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  2. 1st running at 5 rebel ships Went with all 5 X-wings, Drogo is only one at PS4, all others are at PS5. This impacts the Lambda as it would shift up to an Elite (PS4). Gruff and Jinn each go with their Proton torpedos, while Drogo goes with his plasma torpedo. Chaka and Squeaky each only have the one ordinance to take. Chaka has squad leader. Imp forces at 3 fighters in both Alpha and Charlie squads, 2 advance in Falcon squad (one elite, 1 regular), 2 Interceptors in Beta squad (one elite and 1 regular), 1 lambda at +3 shields, and 3 tie defender elites in Helios squad. Alpha squad starts over with the Lambda, Beta squad starts in the patrol box. All x-wings bar Gruff starts facing the Lambda. Gruff faces off against Beta squad. Round 1, All rebel ships plan a 4 straight. Alpha squad all performs a 3 straight, A1 and 2 evade, A3 protects the Lambda. Beta 1 (the non elite) turns right 3, then boost left. The Lambda 2 straights, and focuses. Beta 2 (the elite), also 3 right turns and boosts left. The rebels move. Gruff is the only one in range to shoot, so focuses. Shoots at Beta 1, and gives it 2 hull and a Stunned Pilot critical (still 1 hull left). Then the return shots take all of his shields and give 2 total hull. OUCH, Gruff got whipped! No other shots. All imperials now in Attack AI. Round 2, Charlie squad shows up on Tab 5, right behind the rest of the rebels. Gruff plans a 4k, all others 4 straight. Alpha all 4 straights, and all focus. All in Charlie 2 straight. Charlie 1 bumps into Drogo, Charlie 3 bumps into him, while Charlie 2 bumps into Jinn. Beta-1 performs a 5k. The Lambda 3 straights after being too far to lock onto anyone, then focuses. Beta-3 then 3 straights, and barrel rolls left to get arc on Gruff. The rebels move. Chaka and Squeaky bump into the Lambda, while Drogo is too far 'back' on the lambda to get a shot, so boosts to the left, to get a little more range on the other ties. Jinn bumps Alpha-3. Still has shot on Alpha-2. Gruff moves and gains stress. Gruff then kills off Beta-1, with a pair more of hits. Jinn gives 1 hull to Alpha 2, Squeaky misses Alpha-3. Drogo and Chaka have no shots. Neither does the Lambda, Beta-2 or Alpha-1. Charlie 1 and 2 miss Chaka, while Charlie 3 hits Chaka, smacking off one of his shields and taking his stealth device. Squeaky then loses a shield to Alpha-3. Round 3, Jinn, squeaky and Chaka all plan 4ks, 3 left bank for Drogo and 1 left bank for Gruff to clear stress. Alpha 1 and 3 and try a 2 left turn. Alpha-1 protects the lambda, but Alpha-3 can't do the move as too many ships in his path. Alpha-2 then banks 2 left, and bumps into Alpha-1. All in Charlie 4 straight. Charlie 1 protects the Lambda, Charlie 2 bumps into his back, and Charlie 3 again bumps Chaka. The Lambda locks onto Drogo then 3 hard right turns. Beta-2 turns 1 left then evades. The rebels move. Drogo again boosts left, has no shot. Squeaky, Jinn and Chaka all get stressed, and Gruff clears stress and he locks onto Beta-2. But even with spending his lock, still misses (**** those evade dice).. Jinn kills off Alpha 1, Chaka kills A2, while Squeaky misses the shuttle. Beta-2 has no shot. So Drogo shoots, but also misses. Charlie-1 takes 1 more shield from Chaka, while Charlie 2 and 3 miss. Round 4, Falcon squad shows up also on Tab-5. Drogo plans a 3 left bank, 2 left turn for Drogo, 2 straight for Jinn, 2 right bank for Chaka and 1 straight fo Squeaky. Alpha-1 turns 1 left and bumps Charlie 3. All in charlie try an 2 straight. C1 and 3 focus, C2 bumps into C1 again. The Lambda then re-locks Drogo and does a hard 2 right turn. No action. None in Falcon have range to lock anyone, so both 4 straight. Falcon-1 bumps Alpha 1, while Falcon-2 focuses. Beta-2 tries a 5k, but bumps into the Lambda. So also gets no action. The rebels move. Drogo boosts left to get out of the arc of the Lambda, but has a sweet side on **** for Alpha-1. Squeaky regenerates a shield, clears stress and locks Falcon-2. Chaka and jinn clear stress and lock Falcon-1. Gruff locks the Lambda. Gruff's torpedo takes 2 shields. Squeaky's torp then takes both shields of Falcon-2. Jinn's torp does same to Falcon-1, then it dies to Chaka's torpedo. Nice one! As it was elite, everyone gains +1xp. Beta-2 then tries a shot on Drogo, but thanks to the obstacle in his path his shot mises. Falcon-2 misses Chaka. The Lambda has no shot. A1 misses Chaka, C1 and 2 no shot, C3 takes the regenerated shield off Squeaky. Round 5, Drogo plans a 3 right turn, 3 right bank for Chaka, 4 straight for Squeaky, 2 right turn for Jinn and 1 left bank for Gruff. Alpha 1 4ks, gets behind