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  2. For the card I bought a 360 mini cards folio from ultra-pro. (Marketed for X_Wings). Displays character skills, role skills, items and trinkets for easy search. I bagged Damage, Fear Terrain/Boons, Basic skills and Weaknesses because I guess there's no need to search through those. I'm still considering sleeving the card. I'm not a sleever, but I guess at least the skills cards will get shuffled a lot.
  3. I'm taking a short break to concentrate on watching the recording of tonight's The Orville.... 😁
  4. Same here, it's what I am doing right now infact...at 3:51 am
  5. Yep. As I'm slowly making my way through and entering them all into the GM Tools of OggDude's, I'm giving the reprints a once-over to make sure they match.
  6. Picked up my copy on the way home from work this evening. I recall that, back when the final season of Rebels aired, some around here were curious about how Loth-wolves might be statted out. Wonder no more. There in here.
  7. Actually...there are very minor differences. Stat wise Vader is the exact same but his gear section is more comprehensive and gives him another ability to basically take a stimpack for free once per encounter or something. There are reprints in the book, but some of them have been changed slightly.
  8. Redd9

    What is an "NPE?"

    Do you love me? Could you love me? Make an assessment.
  9. Coach Gordon Bombay (392/400) Empire Commander: Moff Jerjerrod Objectives: Station Assault, Solar Corona, Hyperspace Assault [flagship] Victory II-class Star Destroyer (85) - Moff Jerjerrod (23) - Electronic Counter Measures (7) - Leading Shots (4) - Disposable Capacitors (3) - Minister Tua (2) - Quad Battery Turrets (5) - Gunnery Team (7) = 136 total points Victory I-class Star Destroyer (73) - External Racks (3) - Quad Battery Turrets (5) = 81 total points Victory II-class Star Destroyer (85) - Leading Shots (4) - Disposable Capacitors (3) - Quad Battery Turrets (5) - Gunnery Team (7) = 104 total points Squadrons (71/134): 1x Maarek Stele TIE Defender Squadron (21) 1x Colonel Jendon Lambda-class Shuttle (20) 1x Valen Rudor TIE Fighter Squadron (13) 1x Ciena Ree TIE Interceptor Squadron (17)
  10. Hi All, New 28mm SW dio started and this will be called "Survivors of Endor" As per the pics so far it will depict two Scout troopers on Endor years after the battle. They have set up camp in an old knocked out AT-ST. They won't have a lot of power so the power they do have is used on the short range comms relay hoping that a Imperial vessel will pick up the signal. I have also got them using spears as their blasters have been depleted of power. The figures are from FFG SW Legion Scout trooper box set and I have replaced the helmets and arms with body parts from Airfix 1:48 RAAF ground crew and the AT-ST is the old AMT kit and the tree's are from the local bushland.
  11. Elias: a decade ago I was an impulsive teenager constantly exposed to pheromones of a beautiful zeltron trying to seduce me. Now I'm a more mature and tempered but still bold lateral thinker married to said zeltron. So depending on your point of view my character growth over the last decade might only be a minor improvement. But on the plus side I'm more responsible and my spontaneous and unconventional plans are much more likely to succeed now.
  12. I have a worldly ronin concept brewing. I love how they are so adaptable that all of us could be worldly ronin and still be distinct. You've already stated that the lack of shugenja wouldn't be an issue and access to rituals still allows supernatural shinanagns. Even more so if someone goes forbidden knowledge to grab a single useful spell Should we start our 20 questions or are we going to wait a few more days for maximum interest?
  13. Which pretty much everybody seems to do, since the right kind of disadvantage is more of a boon than a downside and hey, free skill point. Ads and disads are the part of character creation I have the most misgivings about by far. Regardless, that's exactly what @Avatar111 pointed out: there is precisely one way to get 3 ranks in a martial art through character creation and that's school + mentor + heritage.
  14. Just to check, is the rise of the separatists book out yet? Cause i just came across a folder with specs for the clone wars and not sure if those r legit or fanmade.
  15. My players started out sans lightsabers at the beginning of the current campaign, but after the first arc I realized that they would absolutely need to have their signature weapons if they were going to survive the next leg of their journey. I didn't want to just have them make a few rolls and see what they built, though; I wanted to make an adventure out of it. So I cooked up the following scenario and inserted it between episodes 1 and 2 as a sort of side-quest. My players really liked it, and I thought I'd put it here for other GMs to use and critique. The following adventure contains mild spoilers for The Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, but with a few modifications it could be inserted into any low-level campaign. Please review and critique honestly - I want to become a better writer and GM!
  16. I would be reluctant to transpose many of the SW talents without testing them a lot. They work in SW due to the way trees and careers are based. In GeneSys they work differently (obviously). So it’s buyer beware.
  17. Canon has a tiny repulsor droid tagging along on a specilized hookup in a T-65's astromech slot. Replacing the astroslot with sensor systems is similarly possible. It is a hole with a bunch of data ports and fuses, not too hard to design and produce a slide in retrofit.
  18. The literal only time it's been seen on screen was at the end of Episode 3, after the Empire had been declared.
  19. Or what I think is likely is there is a Jedi master spec that rounds out the career to be a full 3 spec career. Plus maybe a couple Signature abilities
  20. Ah, interesting, have missed that. I suspect canon will retain the droid slot though, rather than create weird variants.
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