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  2. You don't own the entire collection on vinyl? Ugh, get outta my Hot Topic. Abercrombie is down the hall, I bet they have Nickleback playing there. You probably can't even name Gerard Way's blood type, you fake fan!
  3. Han is pretty hefty, without much punch from the weight, so I have some thoughts. However, the MGTs are great - but I would up them all to Surveyors with TS. Just...inestimably more value. That still leaves room for Han with TS, PerCo, and Lando, for full mods on his attacks
  4. It's focus>barrel roll. Braylen wouldn't work as efficiently if they were reversed.
  5. I like your thinking! Also, ships will employ more repositions just to stay out of bullseyes which means less mod actions done by your targets. Let us know how it does.
  6. Important note: General only has Parry 1 and Reflect 1 while Master lacks both talents entirely (so get them from Padawan & Knight).
  7. so now that is on the boat, HYPE TRAIIINNNN.... it is time....
  8. If you're doing the focus barrel roll link combo it opens up where you can do it a fair bit. Allows you to barrel roll over a gas cloud with 0 negatives as long as you didn't fly through or overlap it during your maneuver.
  9. PS/Plasma is for the alpha strike/shield stripping, you slam/focus/auto-blaster most turns after the initial engagement. IMO, sadly, that eats any current BBBB variant for breakfast. You are right that one of Bs key assets are BR->Focus, but there's not currently any good way to leverage it. PS and FCS are both sort-of anti-synergistic with it (or the very least, the synergy is worse than with other sensor platforms that are cheaper). HLC is sort of synergistic with it but not working at R1 is rough on a ship that's so good at blocking. CD + Trickshot was cool when TS was 1, maybe 2, but not an option at 4 Squadleader was cool at 4 on Ten but dead currently AS was cool when you could run 4x BLue AS or TenBray + 2x Blue AS but both of those are dead now As much as I hate to say it, bwing loadouts have been marching on a steady path from bleh to bad
  10. Wazat

    Playstyles Poll

    Or perhaps next month could be "Which playstyle(s) do you *least* like fighting against?" Aces (arc-dodgy, init advantage, usually evasive) Bulk (tons of health, hard to kill anything; e.g. Rebel Beef or Junkyard lists) Deliberately Off-Meta/Quirky (I want a proper opponent, not something quirky, experimental, or deliberately weak) Device Driver (bombs, mines, and drones for area control) Munition Alpha-Strikes (wave of torps or missiles on first engagement) Shark & Remora (ace or big ship surrounded by scrubs) Swarms (lots of ships, lots of attacks) Toolkit Jousters (a versatile mix of jousting and arc-dodging) Top-Meta (I always fly stuff that just crumples against the tournament-winning fleets) Two-Ship Fleets (a scum special, but other factions do it too) Thoughts on this?
  11. Kuwanan with that hair looks like Hoturi. I find this detail eerie .
  12. 3rd running at 5 ships Ok. So after getting back from Origins and giving myself a little break, i got back into testing this 3rd mission out.. This was the FIRST of the tests that will have the added threat of Charlie and Falcon squads.. And man did it hurt!!! So i was using the B-wing Spot (PS5), Y-wings Snoopy (PS5, takes his Ion bomb and proton torpedo, and still has his Ion turret) and Imo-thep (PS3), and X-wings Shatter (PS4, takes his proton torpedo), and Shrek (PS4 also). Averages out to a PS4. Imperial forces are; Alpha squad- starting out, 3 tie fighters in the patrol box on the left of the planet, but in attack AI. Beta squad- 2 tie bomber regulars out of hanger 1 on round 2. Charlie squad- 3 tie interceptor regulars, hanger 2, on round 3. Gamma squad- round 4, two Elite tie interceptors also out of hanger 2. Falcon squad- 2 tie defender elites, showing up on the left side of the board (out of hyperspace), on turn 5. Delta squad- 2 tie advance prototypes, out of hanger 1 on turn 6. And lastly, coming out of hyperspace on turn 8, Omega squad has 1 tie aggressor elite. So as you can see, the # of enemies was a lot more than before....!! FALCON and CHARLIE squad are showing up for this running, due to in mission 2, for this 3rd running at 5 ships, the rebels FAILED to stop any imperials