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  2. So I was trying out a mostly wookie list this weekend. It worked OK. We were trying more of the IACP prices so I could bring in eWooks a bit more cheaply. What I ran was: Chewie with WA (11) Drokatta (9) eWooks (9) C3PO (2) Gideon (3) Ko Tun (6) ------ I didn't spend much time on my CCs and I think they could have been a bit better. I pretty much put in every wookie card and then some other fun stuff. Any of you have luck with a good wookie list?
  3. つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEWS of X-WING ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEWS of X-WING ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEWS of X-WING ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  4. Next big announcement will probably be at Gen Con (Aug 1st). Imo, what will come: FO: TIE Interceptor, with finally a agi 3 ini 6 arc dodger for FO. Still, the best for this faction would be a little shuttle instead of the Upsilon that we HAVE to carry to play with support characters. Resistance: Episode 9 stuff CIS: Trifighters (I just hope so !) Republic: Actic-class Interceptor Rebels: nothing, too much beef in there Empire: nothing. Many stuff will be in hyperspace shortly with the arrival of the 2.0 decimator boxes Scum: I can only guess DJ's episode 8 stolen ship
  5. I got a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel today - it is very nice. I know I've heard it mentioned on the show before so thanks for the recommendation!
  6. A few moments before Den's communication Briar was talking with the ISB agent. "I'm Agent Ostell," she replied to the agent "I was wondering if there has been a recent increase in activity on the station from groups acting in the Outer Rim, or anything else out of place in the last few weeks?" She asked thinking she knew what the answer was, but she felt obligated to check.
  7. I don’t think you can unvote after a hammer. But if you’re worried that I might be tricking you then you definitely town, which means I can trust you. Vote away! @Bertie Wooster
  8. Hyenas got, despite the fact that they could be the worst ship in the wave D: yes, they got incredible potential but they also have the potential to be incredibly crap fingers crossed!
  9. Probably better to drop FCS, Clusters, and change Protons to Seismics for Torps on Redline. If you're 3+Ups, I'd say QD/BD/Scorch are your strongest 3.
  10. Yeah his ability on his upgraded side. Both games were 10-9 loss then a win. I ko’d The AI(Lando). Then it had to stay there on it’s turn. And I clocked him again. Super fun games. And his ability is only good if your behind. But your also geared up because of his first side. cant wait to try out the others. but getting bounties is so satisfying
  11. I could see the board turning into a full circle but I can’t help but wonder if that would be too big. Or maybe close it up with a half circle that adds three more sectors (sets of 2 planets) Anoat, Bespin, Endor, Hoth and a giant asteroid field maybe? That and more cards (and Dash) would make me pretty happy.
  12. Another question regarding most of the HWK-290 pilots. When it says”in your firing arc”, is that 0-3 or 1-3? The question came up during a game.
  13. Resistance is neither spam nor jank heavy, but this is pretty close imo: 2x Red Squad Experts with Heroic and PA Res Sympathizer with 3PO, TacOff, and Rey. The Ts are just efficient, but with a coordinate, they get super potent. Then the YT still has force/Rey's ability and calc for its own shot
  14. I’ll need to check... think I had a hole in my Friday schedule
  15. Not just a Sunday... But also the day before the Canada Day Stat Holiday
  16. I was actually thinking of something a lot like this today.... ++ Standard (Rebel Alliance) [783 Points] ++ + Commander + Rebel Officer [50 Points] + Corps + Rebel Troopers [48 Points]: R5 Astromech Droid Rebel Troopers [48 Points]: R5 Astromech Droid Rebel Troopers [76 Points]: Comms Relay, Rebel Comms Technician, Z-6 Trooper + Special Forces + Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [44 Points]: DH-447 Sniper Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [44 Points]: DH-447 Sniper Rebel Commandos - Strike Team [44 Points]: DH-447 Sniper + Support + AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster AT-RT [85 Points]: AT-RT Rotary Blaster + Heavy + X-34 Landspeeder [174 Points]: A-300 Rifle Gunner, HQ Uplink, Mark II Medium Blaster, Outer Rim Speeder Jockey, RPS-6 Rocket Gunner + Command Hand + + Battle Cards + Condition Cards Deployment Cards Objective Cards ++ Total: [783 Points] ++ Created with BattleScribe
  17. ##unvote. On second thought, what if you're tricking me.
