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  2. Yes I have seen your Zeta class- in fact it was the inspiration for this project. Yep I’ve looked on thingiverse but didn’t find anything either.
  3. Thanks all for all the helpful responses! I will give my players the following options: Samurai from within Family, attended Family school or other Clan school Samurai from within Clan, attended their own Family school (preferred) or other Clan school I will need a story from them why they now serve this daimyo Samurai from outside the Clan, will need a reason why they joined the Crab and this Family in particular I am leaning towards Yasuki or a minor family within the Yasuki - primarily because this seems to offer a more diverse range of adventure options
  4. My next project is the Specialists. I have been doing some conversions again, and so here is my Cerean Rebel officer.
  5. Hello! Episode 2 of the painting series is now up if anyone's interested. I hope you enjoy it!
  6. I use med droids to protect either Palpatine or Boba Fett since this basically increases their health from 5 to 7 and for the best defending units in the game, that is a tremendous help since each of their health points is worth a lot. this frees me up to use them easier and not be too scared to let them out in the open in line of sight of a few too many units. extremely effective in my games Fett has yet to die under my control with a med droid helping him.
  7. If you want to do that in a non-competitive list and you have your opponent's approval, sure go ahead. Some of the Operations might also allow for non-standard list building, I'm not intimately familiar with them to be honest. Otherwise, most miniature's games have some kind of requirements that need to be filled for list building, even if it's just a commander of some description. Sometimes it's for "lore" reasons (the units are the main core of the army, so widely fielded, Entourage allows for you to take more "elite" non-core units, meaning you can outnumber your corps selections. Future commanders might mess with the basic Force Org chart even more. I wouldn't be surprised if either of the new faction ends up being significantly more "elite," bringing only the minimum corps requirements. Especially the CIS, where the B1s are cheap leaving lots of points for other, more expensive units. With no upgrades, 3 B1 units leave almost 700 points for Droidekas, B2s, or whatever else FFG releases. We don't yet have enough information since only the most basic of troops have been extensively revealed.
  8. 1.0 I only played Empire. 2.0 has me playing Empire and Resistance and I just bought into Republic.
  9. Biophysical

    Inert Fat Han

    I think infinitite white stop Han is on the same level of garbage as quad Phantoms, and I hope it's taken care of sooner rather than later. If they don't, and we have to deal with it, I think the best tactic will be to keep your ships largely together. You don't want to let Han go 1v1 on anything, because that will almost always be in Han's favor. So spreading arcs to ensure a shot is probably bad unless you're trying to get to a key damage threshold. It's better to try and set things where to get any shots Han has to receive a lot of shots. If you're in a position where you've restricted some of his possible moves and you have 3+ ships in the roght position, you can try a "set block" where one ship blocks the end point of the suspected maneuver, one ship blocks a bit further up, and one ship is a bit further up from that. This means you keep Han in front of your ships no matter what if you called the correct position. I wouldn't expect more than one or two opportunities to do this, because Han wants pursuers on his flank, where they can't block, and where they have to commit to either the stop or the dialed maneuver. If you're stuck in this position, that's probably where you think about splitting arcs for a turn, because you might at least do one damage instead of nothing. That's very much a "make the best of a bad situation" tactic, not something you set up as Plan A.
  10. AlexW

