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  2. Ok I'll take a look Modifying ships like the Nebulon-B is a tricky thing, because you rarely see Nebulons taken without the Yavaris title, and it's a distinct difference when a Nebulon is fielded without it. Like giving a Gladiator multiple torpedo slots (which can be abused by Demolisher), what first stood out to me was how much Yavaris would like to use this ship. Nevermind that it's only 9 points more than the standard Nebulons, the dual offensive retro and weapons team means you can inflate this to fighter 4 (5 with a token), command at long range, wielding bomber command center, and add a blue die to your fighters to double-tap with. Considering Yavaris is in some cases better than most other available carriers, it's an avenue of abuse I wouldn't condone. The drawbacks I see- decreased AA range (not much of one since it trades range for hit percentage), 9 points increase in cost, speed 2, and no aft battery is not worth the dramatically increased potential out of this platform (Yavaris setup, Fleet Support Slot, decrease in command rating to 1). Nebulons are weak I'll grant, but in my experience it isn't worth the dramatic trade off here when Yavaris already can one-shot many ships in one activation without anyone to oppose them and isn't racing to get anywhere with speed 3. The Yavaris issue aside; Battery is close to standard, with a slight increase in the side arcs. Ackbar is going to like this ship better if you're brave enough to point the broadside at someone, which is not often in a Nebulon. Chances are you'll use this for the fighter supremacy but a little incidental Ackbar bonus is also helpful. I'll assure you nobody is going to miss the dice out of the rear arc, since I don't believe Nebulons live long enough to pass their targets and fire out the rear. Your battery die trades range for effectiveness off the Escort Frigate version, which is acceptable since the various ISD versions also play with AA die effectiveness. This weapons setup is interesting enough to make this nebulon a variant of its own, especially if you take this and exchange the support team for a weapons slot on the escort version. Looking at your Command ratings I should probably add a rule to the OP of respecting precedent, since I always do this when creating new ship variants. There's typically a reason for FFG doing what they do (after multiple rounds of in-house testing), and it saves you time on testing everything. I say this because I can't think of a reason to decrease the command rating of this ship to 1, where every other Nebulon is at 2. Fighter 3 already makes this better than the Nebulon Escort frigate and will likely make that platform obsolete (especially for Yavaris, see above). Engineering 3 is standard, so no comment there. Your defense token setup is also standard, also retaining the Nebulon-B's dramatic weaknesses when shot into the side arcs. Weak as this setup is, since it isn't as dismal as the Quasar Fire's defensive setup. I still don't feel this is as big of a drawback as the rest of the carrier. Hull is also standard for the class, which is good. Your maneuver chart takes a drawback off of speed, which is a kiss of death in most cases. However again, with the Yavaris platform you're already playing it slow in order to stay with your fighters (which are likely B-Wings), and keep your forward arc aimed at your opponent. I don't see it as much of a detriment to this setup, if this were a Nebulon-B designed for flanking maneuvers it would be different. As a carrier this feels like a minor hiccup it can live with, especially with clicks at all points on the chart. Your upgrade suite as I mentioned above is overly generous to the Nebulon, inflating the 3 upgrade slots to 5 and giving you everything you need for a carrier-full-of-abuse with the Nebulon. Even without the Nebulon title this is a better setup for a carrier than arguably the Pelta since you'll retain fighter 5 with boosted comms after token support. This ship isn't going to miss losing speed 3. If you wanted to test the potential of abuse out of this, I'd recommend a gaggle of ace fighters on this with Yavaris, Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms, Bomber Command Centers, and Expanded Hangars with a GR-75 passing a fighter token. Hand it to someone with experience flying Yavaris, then try to beat it. I'd put money on most players not wanting to face 10 attacks out of 5 ace fighters with a free re-roll for their bombers (and blue dice if Toryn is on the GR). I see what you're doing here, but Yavaris is one of those albatrosses