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  2. 6 plus Jag or a Jedi. E Z
  3. although the physics are correct the reality check is not -- fuel cost/efficiency is a major prohibitive factor. why would someone spend Mega-Credits on a 5 day trip, if the same trip could be done in 40 days (x8 the time) but at 1/1000 the cost -- especially if the ships mass had to be a payload/fuel ratio of 1:3. a realistic travel calculator http://nathangeffen.webfactional.com/spacetravel/spacetravel.php with ship mass/payload/fuel output eg "The Expanse" (which i consider a good hard science setting example) simply cheats some this with its "Epstein Drive" which is simply a 100 times more efficient Ion-Drive and yet has not the travel times above. https://expanse.fandom.com/wiki/Travel_Time gives theoretical 1g Earth-Saturn transits at "5.89 days" but actual as "several weeks" tho. "The Mormons Diaspora" to Proxima was considered a 100 years trip. At 1g speed it would have had a payload to fuel ratio of 1:5000 ! i also like to introduce you to the fact that space is not empty: Star Trek cheats this with its Warp Drive and Main Deflector Shields. happy traveling
  4. Bounty hunters are just mercenaries. They are soldiers hired to do jobs that require combat
  5. I haven't really seen two ship, small base lists do well at all. Every once in a while you'll see one make the cut, but its rare. Kylo plus 2 Ups is the best FO right now. It gives you to extremes as far as list archetypes go. The Ups are an extreme support ship as they are pretty darn tanky with 12 hitpoints plus reinforce and they can also make things explode with 4 primary attack. Kylo is on the extreme side of aces since he's 6 hitpoints behind 3 agility plus 2 force. You can make mistakes with Kylo and still pull a victory out.
  6. I've found Homing Missiles to be pretty useful on A-wings.
  7. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of 6 V-19s, must be in want of a good list.
  8. Yes, all of the Yoda's from SWM are excellent. Yoda Yoda, Jedi Master Yoda of Dagobah Yoda on Kybuck Yoda, Force Spirit Honestly, I think that SWM are the best source for new figures that fit the IA scale. I'd encourage anyone looking for new IA figures to consider finding some SWM on Ebay.
  9. What a bunch of first world problems! This is what real repetition looks like. Someday I'll take extensive pics of my WEG armies for @Tubb I have 30 snowtroopers (1 pose) 10 vehicle crewmen (2 poses, a TIE pilot repaint and a squad commander in the form of Veers), Vader on a snowy base just for fun, an AT-PT, 1 blaster cannon, and 2 probots (1 pose) for my imperial army. I'd have killed for a WEG snowtrooper squad commander or special weapon guy... instead I've got one trooper in each squad with black pauldrons for commanders, and I have 1 or 2 models in each snowtrooper squad where I've marked their bases in some way in case I need a specialist. My snow rebels aren't in a much better state. At least with them I got to use repainted Han Solo in Hoth gear models as a squad commander. And I've got a few civilian droids on snowy bases for objective counters. Comparatively, taking identical squads of 5 different poses plus 2 different specialists each is paradise.
  10. Sprues are probably tad bit cheaper for providing a greater variety of poses since there is no need to pay people to trim bits off of the "waste" plastic. Also, some people are assuming that on sprues will mean "fully interchangeable arms" which is not guaranteed.
  11. Rules Question: Does the Attack Shuttle or Sheathipede need to have the Phantom title to start docked or to dock? Ghost (Title) says: "You can dock 1 [...] shuttle." Phantom (Title) says: "You can dock at Range 0-1." Note the different language for the Hound's Tooth ("1 Z-95 [...] can dock with you") and Lando's MF ("1 Escape Craft may dock with you"). In the case of both Lando's MF and Hound's Tooth, the language gives both power to dock and power to be docked with. The Ghost, by contrast, only gives the power to be docked with. The power to dock seems to only reside in the Phantom title. Why does that matter? Because the RR says: An Attack Shuttle or Sheathipede (without the Phantom title) does not seem to be a ship "capable of docking." Everyone assumes that any Attack Shuttle or Sheathipede can dock to the Ghost, but the Ghost doesn't actually say that. But maybe it means to say that? Why is the language different? Is it just FFG not being consistent? Very possibly. So, normally in cases where I'm not sure of a rule, I look to intent, but in this case that doesn't help. Maybe FFG intends Ghost and Phantom to only work together? Maybe FFG doesn't intend that? I can't tell, and there are decent arguments both ways. So, to repeat: Does the Attack Shuttle or Sheathipede need to have the Phantom title to start docked or to dock?
