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  2. I say that the Hyena will be 30ish. Being able to carry barrage rockets comes at a price, imo.
  3. Escape From An Imperial Customs Frigate Reading GG6 reminds me of an encounter I had, on the fly, with my players who had been detained by an Imperial Customs Frigate. There were four crew aboard the PC's ship. The ship docked with the frigate and one of the PCs was escorted by 2 Customs Guards to go over the PC's vessel. The other three PCs were escorted to the Imperial ship. One of the three PCs on the Customs Frigate decided to make a move. He wanted to get back to the Rebel ship as fast as possible. They were still wearing their sidearms--the Imperials had not taken those from them yet. The Frigate has a crew of 16. I made up this chart, on the fly, and let fate decide how hard it would be for the three PCs to get back to their own vessel. I let the player roll his own fate. If he rolled an 8, then there would be 4 Imperials to defeat. Defeating them quickly meant that the PCs would be able to get past their obstacles and back to the PC ship before the Imperials realized what was going on (of course, there are still 2 other Imperials aboard the ship with the fourth PC). If, on the other hand, the players got bogged down in a corridor firefight, this would seal their fate. The Imperials on the Frigate's bridge would lock the hatch and give the PCs no where to go. 2 - 10 3 - 9 4 - 8 5 - 7 6 - 6 7 - 5 8 - 4 9 - 3 10 - 2 11 - 1 12 - 0
  4. No rules exist for these situations you will have to make something up. QB doesn't have tournament rules, what little rules exist tacitly assume you play until someone is tabled.
  5. Can’t use it if you don’t have it. Says so explicitly in the description of the talent. Always read the descriptions, not just what’s on the talent tree. That said, the basic Move power isn’t expensive, XP wise.
  6. If we are talking about counters, everything that can flip damage cards should have a positive matchup against this list since R2 requires at least one damage card. So we might see more Zertik Strom, Director Krennic or Than Kyrell. Honorable mentions goes to Seyn Manara for completely bypassing Han's defensive dice modification.
  7. No, they're 3 different cycles, the awakening are black boxes, the legacies are white with red letters, and the convergence are white with black letters. They're separating for a different formats. For example, the awakening used to be standard before the convergence came out, now they're infinite. Of course the legacies used to be standard and trilogy and they're became standard and no longer be a trilogy. The convergence is now trilogy and standard. Do you understand that? They're rotating different formats by the different colors boxes and letters.
  8. Try Luminara in there. She actually is super impactful as a support piece. The crit mitigation alone adds at least another turn to each torrent. She doesn't do as much damage as Ahsoka herself, but each turn there's one more ship than should be on your team, the more damage you do.
  9. Hi everybody! I would like to ask how to calculate the final score of a quick build match: 1. How many points do I get for taking down half of a ship? Half threat level, rounded up? 2. I would like to run the Lothal Rebel with a Sheathipede docked (see Rebel Quick Build pdf), which has an aggregate threat level of 4, but the single threat levels are not specified. How many points does my opponent get if he/she destroys only one of the two ships? How many if only half of one of those ships? Thanks Regards
  10. So with Sméagol you could reach 97 tokens, as long as you get rid of Stinker?
  11. Ketsu Onyo (70) Zuckuss (2) Shadow Caster (6) Ship total: 78 Half Points: 39 Threshold: 5 Talonbane Cobra (50) Predator (2) Ship total: 52 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 3 Captain Nym (48) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Proton Bombs (5) Seismic Charges (3) Havoc (4) "Genius" (2) Ship total: 70 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 5 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v6!s=200!126:,66,,,,160:;119:127,,,,,:;144:,137,,90,69,71,,149:U.-1,U.1&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  12. I would probably go for the middle ground and assign the points of the bid between the ships to increase their value. Could be done proportionally to the ships point cost or the same value per ship. I have no idea, how to solve the slow play issue.
  13. I was at that Hyperspace, I'm so glad I didn't have to deal with that particular monster.
  14. First off, nice try attempting to retcon a previous conversation with a comment in this one. doesnt work that way. it is interesting that you identify your preferences, opinions, or prefered interprretations of vagur sources as facts and then imply others are liars for disagreeing with you. thats ******. in regards to the gauntlet, there are a dozen depictions of it that vary, and Im viewing the majority of them as defining the ship. Ive presented sources repeatedly and you present no counterpoints or evidence of your own. not cool Second, no. Im not dismissing anything at all. im saying that within cannon materials the 2 ships (Fo tie and SF tie) are so similar as to be more like variations of the same thing. For example consider Van models, where the same chasis has features added to create a passenger model and cargo model. it makes more sense for the SF to be a title or upgrade to the FO and if it werent for capitalism, it would be. but toy sales shape franchises.
  15. It's an older meme but it checks out according to the rules.
  16. And the second battle report https://greendragoon.home.blog/2019/04/20/battle-report20-4-19/
  17. Just played it, against Anakin/Obiwan. Again had to move first, but it went again quite ok.
  18. I've got a quick question that, to be honest, seems self explanatory. I wanted to just double check to be sure. In the Niman Disciple tree, the Force Assault allows the character to make a Force Move power action as a maneuver. I assume this is contingent on actually having the Force Move power available for the character, ie having already spent experience into purchasing it, not a freebie use of the basic form of the power or something similar to that.
  19. I reckon it's going to be Matsu Tsuko, 5 cost Champion of the Lion, since Toturi seems to bemuch more likely to surrender the title than Satsume and even The Grinning Crane resigned from the post after a while as Emerald and Crane Champions simultaneously.
