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  2. Is any two dice generic correctly costed, that isn't a Torrent? Bombers are, I guess.
  3. Yes it is a bit overcosted. But not compared to the torrent. Torrent can't take barrage rocket and this is a big deal. The Sienar specialist lack of imperial gunners. The turret is not very interesting as you will try to catch enemy bin arc at 2-3 with BR I think the ion turret synergies not greatly with imps playstyle. Wait for next imps upgrades, because it has good potential
  4. Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress by Flying Frog Productions is a great dungeon crawler with some wonderful mini's if you're interested. Also, the Rising Sun board game has some great miniatures.
  5. Now in SW, I stick to increments of 5 for XP rewards but in our last System, the amount of XP for one session varied from 6 to 9 and the amount of XP you could do something with was sometimes as low as 2. Back then there was a possible point of XP per session for good RP per RAW. In the later periods, I tried something new by letting the players decide which character moments were their big favs this evening or who they thought just nailed it RP wise. The whole Table decided who gave them the best IC moment(s) and so the group allocated the bonus XP. I gave them around half the amount of Players in such bonus XP so they needed to decide together where to drop that XP (and no one could vote for themselves). At my table, it worked out great it was a pure moment of recapping the most awesome stuff from that session and they surprised me more than once which actually were their favourites that session. It also turned out to give me more insight into what kind of interactions they overall preferred and could try to put more like those into the plot to have more awesome moments to choose from. The other big benefit was shifting the Bonus-RP-XP from a possibly biased GM viewpoint (we sometimes don't see everything and possibly tend to favour some kind of interactions over others) over to what gave the whole table the most fun that evening. Such methods could, in my opinion, counter some (if not all) of the maybe "being punished" bitterness when it comes to individual bonus XP. At the time I used it for different reasons but I think it can work that way also.
  6. You did the right thing! 👍 These are good ships and there come some really good cards with the expansions! And you can never have enough CR90s! All you really need to enjoy the game even more are the Space Fighter Expansions I and maybe the Scum and Villains.
  7. We played a Battle of Endor reenactment before wave 3 was published. At that time we only had MC80 Home One, Nebulons and CR90s at the rebel side. They flew against 5 ISDs. That was really a cool sight! And I really want to do this again when the SSD arrived and all ships (even the Millenium Falcon with Calrissian aboard) are published that were seen on screen. Those games are for fun! So you can decide to play them in every way you like. If you have more funs with Arquitens just do it! For me it's more about the ship types and squadrons, less about the upgrade cards. But it would feel a bit strange, if Raymus Antilles commands his Tantive IV against a Vader ISD. (Isn't that another movie...?) But we decided to ignore the fate of the aces and let "Dutch" and Biggs fly over Endor, if I remember correctly. I hope you (all) can benefit from the lists I made. (Even if you ignore parts of it, as I would do.) P.S. Sorry for the remark about prefering white mal officers. That's not my opinion, but the way the Emperor thinks. The Galactic Empire was always described as a bunch of racists and chauvinists. (But that's propaganda from the winning Alliance of scums and villains, I suppose?)
  8. Not really. When we are playing, my table is covered with a laminated copy of a galaxy map. Much more useful
  9. The troll is not a 'creature' so he is not affected by radagast staff - we are talking spiders, scorpions and snakes etc here with the keyword title
  10. Named characters (unique upgrades) at the time of Battle of Endor. Part II A) Rebel Commanders Admiral Ackbar ABOARD MC80 Home One General Madine PARTICIPATED Mon Mothma PARTICIPATED General Rieekan UNKNOWN (but likely aboard Liberty) General Cracken ABOARD Millenium Falcon Garm Bel Iblis At Peregine's Nest General Dodonna DEAD (shortly after Battle of Yavin at Mako-Ta Space Docks) Admiral Raddus DEAD (at Battle of Scarif) Commander Sato DEAD (at Battle of Attolon) Leia Organa At ENDOR SURFACE B) Rebel Officers* Walex Blissex PARTICIPATED Major Derlin PARTICIPATED Toryn Farr UNKNOWN (but likely) Adar Tallon UNKNOWN (but likely) Ahsoka Tano UNKNOWN (but unlikely) Sabine Wren UNKNOWN (but unlikely) Lando Calrissian ABOARD Millenium Falcon General Draven DEAD (shortly after Battle of Yavin at Mako-Ta Space Docks) Raymus Antilles DEAD (shortly after Battle of Scarif) Bail Organa DEAD (shortly before Battle of Yavin) C) Rebel Aces Wedge Antilles ABOARD X-wing Rogue Squadron PARTICIPATED Norra Wexley ABOARD Y-wing Gold Squadron PARTICIPATED Tycho Celchu ABOARD A-wing Shara Bey ABOARD A-wing Green Squadron PARTICIPATED Keyan Farlander ABOARD B-wing Ten Numb ABOARD B-wing Dagger Squadron PARTICIPATED Lando Calrissian ABOARD Millenium Falcon Han Solo At ENDOR SURFACE Luke Skywalker At ENDOR SURFACE „Dutch“ Vander DEAD (at Battle of Yavin) Biggs Darklighter DEAD (at Battle of Yavin) * only those not mentioned above at "Commanders"