    Inert Fat Han

    I would very much encourage anyone that has this opinion to a) play against it, or b) at least listen to Tyler's discussion on Mynock about it if you haven't. Tyler was flying four phantoms, which has a lot of the counters people are proposing. Tyler does a good job of explaining the issues even though he won, and he's playing a list that's also arguable "broken" in ways most 2nd edition lists aren't (which he explains). For now, I'll just say that for those that are using blocking as a tactic, there are times that Han is just fine being blocked and its actually to his advantage.
  11. I painted a pair of E-Webs. The gunners are the same colors as my previous Snowtroopers. I tried to add a green glow to the little dome on the generator. Here are some updated photos of my complete painted armies:
  12. Interesting. 3 seems to be the most popular choice. Empire, Rebel, Scum. I have First Order and Resistance that I didn't convert. With 2nd edition breaking them off into their own factions, it was a good time to cut them from my active collection. Man, I"m tempted to give Republic a try. But only if I have the money to spare. Which isn't likely for the near future.
  13. Scum is still my main, but holy crap am I enjoying the separatists.
  14. Y'know, taking all this in, I just wish we would get any amount of transparency so we can know when we'll get what we paid for or at least know about delays without having to become detectives.
  15. I'm playing a little bit of all of them, as my time allows. Though lately I'm trying to nail down a list for an upcoming Hyper Space Trial.
  16. I think they are referring to elite units in general, including higher cost corps. Not a 'heroes only' army
  17. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes. Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? Maybe once or twice a year. Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Maybe. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? Probably. What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? Don't care. I was not fond of epic in 1s edition. It's too big and takes too long for my tastes. I'll probably play it a bit in 2nd edition. I'm more interested in the mission aspect of epic, without the large number of ships or huge ships.
  18. Warning, these takes may be chilled, but they are definitely salty: Master of Keepsakes - A 3/3/2 for 3 Fate is a solid body, but will not take a spot from either Doji Challenger nor the new hotness of Paragon of Grace. Her inability to receive Dishonored status tokens is a solution in search of a problem, and all too frequent will mean absolutely nothing. If there is ever a Crane Shugenja deck, she will see play, but for now? She's binder bait. Benevolent Host - This is a solid card that you will want to see on Round 1 or 2, when Passing Fate is key. Dropping 4 Fate for a 2/2/2 body is a bad idea, but the Crane have a couple solid 2 Fate Courtiers you can bring out with 1 Fate on them. The real value comes from dropping a Yoshi or Winter Court Hosts for free. Even with the free body at their side, I am not sure this character makes the cut. Winter Court Hosts - 10 Political skill for 6 Fate with no Attachments (so it cannot be Mark of Shamed or Clouded) (and yes, this is 10 Political skill, because if this is not getting Honored the moment it hits the table, someone is doing something wrong) is nothing to sneeze at. Add to that a consistent card advantage? I expect this card to hit harder than Bayushi Liars, Fusicho, or Aranat, especially when the Crane are on your box and you have to spend cards to not die. This is a game closer. Gossip - Well. Huh. It was... uh... nice being able to play cards during the Conflict phase while it lasted. Looks like the Crane got their piece to stop HMT blitz dead in its tracks. Festival for the Fortunes - So, this is a card which will see some hilarious combo deck builds around it, but will ultimately not change the meta that much. Courteous Scheming - Good card in Crane, due to Magistrate Station. Weird card in HMT Lion and Unicorn who want a Round 1 Stronghold break. I also see this as potentially being a card which will be the go-to splash card in Kyuden Bayushi. Basically, you need the bodies to take advantage of multiple conflicts of the same type each turn. There is a reason the HMT blitz Unicorn is finally taking off, and that reason is Chagatai. I wonder if this card will make the Clarity of Purpose splash into Crane worth it.
  19. Five. Not getting into the Clone Wars factions for X-Wing (maybe for Armada, though). I'm having more fun playing S&V than I expected!
  20. They just put all Star Wars projects on hold. I think it’s only affecting the bottom three items on your list, though. Anything currently running (Resistance) or through dev (Mandalorian) should be unaffected.
  21. Do you own huge ships? I do did I play huge ships in 1.0. The C-90 and the raider were dustables. We used the transport and the Gozanti more often. I also liked using huge ships as obstaclest it impacted my strategy and felt more thematic. Do I plan to run huge ships in 2.0? Definitely Do you intend to play epic missions? Yes! Biggest draw? Epic felt clunky in 1.0 and it seemed like you were better off running 12 fighters instead of using huge ships. Between formation flying tools, multiplayer,and reworking huge ships I think this is an opportunity to make epic a viable alternative to the 200 point formats.
  22. Part of vader and palps cost IS the loss of activation numbers.
  23. Supply chain issues is a huge problem for FFG across all their products. The problem is three-fold really. First off they want the products to be cheap, which means China. Secondly, they require a certain level of quality, which means they can only work with a limited amount of companies in China. On top of that, the time it takes them to get their hands on proof versions to check for defects seems to be delayed due to international shipping. Genesys probably got a non-Chinese printing because they were so backlogged in their orders for star wars books that Genesys likely would have had to wait for a 2020 release unless they find another printer to work with, and the only printers that would cut the mustard were outside of China. This likely meant a lower profit margin though, so it's not likely to continue for ongoing product support.
  24. Things have the narrative weight you want to give them. Sure, you can use the Seppun ability and say "I'm going to use that saved success now", or you can use the Seppun ability "Friend-san, according to the charts that put the Monkey in ascendance over the Hare in house of Ebisun, you should perform that action with this slight tweak for greater effect." The "Striking as X" katas are not, granted, particularly inspiring, but starting at rank 2 you can get your hands on very narrative-spinnable kata. Except the legacy skill ranks. Those are just yawn.
  25. How about something like this? Rear Admiral Chiraneau (80) Trick Shot (2) Minister Tua (7) Hotshot Gunner (7) Hull Upgrade (2) Sigma Squadron Ace (46) Juke (5) Sigma Squadron Ace (46) Juke (5) Total: 200 RAC will attack first and make sure whatever his target is will be left tokenless for the Sigma's Jukes.
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