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  2. GALACTIC EMPIRE (199) "Howlrunner" TIE/ln Fighter (43)Swarm TacticsIden Versio TIE/ln Fighter (40)Del Meeko TIE/ln Fighter (33)Swarm TacticsGideon Hask TIE/ln Fighter (30)"Wampa" TIE/ln Fighter (30)Academy Pilot TIE/ln Fighter (23)
  3. Yes, a thousand times yes. I think the only reason Tucker doesn't see more play is the 6 point hike compared to the GST.
  4. Functionally, Leia puts white-out over the red maneuvers on Hera's dial in the PHASE she is active. She doesn't last the entire round.
  5. Or if you have a bomber DelHowlIdenMaulerRhymer (30) Del Meeko [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Crack Shot Points: 31 (40) "Howlrunner" [TIE/ln Fighter] (3) Swarm Tactics Points: 43 (40) Iden Versio [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Crack Shot Points: 41 (38) Major Rhymer [TIE/sa Bomber] (7) Barrage Rockets (1) Marksmanship Points: 46 (32) "Mauler" Mithel [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Crack Shot Points: 33 Total points: 194
  6. No upgrades, if you use the named pilots you won’t need them. Quantity over upgrades. InfernoSquadron (40) Iden Versio [TIE/ln Fighter] (3) Swarm Tactics Points: 43 (30) Del Meeko [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (30) Gideon Hask [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (30) Seyn Marana [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (40) "Howlrunner" [TIE/ln Fighter] (3) Swarm Tactics Points: 43 (23) Academy Pilot [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 23 Total points: 199
  7. Howlrunner. -20 let me run 9 ships you cowards!
  8. Ok, so running with that... FFG, revisit my Hondo thread and give us a Hondo operative with entourage for a Weequay pirate SF unit modeled after his thugs.
  9. I don't have the game in front of me at the moment, what's the exact wording on W1-LE? Without seeing the wording if W1-LE gives you a different option for an Encounter I would say that is your Encounter. If W1-LE says something along the lines of you can take a market action at the start of the encounter step I would be inclined to think that it doesn't count as your Encounter and you still have to have one.
  10. This game needs more respectable businessmen.
  11. I wouldn’t care how much it cost, SNR on Vader in a Defender would be awesome. I would care care if it cost over 200, but only then!
  12. Sorry if this has already been mentioned. For those of you comparing the Xwing CR90 to the SSD. The CR90 is about 13" long, if my 10 min research is accurate. My apologies if I'm misinformed. The SSD is OVER 24". This I almost twice the size of of the CR90. And FFG also said at star wars celebration that they didn't have a clue when they developed Xwing Epic. Models were nice but gameplay lacking. I think they put so much effort into the SSD to make it right and as a result it took them a lot longer than they wanted it to but at least we are going to get something that add more to the game then upgrade cards and a cool display piece.
  13. I thought you did a great job. Honestly I forgot all about the job you provided... Too much going on my first game
  14. Today
  15. Shadow Puppetry and Nazca Lines are what I think of when looking at Arcons they look really strange.
  16. Yeah, won't that be amazeballs. Luckily, your crazed zombie epic pony will have killed someone else. My sign says "I ❤ Epic."
  17. Goldeneye, thats the one i got; 4/22. I will stay on the lookout. If i see another, ill buy it right away and contact you. If you score one in the meantime, please report back on this thread so i dont get stuck with another! Good luck!
  18. Yeah, I'd rather think of the game as an alternate universe middle earth rather than trying to fit it into book canon. Because let's face, it's not going to serve as canon anyway.
  19. My group recently played encounter 1 of Rellager’s Rest. We are yet to begin encounter 2, but I’m excited for it. Anyways, I chose ogres as my open group. I enjoy choosing a monster/hero/class based on how fun I think it will be to play. I do consider things like what role it will serve in the quest, whether or not it reinforces, etc. I prefer having something adequately effective while also being fun to play. Once the game begins, I then try my best to win with what I’ve selected. First, ogres are not great. Of the five-ish “giants” (ettins, giants, ogres, trolls, ynfearnal hulks) they are quite possibly the worst of the bunch. They don’t have the speed of the hulks, the toughness of the ettins and giants, or the brutality of the trolls. An ogre attack (surge abilities for +3 and one for Knockback) is something to be wary of. Past that, their movement is nothing special, and they are remarkably squishy. A major drawback that really hurt while using them is they lack Reach. (That might be because pairing Reach with Knockback would have a massive impact on hero positioning, but I don’t know) I think they could be much better if they had an extra brown defense die, or if Fleshmonger gave 3 or even 4 health per hero token instead of 2. Or if Fleshmonger worked on both ogres. I did enjoy using them. Since the heroes had mostly starting gear, Fleshmonger bought another round of life for the master. The minion’s relatively easy access to Knockback was helpful once or twice. But they are fragile for being large monsters, and in a game where a monster can be downed in a round or two, Fleshmonger may rarely make a difference. I had fun using them, and the sculpt looks great. But they are pretty underwhelming.
  20. What is this, "real life" you are talking about?!
  21. The male smiled at the newcomers. Greetings. I am Kenshin Kakita. the male smiled. Do feel free to camp here, though I am sorry to say I might have to leave soon.
  22. Have you considered dropping Moralo's PerCo for IG-88D crew? For a 4 point discount, you get a pair of calculate tokens instead focus... but that's 4 points you can invest elsewhere?
  23. Good to know, thanks! Actually, the systems I prefer tend to go for skill-by-skill increases, much like Genesys. They just have more room to advance each skill. They usually don't have talents in the same fashion, so since I haven't seen complaints about PCs topping out as a problem, I was thinking it had to be because of the availability of talents. I have no problem with Talents, I just wanted to make sure they were enough of a draw that players would want to spend XP there, which sounds like is the case. Good to know, thanks for the responses!
  24. So another topic ("What currently illegal list do you hope points changes legalize) got me thinking- what is my "ideal" CIS list? I get everything I want in the list, and am happy with both its jousting and staying power. It made me realize just how low on Naked Vultures I am. At first I though...how about 5 ESC Vultures, and Maul with Hate, Kraken, and Probe Droids. That feels about like it could deal with the variance it would need to go toe-to-toe with a TIE swarm. But...that's currently a 214 point list. Seppy Drones would have to come down by **three** points apiece to make that work, which I find incredibly unlikely. So then I started thinking some combo of Bellyrubs and Drones, and that didn't take me anywhere I was happy with either. The idea of losing 2-3 ships as a matter of course in the first engagement just makes me so sad. So, challenge for anyone: I give you seven naked TF Drones. You get 1 more ship. What's the cheapest current ship that you'd feel meta-happy fielding with them, and how much more than 60 points does it cost?
  25. Yes, yes, I agree my friend.
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