escaping to alert the base. There will also be all 4 proximity mines. There are 3 “fuel tank-cargo-turret groupings”. The turrets are Regular ones. Squad leader will be on Snoopy. Shatter, Shrek and Spot line up in the middle, to try and take them as quickly as possible to the Hanger bay 1, to eliminate it, and the threat of Delta squad. While Snoopy and Imo-thep line up on the 'east side' to run at the northern most turret, before heading at hanger 2 to do the same (Hopefully) for Gamma squad) while eliminating the northern most turret as they head in. Goals are still the same. if the rebels can eliminate both hangers before the end of round 4, Omega squad won't show up.. If after, they do. I did NOT bother shifting either Gamma or Charlie over to being Strikers for this running, but will in the 4th. Round 1) All rebels plan 3 straights. Alpha squad all 4 straight and evade. The rebels move. Both Imo-thep and Snoopy lock onto Turret 2, while Spot locks mine 4, and Shatter & Shrek lock turret 3. Snoopy gives 1 hull to turret 1, 3 more come from Imo-thep, not enough to destroy it. Spot destroys mine 4, Shatter deals 2 hull to turret 3, while 2 crits and a hit come from Shrek, killing that turret. 1 down, 2 more to go. Alpha-1 and 2 are in range to shoot, Alpha-1 misses shatter, but Alpha-2 hits him for 2 shields, Neutering his stealth device. Both turrets miss. 1xp both Spot and Shrek, 0 for the others. Round 2) Beta squad shows up on Hanger 1 (2 regular bombers). Imo-thep plans a 1 straight, to hopefully finish off the turret, 3 bank right for Snoopy, 2 right bank all others. All in Alpha straight 4 again and focus. Both in Beta too far to lock, so straight 4 and focus. The rebels move. Imo-thep focuses, Snoopy locks Beta-2, Shrek locks Alpha-1, and Spot/Shatter bump into one another. Snoopy fires his torpedo, but hits for only 1 hull. Spot misses Alpha-1, Shrek deals blinded pilot crit to Alpha-2, and Shatter kills Alpha-3. Imo-thep then destroys turret 2. The imperials return fire, Beta-2 takes 2 shields off Shrek, all others miss. Snoopy now at 1xp, Shatter at 2, Shrek also at 2, Spot still at 1, and Imo-thep now at 1. Round 3), Charlie's 3 interceptor regulars show up on Hanger 2. Shrek and Shatter plan 3 left turns, 2 straight for Spot, 3 left bank for Snoopy and 3 straight for Imo-thep. Alpha 1 does a 3k, while Alpha-2 turns right 3 and focuses. All in Charlie turn 3 right, Charlie-1 and 2 can boost left to avoid the map edge, Charlie-3 has to barrel roll to do same. Both Beta-1 and 2 lock onto Shrek, then Beta-1 does a 5k bumping Spot. Beta-2 straights 1 and focuses. The rebels move. Imo-thep locks onto Charlie-3 then boosts forward. Spot locks Mine-3, Shrek bumps into Beta-2, Shatter locks Beta-2, Snoopy locks Alpha-1. His shot with his forward guns then kills the tie fighter. Spot only deals 2 hull to the middle mine, and will not be able to avoid running over it next turn. Shrek misses the hanger while Shatter Misses Beta-2. Imo-thep deals 1 hull to Charlie 3. Shatter and Shrek at 2xp ea, 1 still for Spot, 2 now for Imo-thep and 3 for Snoopy. Neither bombers in Beta, nor anyone in Charlie have arc/range to shoot. Alpha1 shoots but misses, so does turret 1. Round 4) Gamma's two elite interceptors show up on Hanger 2. Spot plans a 2 left bank, can't avoid mine so just hopes for the best. 3 right bank Shrek, 2 right bank Shatter, 2 straight for both Snoopy and Imo-thep. Alpha 1 straights 4 and evades as has no arc. Charlie-1 and 2 both turn left 1. Charlie-2 bumps into 3 so gets no action, but 1 boosts left. Charlie-2 turns 2 left and focuses. Beta-1 locks Shatter then 5ks, Beta-2 re-locks Shrek and turns 3 left and focuses. Imo-thep moves and locks hanger 1 after dropping his Seismic charge. Both in Gamma then 5k. Gamma 1 bumps into Snoopy, so can't complete it. Gamma 2 goes ok. The rest of the rebels move. Shrek and Shatter lock onto the hanger, Spot lucks out taking NO damage from the mine, and puts himself in great spot to shoot turret 1. Snoopy also locks the hanger, after dropping his ion mine. His ion mine does 2 ion tokens to both in Gamma, and Both Charlie 1 and 3. The Seismic bomb of Imo-thep deals a 2nd hull to Charlie-3, a 1st to Charlie 1 and 2, and 1 to gamma 1. (taking him to 3xp). Spot then shoots the turret, but deals it only 3 