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  2. It could be that you're just slightly too aggressive. It's a problem I run into a lot with the squishy Imps. They live by fine margins and very carefully assessed risks. But there are many alternatives in the Imperial arsenal that will let you get away with 1 or 2 errors.
  3. How come? The card says, before the ship rolls the dice, etc. Reroll isn't a roll?
  4. I am 11/10 hyped for clone wars across the board. Legion and Armada. I will say, as usual, I can't wait for First Order stuff. I love the aesthetic...
  5. She's likely going on my Demolisher, but that's because Brunson's already on the command interdictor - but even then, if that weren't the case, I'd still consider putting her on the Demolisher, because I can feel good blowing through the Single Evade, and then expending her for the Raid, as my list is already Raid-centric, its another useable source.
  6. It does prevent the enemy to attack at the shadow phase and allows movement and interactions, so still very usefull!
  7. I can't remember the exact wording on the card but I understand that it remains with you until used for its ability. However you have to discard it when attacked to negate damage. There is no inclusion of the word "may" within the first part of text, which means it must be discarded.
  8. There has been talk from the developers apparently, of SUB factions. Which honestly makes sense. Geonisians, Umbarans, Wookies, gungans, all have enough to make an army of by themselves. There are people that would play the thematic armies above as well. Now I am not saying that these thematic sub factions should be better than the republic as a whole, or anywhere near as comprehensive, only that they have just enough to fully field as an army.
  9. Hi Where is this 401 Games ? I live in the UK.
  10. Plus the Reaper is just generally a good ship. Semi unpredictable, surprisingly nimble, useful action bar, 3 red dice, well priced and ofc, crew is a great slot.
  11. I don't think gamers really understand what game design entails; it is frekkin' hard and a lot of work, which is way every game ever always ends up faulty in certain parts/ways/releases. Photoshopping images and text and numbers onto a card is NOT game design.
  12. There has been more noise about the card packs.....so maybe they will come up with those soon for you. Hopefully.
  13. Probably a dumb question, but if I get a Hidden boon and don’t use it that turn, what happens to it? Can I just keep it in my prepared area until I use it at any later point in the adventure? The rules say nothing about it expiring, so I just have it and use it to become spontaneously hidden at some future juncture?
  14. Do you mean because she is a woman, and a woman on a Demolisher is fun? That is sexist 😉. If you mean for the evade and cancel a die? Brunson is (in most cases) better for this. But Iden really shine on the Raider. On a ship with many evade tokens. Or maybe even on a Gozanti, if you dont have the points for Tua + ECM.
  15. I tried to get by on just 4 factions all converted from kits, but the resistance sucked me in anyway with their large number of high initiative pilots to choose from — and I happen to like Ace play. I can take 4 I5s with a bid? Yes please! I am still having fun in 2.0, but mostly because I try all the factions. Right after points drop I was having fun with 2x IG2000 plus Lando falcon with IGD. My first Hyperspace event I went with was a (now illegal) squad leader Null, QD, and fanatical FOs to fill the list. I’m less worried about not getting new ships until all the old ones are out — I couldn’t afford to keep up so many factions with fresh content every wave! I am however worried about must have upgrades that make my ships better being locked behind new factions.
  16. True I was meaning that we can't say definitively that Lincoln wasn't trying to set himself up as a dictator because there is no solid proof either way. And there are enough things the Union did during the civil war without him intervening, or intervening but only after taking advantage of the situation like in the case of Vallandigham and General Order 38. that I feel assuming that he intended to set aside his powers after the war is naive. Yes he might have restored constitutional rights after the war but he also might have not chosen to do so. As for comparing Japan and the Empire versus Germany and the Empire Germany was newly transformed into an Empire much as Palpatine's Empire was while Japan had long been an Empire. I don't know enough about Japan's super weapon projects to comment on those. However Germany had its own plans for super battleships some of which were significantly heavier then both the Yamato class and its planned Japanese successor class.
  17. Happy Friday! Hmmm....I have most of the factions, but I still stick with just a few of them. I'm into Empire, Scum, and Confederates (I mean Separatists). I still enjoy the game with them. I wonder, Cubanboy, is hyperspace restrictions making it perhaps a bit boring for some people? I never play that way, but I recall you saying that a lot of your locals do. You keep talking about when a new ships is re-released that "Yeah, we can fly the x again!". I keep thinking.....why did you ever stop? 😃 Maybe only playing the restricted lists are getting old for some people? I mean the rules are out there for all the ships. Why not fly them?