  12. Stop trying to put missiles on Torrents. There are best used as 25 point naked efficient fillers. Plus all the missiles stink besides barrage rockets or energy shell charges. Sinker plus 1 generic Arc with 4 torrents is a super solid list. No need for missiles or consoles. Just beef and lots of dice to throw.
  13. Clone names can be tied to other elements also. Numbers play a big part. RC-1207 is called Sev. Sev is short for Seven, the last number of his id. Fives or CT-5555 is a pretty obvious one. Niner, Forr, Forry are some more examples of this type of naming scheme. CT-4321 might be called Countdown. I can only imagine what CT-6969 was called. Non-pop culture can be a reference also...and it doesn't need to make sense, just sound cool. A clone medic could be called Hawkeye or Trapper for instance (referring to MASH characters). CT-5309 could be called Jenny Animal names are common. Wolf, Fox, Hawk, Bear. They could be named after animals they like, or maybe a design on their armor/weapon/ship looked like that animal, or maybe they have some defining characteristic. Bear could be an exceptionally strong or large clone. Fox might be a very cunning one. Hawk might have really good agility. Owl might have high wisdom. Wolf might be more a maverick that goes solo a lot. Events can be name related too. The planet, system, or city where the clone was distinguished in battle. A clone that is the lone survivor of several major battles might be named Survivor, or Lucky. I could see Jedi just naming clones for easy reference also. Naming them after fallen Jedi, or old friends, or people they remind them of...so very basic stuff like Jason even works.
  14. Can someone explain to a noob why you would need sprues to have alternate poses? Couldn't they have just included multiple pieces in the baggy?
  15. Sources? Hitler instigated WWII which plunged all of Europe into chaos. He rose to power through manipulating the German people's situation following WWI, which left the country in a state of extreme economic depression and militarily crippled. He called for the enslavement and eventual extermination of Jews, Pols, Cheks, and anyone else he deemed "undesirable", or "impure". Lincoln never tried to declare himself absolute ruler of the US. Both Hitler and Palpatine did declare themselves absolute ruler of their governments. They completely dismantled their legislatures, usurped absolute power, and created a massive war machine all for the purpose of conquest and domination. Lincoln simply wanted to keep the Union whole.
  16. Sure. It makes me wonder if Death Touch was written with Taoist Blade in mind.
  17. Raithe stares down at the Mandalorian. "Listen to him. This is your last chance, assassin."
  18. Homing missiles are probably better. They are terrifying when massed with locks.
  19. It is absolutely covered in the current deck building rules -- A deck includes exactly 30 cards. The deck cannot include more than 2 copies of the same card. -- A deck can contain events, upgrades, downgrades, and supports. Characters, plots, and battlefields are not included in a deck and do not count toward its 30-card limit Since characters are NOT part of your 30 card then the restriction of "deck cannot include more than 2 copies of the same card" does NOT apply when a character / card share the same name -- so you CAN include 2 copies of support R2-D2 when your team includes character R2-D2. The unique rule tells us that "A player cannot have more than one copy of a unique card in play at the same time" -- since characters are "in play" until they are defeated you could not play R2-D2 support while you have an undefeated R2-D2 character in play.
  20. The entire FAQ is technically optional for the competitive games. You only go to it if you are having a problem that you feel needs to be fixed. I doubt I'll ever use the limited or mutated list, but I already self limit myself. I've only ever put Key of Ys in a deck once. It felt powerful, but also uninteresting so I moved onto exercising other cards. Same with Machete. Unless I'm playing a Zoey "Blade" deck I don't slot it anymore because it's a bit uninteresting. I like that Taboos exist to give a play group who feels like they need to handicap themselves somewhere to go. Also people who need FFG to police their player pool because they love mini-maxing inside a system now have those ground rules.
  21. I would bet that anyone serious enough to play with the Taboos could tell you the resource AND XP cost of any card you name, off the top of their head.
  22. Well, there is the corner case for the Togashi, with Rank 6 Mastery ability, that would allow them to combo it with something like Earthen Fist, or Way of the Edgeless Sword, but in general, yes.
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