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  2. Perhaps Averland Sunset would make a good base for the mining guild color?
  3. Trudem


    I have flown Scum Han in one tournament and hated him. Its really hard for a large base ship to only have 2 natural attack dice. At least for me.
  4. Suggestion: Use Pathfinder's starting wealth/expected wealth at level 1, to make a comparison point with Genesis. (For Pathfinder see starting wealth on this page: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/basics-ability-scores/character-creation/; I got a quick average of 120 gp) E.g. if average Pathfinder starting wealth is 120gp, and Terrinoth starting wealth is 1000 sp (I haven't looked this up — I'm guessing based on your comment), then assume 120gp = 1000sp. In which case 200gp = 200*1000/120 sp = 1666 sp. We could make a better conversion if we had two or three points of comparison. As for this to work we have to assume money's value in both worlds scales similarly. With that assumption 1666sp gives the same increase in wealth as the Pathfinder module suggests.Suggestion: Use Pathfinder's starting wealth/expected wealth at level 1, to make a comparison point with Genesis. (For Pathfinder see starting wealth on this page: https://www.d20pfsrd.com/basics-ability-scores/character-creation/; I got a quick average of 120 gp) E.g. if average Pathfinder starting wealth is 120gp, and Terrinoth starting wealth is 1000 sp (I haven't looked this up — I'm guessing based on your comment), then assume 120gp = 1000sp. In which case 200gp = 200*1000/120 sp = 1666 sp. We could make a better conversion if we had two or three points of comparison. As for this to work we have to assume money's value in both worlds scales similarly. With that assumption 1666sp gives the same increase in wealth as the Pathfinder module suggests. EDIT: This post might be more useful:
  5. That's a very good theory. I am convinced. That's definitely my head canon now. And at the end Padmé's pissed off that Anakin started an empire with someone else, cos that's what *she* wanted to do.
  6. Conteplating the release of the SSD in 40 days time (No really! FFG wouldn't let us down again. Not even delaying to July 2nd). 400/400, Station Assault, Contested Outpost, Solar Corona SSD-CP, Moff JerJerrod, Gunnery Team, QBTs, Leading Shots, Brunson, Palpatane (officer). 267 Mona, Bobba Fett, Bossk, IG-88, 2 Firesprays 133/134 I wanted an all Rogue fighter force to free the SSD from the need for squadron commands (through I may plot one for turn 2 to try and get the jump on opponents). There is no intel so I could be locked down. Against strong fighter opposition I will stay in the protection of the SSD's flakk and see if the enemy want a fighter superiority battle in this danger zone or wish to press an attack on the SSD using their intel while my rogues get an unanswered free hack. IG-88A or IG-88B, what do you think? It was a decimator for the full 134 points but I needed one point to squeeze in Palpataine. Jerjerrod also frees the SSD from the need for navigate commands, though I may bank a nav token on turn 1. I can now plot repairs for turn 3-6 and try and stay alive by moving shields about and repairing APT crits. Dam Con Officer may be better than Brunson against some opponents but Brunson is also good against TRC double hits and so I think a better all rounder. I'll get the Rogues to concentrate upon any HIE, APT or ACM armed ships to lessen exposure. I like the idea of Palpatine spending defence tokens for almost every enemy shot. If they double arc me this can mount up. Kallus is an optional replacement or Officer Vader and a Chart Officer. Missions are uncertain. I can't think of a better red mission. Capture the VIP or Planet Ion Cannon are options for Yellow. With no TUA/ECM option since the FAQ Solar Corona cancelling an accuracy and the out deployment looks very tempting. Superior positions could be an alternative as my rear can swing around quite a distance using JJ for a double yaw but it may bight me if the enemy get bood bombing runs - but they would have to get past 133 points of rogues who are not that great at Combat Air Patrol but can still hurt combined with flakk.
  7. Thanks for another awesome video! I would love to give you guys this challenge: Play only using pieces and command cards you have never used before.
