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  2. Sent this through yesterday through my phone, but for some reason it is not showing. I am having a hard time understanding Force Dice Commitment rule. In theory I understand it, but in practice I do not. Lets say John made a Jedi Consular character and starts with a Force Rating of 1 - meaning any Force Powers he uses, he rolls 1 Force Die to generate the effects. After playing several games he finally reaches the +1 Force Rating upgrade. He's happy because now he has a Force Rating of 2. He wants to purchase Battlemind as it has a pre-req of FR:2 and plays a few more games finally reaching the Duration Upgrade. This is where things do not make sense. According to the duration upgrade, he has to commit 3 Force Dice, but he only has a rating of 2. He could in essence master the entire Battlemind power and never be able to use Duration upgrade until he has at least a FR:3. Am I missing something? To effectively use this power he actually would need a Force Rating of 4, because the rules state when you commit Force Dice, your rating lowers. If you have a Force Rating of 3 and commit 3 Force Dice, you do not have any Force dice left to even use the basic power. Can someone please clarify the Force Commitment rule?
  3. my bet is gencon. ... freeking gencon...
  4. He's openly said as much that he hasn't done so. And that as far as he's concerned, those novels and other media are a separate sandbox from what he's doing. And each of those authors writing their stuff did so with the implicit understanding that Lucas could at any point go back and retcon whatever it is they wrote out of existence. He wasn't adverse to pulling ideas from what was at the time the Expanded Universe (for instance, the existence of Aayla Secura in AotC and RotS). And given how much of a tangled and frankly sub-par mess the Expanded Universe was by that point, I can't fault him for completely ignoring what others were doing. I've had a chance to speak with Timothy Zahn a few times, and he said as much that when he was writing the Heir to the Empire trilogy and if he included stuff that referenced the Clone Wars (which he did), then he did so with the understanding that if Lucas ever made films about them, it was very unlikely that Zahn's stuff would be kept or even referenced. Heck, he considered a pleasant surprise when Coruscant was kept for the prequels as the name of the Republic's central capital planet. On the flip side, you've got the hissy fit that Karen Traviss pitched when stuff she wrote in her Republic Commando novels, namely the pathetically small troop counts for both the Grand Army and Separatists droid legions as well as the active Mando culture being a warrior cult got overridden and overruled by Filoni's Clone Wars series, especially the Mandalorians being a predominantly a peaceful culture during the war and how Jango's status as a Mandalorian was no longer the "sure thing" that Traviss had wrote it as, thus no longer making Boba Fett the destined future leader and savior of the Mandalorians. It'd be no different than if someone other than George RR Martin wrote a book taking place in Westeros during the War of Five Kings, and GRRM eventually wrote a story that completely contradicts that. Or someone writing a story taking place in the town of Derry during one of It's feeding sprees, and Stephen King later writing a novel that fully contradicts the events of that story.
  5. Do you have an ETA on the stats addition? I am finding every game I am playing, I am wishing my Silencers could roll as good Green dice as the AI's /SF's and X Wings. I have done my own nerd as **** calculations on my games and on attack on average I roll 31% Hit & 7% Crit with 28% Focus. The AI rolls 44% Hit & 12% Crit and 25% Focus. On Defense I roll 34% Evade & 25% Focus, the AI rolls 40% Evade & 25% Focus. This is raw rolls, not including rerolls, tokens, upgrades or pilot abilities. I am only including raw rolls as it's not the AI's fault if chose to TL instead of a Focus and it comes to hurt me in defense. I am a little embarrassed to admit I take stats on games, but I love numbers and stats and this kind of stuff interests me. After writing this I think I have just realised what an utter nerd I am 😳
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  7. I hope for your sake this is just hyperbolic humour and not how you think people actually discuss things.
  8. I freeking love this list, Reminds me of my old trippel aces list, Redline is a beast, and a soontir in hereself, Love fixing the 4 k, and then adv sensors boost or focus , then looking, k turning and trowing 4 fully modded dice! I wanna try it now !! Thanks!
  9. i am definitely technically correct. this is one of the points that generally have to be clarified before events, just like who chooses what while jamming, if qi'ra can attack while standing on a rock she has locked, if dropping a rigged cargo or spare parts on a ship will incur the effects of moving through the debris immediately or not, etc. most TOs will let you use and loose the shuttles shields at your leisure. please make sure its clear before going to an event if you're planning to use the landos millenium falcon title upgrade, though.
  10. trigger is not a keyword at all. it's not even a game term, since it's not defined. it is used quite a bit in the rules reference, though. anakin has a pilot ability. it can be put into the ability queue whenever he fully executes a maneuver. r4-p17s ability can also be put into the ability queue after the ship it's equipped to fully executes a red maneuver. these both seem very much like player effects - and thus, the player chooses in which order to put the abilities into the ability queue. "if" and "when" (after) are part of the ability, you can always choose to try and resolve it when the ability triggers, as in at the specified timing, after you execute a maneuver. if you fulfil the positional requirement when the ability is resolved, you go on to resolve the rest of the ability. if you don't fulfil the positional requirement of the ability when it resolves, you're out of luck and cannot resolve the rest of the ability. i would definitely rule this in the same way for other ships and abilities. maybe you are onto something, though. i don't believe " if there is an enemy ship in your at range 0-1 (front arc) or in your (bullseye)," is a prerequisite for entering the ability into the queue, no.
  11. If the sniper-strike-team player doesn't mess up his deployment (assuming decent terrain in the board) the "hunter-killer" should be very exposed after this move in most cases. Trading away this hunter-killer for a strike team is inefficient pointwise. Nobody says that the strike teams are made of hardened steel but they are very cheap activations that pressure the enemy from turn one (assuming no limited visability) without requiring you to take big risk (low point cost, infinite range, corner-peeking safespots).
  12. DarkHorse

