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  2. Nice. I need to pick up or borrow a shuttle for Palpy, but this looks fun n' beefy. I suppose I could try a Reaper and see how it worked...
  3. In fairness, I don’t disagree. I just think it has even less of a niche in the game under the rebel faction. At least in scum it could be the super high hit count zero agi ship they don’t have. Also, Emon is scum, so keeps it in the family.
  4. Autoblaster/Snapshot TPV is still looking like it could be fun. Variance and positioning dependence heavy, but fun none the less.
  5. Beef makes me sad but I don't actually play against it that much. It's fairly prevalent but SE UK players still do have some good variety in their versions of it. Quad Phantoms is a more US thing maybe? Honestly haven't seen it in any of the couple dozen store tourneys I've attended in 2.0. In fact, the guys I play with who do go to the bigger events rarely see it either. Primarily playing Scum atm and very happy with the options. It's hard work, there are many inefficient side roads that can be worthlessly walked down with even tiny changes to a list. But I'm playing against some very good players with various things and generally feeling in the mix. It's really not that bad.... Although I rarely leave home without a Fang or 2.... Apart from against the beef. Which is a thing for almost everything that isn't beef. I'd also like to see lower ship counts become a bit more common. I generally favour 3 and it's pretty tiring playing against 4, 5 or 6 in every game. I enjoy it, it's not any harder to actually win against, it's just more thinking than I want to do in a days play. I like to zoom and boom but often find myself having to run and plink for the bulk of a game. Which is less fun for both of us. So 1 on extended for me. Because of those Rebels and ship count. Otherwise 0. For HS, I'll go 2. The above is even more prevalent and less options on the whole is a little boring to me. If they hadn't added the Starviper, I'd be scoring it a fair bit higher.
  6. Aye, but at that point it becomes a dichotomy between strong activations, with many dice, that maybe clearcut the CIS’s cheaper activations. The theory of extra activations being an end unto themselves hinges on the idea that both sides otherwise have parity; but that’s also obviously false.
  7. Thank you. I will do just that. Off topic to my own topic. How does Charging Assault work?
  8. Going from Legends in universe aesthetics this looks like a Seinar or Cygnus design (has a strong Lambda flavor to the cockpit). Trying to pin this one down to a manufacturer and failing. Has nearly the same design aesthetic as the transport the Rey's parents flew off in from what I can tell. Mainly in the engine style/placement and lower hull contouring.
  9. But if you don't play CIS, the situation will persist. Take all the snipers so CIS doesn't have quintuple your activations!
  10. Sadly. I was the main reason that the "no fan interaction" policy was put in place. I was asked to write strategy articles to the main site back when they still had comments open under each article's body of text. I was young and stupid. Opened my mouth in regards to a lot of disagreements I had, and was asked to discontinue my services. FFG was well within their rights too, and I learned a valuable lesson about burning bridges. So I was both the first and last community article writer, at least for quite some time. Now they pretty much reserve those for championship winners or the L5R crowd. And it was no coincidence that FFG also closed comments to articles on the main page around that same time. Man....that was over 10 years ago too. However, I know that if it wasn't me then it would have been some other "red shirt guy" instead.
  11. RZ-2 A-Wing is the only ship I've never ever played. Well, I might not have used my Mining Guild TIE either, can't remember I don't recall playing with either of the things called Aggressors or the Decimator in 2.0, but maybe I did and just forgot. Rebel and Resistance Falcons too, might have eluded me since I played them a lot in 1.0. Pretty sure I haven't flown a YT-2400 either, now that I think of it. And B-Wings, never flew those because they're too popular. And haven't flown my Scyks in 2.0 yet, waiting on Autoblasters. G1-A and Kimo haven't hit the table in 2.0 either. I played everything in 1.0 but there's a long list of extended stuff I haven't bothered with in 2.0.
  12. I mean, the CIS are, so far, the cheaper option. So, again, probably not an issue.
  13. The issue is not the Snipers or their damage. It's the cheap activations and token predictability that Strike Teams give you. This benefit will persist regardless of new factions or objectives and will continue to penalize high cost units or low activation armies. The easiest mitigation is simply to add a Pass rule. The player with fewer remaining activations gets the option to skip activations, until they no longer have fewer remaining activations. That would deal with the activation advantage. However the token mix advantage remains.
  14. In the Tarkin novel Screen is part of the imperial navy high command. If I am remembering right.
  15. I did it too. It's easier than it looks, just be sure your blade is really sharp. I used medical bisturi.
  16. I’m debating whether to wait it out or split up my order. The lack of any news about when the mat will be released is frustrating.
  17. If a player hasnt played an entire conversion kit do they just get to SUMMON POINT ADJUSTMENT equivalents whenever they want?
  18. Wookies, YT-2400, Scum falcon, M3-A, YV, Y-wing (either faction), K-fighter, either Aggressor. Edit- forgot the entire CIS faction. Still in the box. F. And I don't own Resistance Bomber.
  19. I haven't played my Republic ships yet. Played the Kimogila recently (and enjoyed it!), and that was the final ship I hadn't played in the First Five.
  20. Has anyone here played every pilot in the game at least once?
  21. In X-Wing ever, or just since 2nd Edition came out?
  22. Oh yes, finally! After missing out on the thrill of a small box in the first half of the year, this is exciting that a big box will still go ahead!
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