  8. There is always a reward for being at the table, and that is doing what we all love: gaming. But that was not your argument. If you enjoy doing something, you do it because you enjoy it. I do not need XP or stars to read a book or see a movie, I do not need stars or anything to spend time with my hobbies. The work and chores examples, like yours, are always about treating gaming as something that people have to be rewarded for, or they will not do it. That is fundamentally flawed. If your hypothetical kids like setting the table, they will do it, stars or not, because the activity in itself is fun. But again, that was not your argument, because you specifically chose a chore, something that has to be done, not something that is done because it is fun. Gaming is optional, something you chose to do. Working / doing chores is something that has to be done. Do you really not see any difference? And that is why the analogies always fall flat on the face. One is voluntary, the other has to be done. Folks game because they want to, so the time spent on it is obviously already a reward for them. EDIT: Of course, that is all pretty meta and not really an argument for or against giving XP only to attendees. I just feel that both notions, i.e. not granting everybody the same XP is always a punishment and gaming needs a reward apart from, well, gaming, are off the mark.
  9. I agree but it is the best of a bad lot for a player who doesn't own the Correllian Conflict set, otherwise I would have gone for Station Assault. The huge firepower of a medium range ISD shot with rerolls and extra black dice could get you early kills before some enemy ships fire back even though they may have 4-5 combat ships getting extra red dice. Most Wanted is not good, there are no small point ships in the list. A Comms Net Gozanti and 4 TIE-F would make this a nice mission. Precision Strike, hmmm there are quite a few contain tokens on the ships but they don't mitigate the flipping of existing damage cards face up. There aren't large numbers of bombers availablle either so it could be a disaster of a mission against 25% of opponents and just not great against the others. Advanced Gunnery suffers from the Gunnery team upgrade on the ISD and the potential to give Ackbar Pickle lists a field day. Giving AG to the VSD or Interdictor is only a minor benefit for a potential loss of 73 or 97 extra points.
  10. My fav IG build is A w/ seismics + Fearless + Deadmans switch + title + Jamming Beam D w/ Elusive + title + Jamming Beam 4-Lom w/ Crack shot + Zuckuss + Deadmans switch 5-0 at the moment and its increably fun. D flanks and A sticks with 4Lom.
  11. Jedi Carpenter? Jedi Groundskeeper? Jedi Communications Director? ... Do they actually need anything else? While I wouldn't mind a Master spec, consider this: Knight has a prerequisite and therefore pretty much has to be published together with Padawan for the career to be eligible. A Master spec would probably have a higher prerequisite, meaning you'd have to either reprint Padawan AND Knight, or publish a spec and a career that's useless unless you have the other book. And if you reprint Padawan and Knight AND add Knight, you're seriously undercutting Rise of the Separatists unique selling point. From a publishing perspective, it doesn't seem unreasonable that we get nothing at all, unless there's some spec that thematically doesn't need a prerequisite.
  12. Or just leave off the offending upgrade. That seems like a good "justice based" solution. Want to run Count Dooku and General Grievous in the same QB list? Can't have the Grievous crew on Dooku, so it's just omitted. Want to run a few Feethan Ottraw Autopilots? Only one gets TV-94.
  13. Second game with pathfinders. Pao was nice for some extra inspire and this time the duck and cover + danger sense worked. They panicked once, but ended the game with only 2 dead. Rolling 6 Dice vs 3 hits sure helps the crappy white defence.
  14. Today
  15. In the second Thrawn book, Darth vader flies an original defender. In the last scene, he tells thrawn that he will support the Defender project if he makes certian improvements. The book is set between the season with regular defenders and the season with defender elites. Do the math.
  16. K13R4N


    How do people rate the 3x6 list with Fenn,Han and Dengar? Is there something in the idea of the I6 Pilots? Maybe Fearless Fenn + Dengar w/ title + Han w/ Trickshot. A few points left over to fit something else in, I think I saw a list with hotshot gunner on Han. That could worth as even if you dont get Han behind a rock just TL and throw 2 dice to remove their token for Fenn to hit hard and then next go you can get a TL+Focus shot off from Han. Dengar will be useful as if the ship doesn't have mods (from hotshot) they might not even shoot Dengar. I think this idea has been mentioned alot and it has never been picked up but with the right combo I think this could become a thing. Have any of you tried Fenn/Han/Den? If nothing changes and newly realised ship are added to hyperspace then this list will become hyperspace legal in a couple of months which makes me think it could be worth putting a little bit of practice in to?
