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  2. The Plot deck system should be inside the base game ? Strange arguement ... Then, all should be ! Maybe lieutenants pack are a bit expensive to you, but for myself, since I used to play miniature games, 10 buck for a single figure is far to be expensive. And they do not come with a gameplay with it. So, basically, even if the game looks a bit expensive all bought, with is huge and almost unlimited replayability, I would love to give more money to more expansion. It's because many of you think that way that the game expansions stopped. I would rather have a sole game with unlimited expansion than many one with only base game. I've played descent more than any of my other games as a whole. And I think the same about video games, I rather a real good one with DLC opposite to many small games without some. A good game need some "rego" stuff, while other games are left behind after few games. This ones, I don't care at all.
  3. Nah, I'm not upset about spending 10 exp. I'm just shaking my head that it took this long to explain what it costing 10 experience more is not an encouragement, but a discouragement. I'm not going to bother arguing any further though, because if it hasn't worked by now, there's no point to continuing. And yes, spec choice should always fit with a character concept, but I was using that as an example to prove a mechanical point. No need to read into the example more than was intended. Also, min-maxing and making a good character are not mutually exclusive, and IMO they fit hand-in-hand. If anything, everyone optimizes for something... Good roleplayers just optimize towards a good character, which is more than just being able to kill stuff deader. Though, that doesn't mean killing stuff deader can't be involved in a good character either... AFter all, wouldn't it be weird if you had a bounty hunter character who's supposed to be really dangerous, but who actually can't kill stuff because he's not very good at it? As for "equal", I meant "equal for the character concept". It doesn't really matter what the trees are, it was just an example to prove a point. Maybe something like a character considering whether to branch into medicine or mechanics, and both being good options for him, so he has to chose. Again, the specifics are irrelevant And yes, I did read your post about the jedi career, and I strongly disagree. I didn't want to mix in even more into the argument though. If you really want to know, my opinion is that the Jedi career is there to let people make a baseline Jedi quickly and easily. It also lets people who don't own FaD to play a force sensitive, but that's not the main purpose, otherwise they could've just reprinted a FaD class or two. And you don't *need* the Jedi career if you have FaD, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't want it; it is better for some character concepts ("baseline Jedi" for one) than the FaD careers. It's the same way you don't *need* an Edge of the Empire career to play a smuggler, but you may want to anyway because it's designed to help you do that.
  4. But then you'd still have to buy a second, third, or even (in many people's cases, including my own) a fourth Jumpmaster to cover the dials on your existing one, two, or three ships from 1e. And honestly, knowing how FFG treated the conversion kit dial quantities, I'd put money on them only giving one extra.
  5. Surges, maybe? Defensive surge at least, and maybe a keyword like precise?
  6. This got me to thinking if the Seperatists could even have enough different units to possibly constitute a "seperate" faction? AAT- massive, three attack dice- one green and arsenal ability, black defense die. Vulture Droid (walking mode)- massive, awkward, speed 3, can fly in a pounce type action to move up to 6 spaces. STAP- large (2x1), mobile, white die, speed 6, 4 health. dwarf spider droid- large (2x2), speed 4, black defense, self destruct ability, 5 health. Umbaran troopers- small, group of three, able to hide, speed 5, health 3, white defense. Commando droid- group of 2, agile, white defense, red green attack, efficient travel. IG-100 Magna Guard- group of two, guardian/droid, melee, red and yellow attack, white defense with automatic block. I realize that the odds aren't great to see most or any of these units in IA, (more likely to see them in Legion).
  7. Shadow suit and rifle approved. Lightsaber construction/ crystal quests are not really going to be a focus in this campaign, but I have some ideas about getting one to you relatively early in the story.
  8. It's only me, or there is something wrong with your fonts?
  9. Wait till Clone Wars comes out and use those mission cards? I'm sure there'll be other players who'd be happy to lend you cards in the meantime.
  10. If you have 5 health ship then it is better to have Stealth Device and receive 2 or 3 hits through the game than to have Shield Upgrade and always receive 3 hits.
  11. Overestimating the designers. Of course the Taoist ability should work with water fist... Come on. Do you think when they wrote the ability they worded it especially so this or that kiho would work? Of course not.... They just thought about "a one handed weapon can replace any unarmed profile for kiho". And worded it as best as they could before their coffee break. And I am certain with a "faq" that they won't write down all kihos that work or doesn't work. They will give a general answer to clarify the rule in a simple way. And the only way to do that is making it work with all. But we will see. Maybe someone with better notoriety than me can ask the question.
  12. Found the card art for the vic on Wookieepedia.
  13. I'm disappointed that those two haven't been done. There are so many that have been left out, like K-2SO and Admiral Ackbar. I mean they did minister Minister Tua!? The conversion kits would have been the best place to take care of that. So I'll have to do them myself. I'm still only using first edition so I wouldn't have any idea about the price, but I would take a look at the cost of Maul and Zuckuss for comparison. Chirrut Imwe Galen Erso Zal Dinnes Antoc Merrick Ponda Baba Dr. Evazan Captain Dunstig Pterro Tierfon Yellow Aces ... etc
  14. Our May tournament is up and it’s a big one an 800 point sector fleet tournament so it’s time to go big or go home.... https://www.facebook.com/events/590763761437112/?ti=ia
  15. I think they should keep the dial bad but make the it a useful jousting ship the thing the JM5Ks have that few torp carriers do is the health on top of 2 agility! The best way to along the ship usable will be for it to easily get outplayed by aces who can force it to go right BUT against squads that don't play it right it crushes. I don't want scout spam but maybe a Dengar/Manaroo/Fenn list would be nice to see competitive. Dengar and Manaroo joust then Fenn for the endgame. I think that would be amazing! Unfortunately not many people use that ability on the ties because missles are not that powerful but get the ability with torps and that would be increble!