in the game that make it difficult to balance for (same thing with Demolisher, and Rieekan, and the original Rhymer). Rebel fighters are already superior combatants in all things, which is why FFG hasn't been eager to give them a really fantastic carrier. It's all well and good for players to design such ships for them (as I imagine the MC85 Raddus will one day be such an expensive carrier), but putting it on a small ship- especially the Nebulon- is an avenue of abuse I wouldn't condone in spite of its glaring weaknesses. If you want to move on from here I'd recommend one or two dramatic and fearful cuts to the design that preserve whatever it is you want out of it, but also not making it stand out over other Nebulons. A couple of points I can suggest, though don't apply all of them since it may severely underpower the design; > Keep one offensive retrofit slot and leave it at fighter 2 (if you want to keep command 1). >Reduce all battery dice by 1 (in exchange for the great fighter control ability). >If you want to keep it at Fighter 3, eliminate the weapons team and one offensive retrofit OR both offensive retrofits. >If you want to tweak the Escort Nebulon slightly, just overlay the Escort version with your battery/AA setup. Bring it up to command 2 and swap out the support team slot for a fleet support slot. I'd say you could also swap out the turbolaser slot for an offensive retrofit if you bring Fighter 2 down to fighter 1, to limit Yavaris abuse. Sorry if that's a bit intense, but that's how I see it. I think any one of the highlights about this thing could be interesting but all in one package, it's too much. And Yavaris is a problem going above what you bring in this design.
  3. Does the Emperor block anything or does he just not do anything evil in public. Do Jedi have the ability to detect latent evil or only currently active negative thoughts & emotions?
  4. I consider them to be merely one Dev, Staff Writer, or Freelancer's take on a general purpose option for those characters. Not a definitive statting, or even much of a power gauge, but just a "here's what I think this guy should kinda look like." In most cases, these stats are probably fine. I have no problem with players being able to curb-stomp major characters because major characters will most likely never, ever, ever directly confront the players unless either they have the advantage, or it's in circumstances I set up for them to be curb-stomped. And even then it's Sci-fi/Fantasy... only the deadest of the dead have to stay that way. If the players kick Boba off a cliff, no biggy, he miraculously survives because it's what characters like that do. Moff Tarkin is a bad dude, but he isn't gonna have soak 6 cortisis armor, so a good shot or two from a blaster should do it. That said, it's unlikely that Tarkin will ever look the party in the eye unless he's already in total control of the situation. He didn't get to be Grand Moff by taking silly risks. By comparison Boba and Vader are pretty dang nasty, even for a higher tier player, though not really the party as a whole simply due to how the game works. That said, as seen on TV these NPCs wouldn't solo the party anyway. Based on the films and series, Boba won't come in alone, he'll have backup, be it Imperial or a crew. If he does come in alone, he'll also isolate the players first, so he doesn't have to tackle them as a group. Again, not stupid. Vader likewise wouldn't go against the group without plenty of backup (and preferably host a dinner party at the same time) , and would try and isolate the players to take on one-on-one if he could. All things said and done though, these characters as statted are just a sample, an option, a possibility. If you as the GM run the numbers and find them lacking or too much, you darn well should pump them up or dumb them down. One of the fantastic things about tabletop RPGs is the customization. It all goes back to that baseline concept of replicating what's on screen.
  5. I don’t know about every 5 minutes, but we do have quite a few quotes. Yeah.... I played against a quad Arc list over the weekend at CAC. And I saw some other fun builds out there i didn’t play against. It is really, really tempting to jump into republic. I have my full conversions times 4 (Original 3 factions plus First Order), and Ive been buying Resistance ships so I’ll be at 2x of everything Resistance released (once the transport drops).... Who knew weekly open play casual game night would prompt the need to buy so much more? I’m still not excited for the droids so I’ll skip CIS regardless. They’re fun thematically just not for me.