  18. Not necessarily. The balance comes from the Droid trooper keyword, NOT from the grenade. Grenade has other uses not just against droids. I would think droid trooper gives other advantages to coincide thematically. A grenade with suppressive could be interesting, but would affect droids as well. Suffice to say, there are lots of ways to make ion work for droids, it could work as normal even. We don't know. Whilst being affected by ion tokens, I would suspect that there is some other advantage if they have a face up order token - like no panic, or removing suppression when issued and order token - which with B1’s would be nasty.
  19. Naboo forces such as the Gungans acted as auxiliary forces for the Grand Army of the Republic, never as a separate military force. I think these units would be support or special forces options, but not a separate faction.
  20. For what it's worth, I did give @>kkj full permission to reuse any of "my" materials as he saw fit, without restriction or expectation. I have no problem with inspiration/adaptation/copying/whatever. Having said that... as @GiledPallaeon rightly (and very politely) points out, some things were not mine to give. My sincere apologies to him: he was definitely the driving force behind the Clone Wars Set for ArmadaShipyards, and others contributed significantly also. As the set never materialised, I never had the opportunity to give them their due credit, at least not in the manner I intended. And I likewise failed to consult them before agreeing to hand over the work-in-progress. This is my failure alone and I hope it is not too late to set things right.
  21. I remember your old list and it was awesome. I built one like it for 2nd Ed and have found it to probably be my best list in 2nd Ed! I'll show it below. I'll disagree that they are stupidly overpriced. They are a mix between the two ships you mention, have a better dial than both, and can take a cannon. That's a great little ship you have there, especially if paired with the right list. =========== Here's one of my first lists since 2nd Ed dropped and it's one of the most effective lists I've ever run. I have won more games than I've lost with it. I would take it to tournaments....if they weren't all hyperspace (or whatever it's called). Gand Findsman (41) Fire-Control System (2) 3 x Cartel Marauder (40) Laetin A'shera (33) Trick Shot (2) Hardpoint: Cannon (0) Tractor Beam (2) Total: 200 I used to use TPV, but there was a points adjustment and I had the extra point for Laetin. Not really needed that it's him, but he's a good deal for a point. I would probably just use 4 Cartel Marauders, but I only have 3. Gand Findsman works well enough. Here's how: I set up with 3 Marauders in the front, Laetin behind, and the Findsman bringing up the rear. Laetin fires at I3 and usually uses the Tractor Beam. If he hits someone, they are -1 Agility, which usually means all those 3 red dice shots at them can rip them apart. The opponent usually uses tokens to avoid it. I've also been really lucky to hit and throw them on top of asteroids or right in front of one where they can't avoid it. You can also Boost them forward and maybe get them in R1 of your marauders, too. The dial is great for both the Khiraxz and Scyk. They both have 1 banks and 1 hard turns as well as Barrel Rolls. This makes them great knife fighters and you usually want them to cause a bump fest after the first round. The Talon Rolls on Marauders is good, too. If you go up one side in the beginning, you can turn in on whomever is coming in at you when you start off. You can get into all sorts of good positions when you get into the scrum. You probably move first and can be great at blocking. The Findsman is a hulking chunk that takes up space. I usually have him bump into the ships in front of him because he goes first. I admit that I rarely get an action with him. His purpose? He blocks the rear of the formation. The number of aces that I've managed to have bump into me as they try to blast past the bumpfest that is in front of them is hysterical. I'm talking about good players, like Blake from Hornet Squadron. He's not bad if there are enemy in front that have bumped and don't have an action. He gets 3 red dice and possibly 4. It might not be modified, but neither is their defense dice. I have had this ship hammer in on some enemy. I will say that in this, the Scyk is pretty key to things. Trickshot really works, especially when firing to Tractor someone onto rocks. I've killed a number of ships this way. Most people ignore the Scyk, but a few will concentrate on it. I have often been at R1 and just fired main guns on someone. There are a few times I'll just fire main guns at longer range to finish someone off, but other times I will even hit them with TB to get them in a worst spot for the next turn. Such as just Barrel Rolling them off to the side even further to be farther away from combat....or closer to the combat, depending on the situation. This list can dish out a great amount of firepower and is pretty mobile to turn on flankers and such. It is hard to kill one ship before any fire. It works well enough in the end game as the beginning. This is my favorite list in 2nd Ed.
  22. I was just thinking you should do some of the mundanes. Like Boba Fett vs. Han Solo, or maybe Fett vs. Solo and Chewbacca as a team. Rancor vs. krayt dragon would also be interesting.
  23. I liked the story of KOTOR a lot, but it didn't need to be thousands of years before the OT. Honestly, it didn't need to be Star Wars at all...
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