  11. It literally has the same hull shields, similar dial to the Torrent, similarly ok actions, with the only exception being that it HAS a turret slot. As we know, most of the time, slots are worth 0-2 points. Thus the Seinar is easily 3-5 points overcosted. -- The Gunboat currently also lacks a niche
  12. thank. very useful article. I love the game like this. Kids today only know cockroaches in the mobile game at mobidescargar. really disappointed
  13. You cannot trigger Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn’s ability if you have lost Kakita Yuri’s duel this phase. Because the rhino’s ability states “that conflict is [MIL] instead of its normal type,” you are declaring a military conflict which Yuri’s duel’s effect prevents you from doing. [Tyler Parrott, Apr 23 2019]
  14. Can you use Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn's reaction ability if one of your characters has lost the duel against Kakita Yuri? I.e. can you still resolve the part of the effect that lets you immediately declaring the next conflict but the conflict having to have the original type of political rather than military? (assuming that you have a political conflict remaining to declare that is)
  15. I play Duel to the Death to initiate a duel with an ordinary character my opponent controls and they choose to dishonor to prevent the duel. If I trigger my Young Rumormonger to instead dishonor a different character will the duel resolution still be prevented?
  16. That is such an awesome idea and you did an awesome job with the scaling and the walls.
  17. Today
  18. Leia is too busy sitting in hundreds of U-wings all over the galaxy.
  19. @Magnus Grendel - while your opinions are much appreciated, your reasons and conclusion have no basis in the rules what so ever. a revealed maneuver is a revealed maneuver. it's not a maneuver you changed to after you revealed your dial and it's not a maneuver you executed. those are entirely separate things. the cards could have used different wording, as in an executed maneuver or a maneuver a dial is set to, but they're using "your revealed maneuver". that wording is pretty crystal clear as far as i'm concerned.
  20. Yes, you do get the additional fate as you’re playing it as if it were in Toshi Ranbo. I realize this contradicts the previous ruling with Toshi Ranbo/Hidden Moon Dōjō, so this would invalidate that ruling. Back-Alley Hideaway + Toshi Ranbo = extra fate. Hidden Moon Dōjō + Toshi Ranbo = no extra fate. When a card is played “as if it were in” another zone, card effects that interact with the card being played only see that other zone, not the one it actually came from. [Tyler Parrott, May 9 2019]
  21. When I play a character attached to a Back-Alley Hideaway on Toshi Ranbo does it enter play with 1 additional fate from Toshi Ranbo?
  22. Hi all, I have done 2 RPQ's now and not done very well at all, I am not sure if this is the right section for this but we will give it ago anyway. This was my first list, only reason I didn't come dead last was because I had a buy round: Luke Skywalker 160Leia Organa 90Esteemed Leader, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Chewbacca 110Tenacity, Rebel Pathfinders 68Bistan, Hunter, A-300 Long Range Config, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16DH-447 Sniper, Hunter, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16DH-447 Sniper, Hunter, Next list I came dead last but I had loads of fun with the list if I am honest. Sab's are great fun I just missed having something at range 4 that I could shoot with in the last game because of the terrain I he was up a tower. Leia Organa 90Esteemed Leader, Improvised Orders, Luke Skywalker 160Force Push, Force Reflexes, Emergency Stims, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, 2-1B Medical Droid, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, 2-1B Medical Droid, Rebel Troopers 40Z-6 Trooper, Fleet Troopers 44Scatter Gun Trooper, Rebel Officer Upgrade, Environmental Gear, Rebel Troopers 40Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16Proton Charge Saboteur, Emergency Stims, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16Proton Charge Saboteur, Emergency Stims, Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16Proton Charge Saboteur, Emergency Stims, Legion is the first war game I have ever played but I have had it since launch so I know most of the rules pretty well. I just want to get better, I am not sure if I am just trying list that are too out there or what. I really enjoyed the SAB's because not many people play them and not many people now how to play against them. The fleet troopers are great it was my positioning that was bad, they either got took out quickly due to bad rolls or didn't do anything because I couldn't get them in range. Anyway I am after some tips and guidance about how to get better an may be win a game.
  23. I'm liking Tie Fighter a lot so far. The best part of issue #1 is where the old Imperial commander is calling the Rebels "Separatists" and the squad are all looking like "What?"
  24. As a total and utter scrub whose direct influence will never have sway, I favor us tending to our own business for a change
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