  17. I deliberately snapped them off. I think they miss scale the model to my eyes.
  18. It's possible that I missed him, but I didn't see Derrown among the bounty hunters.
  19. The article writers, especially the non-English article writers, are not the rules writers, articles are not rules sources, and frequently get rules wrong, or assume something the writers did not intend. Articles are not useful sources for rules, one way or the other.
  20. Absolutely. Two big problems though..... 1. Quite pricey if you're not already an Armada gamer 2. Always out of stock I don't really have either of these two problems. My issue is having to either buy extra for Outer Rim or remembering to put them back with my Armada stuff after playing.
  21. Are you either looking for or avoiding things that would have a profound short-term impact on the galaxy?
  22. If there wasn't a reward, what is the point of anything. Whether it's the good times, hanging with friends, the rush of the challenge, getting sweet imaginary loot, the joy of the story, or something else there is a reward. People place different emphasis on different parts because, well, different people are different. Dismissing any one because it's not the way we feel is no more right than them dismissing us. It does compare to chores or work as well. What you see as a chore another may see as a fun activity and enjoy it. What you classify as work another may find an exciting challenge. Ultimately gaming, chore, or work it's an activity that you participate in for some type of expected gain, and if that gain wasn't there or there wasn't something that you received from it that made it worth your time, you wouldn't do it. That's what the crux of this argument comes down to for me. Some argue that by withholding that return from a player that wasn't present you are somehow punishing them. Others see it as something that is earned through by being present at a minimum in the event.
  23. That is just not true. List selection is truly important. And I am not saying "Best list wins". I am saying that if you go to a tournament with a list out of the 50% of efficiency you are going down hard vesus the top tier players with a 95% list.
  24. Still 'In Development' in the Upcoming section. I haven't really trusted this section of the site for years though. No rules PDF available yet and they tend to post them when games are almost released (or a week leading up to it). Latest article has no date on it when the previous article had a mid June date. We must be getting close now because of the frequency of the articles - one a week? In summary - I have absolutely no idea but maybe in the next 4 weeks?
  25. Gets even sillier than that, IMO. There have been some great posts earlier in the thread of people explaining that for the Handmaiden decoy thing to work, Padme has to know what she's doing. And that makes perfect sense. When she's young, she has to know how to play the part of a Handmaiden. When she's older and working on Coruscant, her decoy roles get more demanding and she needs to know how to fly a fighter. Okay. All well and good. But then you start to think about the purpose of this deep, complex rigmarole. It's all in service of a convincing decoy plan to protect the queen. But.... from what? What dangers is the Queen of Naboo exposed to on such a regular basis that a 14 year old girl has to start learning combat and how to disguise herself just to stay alive? Naboo is supposed to be a peaceful planet. Sure, relations with the Gungans aren't great but it's hardly suggested they could go to war at any moment. The greater galaxy is also pretty peaceful prior to TPM. Sure, Naboo is out on the Mid Rim where the Republic's reach isn't quite as strong, but they're a member world under their protection. And yeah, their rulers are democratically elected and serve a maximum of two four year terms. Is it even the worst thing ever if one does get assassinated? Wouldn't they just... elect a new one? Why all the secrecy and subterfuge? Why does this continue even when Padme is Senator, not Queen? Maybe the Naboo aren't really that peaceful. The Jedi were pretty quick to jump to Padme's potential assassins being disgruntled spice miners on the moons of Naboo. They must have some reason behind that assumption. Also, we all know what spice gets used for. Do we really think Naboo is mining it for medical purposes? Why did the Trade Federation blockade Naboo specifically? Yes, we know it was because Sidious ordered it specifically to get his Palpatine persona sympathy and a platform in the Senate, but they must have had a logical basis to present to the outside world. What if everyone were to assume it was the Trade Fed moving in on Naboo's spice operation? My conclusion to all this is that Naboo is a banana republic. A thin sham over a sector wide drug cartel. The people of Theed grow rich off the illicit profit, while the proletariat are forced to labour away in the spice mines, like the cocaine field labs of Colombia. The Queen who presides over this is obviously complicit, and requires extensive protection not only from the oppressed lower class drug mules, but also from rival spice syndicates and overzealous Republic judiciaries. Therefore, Padme being an I4 is totally fine. She's the head honcho of a government backed drug cartel. Clearly she knows her way around weapons and ships to protect that trade from all the unsavoury competition. Padme. Pablo. Coincidence? I think we all know the answer....
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