    Up coming Wave

    You know as much as anyone else at this stage.
  13. I have accepted that at any given time at least one (sometimes more) legitimately good Ace + 3-4 generics lists will exist in the entire game. Its my favorite archetype by far but not a deverse one outside of casual games. Right now competitively its Vader + Imdaars in extended and Obi + Arcs or Fenn + Zealous in Hyperspace. If you seek good generic focused lists you generally just need to let go of faction attachment and buy more things as they are allowed to become “good”.
  14. Blail Blerg

    Up coming Wave

    so.. when will it be now?
  15. another thing i encountered: r5-p8 gives a crit to the ship carrying it when a crit result is already available, instead of only giving the crit when the rerolled result is a crit
  16. I'm with Meffo on this. Different debate but same with the Qi'ra 'interpretation', allthough it is played 'differently' and 'more liberal' on streams. Best to agree beforehand on what 'interpretation' you agree on with your friend or TO.
  17. I wish this was me. I yearn for all the details.
  18. So over the past few weeks my 3d-printer was working hard on models (from Skullforge mostly, those are amazing) for IA to get me some homemade expansions. Since my creativity on cards/abilities is somewhat limited I wanted to ask you for suggestions on how to implement the following characters to IA: Dr. Aphra: Synergies with 0-0-0 and BT-1 Rogue One: Should work together Jyn Erso Baze Malbus Chirrut Imwe Cassian Andor K-2SO Bodhi Rook Inferno Squad: I made their cards already but they only work as a full squad with Seyn Marana and Admiral Versio. I‘d like to have them work with only the characters named below. Iden Versio Gideon Hask Del Meeko ID10 Seeker Droid I‘m looking forward to see your creativity at work!
  19. Author's talking about the stuff they wrote and the universe they (and successors) created in retrospective is always weird. (Just mentioning J.K. Rowling or somesuch)..... At this point he either does not care at all (that's what I think) or is trying to retcon things to suit some narrative.. Regarding to "there was no war between sith and jedi" both Legends and even new Disney Canon have mentioned atleast 1 war with Malachor V .... and as already stated, even his own works implied larger conflicts on a galactic scale.
  20. yeah, but is that actually a good list, or a garbo list that's just fun?
  21. My first ever tournament I forgot all my dice... luckily they had second hand ones on sale. Second tournament I forgot obstacles, had to borrow some. Every tournament I go to now, I triple check all my stuff and I still get the sinking feeling I have forgotten something every single time.
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