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  2. I'm going to give it a try on Yavaris.
  3. I am starting to believe that what ffg meant was that you could pick a faction at conversion kit release. Not long term. Of course, that makes the statement dishonest. But I didn’t come here to defend them merely to understand what happened. They got too hung up on “you don’t need to rebuy models to play this game” promise they failed to deliver on the single-faction-option promise. I’m sure at some point a card pack will emerge. I’m just not sure if it will be out in time to matter or not.
  4. I just own the core set, a dice pack, and the Pelta. Right now I just borrow my friends' stuff when I want to play a real game, but I'm thinking about buying more.
  5. I think 28 points would be a good spot. It would be a slightly cheaper but more fragile platform for barrage rockets compared to the TIE bomber, and be a decent option for fielding cheap turret ships. 30 points for a no-thrills dorsal turret boat looks good to me. Actually I think they'd be fine at 28 points with one turret and one missile slot. Maybe add the systems slot instead of the second missile.
  6. I agree. A fellow player also pointed out that this could potentially cause very tricky situations for judges, if one player denies having executed a maneuver at certain speed, he could have changed his dial afterwards for example (nothing in the rules disallow that after performing the maneuver) and then the judge can not make a decision based on the board state. On top of that you can't note down the maneuvers according to the tournament rules, so that won't work as a fallback as is. Not that I expect this to happen often, but the possibility is there.
  7. Stealing this as it is painfully accurate for myself as well...
  8. Gameplay > Fluff Always. It is a game of abstraction, it's space battles on a 2D plane. It's why the CIS got a 6 in a Nantek, is a bug pilot as good as Poe and Vader? Probably not, but they needed one for choice and balance. I think lore is important, but I will choose game balance every time.
  9. Just added a liberty Expansion to the collection now too
  10. I'm sure that on one of the voice commentaries George Lucas said the opposite, that Anakins powers diminished because of the suit replacing so much of his physical form. In fact the Wookiepedia page on Vader has a quote from him saying "Anakin, as Skywalker, as a human being, was going to be extremely powerful, but he ended up losing his legs and an arm and became partly a robot. So a lot of his ability to use the Force, a lot of his powers, are curbed at this point, because, as a living form, there's not that much of him left." However, you could argue if that makes it canon or not. For me, personally, I would say that someone with cybernetic arms can't use Force Lightning, but could use a technological solution to the problem of frying people from a distance!
  11. Still awesome though, very pumped for the Brown wizard to make his appearance and become a staple of my Boromir Eagles deck
  12. Read the article. They're about as different from baseline Arkanians as Neimodians are from the Duros.
  13. Why do I now feel the urge to win a major event with 7 activations... I’ve won 2 small ones and went 3-1 at Adepticon with 8. Surely I wouldn’t miss one that much...
  14. "We're all property of the Republic, and we're glad to have you. Welcome to Cyclone Squad." Gunslinger claps the veteran on the back, and considers. "Sounds like you've had enough names, already. Keep the one you want, or we can just see what sticks." "Cyclones. Let's get ready to move out."
  15. I personally think that the design of Children is alright, but I wouldn't call it good. Most of the cards were designed too conservativly, it promotes duelling (which is badly designed to begin with) and Miromoto's Daisho and Emperor are activly bad for the game imo.
  16. Today
  17. Still on the computers of FFG Organized Play. Published nowhere. They claim they cannot publish due to GDPR regulations (European law about protecting privacy in the Internet) but it's not true in my opinion. They posted Polish SOS results with surnames shorted to the first letter, and they posted UK results.
  18. Being a casual only means that you don't use meta lists or compete at tournaments. From my experience even casual players will adopt the official balance changes and role mechanic after a short amount of time, especially if they have a group they regularly play with. Consuming is always about entitlement. When buying and/or using something, everyone has certain expectations about it. The expectation that a company provides me with changed cards when buying into a competitive card game is certainly not far fetched, given that other companies do that. Is this expectation enough to warrant a refund, because the product is broken? Certainly not. And nobody argued that they sould be forced (by law) to do so. But printing "fixed" version as a bonus in future products as a sign of good will seems reasonable. Why isn't initiating a discussion in an official forum not a valid act if you don't like certain aspects of a product?
  19. Is any two dice generic correctly costed, that isn't a Torrent? Bombers are, I guess.
  20. Yes it is a bit overcosted. But not compared to the torrent. Torrent can't take barrage rocket and this is a big deal. The Sienar specialist lack of imperial gunners. The turret is not very interesting as you will try to catch enemy bin arc at 2-3 with BR I think the ion turret synergies not greatly with imps playstyle. Wait for next imps upgrades, because it has good potential
  21. Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress by Flying Frog Productions is a great dungeon crawler with some wonderful mini's if you're interested. Also, the Rising Sun board game has some great miniatures.
  22. Now in SW, I stick to increments of 5 for XP rewards but in our last System, the amount of XP for one session varied from 6 to 9 and the amount of XP you could do something with was sometimes as low as 2. Back then there was a possible point of XP per session for good RP per RAW. In the later periods, I tried something new by letting the players decide which character moments were their big favs this evening or who they thought just nailed it RP wise. The whole Table decided who gave them the best IC moment(s) and so the group allocated the bonus XP. I gave them around half the amount of Players in such bonus XP so they needed to decide together where to drop that XP (and no one could vote for themselves). At my table, it worked out great it was a pure moment of recapping the most awesome stuff from that session and they surprised me more than once which actually were their favourites that session. It also turned out to give me more insight into what kind of interactions they overall preferred and could try to put more like those into the plot to have more awesome moments to choose from. The other big benefit was shifting the Bonus-RP-XP from a possibly biased GM viewpoint (we sometimes don't see everything and possibly tend to favour some kind of interactions over others) over to what gave the whole table the most fun that evening. Such methods could, in my opinion, counter some (if not all) of the maybe "being punished" bitterness when it comes to individual bonus XP. At the time I used it for different reasons but I think it can work that way also.
  23. You did the right thing! 👍 These are good ships and there come some really good cards with the expansions! And you can never have enough CR90s! All you really need to enjoy the game even more are the Space Fighter Expansions I and maybe the Scum and Villains.
  24. We played a Battle of Endor reenactment before wave 3 was published. At that time we only had MC80 Home One, Nebulons and CR90s at the rebel side. They flew against 5 ISDs. That was really a cool sight! And I really want to do this again when the SSD arrived and all ships (even the Millenium Falcon with Calrissian aboard) are published that were seen on screen. Those games are for fun! So you can decide to play them in every way you like. If you have more funs with Arquitens just do it! For me it's more about the ship types and squadrons, less about the upgrade cards. But it would feel a bit strange, if Raymus Antilles commands his Tantive IV against a Vader ISD. (Isn't that another movie...?) But we decided to ignore the fate of the aces and let "Dutch" and Biggs fly over Endor, if I remember correctly. I hope you (all) can benefit from the lists I made. (Even if you ignore parts of it, as I would do.) P.S. Sorry for the remark about prefering white mal officers. That's not my opinion, but the way the Emperor thinks. The Galactic Empire was always described as a bunch of racists and chauvinists. (But that's propaganda from the winning Alliance of scums and villains, I suppose?)
  25. Not really. When we are playing, my table is covered with a laminated copy of a galaxy map. Much more useful
  26. The troll is not a 'creature' so he is not affected by radagast staff - we are talking spiders, scorpions and snakes etc here with the keyword title
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