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  2. Why do i feel like i saw the ewok card before the announcement of the set?
  3. I would like to see them do what the did for the Star Wars LCG where the card packs had a specific set of cards and then they could make each one faction specific and for the time being focus on Rebels, Imperials and Scum. For Rebels they could do packs like Battle of Yavin: Rebellion, Phoenix Fleet, Battle of Scarif: Rebellion, and Battle of Endor: Rebellion, Each of these could give us more pilots and upgrades from each of these major engagements. For Imperials they could name packs Battle of Yavin: Imperial, Battle of Scarif: Imperial, Battle of Endor: Imperial, 7th Fleet Aces, Inquisitorious, Executor Aces, expanding pilots from all over the Imperial Fleet. For Scum they could Focus on certain Syndicates and Pirate groups like the Black Suns, Pike Syndicate, and Hutt Cartels. All these could have a certain number of cards and cardboard for maybe like 10 bucks since it doesn't include a model and would make it easier to spread out all the different major upgrades out to all the factions.
  4. ANy updates? and also, which draft set do you guys like more? rivals seem better to me
  5. I agree with everything that you stated except the last part. People should be allowed to play the game however they feel. If they want to run the best optimal let them. It's not their fault that the designers created an imbalance. SO trying to put someone down, because they are running the most competitive option is just WRONG. I've been playing 40K, Fantasy, and now this for about 10 years now. There will always be something that is optimal. It is the nature of the game. People will exploit it. This doesn't make them "less tactical/intelligent" than people who don't run the optimal units.
  6. I already am. (Wide World of Wargaming! Podbean!)
  7. They have announced things out of order before. I would echo the sentiment above though and add that i believe it when they announce the preview article a week before.
  8. Hiemfire

