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  2. The latest Descent lieutenant: Watercolour Dragon's overactive brain, some of his posts do indeed drag on. There's usually some wisdom in there but it can take a bit of digging. ⛰️
  3. That does not mean your character didnt get trained at the temple. Case in point Obi-wan
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I considered that already the problem is this only solves the problem up to silhouette 2. 3 and above are still instant win hits with almost any hero you can create with the rules who don't have the Durability power that gives them armor 2 versus physical attacks. It seems to me that if someone tried to hit a target with a silo 3 Mack Truck and Trailer, it would likely hit all their friends standing nearby as well. Blast is really more appropriate than only being able to hit a single person with an object that large. It should be an area attack because the object is likely larger than the area occupied by the target and everyone in engaged range of them. Note: My original Blast suggestion is instead of the normal damage inflicted on a successful hit. Alternative Thought: What if large objects were treated as doing Brawn plus Silhouette damage, but also have linked equal to silhouette? This would require more advantage to make devastating and allow soak to apply to each activation of linked. Or it could be treated as Auto-fire and even increase the difficulty once (which would also allow the damage to be spread to multiple targets instead of using Blast to do this) and make it comparable to what a super with energy projection/auto-fire upgrade can accomplish in one round.
  5. Also - jedi are easy Not blowing your force charges every round is harder
  6. Thank you all for the quick responses! Time to join the Facebook groups and go searching for my fellow admiral types. Again thanks!
  7. I'm still waiting for the first edition lieutenants announcement - ever the optimist! 🤣
  8. This is hogwash. The Japanese wanted all of China, Korea and all of the Pacific, and had plans for western USA also. I guess this isn't considered world domination.
  9. Part 1: Non formation flying. Part 2: Non formation flying with a purpose.
  10. To what end? We have previously indicated those areas that we consider our economic zone of influence.
  11. I have been playing Scum for awhile and for some reason I have never shown the Zealous Recruit any respect. Always trying to fit both Fenn and Teroch in a list but the high cost of Fenn always limits the options for the 3rd ship. I know Fenn/Teroch/Guri is somewhat viable but you have to live with 3 flimsy ships then which can be a challenge against many of those beef-lists out there. I have been wanting to try Boba again after he got nerfed in the last point revision, but you cant really fit two strong ships alongside him in this point patch. So, having noticed all those Fenn/3xRecruits lists out there I finally decided to give the Zealous Recruit a try. Wow, what a nice little ship! Moving at I1 with a great linked action for a blocker (BR or a boost with a red focus) and then you get the Concordia Faceoff at range-1, which again is great for a blocker. Here is my current Boba/Teroch/Z-Recruit list: Boba/Fearless/Marauder 95 pts Old Teroch/Fearless 59 pts Zealous Recruit 44 pts This leaves me with a 2 point bid which might actually be useful to make sure the Recruit gets to move first against lists with I1 ships, or to move last with Boba/Teroch against non-bid lists.
  12. The thread title itself has kinda been wrong for quite a while, even prior to the slow heat death of IA.
  13. Those are Clash of Kings books or Storm of Swords books or Feast for Crows books or Dance with Dragons books or (theoretically, in some possible futures) Winds of Winter books or Dream of Spring books.
  14. IIRC, most cases of an attachment fitting a rifle but not carbine are longer/heavier barrels. For these, it makes sense that they do not work on carbines.
  15. I told myself I wasn't going to look at *any* spoilers of any kind. And I did. I totally looked. It was worth it. Thanks for posting!
  16. Best of luck, I have not seen anything like that out there. If you find it I would be interested to see it.
  17. Hey @Norsehound and @Do I need a Username thanks for the feedback on the titles and ship design, it is awesome feedback, and has given me a lot of points to consider with the design. I've made some revisions to the stats, and cleaned up the titles, and added them to an imgur post for further review. Initially I didn't think about how the MC40 would step on the AF Mk2 or the Pelta, but will have to consider that in further development. For the next playtest Ive changed the defense tokens, the speed 3 nav chart, and the upgrade slots, but left the forward battery armament the same, and knocked off a die from the sides. Hopefully the gallery posts... http://imgur.com/gallery/4Oqr5OS
  18. Something that just occurred to me... Because of the size of my group, it's actually a touch easier to manage when we have one or two people missing. So if I was actually trying to modify my players' behavior as some might suggest; not only would I have an incentive to give out absentee XP, I'd actually be better off giving extra to people who don't show.
  19. This is a VERY good idea if you're straying from canon in a well-known setting. The first link on my campaign wiki is an overview of the major historical changes.
  20. Right now I like Scorpion's ability to mess with the dial and do all sorts of weird stuff, but, beyond that there isn't enough incentive to low bid. It's not far away though. Honor decks are popping up and will eventually be a thing. It just remains time seen if there are any composure effects really worth it.
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  22. New to the game. Only played the demo. bought, let’s just say a lot of empire. Want to get some games in to really learn the game.
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