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    Anti Rebel Agenda

    🤨 1: The sub variant of Rebel Beef that got hit was the Braylen/Wedge/Cassian/Ten. Rebel Beef is still alive in other forms, even with Leia at 6 points, it just isn't the easy mods that Cassian + Braylen & Ten enabled. Wedge went up because he is potent, as he should be, and "Beef" wasn't the only archetype he was a component of (Alpha Strike still existed, mostly in Swarm Tactics chaining + Dutch. It still will exist but not as powerful as previous iterations). 2: Sigmas are 48 a pop now. That combined with Juke now being 7 has effectively reduced that list to a shadow of its former self. They're going to have to work for their offensive mods now instead of getting them for "free". They finally hit the generic Phantoms directly (Imdaars also went up) and you think they did nothing to them?? 3: Fat Han would have been happy to take Inertial Dampeners even at the I6 price it will have, more points to fortress. Also the R2D2 crew + ID + Kanan combo worked on all of the Rebel YT-1300s. It was just riskier without Han's Pilot ability, but it still worked. The Illicit slot had to go. 4: Inertial Dampeners and Seasoned Navigator both now are costed to their power based on the Init of the pilot they are being equipped to. Being able to decide your maneuver after your opponent has moved most to all of their list is extremely powerful. Think perfect information choice in actions and apply that to a ship's dial... It is a good change. 5: Boba went down by 1 (I take it you forget the pre-first points adjust token stack he was running around with, this increase staves it off a bit longer) and all of the Torrents (Barrel Roll > red Evade which Debris Gambit would turn white. They're tanky as is, removing the stress cost from their linked evade would make them tankier and open up their dial allot) dropped in cost too. Debris Gambit went up to offset.
  3. V smiled. Oh, just to hang around. I heard that this place was fun, and fun is something I’m looking for~ V winked at the female, running a hand through her hair seductively.
  4. From how I’ve read it in the core rulebk etc, I feel advantages, triumphs etc all have 2 effects. One is a narrative effect and one is a gameplay effect. So @Edgehawk, you can both learn something and pass on a boost. @Edgehawk, you remember that there are not only pirates living on this planet, and there are jawas here. @Rabobankrider, @Tramp Graphics, you two both fail to notice anything in your direct surroundings. However @Rabobankrider, as you look around, you might have heard the sounds of animals grazing nearby.
  5. You've shown every sign of not having understood what I wrote. Also, your pathetic condescension - about SW, of all things! - is hilarious in many ways.
  6. I think all of this ballyhoo over "correct pricing" is beginning to hurt the ethos of the game in a way that is just as bad as broken cards. Maybe worse, because you'll just sit there and not play without "correct points," expecting them to get better "next pass." So you won't even think about giving a YT-2400 a spin because you think the price is wrong? Maybe try some good upgrades and see if that helps. . .
  7. I know but I needed it to come down one more point for the list I want to run. ☹️
  8. Firesprays need a reduction, especially Boba. His price went up way too much as part of the nerfs to the Marauder and Han Gunner. The Moldy Crow title was likely pushed way too high and didn't get touched in this pass. It's good, but it's not 18 points good.
  9. For the AT-AP, do they really intend for the forward-mounted heavy mass driver to use personal scale? That seems weird for a weapon with Damage 8 and Breach 4. It's also the "main gun" on this Sil 3 vehicle which mounts a secondary medium laser cannon and a tertiary heavy repeating blaster. Surely this is a mistake.
  10. You are my hero. I hope i have your strength to fly 3x Brobots: B + C + D w/ 2x Autoblasters, 3x Jamming Beams, and title It won't be meta. It'll be fun. I just have to borrow a 3rd IG2000 until it goes on sale.