  18. Today
  19. Today I played two matches with one of my regular opponents at Tucson Games and Gadgets - Park Place. This is the first of those matches. We both wanted to play different factions than our usual, so he played Rebels and I went with Imperials. Here are the fleets. Commander: General Dodonna Assault: Defense: Navigation: MC80 Battle Cruiser (103) • General Dodonna (20) • Intel Officer (7) • Gunnery Team (7) • Engine Techs (8) • Leading Shots (4) • Spinal Armament (9) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Mon Karren (8) = 172 Points MC30c Scout Frigate (69) • Walex Blissex (5) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Reinforced Blast Doors (5) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Admonition (8) = 102 Points Squadrons: • Hera Syndulla (28) • Dash Rendar (24) • Ketsu Onyo (22) • Nym (21) • Luke Skywalker (20) • Z-95 Headhunter Squadron (7) = 122 Points Total Points: 396 XI7s are really big in the Tucson meta. Every player uses them, even on MC30s. Which, unfortunately, is why I don't run MC30s anymore in Tucson. Everyone (usually) runs squadron-less or with a minimal squadron screen, so running either squadron-less or with a heavy bomber wing are both pretty viable options for fleets. ---------- Commander: Admiral Ozzel Assault: Most Wanted Defense: Hyperspace Assault Navigation: Solar Corona Gladiator I (56) • Captain Brunson (5) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Engine Techs (8) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Demolisher (10) = 88 Points Gladiator I (56) • Admiral Ozzel (20) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Engine Techs (8) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Insidious (3) = 96 Points Raider I (44) • Ordnance Experts (4) • External Racks (3) = 51 Points Raider I (44) • Ordnance Experts (4) • External Racks (3) = 51 Points Raider I (44) • Ordnance Experts (4) • External Racks (3) = 51 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) • Slicer Tools (7) = 30 Points Gozanti Cruisers (23) = 23 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 390 Just wanted to try my hand at an Ozzel MSU again (barely lost during one of our league games). Every list that I build though, it seems really difficult to not justify spending the extra points and just going with Screed. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture at the start of the game. I had initiative, and even though Demolisher loves to last/first, I thought that I pretty solid objectives against this particular two-ship list. I chose to be second player and he chose my Hyperspace Assault. I set Insidious (my flagship) aside for the objective. He told me that even though I had Demolisher and Insidious, Most Wanted and Solar Corona seemed much worse to him (which was probably right). He deployed on the left side of the board (from my perspective) and I deployed from the middle to the far right side, hoping to avoid Mon Karren for as long as possible. Round 1: Just movement in the first round. His ships moved directly for mine while I slowly moved mine ahead at speed 1, except for Demolisher, which was an accident, and my Slicer Tools Gozanti, which was trying to make sure Admonition couldn't get Navigation commands. Squadrons move closer to my ships. Round 2: Insidious hyperspaces into the fight, waiting for Mon Karren or Admonition to bypass it so it can attack its rear hull zone. Admonition activates first, moving straight into the path of my other ships. After I simply move my other Gozanti, his flagship slightly damages Insidious before moving towards my ships. Surprisingly, Insidious is out of range to use its ability, so that was kind of a waste. Raider #1 (AZ) unloads its double arc, with External Racks, in his flagship then rams Admonition. Raider #2 (TX) unloads its double arc, with External Racks, in his flagship then rams Admonition. Demolisher unloads into his flagship, then rams Admonition once, Engine Techs, rams Admonition a second time, which leads to it being destroyed. Hera and her friends pounce on my flagship, destroying it. My opponent states "Wow. Now I know why you like playing with squadrons." Round 3: His flagship activates and destroys one of my Raiders (AZ) and takes away most of Demolisher's shields. Demolisher finishes off his flagship. Hera and her friends in turn destroy Demolisher, but are unable to finish off the other nearby Raider. Game ends 400-235, for an 8-3 win. Thoughts: While his squadrons definitely did more than their fair share of the work, this was not the best two-ship to go up against an MSU. Even with Rogue Bombers, the squadrons would have started to take serious flak damage once they started going up against three Raiders. My opponent was well prepared to defend with Admonition, but was not prepared to get rammed four straight times. I felt bad about it, but it was perfectly legal and a learning experience for him; he got back at me next game though when we reverted back to our usual factions. Hyperspace Assault was not the great objective that I expected it to be, or likely that I picked the wrong ship to bring in. Hope you enjoyed the battle report.
  20. Doesn't every game have some repetition or play out somewhat linear to some degree? Even games that don't have a story have the same rule set. Sometimes it's about how you change your style by using different strategies. That being said, MoM has some very different variations in the scenarios. The story might have some similar events, but who hasn't re-read their favorite books or watched a movie again to see what they missed. I have different groups of friends that I've played AH3 with and each time things have played a little differently. I'm looking forward to the expansion and what may be coming down the line in the future. As many have said it's personal choice how we choose to look at it. Good luck with yours!
  21. I got really confused for a moment until I realized you were talking about his new ability from completing his personal goal. Did you win both games? I've only beaten the AI once in solo mode with Doctor Aphra and it was crazy close. I've played as Bossk once but it was against another player and I did get my personal goal but I was ahead at that point and when my opponent was finally ahead of me I was on the wrong side of the galaxy to utilize it. Bossk's ability looks really good but I would think it would be hard to use. You have to hunt down and catch the AI to engage them, and even with a dice advantage in combat you are not guaranteed a combat win (my first 4-player game will attest to that!). I think it's a strong ability but on paper it doesn't look OP to me. I am guessing your experience with it was different or else you wouldn't be asking. IG-88 is my favorite but I am interested in playing with Bossk more. I think he is more suited to aggressive bounty hunting over the other hunters!
  22. Any chance you can fully spoil them? Is the transport just the 3-4 crew we’ve seen?
  23. Let's hope you're right. ##vote Ghostofnobodyinparticular HAMMER
  24. For a sandbox game the one thing I would like more is a bigger sandbox.
  25. No problem! Good luck stopping the end of the world!
  26. They seem kind of boring. I prefer the large ion clouds from HotAC. I wish they had made something big enough that you are encouraged to interact with it, not just simply barrel roll around it.
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