  26. Kehl_Aecea

    Inert Fat Han

    I dunno, a combo of Veteran Turret Gunner and Hotshot Gunner could be a bit powerful at I6... or Hotshot and Ezra or even Luke and Hotshot
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