damage. Snoopy misses the Hanger. Gamma-1 has no shot. Gamma 2 strips 2 shields off Snoopy and neuters his stealth device. Shrek fires his torpedo, giving 3 hull to the hanger, 4 more come from Shatter, while Imo-thep gets the kill shot in. Delta squad now no show up, Falcon and Omega still will though. Neither Beta has a shot, Alpha-1 misses spot. None in Charlie has shot. Imo-thep now at 4xp, 3 still for Snoopy, 2 still for Shatter and Shrek and still 1 for Spot. Round 5) Falcon's defender elites show up on the west side, mid map, on 'range ruler spot 5'. Spot plans a 2 left bank, 3 left turn for Shatter, 2 left turn for Shrek, and Snoopy, while Imo-thep plans a 3 right bank. Alpha-1 banks 3 left bumping Spot. Charlie-1 and 3 both straight 1 to bleed off ion. Charlie-1 focuses, Charlie-3 boosts left. Charlie-2 moves and focuses (Forgot what move). Beta-1 too far to lock, so rushes 4 straight and bumps into Beta-2. Beta-2 relocks Shatter and banks 3 left, has no arc, can't barrel roll, so just focuses. Falcon1 and 2 both lock spot then straight 5. Both bumping into Alpha-1 so get no action. Imo-thep moves and locks Turret-1 boosting forward. Gamma 1 and 2 both move 1 fwd (ioned), Gamma 2 goes ok, so evades as has no arc. Gamma-1 bumps into Charlie 1 so doesn't bleed off his first ion token. Shrek and Shatter move, locking onto Hanger 2. Spot moves and locks Gamma 2, while Snoopy moves, using SQL to give a focus to Spot. Snoopy then misses his ion turret's shot. Spot fires his proton torpedo killing off the first of the two elite interceptors. This brings him up from 1 to 4xp (1 for the damage 1 for a kill, 1 for it being an interceptor) and he gains a 5th for it being elite. This shifts Snoopy to 4xp, 5 for Imo-thep and 3 ea for Shatter and Shrek. Gamma 1 shoots Spot taking off one of his shields, while Gamma 2 has no shot, same with Charlies 2 and 3, Beta-1 and 2 and Falcon 2). Shatter deals 4 hull to Hanger 2, Shrek misses even with spending his lock (dam those blanks!). Imo-thep finishes off turret 1, so is now at 6xp. Alpha-1 misses Spot, Charlie-1 misses also. Round 6) Shrek and Shatter both plan 2 straights, 3 straight for Spot, 2 right turn for Imo-thep and 2 right bank for Snoopy. Alpha-1 re-bumps into Spot banking 3 left. No action. Charlie-1 and 3 each bleed off their last ion tokens moving 1 straight. Charlie-1 focuses, while Charlie-3 boosts left to get an arc to shoot. Charlie-2 turns 1 left the boosts left to get a shot. Beta-1 still too far to lock, so straights 2 and focuses. Beta-2 re-locks onto Spot and turns 3 left. Both Falcon also re-lock Spot and Bank 3 right and focus. Imo-thep bumps into Spot getting no action. Gamma 1 moves 1 fwd, bleeding off his first ion token successfully, then evades. The rest of the rebels move. Shrek and Shatter focus, Spot locks the hanger, Snoopy focuses for defensive purposes. His forward guns kill off Charlie-3, taking him to 7xp. Spot adds a 5th hull to the hanger. Gamma-1 no shot. Shrek adds 3 more hull to the hanger bay, while Shatter gets in the kill on it, taking him to 4xp. (Shrek still at 3, Spot still at 5, and Imo-thep still at 5 also). Falcon-1 rakes Snoopy at range 1 taking his last 2 shields, while Falcon-2 smacks him for 3 hull AND a thrust control fire. Imo-thep them misses Alpha-1. Beta-1 then kills Snoopy with 2 more crits (damaged cockpit and munitions failure). Beta-2 then hits Spot for 1 more shield, Charlie-2 rattles and kills Shatter , while Charlie-1 takes 1 more shield off of Spot. The rebels need now to finish off Gamma-1 before they can try and escape.. EEK. Round 7) Imo-thep plans a 3 right bank, 2 left turns for Spot and Shrek. Alpha-1 straights 2, bumping yet again. Charlie-1 turns 2 left and focuses. Charlie-2 straights 1 and focuses. Beta-1 locks Imo-thep, straights 1 and focuses. Beta-2 also locks him, banks 1 left bumping into Alpha-1. No action. Both in Falcon Re-lock onto Spot then straight 3 and focus. Imo-thep them bumps moving.. No action. Gamma 1 bleeds his last ion token, and evades again. Shrek moves, boosting left to get an arc on Gamma 1. Spot moves, and barrel rolls to the right, to put more range between him and those in Falcon, taking an evade in the process from his Intensity EPT. Shrek misses, Spot has no shot. Gamma-1 no shot. Falcon-1 strips 2 more shields off