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  2. Author's talking about the stuff they wrote and the universe they (and successors) created in retrospective is always weird. (Just mentioning J.K. Rowling or somesuch)..... At this point he either does not care at all (that's what I think) or is trying to retcon things to suit some narrative..
  3. yeah, but is that actually a good list, or a garbo list that's just fun?
  4. My first ever tournament I forgot all my dice... luckily they had second hand ones on sale. Second tournament I forgot obstacles, had to borrow some. Every tournament I go to now, I triple check all my stuff and I still get the sinking feeling I have forgotten something every single time.
  5. Manor of Ravens includes 3 end caps and two extenders. The A sides of these extenders are identical to the ones in the base game, Labyrinth of Ruin, and Lair of the Wyrm. However, the B sides of those map bits are unique. They are cleaner (lacking the bones, cobwebs, and bloodstains) and the end caps are lit by a torch. Strangely, the Manor of Ravens quest guide doesn’t include any of these new map bits. Granted, it’s just artwork (it may have never been added to whatever software the team uses to design maps), but it seems funny. Very neat detail, anyways. At least they aren’t useless in the final version of the quest guide, like the transition tiles in Labyrinth and Lair. Left: Manor Of Ravens. Right: Base game.
  6. Meffo is arguably technically correct but very obviously not correct to the intention of the card. Yes. You can use the shuttle shields.
  7. And i am doing what people should have been doung to Lucas. Questioning things rhat lack consistancy
  8. Just ducking talk to your partners. God, straight men, get your **** together and stop asking strangers
  9. Presumably, it's about cheaper models, that aren't intended for gaming, but that people want because they have pleasant memories of the old Micro Machines Star Wars models.
  10. I really think we need a good thread on builds for every hero, and preferably a few different options. Some of it depends upon how many are in your party and what you are running on them. I suspect that the same build may work on two different heroes. You might have to cover more bases with diverse roles if you're running a simple two hero campaign. For example, on the Gimli build above, I really liking it on Aragorn. I'm also finding that most heroes will want to focus on two different roles that often synergize well. There's the added dimension that from journey to journey, the deck doesn't change that much. And when it comes to gameplay from turn-to-turn, the new card you bought just might not come up for you to prepare in the new mission.
  11. Speaking of Vynder... we actually don't know anything about her right? FFG should do some sort of fanfiction/fanart competition to write backstories for these pilots that they make up
  12. Lira is an option - but you then have to consider - is Grint/lira at two Officer skits more or less useful than a DCO with your twin Contains? Delicate balances tgat way. I found it only worked on a command where I was also forcing through STM!
  13. Nah, I’m definitely saying that the dark side is weaker. lol. The dark side is as seductive as it is misleading. It’s still very dangerous and shouldn’t be underestimated, but it gives a false impression of superior power through its accessibility and showiness. The light side is more difficult to master and, in the long run, more powerful, but it’s not nearly as showy.
  14. With a defense or a weapons liaison (or both) you can easily become a command 1 SSD as well, having tokens to spare.
  15. Today
  16. It's not weaker because you can do all sorts of messy stuff and be dark. To stay light you need to be good, and that itself is going to seem weak to a pragmatic force user. The quicker pay comes not from force dice, but from the ultimate path you take. The light side guy has to weave around Conflict or else loose their path. The dark side guy can take all sorts of shortcuts through Conflict.
  17. Hey, I'm making it as deep as Lucas would. A Sith tradition that cares more for the sake of the tradition itself than the individual members is an alternate take. Both Sith Lords want to be the last Lord standing but not by risking exposure of the Sith plans. In this they are true believers in a cause beyond themselves rather than just overcome with selfishness.
  18. But I'm saying that the dark side in the system is weaker, that is obvious. Furthermore the light side is actually quicker, because of the probability of getting two light side force points per force dice being higher than when trying to get two dark side force points per force dice. It's easier to get one dark side force point per force dice than light thus it's easier, but not quicker. The light side on the force dice reflects it's quicker than the dark side.
  19. 16 vynders 23 wedges he's approaching the singularity. Also, regardless of your opinion on wedge, we can safely say that vynder is much worse than wedge. Oh my god it was a bloodbath out there.
  20. Resistance got shorter end of the stick during recent meta changes. Their best lists have problems with some of the meta staples. Danger zone is still good, but doesn't allow any mistakes.
  21. I dont even think he pays attention to information he himself puts out. Like he is talking about the making of phantom menace and there not bei.g a jedi sith war. But even in the phantom menace it is implied some major even happened. The rule of 2 is known to the jedi.council. the Sith are hiding from the jedi. The jedi think they are wiped out...sounds like something really big happened to me.
  22. And we are not saying it is weaker. We are saying it is easier quicker. Which is what the dice result in. It is easier to tap into. It is quicker to to get access to.
  23. If it's just the morale bubble that would cause a snag, then the simplest solution could be something like 'Separatist troopers within Range 2 may OOM-9's courage value as 2' as a rule for our tank commander. We may or may not see vehicle commanders or operatives for a while, but I think there is some scope. Enfys Nest, anyone?
  24. Thats actually incorrect. Yoda, says NOTHING about the dark side being weaker. Luke asks if the dark side is stronger and says no to that, but that doesn't mean that he's implying that the light side is stronger or that the dark side is weaker. The problem is that the dark side is actually by design mechanically a lot weaker, even with the same force rating, even though there is nothing to actually support that the light side is actually stronger. In fact, there is a lot that suggest thats the dark side is stronger, or the very least it has some qualities that makes dark side users seem more physically powerful and capable. Consider the fact they actually have to have a much higher force rating to reliably be able to get the same amount dark side points without having to spend a destiny point to achieve it, a higher force rating than a light side user. But dark side users also have a reduced maximum strain threshold which makes even less sense. Furthermore, as they spend that destiny point to convert light side points, they take strain equal to the amount of light side points converted, and when you then take into account that their maximum strain threshold is reduced, they're suddenly much less physically capable as a result. And like I said, there is nothing that suggests that the light side is actually stronger than the dark side, and from a game mechanical and balance stand point, it's actually quite imbalanced.
  25. Some times I feel like he can’t remember what was published in the past (all the KotoR games talk about the Jedi sith Wars not to touch the comics from like the 80s) or he only counts what he puts out even retconing at will
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