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  2. The Rita infinite deck, while requiring a lot of parts, did indeed break the core mechanics. IMHO cards can be broken even if they don't auto-win you the game by virtue of crowding out everything else, and requiring active designing around. LOTR is a good example of this. There are a number of very powerful cards in the early sets that skew literally everything that comes behind it, whether it's player cards (Leadership tax) or encounter cards (how many enemies can Gandalf's arrival one-shot these days?) That's my one concern with calling them optional. What's the baseline for design going forward? Will Seeker cards be based around Higher Education being hard to get, or easy? Will costs assume you've got access to the best money maker in the game? It would be helpful to know if respecting the Taboos is standard, and ignoring them is easy mode, or if they're optional, and using them is harder mode.
  3. You are right. K2-B4 came with Infiltrator. Hmm if this is the case then, Hyena would substitute Belzebub if it has access to Tactical Relays.
  4. This is specifically addressed under "Attack of Opportunity" in the Rules Reference: "Attacks of Opportunity are only triggered when 1 or more of an investigator’s actions are being spent or used to trigger an ability or action. [Free triggered] abilities with a bold action designator do not provoke attacks of opportunity." This rule doesn't distinguish between bold action designators, so even though Shortcut (2) has Move it does not provoke an attack of opportunity because it is a free triggered ability.
  5. Hi everyone. I wanted to do a shugenja/monk school because everyone loves kung-fu wizards. I chose Asako Henshin as my labrats because I actually don't care, they are just convenient. I know Kaito already exist, but I want a more punchy flavor and bigger focus on invocations over kata. This is a WIP, but all comments and criticisms are welcome. Asako Henshin (Monk, Shugenja) Rings: +1 Void, +1 Any Starting skills (choose four): +1 Fitness, +1 Martial Arts [Unarmed], +1 Meditation, +1 Theology, +1 Sincerity, +1 Medicine Honor: 45 Techniques available: Invocations, Rituals, Kiho Starting techniques: Invocations (choose two): Path to inner peace, Armor of Earth, Wall of Earth, Dominion of Suijin, Rituals: Commune with Spirits, Divination Kiho (choose two): Freezing the Lifeblood, Earth Needs No Eyes, Earthen Fist, Water Fist, Ki Protection The Elemental Riddles (School Ability): As a downtime activity choose a Ring. Until the next downtime all invocations and kiho activation checks made with this ring add additional bonus successes equal to your School Rank Rank 1: Scholar Skills Fitness Martial Arts [Unarmed] Mediation Rank 1 Water Invocation Freezing the Lifeblood Striking as Earth Rank 2: Martial Skills Sincerity Theology Medicine Rank 1-2 Earth Kiho Way of the Earthquake Open Hand Style Rank 3: Q: Why Water/Earth? A: Mostly because Togashi are Fire/Earth and Kaito are Air/Water so I wanted something different. Q: What is their Invocation flavor? A: I'm leaning towards Elemental, because Phoenix, but Fortunist is a solid contender, because Monk. Q: Why can Henshin do Invocations? A: Because I want them to. A Watsonian answer however would be that Henshin focus on and close attunement to the elements enables them to build an intimate relationship with the Kami that the Togashi lack due to focusing on internal practices and thus Kiho. Alternatively, the Henshin invocations are only mechanically similar to the Shugenja Invocations, in actuality being a direct manipulation of the elements by means of Henshin Mysteries. Q: What's the logic behind the school ability? A: Togashi gain 6 free kiho and add school rank bonus successes to them. Fortunists gain 6 free invocations and add school rank bonus successes to them. Henshin don't get free kiho or invocations, but they can add bonus successes to all checks in one ring. This makes them potentially narrowly more powerful than either, but requires planning of which ring you are going to use.
  6. ive used the Tavson,Qd,Sch and muse. its solid, but it lacks something that makes it "that good list" But its fun and ive gone 50/50 in 6 games so far
  7. Alright, so Luke prior to his training with Yoda falls somewhere between Ezra and Kanan. Makes sense. Now I'm curious what Jedi Knight Luke from RotJ might look like.
  8. We have yet to see a large base turret able to equip it alongside free non-action infinite init rotates.
  9. I won't be using any of the limited, taboo nor dual class cards. Changing rules to accomodate is part and parcel, but when they're are badly thought out in the first place as were the "gold" cards, who says down the line they won't need another errata to errata an errata. I play this game for enjoyment and immersion in the Lovecraft et al mythos, not thumbing constantly through the FAQ to see if the original rules are no longer relevent. And needing to insert 'other'. Oh please, think it out before making a major card implementation. Five cards in a threat area, plus rules on agendas/act cards, plus rules on enemy cards (have they been erratated or not....). Do I need to check at the end of my turn, round, end of the mythos phase etc etc. Ok, it was there before, but not to the extent introduced in The Circle Undone. I mentioned it on BGG, this will probably be my swan song for AHLCG, FFG seem to be making it up as they go along. Though probably not related, since Nikki Valens left there seems to be a severe downturn in quality (and quantity) with the AH Product Line. Bern 🙄
  10. @NostromoidThat's A LOT of good feedback! Thank you very much! I will respond to it in detail later!
  11. Hi All.... i have just started to use Arkham db for some deck building and seem to have issues with it only allowing me to add 1 of some eligible cards to my deck. i have started with my current joe diamond deck, and seem to only be able to add 1 beat cop, .45 auto, Milan Christopher, working a hunch and a few others... i know many of you out there use it (or even help run it) so any guidance or confirmation of an issue would be great...
  12. Would this mean then that shortcut(2) provokes an attack of opportunity, but shortcut(1) does not?
  13. Its quite important to me that our Venator stays in the 100-105 point range, since it should be less powerful than a ISD I in my opinion. Would you think that changing the def tokens to standard ISD-loadout and switching a blue die from the sides to the front (to somewhat weaken the total benefit from Gunneryteams without decreasing the total firepower) make for a reasonably balanced ship for the costs? Also, since you gave a lot of good feedback @Church14 would you mind giving your opinion on our Providence design too?
  14. Disney is a big enough company to have layers on retainer or in house legal teams, so sending out C&Ds would just be another Tuesday. Sometimes it’s not worth pursuing because of possible backlash in bad press etc. Something like actually happened to a YouTube’er. It can hurt sales if you piss off the fan base. Bottom line is, will it help their bottom line by taking action, or will it cause bad press and hurt their bottom line elsewhere.
  15. I wield two lightsabers on my character. If you can get away with carrying a double lightsaber I would do that instead. Depends on your time frame in the game and how well you are at disguising it if the empire is still around. A double lightsaber doesnt have the difficulty like duel wield does but you still can hit twice if you have the advantages. So its duel wield without all the drawbacks. I really dont understand why they made duel wielding so unatractive in this game when you have the ataru form that can do 3x plus the damage any duel wielder can do but without any drawbacks. There are allot of stuff in the FFG system that were not well thought out or much thought put into it and duel wield and linked quality were one of them. Unless your character is like mine and you prefer to rp using duel lightsabers over min maxing.
  16. murkkumise