  6. Well, as a devout Imperial, the only thing I have really lamented not having was shields. And again, that's faction flavor, so if I don't like it, then I'm in the wrong faction. Because of the pilots, not because of the chassis. The TIE/ln is supposed to be disposable. So it is. It's primary feature is Swarm, and it has always been able to do that, at least off-and-on, in the meta. Well, this is actually more my point. It's seems that everyone expects that card packs to make every card in the game an equal-opportunity thing. And I'm saying that a certain type of missile that is not-faction-locked but only Imperial-expac-available should not be seen as a game flaw. To make Imperials special, someday FFG might figure of a good way to get Command Structure into the game. Coordinate is the right idea, but maybe something where crew upgrades on shuttles really help the fighters. The Imperials need cards that function like Leia--but a lot more of them.
  7. I'm an accountant by trade, so math/research nerd is what pays the bills 😛
  8. Like Vorzakk said, you watch your opponent for him to drop his arm or shift his balance and then go in for the attack. **Does not work against this guy:
  9. I feel like this has led to a general decline in content in 2.0. We're getting spikes of analysis after points changes and waves, but we're not getting people drilling down into matchups and counters, exactly because it's not clear what the future will hold. My modus operandi is to pick a squad and just run it against all the meta stuff for months until I have developed strategies against the top stuff. Now, I don't have strong incentive to do that, I just try some lists out and see if it "feels good". If you're aiming for long term development, you can't push the limit on squad efficiency, because it might just be gone next change. If you're developing stuff that's likely "safe", it's probably not at the top of the power curve, and it might be bad against the next good meta thing. I actually am not unhappy with any of these facts. The world of X-wing is still way better than most times in 2.0. I just think we haven't adapted to how we're going to talk about stuff. There's a shift needed, I think, to move from list conversations to archetype conversations, and we just don't know how to do it. If only you knew someone that was running 4 ship Rebels with Jake.
  10. just look at the dial, easy Sensors aren't "strong" in that they don't add mods, but they're literally game changing in that they make low initiative target-lock ordnance...possible you basically turn your little (insert system ship here) into a 3/4 die primary that ignores the range 3 bonus NOT to say it should be worth a lot of points but it's a big addition to the game It'll actually probably be the only reason to fly lil' Annie. Dude's a force user, so no talent (no juke ) or crazy ability to augment his piddly two-die primary. At I4, it's VERY difficult to get locks on very popular I5+ pilots Enter passive sensors + force + full throttle +/- r2-c4 Course, my gut tells me he'll end up way too pricey to user over Senior Ole (I 5) with juke. I'd probably keep an eye on him and the Decoys (super nifty for protecting your jedi) as the probably biggest additions the ship itself will bring to the game, unless some combo like juke Padme + Luminara ends up being particularly hilarious
  11. Tangent from that, what squads right now that are at least moderately competitive that you'd take to something as high as a Hyperspace Trial that you'd consider good squads to learn from and/or improve skills in a certain aspect? Seems like an interesting list to build out @Boom Owl.
  12. Sorry for the slightly late notice, but Wide World of Wargaming (X-Wing) episode 18 is up, and IMO it's a pretty good one. As usual, we're examining some tournament results and doing some good-natured bickering. (In particular, Vince and Drew try to convince me of the value of Gold Squadron V-19s and of Composure on Jake.) https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-6xnsk-b19a68 You can also find the episode on iTunes, and I can't express how happy it would make Vince if we got some iTunes reviews! Finally, Like and keep an eye on the Wide World of Wargaming Facebook page. Plans are tenative right now, but I think we're inching toward offering a guest appearance on the show to folks who best respond (obviously, in our subjective opinions) to questions posted on the page (hopefully soon!) ... so Like now, and look for upcoming questions! https://www.facebook.com/WideWorldGaming/
  13. Jeez, who knew RPGs would make all of us into a bunch of math/research nerds Not that I'm complaining. It has helped me out in more than just gaming