  16. I still haven’t managed to get my first core, but there’s a large portion of Legion players who own multiple core sets, no? And they don’t really have any use for the second set of mission cards, I’d think?
  17. Her lightsaber. Anakin/Luke's lightsaber was destroyed at the end of TLJ. She retrieved the pieces and apparently repaired it, but it's hers now. From what I've heard, Abrams liked Johnson's "Rey is no one" twist, and it was pretty much what he'd intended initially anyway, so I don't think they're going to retcon that out. My fear is that it's Ben Solo's redemption arc, which he absolutely does not deserve, or in-universe, want. But there might be another Skywalker who might finally "Rise," and continuing on from TLJ's theme of failure and learning from it, pass on some of his own hard-learned lessons. . . I honestly don't think they'll be retconning much, if anything, from TLJ. I've said it before, but ESB got a lot of the same reception when it was released, and it wasn't until years later, when the whole trilogy could be watched backwards and forwards, that it got its status as the best Star Wars film ever made. And TLJ has a lot of the same "problems" that made Empire so divisive when it came out. . . a tonal shift, big revelations, straight-up telling the audience that a lot of what you thought you knew was wrong, or at least terribly incomplete. . . and I have to be honest, a lot of the hate TLJ gets is just really, really petty. "They didn't validate my Snoke theory! They didn't make a Rey a Skywalker/Kenobi/Palpatine! Phasma didn't get to be a badass and kill everyone! Luke wasn't the same starry-eyed, naieve farmboy who left Tattooine 40 years ago!" Star Wars may, in part, belong to us, its fans, but we do not create it. We leave that in the hands of professional filmmakers, and they are not beholden to give us what we say we want, their job is to tell the best story they can the best that they can. Once people get over knee-jerk "that's not how I would have done it" and accept that, I think TLJ will be seen as a much better film than a lot of people give it credit for. And already, the "love it/hate it" narrative is decaying, with more people falling into "it's mostly good but has some flaws" or "I didn't care for it, except X, Y, and Z." But yeah, I have loved pretty much all the new Star Wars films we've gotten, so I am definitely excited for this.
  18. How did I miss this post?? You actually raised some excellent suggestions, and I wouldn’t mind at all if Scum came to Legion. I guess realistically, in X-Wing they don’t have any sort of subfaction abilities/synergies at all and it works fine (though some people do keep asking for that to be implemented.) Also I 100% noticed you interlaced Hondo’s name throughout before I got to the three at the end 🙄
  19. I suspect we’ll see a lot of boarding teams considering how many boarding actions took place in the Clone Wars.
  20. Today
  21. There are so many different specializations that have saber throw in it. FFG went out of its way to make sure most forms have a specialization that has it like armorer, sentry, ataru, shien and I think theres more. I mean seems really bad to try and use move to do this when you can do it better and with less pips just using the lightsaber throw talent in one of the specializations. On a side note that control box in the move tree allowing you to perform fine manipulations of items, allowing him to do whatever he could normally do whit his hands has to do with more like putting a lightsaber together with the move force power or like manipulating a control board like pushing a button on it. If you read the control upgrade in detail it gives you an idea what it was meant for. The control board from the book was just a reference or an example from the FFG developers on what they meant for it to be used for. Was never designed or meant to replace lightsaber throw, and if you try and use move to throw a saber you need to follow the damage rules from the move force power. It doesnt use the damage from the saber itself but a static damage number that is determined by the silhouette of the object being used, which isnt much at all for an object with a silhouette of 0. The move force power outlines all this in the the book. Plus if you plan to throw something throw a ship( silhouette 3 or 4) it does allot of damage and can take out groups of people.
  22. Denetohr deserves a playable ally. The ine we got is honestly very bad. Not all card can be equally good but an iconic character like him deserves a better treatment ... as for the sphere either would make sense from deckbuilding perspective. Leadership boromir would be nice even if conflicting with his hero card which is an anchor of most gondor deck. And a Bergil ally. Please. On the contrary I think we will get few more spirit gondor ally, especially in case spirit aragorn would really have any gondor synergy (of which I'm personally convinced but that is not at all granted). In any case you are right about other spirit gondor ally not having treath/discard ability although they do have ability related to a discard mechanism of a sort. Let's see and hope.
  23. I could also see them doing only phantom menace + geonosis/AotC at the start, although Grievous kind of disproves that. So the AAT seems pretty likely. The problem is, that it is pretty large. Alongside Dooku, B2s - with the B2-HA as one heavy option- seem to be likely, for they were introduced in the same movie. Anakins Corps are a tougher question, but Phase 2 seems to be kind of likely. It would be just outside ofy proposed theme. The question is just what would make them different.
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