    Inert Fat Han

    It's phrased fine. The discussion is over a Rebel Han pilot build that has nearly all the slots filled (Fat) which has Inertial Dampeners (Inert) + Kanan as its core in extended.
  9. On my last one I found the clear stand to have its own issues. You can still see it, and by gluing it to the base before painting I had this red tee shape visible through the clear plastic. I like painting toy soldiers, not model planes, is what I guess it boils down to.
  10. I ran a weekly EotE game (2-4 hours a session usually) for about 18 months, handing out about 20 XP a month. All my players were happy with the progression and we finished up because the story was complete. After a break to play a different game, the same group is back playing EotE with one of the previous players now GMing. The XP pace is a little faster than when I was GM however after the first two months, the players (me included) feel like our characters are pretty fleshed out to where we want them to be. Any XP going forward is just gravy.
  11. WotC and Paizo are big enough companies that they can afford to be chooser, or even be able to print their products on this side of the ocean instead of using an overseas company. Even generally successful smaller-size companies such as Evil Hat Games and Green Ronin operate on very slim profit margins. FFG is a larger company, but the RPG department is a very small branch in comparison to their far more lucrative board game and card game divisions. With FFG losing a portion of their potential profits to cover the various licensing fees, they probably don't have as many higher-end options to choose from in terms of printing companies. Though FFG was (as I understand it) able to have the Genesys books printed here in the states, but what helps there is they own the IP, and thus don't have to pay out a portion of their profits. Lucasfilm has shown that if they don't get their money, the license gets yanked, as West End Games found out after sinking too much of their finances into a failing shoe company and not paying the piper their due.
  12. Yesterday
  13. So somehow this fits and gonna try it tomorrow: Luminara + Delta Mace + Delta + Heightened Perception 3 x Goldies 200 exactly.... It offers some flexibility in firing arcs, blockers, hitters, and damage mitigation. I'm very interested in how much damage Luminara can keep off the troopers to keep them alive another turn or two.
  14. I have a planetary bombardment and would like the ancient lightsaber but I live in the Philippines
  15. Gotta say that since being updated to Rise Of The Separatists being "on the boat" 7 1/2 months ago (6th Sept 2018) FFG have announced Allies & Adversaries book in December being in Development, then at the printers, on the boat and now in the shops ! So they can develop, print & ship a book faster than they can reprint ? .... and we're still waiting on an update of what happened to the ROTS being on a boat or on fire lost in the china sea in a sinking boat impounded by the communists who warped the book cover out of spite .... or whatever. Piss poor way to run a Games Supplier Company, especially when they go to the trouble of having an update site to show what's supposedly happening with release dates ... then do nothing about it for half a year. Guess this Star Wars RPG isn't worth their effort anymore. I know they're not great money spinners but still, You kinda expect some sort of update when you pre-order from them. Being treated like a mushroom has to be Bad for customer loyalty and therefore Bad for Business
  16. Hi experts, Regarding the refugees the quest Dead or Drowning reads: ... "Place 8 villager tokens as inclicated. These are refugees." ... "Refugees block movement and line of sight. Heroes treat refugees as friendly figures, and at the end of each overlord turn, the heroes may move each refugee up to 3 spaces. However, a refugee on a tile with I or more monsters cannot move." ... "Each time a figure enters a space containing a shortcut char is faceup, the figure gains 6 movement points and char shortcut is flipped faced own. At the scare of each overlord turn, flip each shortcut faceup. " The question is: can the refugees use the shortcuts? Or they are not considered figures to all effects and only for the heroes and monsters movement? The same would apply to infected refugees. Thanks in advance
  17. that okay you still are using some of that free time, Gods what is that, to keep at it
  18. Here’s the relevant rules from Standby (pg55): and bullet points that relate as well--- So, to work through what you have: 1) Krennic plays "Deploy the Garrison”, issuing an order to Vader 2) At the start of the Activation Phase, Vader preforms free Standby Action (per Command card) If... 3) Vader activates. If he moves or attacks or force chokes, he looses the standby token (per rules). Thus, he would not gain any other bonus attack. However... 3) Vader waits until an enemy unit moves or preforms an attack within range 1-2 of him and is in LOS. Then, Vader may spend the Standby Token. He may then move and use relentless, or he may attack (saber throw or melee). 4) Later in Round, Vader activates. He may then go through his normal 2 actions. Including an attack action, since the previous attack came out of activation. Krennic’s card is the only way that someone can (currently) gain a standby outside of their own activation. Opens up a lot of interesting possibilities-- including being able to trigger extra attacks. Note, that receiving a Suppression token will remove the Standby token-- which has been one of the banes of its usefulness. However, with Vader, he cannot receive Suppression-- so this does become powerful. You may only get a Saber throw (3 dice) attack out of the standby, but it’s better than nothing. (Unless you end a turn in melee with someone, then issue Deploy the Garrison on the following turn... Hope this gives more clarity...
  19. Of course it is pointless (pun intended) but theory crafting always is XD
  20. But then game colors should have a history with the franchises they are based on. Anything light that isn't white wouldn't make sense for a star wars game. only Background colors available that would make sense would be white, black, or gray. Unless if they make the backgrounds landscapes of planets like tatoine, hoth, endor, naboo, yavin, mandalore, dathomir, etc.
  21. JJ48

    Inert Fat Han

    Exactly. I had considered the first phrase, but then I realized that if you're facing a ship with a turret arc, you're already at least considering what may happen if the turret rotated, so he's not actually granting you anything. Add to that the fact that he removes from his player any need to ever perform the Rotate action, and yeah, "he limits options" sounds just about right.
  22. The venator is bigger than both the assault frigate and victory so they would fill a role between those ships and larger ships like ISDs
  23. You can also use FCT for the equivalent of speed 6 B-Wings, though timing might be hard. And a reason might be hard to find as well.
  24. Re: the title of this thread. Seriously, are we not doing phrasing anymore?
  25. It is pathetic that after all this time FFG cannot be bothered to let us know when they expect the mat to be out. Even if the estimate is in the third or fourth quarter (or next rear) it would at least be some information.
  26. kris40k

    Inert Fat Han

    That's what you chose to takeaway from a discussion about how he changes the dynamic of how to engage him with ships that would normally be used to arc-dodge? Not, "he encourages you to think outside the box," just "he limits options."
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