Spot, while Falcon-2 strips his last shield. Imo-thep shoots dealing 2 more hull to Beta-1. Then the return fire strips all of his shields, and 1 hull damage. Charlie-2 no shot, Charlie-1 gives 2 hull to Spot. Alpha-1 misses. Imo-thep now at 6xp, Spot still 5, 7 for Snoopy (who's Eva), Shatter still is at 4 (and eva), while Shrek is still at 3. Round 😎 Forgot Omega squad showed up. OOPS. Imo-thep plans 3 left bank, 4 straight for Shrek, and 2 left bank for Spot. After the imperials move, the rebels do. Imo-thep and Shrek both miss. Spot dies to Falcon-1 and 2. All other imperials miss or too far to shoot/out of arc. Round 9, The rebels move, Shrek deals 2 hull, and then Imo-thep kills Gamma-1, but then dies to Beta-2's cluster missile. Shrek survives. Xp shifts up to 5 for Shrek, 5 for shatter, 8 for snoopy, 6 for Spot and 10 for Imo-thep. Round 10) Shrek tries but fails to enter hyperspace... Then dies to the imperial fire.. All thanks to rolling a pair of blanks for his hyperspace roll.. Had the roll been different, it would have BARELY been a win. Barely a loss for the rebels, but as predicted, VERY MUCH HARDER, due to the showing up of Charlie and Falcon squads. Imo-thep earned 10xp, but would have lost it all from his EVA roll. 8 for Snoopy who'd have halved it from his EVA roll. 5 for Spot, who would have lost half and his most expensive EPT. 5 for Shrek, who'd have lost only his most expensive upgrade, and 5 for Shatter, who'd have lost an EPT.
  13. Really not a bad idea. OTOH, not sure if people want to buy the N-1 or Transport without them. Also possibly more hassle than it's worth. Wondering what Henry's Outpost will sell them for in July...
  14. you could always buy something that has the upgrades you want in it and then sell the model and other contents in the secondary market. then you'd have them day one. I'm thinking about that for multiple copies.
  15. All that and not a pip about the reason to play 32-c? (ie, the engagement phase coordinate) granted, I doubt 32-c will be worth the cost in the end, but the ability is still THE reason to take it well, that and it can strut its stuff on asteroids and debris without concern. makes it easier to position since you're less worried about doing anything with a piddly 2-die primary than you would be with WAT!?!?!? I'm settling (sort of) on lists for Thursday. Issue is I've bought three Hyenas (****** Lion King) so these lists aren't entirely made for the sake of being competitive. The basis is Kraken 32-c (on the basis that that's what I want to play), the hilarious 404, an i1 hyena, and some strifeful servants The most "competitive" is probably the one that has Grevous to fall back on Scavenging Pack (Grevious) (42) DBS-32C [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (10) Kraken (1) Landing Struts Points: 53 (30) DBS-404 [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (5) Energy-Shell Charges Points: 35 (28) Baktoid Prototype [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (6) Diamond-Boron Missiles (1) Landing Struts (3) Passive Sensors Points: 38 (23) DFS-311 [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] Points: 23 (44) General Grievous [Belbullab-22 Starfighter] (6) Soulless One (1) Crack Shot Points: 51 Total points: 200 Other versions just swap out Grievous for Vultures, generally ESC or discords if I were trying to be more serious, I don't think I'd bring more than two Hyenas. 404 and the Boron Baktoid are my kneejerk picks for viability, assisted by vultures and a BeebleBabble with 175. Dfs-311 would fill in for 32c when it comes to giving mods to the big boys
  16. Yeah, ok, that's pretty scary. I look forward to the coming meta with great enthusiasm!
  17. Oh man where to begin? Clone and Jedi Costs are down, we have a new ship!?!?! I feel the swarmish nature that the last point update is pulling this faction towards vs Jedi being primary with clones as a filler role only. Has anyone toyed with a pure clone swarm or one with the Jedi in a supportive role? Here is what I have: Delta-7 Aethersprite Jedi Knight with Battle Meditation: 44 2x ARC-170 104th Battalion Pilot with Seventh Fleet Gunner: 51 2x Gold Squadron Trooper: 25 Total: 196 I have another variation of this list pre change but I want to make something happen with the 4 remaining points... Thoughts?