    My paintings

    Here is few pictures of my latest paintings. I upload more photos when I take more photos 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team: Director Krennic & Death Troops: Chewbacca:
  17. I’m just hoping they add droid poppers (ion Grenades). The clones used them enough in the animated series, but if they’re as effective as they look, maybe it would be too unfair for the game.
  18. Just answer this from @Boom Owl, tells you and everyone else all they need to know:
  19. EVIL INC

    New Epic

    Ideas for options or ways that new sculpts could make the older huge ships better or more interesting? Maybe paint schemes? Not saying there is anything wrong with what is already there, just seeing if anyone has ideas they would like to see.
  20. With "childish" i meant plain dumb. The mind-control chips just sound like an explaination for a seven-year old who doesnt understand why his beloved good guy clone troopers turn evil. There was absolutely no need to further exlain Order 66, its clearly stated in EP2 that Clones are genetically altered to follow every Order. That was a interesting and obvious allegory to the Third Reich by George Lucas, a moral about the dangers of total obedience and blindly following orders. But with TCW show they decided to throw all that interesting social commentary out of the window and replace it with "they were just all mindcontrolled!" Before The Clone Wars show came along Order 66 was just one of 150 contingency orders, that was there in case the Jedi commit High Treason. It felt believable and realistic.
  21. No problem with this. A Yari from horseback becomes a short lance rather than a polearm, but you can definitely use it. Similarly, a Naginata is pretty much 'brace in both hands and charge past opponent with blade extended'...... More to the point, we're specifically discussing an Utaku Shiotome. Utaku Steeds are intelligent to near-human levels, more akin to David Webber's Coursers, Stephen Donaldson's Ranyhyn, or Tolkein's Mearas than anything deserving the mundane label 'horse'. They're supposed to share a not-quite-mystic bond with their riders and you emphatically 1) will not need a hand on the reins to let it know which way to go, and 2) will not fall off unless someone actively knocks you off. The Akodo can deliver a heck of a wallop - if you can arrange to miss once (by deliberately keeping only one result) and trigger Akodo's final lesson, then you make the strike TN1, and can add 6 bonus successes from Way of the Lion, and potentially another three or four from symbols kept in fire stance. With a heavy weapon - something like an otsuchi - I can realistically see nearly 20 fatigue inflicted in a blow - one-hit-incapacitation of a single big enemy is a big deal. I'm less sure how you see that level of critical strike severity aside from a finishing blow - and frankly, if you've got a finishing blow in the first place with a decent blade, you have (or should have) basically won the duel, regardless of your school. Part of it is dependent on the enemy you face. A couple of extra damage on each shot means the difference between each bow-shot taking out a shadowlands goblin in ashigaru armour in one hit and needing a second shot per minion - which is a problem because whenever Bakemono pop up, there's always a lot of them. By comparison, the Kakita-trained archer gets high deadliness shots - enough to inflict genuinely concerning criticals with a low-deadliness Yumi and potentially cripple a single heavily armoured opponent before they can reach melee range*. The beta did include a specific "charge" action, which was taken out on grounds of it bypassing a lot of other rules mechanics (the original version had it only as a move action, not an attack action, so it ignored Air Stance's TN penalty to hit, for example). There's no reason a future technique in a sourcebook couldn't add a slightly better written version of something like it back in, though. I think there's at least one invocation which lets you do this. Rushing Waves, maybe? * Oh, hello, Akodo Arasou. Didn't see you down there.
  22. Nerf Jumpmaster!!!!!11111oneoneeleven
  23. Schu81

    Inert Fat Han

    Sorry guys, I am late to the party! So, what are we nerfing today? I have no clue yet, but I am sure that it must be a terrible NPE. I have got my pitchfork and my torch ready. Just give me a short update, and I'll start shouting right away.
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