  11. I don’t object that they tried to reign in Rebel beef, but I wish they hadn’t hit is so hard. Rebel beef is the archetype for Rebels. It would be comparable to raising the cost of TIE salad or Howlswarm by 20 points, and Imperials at least have Imperial Aces to fall back on. I’m afraid that Rebels will go back to loser/n00b faction like it was in the first points. And being that terrible should only be reserved for FO! 😛
  12. ARC-170 lists "one dorsal and one ventral aft-mounted light laser cannon" which implies two separate weapons, yet if that is the case, they should not (both) have Linked 1. It likely should have been "two aft-mounted light laser cannons" with Linked 1 unless they intended that the gunner could fire one and the (PC) astromech could fire the other (and even then, these would be single-barrelled weapons that should not have Linked 1). Then the proton torpedoes are listed as two launchers without Linked 1 and only having Limited Ammo 3, which suggests these are two separate weapons (allowing constant firing by alternating between launchers d/t Slow-Firing). Either way, the way the weapons are listed could really stand to be cleaned-up.
  13. Now that System Opens are over, what is the next official Organized Play Extended event? GenCon?
  14. Connix is great (especially since the Nav price change) and will experiment with her on Rey. The rest of those upgrades are underwhelming solely based on cost.
  15. I ran/run it as well. There are some that recognize its value but I think that contingent is small, and mostly to people that have run it, I think -- that's all I was saying.
  16. I didn't get the adventure, cause I'm a player in my game. So... uh, dunno. I did also get a packet of really cool art cards!
  17. Anyone willing to post the specs to the jetpacks and any new rules for their use?
  18. The Schools are Bayushi Deathdealer Daidoji Spymaster Doji Bureaucrat Ikoma Shadow Mercenary Ninja Shiba Artist Shika Matchmaker (who are Shugenja! I did not see that coming) Shika Speardancer Togashi Chronicler Yasuki Yojimbo The Titles are Castellan Covert Agent Dreaded Enforcer Esteemed Negiotiator Kenshinzen Kyuden Asako Shieldbearer Master Artisan Winter Court Champion Seven Fold Palace Acolyte The Bonds also add a special action, like the School and Title Abilities (as well as just getting more cool as you invest more xp into them) Family (Strong Roots Grow Deep: Once per scene, you may call upon your bond to treat your composure as increased by your bond rank until the end of the scene) Comrade (Just like Old Times: When you perform a check in which your comrade has at least 1 rank, you may call upon the bond to negate bond rank Strife results.) Lover (With you, the Storm Subsides: At the end of a scene with a lover or reminders of them, you may call upon your bond to remove additional strife equal to your bond rank) Rival (I Will Surpass You!: When making a check, call upon this bond; gain Strife equal to the bond rank, then reroll up to that many dice.) Nemesis (They Were Responsible!: Call upon your bond to learn if you Nemesis was behind the current nonsense, which the GM should clearly confirm or deny as well as providing a clue or other element you can determine it. If they are, reduce the TN of your next check to deal with the nonsense by your bond rank) Bond Abilities can be used up to (Bond Rank) times per session. Importantly, they can be used even if the person you are bonded with isn't present- even if they are dead! The bond represents what you have learned from them and how the relationships has changed you as a person.
  19. I was looking for a Rhaegar thread as I wanted to be sure about what happens
  20. That is correct. By not using the word "choose," the effect puts the emphasis on the outcomes, requiring one of them to be successful (unless neither of them can be). Using the word "choose" would put the emphasis on the choice, only requiring you to pick something, then see if it can actually be accomplished.
  21. I think Sella, D'Acy and Connix are all priced quite well. Holdo seems fair at 9, PZ seems a little high, and Leia definitely seems like a overly pragmatic costing but we'll see if it's fair once she been on the board. She's certainly very powerful.
  22. There's a spoiler thread over on the AoR page.
  23. This is exactly what I was talking about. It is just weird. It feels like there was a whole plot line they planned on pursuing and just dropped. It is all Dark and Ominous Revelation. Oh never mind we will just use these convenient soldiers. Also I know people who have worked in government procurement. It is weird to have no one keeping tabs on things...It is a thread that could have been interesting to follow as a secondary plot in the cartoon.
  24. I disagree. I'm not playing with power gamers who only care about getting to level 20. Titles offer a chance to broaden ones abilities, even mid game, without the complexities and unevenness of dual classing in the traditional sense. To me everything about L5R so far has been about the characters and journey, not the finish line.
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