  18. Again, I'm really not sold on the combat. Lightsabers or so weak in games - again, done for game balance, but come on.. stabbing a trooper or slashing at them should be a death blow if they are hit. As egregious as it is in the videos it’s still better than the lightsaber pool noodle combat that is krap of the old republic.
  19. Also Crab just got a spoiler for another card draw character. I wonder if slotting that into the current deck would push their dishonor pressure over the edge. I kinda like this restriction since it makes other splashes more viable in Crab, which will make them a bit more dynamic. I wasn't be trying to be patronizing. I am sorry if you read that in the post. I was just trying to stress that it's only fair that the restricted hammer eventually hit Unicorn, and it is a good restriction for the game IMO.
  20. Thanks @Glattyator. I might downgrade to R2 on wedge and use the VTG instead of bombs and R4 on Norra
  21. 2x knights with battle meditation + 4 x blue squadrons is the new swarm. Having all list at same skill is one of best things.
  22. Fair point. This might be stronger then. Nu Squadron Pilot (32) Passive Sensors (3) Proton Torpedoes (13) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Nu Squadron Pilot (32) Passive Sensors (3) Proton Torpedoes (13) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Nu Squadron Pilot (32) Passive Sensors (3) Proton Torpedoes (13) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4 Nu Squadron Pilot (32) Passive Sensors (3) Plasma Torpedoes (9) Advanced SLAM (3) Os-1 Arsenal Loadout (0) Ship total: 47 Half Points: 24 Threshold: 4 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v7!s=200!164:240,136,,104,139:U.-1,U.-1;164:240,136,,104,139:U.-1,U.-1;164:240,136,,104,139:U.-1,U.-1;164:240,234,,104,139:U.-1,U.-1&sn=New Squadron&obs=
  23. I would imagine the Jedi made at least some effort to do additional investigations during the onset of the Clone Wars, and may have still had some early reservations, but given the loyalty and importantly effectiveness of the Clone Troopers at doing what they were literally born to do, it's most likely the Council made the decision to not look a gift horse in the mouth, especially as on the surface of things the Clone Army came exactly as advertised, with Syfo-Dias having done all the necessary background work to make the whole thing feasible, and that Jango Fett had decided that the bounty for killing Amidala was just too good an opportunity to pass up for what amounts to a professional assassin. In Legends at least, Order 66 was buried in amidst a list of 150 General Orders, with Order 65 being the arrest of the Supreme Chancellor if circumstances called for it, though this General Order required a heck of a lot more steps as opposed to Order 66 due to the Jedi (in theory) being several magnitudes more dangerous than an old politician if they suddenly went renegade. And the Jedi Council probably agreed that having something like Order 66 was a good idea, as they knew better than anyone just how dangerous a renegade Jedi could be. Add that Palpatine had literally spent decades covering his tracks and preparing for this sequence of events, on top of the Jedi's own abilities to perceive events through the Force being diminished (as per Mace Windu in AotC) even if they were loathe to openly admit it for possible fear of displaying weakness to both their primary supporters (the Senate) as well as their enemies. Then again, as the audience we have the benefit of both hindsight (we know how all this ultimately turns out) and being able to act as outside observers who are aware of facts that the individuals in the story aren't aware of.
  24. I had full protons with PS on the blades and Braylen has AS. Never found much use for CD on B-Wings, but I've been told I tend to underrate that upgrade in general.
  25. Spyglass does nothing to the current "best" Unicorn deck...…...since none of them need Spyglass. While it was meant more for Crab, it's nothing more than a minor nuisance for Unicorn players that were still using Spyglass is what was likely a sub-optimal deck for this current meta and available card pool. It does help future-proof Shiro Shinjo a little bit as it's unlikely that the stronghold never turns into the base of operations for a "Superfriends" style of deck that would love to just windmill slam all the best Dynasty characters and then draw a bunch of cards. It seems like the correct call to me.
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