  20. As I'm starting to work on small pieces made out of Lego... does anyone know of good urban Legion terrain somewhere? Everything towards the top of the page here seems to be forest/desert/snow.
  21. GALAXY GUIDE 6: TRAMP FREIGHTERS (1E version) I am reading it cover to cover. I'll make some notes. The book is part sourcebook and part campaign outline. I say outline because it will require some work on the details by the GM to make the adventures playable. Still, the outline is more than an adventure idea. There's lots of solid information there. Many GMs, I've read, have put their creative talents to work on the Minos Cluster. Chapter One is nothing but advice to the GM on how to pull new or existing characters into this campaign. Chapter Two is a description of the type of atmosphere that is promoted in the campaign. This isn't the world of the Rebellion, the Alliance fighting the evil Galactic Empire. This is the world of Han Solo. Life as a Fringer. Scamping around in a tramp freighter, one step ahead of the Loan Shark's bounty hunters, trying to make a deal that will get you even with the crime lord. Chapter Two is short, and it is suggested that the chapter be used as a player hand out before the campaign starts. Chapter Three is a good GM's over-view of the state of the galaxy, from the point of view of a tramp merchant captain. Good read. Here's something from that chapter that you can use in your game: On popular routes, the chance of encountering an Imperial Customs vessel is about 1-in-20. 5%. (A roll of 6 or less on 3D is a 5% chance) For the GM who likes to have random, chance encounters, this is a nice bit of news to work from. An encounter or two with Imperial Customs will go a long way to encouraging your players to take less well know, more dangerous hyperspace routes.
  22. Things have changed a bit since the start of 2.0 and I don’t think Republic and Separatist factions have been around long enough to integrate into the meta yet. Quad Phantoms is very good even after a (small) nerf. Fat Han is the flavor of the month and Five RZ-2 A-wings has become super hip. Rebel beef (four Rebel ships with super-cheap Leia) is a solid contender. Still a lot of three ship ace lists starring ships like Poe, Kylo, Soontir, Whisper, etc. Some meta contenders got nerfed into oblivion (a lot of scum) and others never fully developed into a threat that seemed to be emerging (lists like triple Upsilon). Other lists benefitted from recent points changes (like 5 Y-wings). Of course, I guess I should also say there are two metas now - Extended format (everything) and Hyperspace (limited to certain ships and upgrades.) Although certain lists will appear in both, you have things to prepare for in both formats that are different. All formats are in the app and points can now change dynamically with FFG updates, so this is a new factor that changes the meta in addition to new releases.
  23. I mean, I've never played pathfinder a day in my life, so you're impression is wrong either way. But language is language. It says "affect unarmed profiles", not necessarily, unarmed attacks or any other way. If it meant to be more obvious the wording could be more obvious, just say "which affect (or apply) to unarmed attacks" vs a profile and then there's no confusion over say, Death Touch, which what it says is "when you make a punch or kick attack" it can be defended (but otherwise don't change the statistical qualities of your punch or kick, so as a reader I gather it doesn't affect the "profile" because that's not what the profile refers to). I don't think it's rules-lawyering so much as just "the rule says X, so do X". Shoot, there was a game I was listening to which had this exact phrasing some where I and I can't remember which. "Do what the rules say to do, don't do what they don't say to do". Like, if it said specifically "kiho which affect kicks" then it says to only apply when something keys off a kick, if there was a kiho which only applied to a punch, then that's pretty unambiguous. The issue with water fist is Sharpened Ki is written to apply a specific way, so there are several unambiguous kihos it works with, as discussed. Water Fist is not among them, because it has a slightly different wording. But based on the fact that the school starts with it, and all the other [Element] Fist kihos do work, if you just do a casual read I think basically everyone has said that it should apply - so an error has been made somewhere. Either the school should not give you Water Fist to start because it doesn't work with the ability, or Water Fist or Sharpened Ki need to be reworded to explicitly work together, or a developed needs to comment "yes, even though it's written in specific language, Sharpened Ki is meant to apply to all those thing" in an FAQ. I don't think the latter is intended because the language choice seems pretty clear usually (see the Asahina ability and consistent keywords in Invocations), but if they say what they meant then they made an unambiguous statement. Otherwise it's RAW vs RAI, we can assume what the developers intended, but the rule can still be written "wrong" which causes confusion, like for all the people buying these books who don't go on the forums. EDIT: BTW the easy solution to this specific problem is to crack open the feedback mail and ask FFG a question "Hey does Water Fist work with Sharpened Ki even though the way it's written right now it kind of doesn't look like it does?". Maybe somebody who actually owns a copy should. On the forums all you're gonna get is the endless debates of the front-end consumer. Also, double edit: And actually, double checking it for myself, the current wording of water fist is "using a [punch or kick] unarmed profile", so that is much less ambiguous depending on how you want to interpret "affects". So I think the real FAQ question is "does 'unarmed profile' just account for actions which say they apply when you punch or kick, not 'affect the profile' with that particular wording" - i/e Death Touch, Way of the Falling Star, etc.
  24. Emperor Toturi III just wandered off on his own without telling anyone and wound up in the Shadowlands no less! I know that doesn't matter anymore of course but this is a fictional world after all.
  25. Pardon the ignorance gentleman. I am a 1.0 player that is looking to get back into things. I know back in 1.0 we had things like Parattini, Palp Aces, Thug life, bombing Ks, Defenders, Super Poe, Fenn Rau, etc. I am just curious about what the archetypes and combos are now so I know what to build for and fly against. Thanks and stay frosty gents.
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