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  2. It's not triple E's but I've found this list to be fun and annoying to my opponents: Gavin Darklighter (61) Daredevil (3) Fire-Control System (2) Adv. Proton Torpedoes (6) R4 Astromech (2) Munitions Failsafe (1) Tala Squadron Pilot (25) Cluster Missiles (5) Munitions Failsafe (1) Tala Squadron Pilot (25) Cluster Missiles (5) Munitions Failsafe (1) Tala Squadron Pilot (25) Cluster Missiles (5) Munitions Failsafe (1) Tala Squadron Pilot (25) Cluster Missiles (5) Munitions Failsafe (1) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  3. Sounds like they did their jobs then! Did you end up winning with the Jedi? If so, the GST's sacrifice was worth it.
  4. ... ok. So your answer to BoomOwl's question (quoted below) is a resounding yes. Then there is honestly no point for me in talking to you about this topic.
  5. Per my previous experience with FFG’s IA companion app and the discussions about it on that forum: never going to happen. That said, if people stop asking than it really won’t ever happen, so don’t let the issue go. As for your bug reports, they have an email address to report issues: software@fantasyflightgames.com. Maybe you could even include the bit about an undo button as an enhancement request.
  6. Cav Scout

    why ffg?

    I am pretty set with either of the lists I posted. Also, I seem to have very bad luck with Y-Wings for some reason. Just for the sake of argument who should Horton replace? Ten or Braylen?
  7. Star Wars Armada Explained (SWAE) Interviews 2019 Worlds 7th Place Sam
  8. Yes, for some odd distribution reasons, the French version of the AP has been available here since last week.
  9. What's a backsplash image?
  10. So this is just how I'm doing it for my own homebrew setting, and the focus is "animistic/nature" spirits largely, but those could entirely work. I have been trying to tackle spirits for more "human" concepts. Like a spirit of Blacksmithing or Archery. I imagine they're mostly just focused on Augmentation ("Guide my arrow to be true!") and Cursing ("Hey, curse that bandit archer to suck!"), with maybe very limited Attack usages. I think Law could be similar. They can Curse people who are known lawbreakers, and Augment known lawful people, I think that would be the most thematic usage.
  11. I hadn't thought of landing both U-Wings at the same pad. That certainly would have sped up things. However, in my revision, I'm thinking of just using one U-Wing that gets supported by the Rebel squad. Perhaps, allow one more U-Wing reinforcement after the first one gets destroyed.
  12. Not going to lie I would enjoy Clone Wars Armada, but I am afraid that the release schedule will be a slow trickle of ships and squadrons for the Republic and CIS, and nothing at all for the Rebels and Empire as stated by numerous other people here. Ideally the Clone Wars would have 3-4 ships and 3-5 squadrons per side at launch, but FFG rolls out Armada content at a slow pace. At least for the Republic some ships are already made like the VSD and Arquitens, all FFG needs to do is make Clone Wars specific cards and change the paint scheme.
  13. @Sincereagape @btmaja @Edgehawk @Zhigon happy belated zombie jesus day i hope you all ate your own weight in chocolate
  14. Once you have had a couple of games played and the rules down games last about 2hrs. Imperial Terrain has files you can download for your printer. Playing Boba Fett and Vader is a ton of fun. The measuring devices can be annoying sometimes and the lack of dice in the core.
  15. Yeah that dial is crazy good
  16. That's why the Fat Han list that everyone is copying also runs an a-wing; to make the game fair.
  17. Reason: The Venator was seen as a sign of liberation and of the Republic. The VSD was close enough as a smaller brother to the ISD, and came out late enough into the war that it could easily be seen as an Imperial Vessel. Making Clone Wars ships 'obsolete' would detract from the point of the game. Its not going to be a 1-1 representation of the fictional world. Its going to be what sells product and makes viable factions, and you aren't going to do that by declaring that the GCW is just inherently better.
  18. I think it would be more of a cross between a Victory and a Quasar. Medium punch, high squadron command.
  19. OK, fair enough. A little variance in troopers gives the Imperial player some agency, as well. Just not "I put all my troopers here!" Or, "I leave this pad unguarded so then I know where you'll go!" Is the Rebel player allowed to land 2 U-Wings at the same pad and gang up on the troopers there? Or is there only one "parking space" per pad?
  20. We finally have a Fancy Graphics v4.5 and I’ll update all of the PDFs and Datasets once I finish v5. The biggest update is that it’s purely alphabetical order and not sorted by characteristic at 3.
  21. But you could force push *as* your standby action right? You couldn't attack prior to activation, but you could pull someone into melee I think? Also relevant to the OP's question/intent I think you can: Standby->Saber Throw attack before activating, and then attack normally in your activation. Or... Standby->Move, trigger Relentles, Saber Throw attack before activating, and then attack normally in your activation. Or... Standby->Move into Melee, trigger Relentless and attacking in Melee, and then attack normally in your activation.
  22. Maybe. My first thought is that the stress would be sufficient. And while R2-D2 can get more shields, ID still has a cost in terms of shields, making it a bit easier to put hull damage on Han. Entirely possible it wouldn't be enough.
  23. Haha that makes sense! I am actually using the rest of the thing for other kitbashes. WIP of Decimator (still needs to be painted of course): I'm bad at using normal plasticard so the remaining bits will serve as random panels for future kitbashes. Need to figure out what I'm doing for my Resistance Transport, thinking something like this:
  24. kris40k

    Inert Fat Han

    Honestly, I would probably like to see ID and R2-D2 crew changed to charge mechanics. Would remove the damage caused by ID however, leave the Stress. I've learned to appreciate the charge mechanic on things like Collision Detector, BB-8, etc. By limiting them to 2 charges, you make the timing of their use more important to the shape of the game. Give them too many charges and you may as well make it unlimited, because if you really pay attention, you don't really need to use those things that often in a game to shape the outcome of it. But 1 charge often limits a card too much. I'm not sure why they went with unlimited R2-D2 crew, except that they wanted to make it different than the astromech version and thematic and kind of goofed on the implementation. As far as Luke, they can keep him expensive, he's unique, and should be playable. Having 360 turret on the board doesn't break the game until it starts doubletapping or throwing massive amounts of dice. Having multiple turrets can be an issue, so keeping it unique isn't game breaking.
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