  14. Looking for an opening in the opponent's defense?
  15. I will have you know that I am a dedicated Ep1 hater and I cannot ******* wait to fly these ****** things
  16. I prefer this method https://legiontournamentcircuit.com/rpq-map/
  17. What exactly are you looking for?
  18. I am so unreasonably jazzed about this. Way back when X-Wing first came out, flying this beauty was a far-off pipe dream. Now it’s not only coming, but it’s got a whole freakin’ Grand Army of the Republic at its back, and it even looks pretty good stats-and-abilities-wise. I look forward both to flying it, and to bothering EP1 haters with its memeness. Now that’s podracing! 😄
  19. One thing to keep in mind is that a Brawn 2/Melee 2 character is not designed to be a melee fighter. Brawn 2 is average, not exceptional. Once you get a Brawn of 3 you'll see your success rate increase a lot (per the above table, from 57% to 70%). Until you get three dice in your pool, you're not considered to be a specialist, and with melee combat you're going to want a Brawn of 3, since Brawn also determines your damage. If you were trying to be a good pilot or gunner, either Agility or the skill at rank 3 is fine, since the characteristic isn't factored into the effect. And when you aim, that 70% success jumps to 75%. Keep in mind those numbers are based on 1 or more success. If you're interested in the percentages of 2 success or even of getting advantage/threat, take a look at this anydice program.
  20. More to the point: The Devs have said that a major intent in 2.0 was to eliminate "Chase" cards like the 1.0 autothrusters pack that came with a free Starviper. They've said that they'll make all cards available to all factions, maybe not every wave, but at least as soon as possible. If they intend to fulfill that promise we need card packs by Wave V. We're clearly not getting any new content in the rereleases and they're not giving Imps and Rebels any new ships (probably until other factions are caught up), so they'll have to have something out soon if they don't want to be called liars.
  21. You think the scenarios are difficult? That's cute. Wait until the finale! We were absolutely CRUSHED. It's the only time during the campaign that I wish we could've gotten a mulligan and started over.
  22. Some stuff to consider: R2-A6 doesn't let you change bearing, only speed. And only by one speed, and only to a maneuver that is on your dial. While there's lots of stuff you can do with that, it's not exactly game-breaking, and I'd expect to see it priced based on initiative like other upgrades that allow you to put off positioning decisions until you activate. Also, savvy opponents can game her a bit by flying slow, thus denying her the free evade from Full Throttle. Passive Sensors isn't that strong. All it does is give low initiative pilots a chance to fire their ordnance, if they survive without a defensive token and if their opponents were gracious enough to sit in their firing arc. You'll have to work to make it really effective--it will take some low-initiative coordinate shenanigans to get double mods, for example. Tempests certainly would like it, except that FCS is a thing and is definitely better for their ability, and they also already have a way to get TL before the first round of shooting (Colonel Jendon!), so I kinda doubt Passive Sensors x1s will be a thing. Dinee's ability means that even if she has a talent slot, she is unlikely to want Juke, meaning it's very possible that the designers have done a good job of preventing Juke Spam from being a thing with these bad boys, which is a good thing; it's not fun to have one card monopolize an upgrade slot for every single ship in the class when there would otherwise be tons of options available. Dinee with R2-A6 alongside a Sensing Jedi seems like fun, but not necessarily all that strong. Bonus points for including Saesee Tiin in the squad! Please please please let there be enough room left over after modestly upgraded Padme + 2x Handmaidens for something good ❤️
  23. I assume you mean the title. The Phantom title is used by both the Sheathipede and the Attack Shuttle. There is not a separate title.
  24. Thank you Elfik. Additionally, and maybe I'm stating the obvious here, but it took awhile for me to understand that even though I was in a 'Hidden' state, I could still be attacked (activating the top portion of the card) - which sounds to me like a contradiction. And that I could move while hidden, because typically when I hide, I don't usually want to move and give away my position. There are abstract concepts about this game that sometimes make it confusing to grasp, which I'm ok with to a point - and as long as the game designers are consistent with it.
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