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  2. take away Leia and I'm pretty sure I'm okay with rebel beef as it stands.
  3. Yes 10 extra xp. Yes it's legal for the character to take, but using anything but the core book technically requires GM approval. Some might require a fluff justification like a teacher.
  4. Going back to the lightsaber forms, I'm thinking once you start to beef up your force rating a bit, Disruptive Strike should make Shien a beast in 1v1 duels by stacking a bunch of automatic fails on the opponent, regardless if you hit or miss. The best defense is of course making the opponent miss, meaning that you won't need to spend strain to parry. Of course, Niman counters this directly with Draw closer, but pretty much every other style will have serious trouble. It's also worth considering that a Steel Hand Adept that's invested a bit in Enhance could probably make a fair showing against most lightsaber duelists by hammering them with strain damage. Not a lightsaber style as such, but worth noting.
  5. I would like to know if there is a scan copy of the original starship sheet.
  6. Hey there, another newb painter here too. I usually use a couple of thin coats on human colored flesh. I don't do eyes or highlights, I'm not good enough yet. Then I just add my washs and then coat the whole mini with a light spray of dull coat. I haven't really found a good quick way to do flesh yet either, that looks great anyway.
  7. I think they're going to add Jedi Master to it. At least I hope they will.
  8. Ain't doing it yet for obvious reasons, but I'm really looking forwards to Sept. (and hopeful for Dec Upgrade Card packs). + Snap Shot and Autoblasters. Hopefully able to fit x5.
  9. The whole movie had pacing issues. That one bit of fanservice wasn't the biggest offense.
  10. Asmodee needs to buy EA or at least merge and then we can have pdf's.
  11. Can't make this session, graduation party. Have fun!
  12. bllaw


    Not sure if this has already been asked but can compel stack on a unit? So can I give a unit 2 suppression from different units and then do 2 free move actions?
  13. Oh ya I totally agree on that. But whether through human fallibility or the limits of game rules, there will always be imbalances of some kind. And when it comes to that, it’s important for the game designers to recognize what is the “okayist” to be the best in the game. And when it comes to that, a list that you often can shoot (AND damage), doesn’t combo you off the board before you even start the game, and doesn’t regenerate every damage you do to it, seems much, much better than many if not all of the alternatives.
  14. Today
  15. Leia to 6 points, Roger to 18, community to a low sodium diet
  16. I would pick something humorously difficult to take back alive, then have these zoologists or xenologists really play up how good they are at their job, since they use the excuse so much. These guys really believe that your Party is the best of the best when it comes to catching dangerous animals, and so they shouldn't insult them by offering things like help or advice! Also, I'd totally pick Kryat Dragons, but I am also a sadist, so maybe don't take my GMing advice.
  17. back when I was in the army, some guys were cheating at Spades because they could, even though they were way ahead. It was more about cheating than about winning. I have seen cheaters in competitive play and there will always be those guys because it is the nature of the beast
  18. OK cool. Thanks, I thought we had, but wanted to double check.
  19. You played it correctly. She can attack three times but it needs to be a different unit every time. All units need to be eligible targets, that means 4+ range and in line of sight. So if there are only 2 eligible units for an attack, Leia can only attack twice.
  20. I'm not opposed to it being a part of the meta, it just feels like it's a touch more powerful than lots of other lists right now. And sure something will probably always end up being more efficient for its points, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't try to reach a perfect balance.
  21. from dice pool. when you see a phrase that says "remove a/this die..." it means from the pool
  22. Not all of them have that ability. In fact, most of them don't, and I don't recommend giving it away so freely as it cheapens the impact when it actually show up.
  23. I've often found that some of my players will spend Threat against their characters more harshly than I would tend towards. A little of that might be for the angst, but they don't overdo it into the realm of misery-porn.
  24. I feel that there might be 14 to 24 pages of reprinted material in Collapse of the Republic. FFG has proven three times already that the cross-line books are written with the assumption that the buyer only has one CRB and the new book. It's actually a smart business model. I've seen games where you had to have supplement X to use supplement Y, and it can be a turn-off. Still, the new book is 144 pages, so even if we have 24 pages of reprinted material, that's still 120 pages of new material (approximately). From the first article for Collapse, we know that we're getting 3 new specs for the Clone Soldier. We know that they are reprinting the Clone species. There is no mention of Jedi specs. I personally think that they are going to reprint the Jedi Knight and Padawan. Plus 2 Force Powers. I don't have a problem with it.
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