Chaka. All in Charlie try a 1 left turn, C1 focuses, C1 bumps Alpha-1 and c3 can't move. The Lambda locks Drogo again, then 2 banks right and focuses. Falcon-2 locks Chaka, then 2 straights, bumping into him. Beta-2 turns 3 right away from the battle (rolled a 3 left turn, but that would have landed him on the asteroid, so he flipped it right instead). Evades. The rebels move. Drogo locks onto Beta-2, Gruff focuses, Jinn also focuses, Chaka locks the Lambda, and Squeaky focuses. Jinn takes 2 more shields off the Shuttle, Chaka takes 3 more, and Gruff takes its last, and gives 1 hull and a Damaged Sensor array critical.. This forces it into a Flee AI. Beta-2 has no shot. Drogo finishes off the interceptor. Charlie 1 takes 2 shields off Jinn and neuters his stealth device...Charlie 2 and 3 no shot. Same for Falcon-2 and the Lambda. Alpha-1 misses.. Round 6. Helios squad shows up on Tab-1. Chaka and Jinn plan a 3 left bank, 3 right bank for Drogo, 3 right turn for Squeaky and 2 straight for Gruff. Alpha 1 turns right 3 and focuses. Both Charlie 2 and 2 both turn 1 left. Charlie 3 bumps into C2. Charlie 1 however banks 3 left and focuses. The Lambda, hard 3 banks left (couldn't bank right as asteroid was in way), thus can't clear critical. All in Helios move 3 straight. Helios 1 was the only one in range to lock, and he locked Gruff. All focus. Falcon-2 locks Jinn and banks 3 left, bumping Charlie-1. The rebels move.. Drogo moves, and Locks Helios 1. So does Squeaky. Jinn and Chaka lock Helios-3, while Gruff locks Falcon-2. Gruff's torpedo causes 2 hull to the advance. Squeaky takes 1 shield from his defender, while Jinn and Chaka take all 4 off theirs. Drogo misses. Helios 1 and 2 both shoot Drogo, but miss. Helios-3 misses Chaka. Falcon-2 no shot, same for Alpha-1 and charlie 3. Charlie 1 misses Gruff, but Charlie-3 hits him for a 3rd hull. Good thing he has a hull upgrade!. Round 7, Jinn plans a 1 straight, 4k for Chaka and Drogo. 4 straight for Squeaky and 3 straight for Gruff. Alpha-1 does a 4k. Charlie-1 straights 2 and focuses. Charlie-2 straights 5 and bumps Charlie-1. Charlie 3 banks left 2 and protects the Lambda. The Lambda then hard 2 left turns. No action so still can't clear critical. Helios 1 locks Drogo then straights 2. Helios 2 does same. Helios 3 locks Chaka then also 2 straights. All focus. Falcon-2 locks Gruff then turns 3 to the left bumping into Charlie-1. The rebels all move. Chaka and Drogo both take a stress. Squeaky locks Helios 3, Gruff focuses, while Jinn bumps into Squeaky. Gruff misses his shot, Jinn gives an injured pilot crit to Helios-3. Squeaky then kills it off (yay one down, +1xp all as its elite). Chaka takes 1 more shield off Helios-1, while Drogo takes a 3rd.. Down to 1 left on it! Helios-1 has no return shot, same for Helios 2. Falcon-2 however hits and steals the last shield off of Jinn. Charlie-1 then gives him 2 hull. Charlie-2 misses, so does Alpha-1. Charlie 3 has no shot. Round 8, Gruff plans a 3 left turn, 1 straight for Chaka (to clear stress), 1 left bank for Drogo (to clear stress), 2 left turn Jinn and 3 right turn Squeaky. Alpha-1 bumps Falcon-2 doing a bank right. Charlie-1 tries a 4k, but bumps Jinn before completes. Charlie 2 rolls a 5 straight, but even a 4 straight would land it on one of the 2 asteroids, so it keeps its 5 str, and takes a hull. No action and no shot. Charlie-3 turns left 2 and focuses. The Lambda banks 1 left and finally clears its critical. Falcon-2 locks Gruff, then turns 2 left and evades as has no arc. Helios-1 locks Squeaky, then 4ks behind him and focuses. Helios-2 locks Chaka, then turns 3 left and focuses. The rebels move. Gruff locks back onto the Lambda, Squeaky moves and barrel rolls, so he won't run over the asteroid next round. Drogo and Chaka focus and Jinn bumps into Chaka.. Has no shot. Chaka takes the last shield off of Helios 1 and gives him a Console fire critical. Squeak misses. Drogo kills off Helios-1, and Gruff kills the Elite lambda (+2xp all as 2 more elites killed). Wow the rebels are ranking up the XP!!!.. The Remaining defender and advance now shift to flee AI. Alpha-1, Charlie 2 and 3, along with Falcon-2 has no shot. Charlie 1 and Helios 3 miss. Round 9, Gruff winds up dying. 1 more fighter killed off. The rebels eventually kill off the last defender in round 10, while it takes to round 11 for the last advance to die.. The rebels eventually survive the last round and win.. Gruff would have earned a whapping 16xp, but rolls a focus and hit, so would have halved that to 8 and lost his most expensive upgrade. Squeaky and Drogo would have earned 13xp ea, 18 for Chaka and 16 for Jinn.. WOW that's a lot. Most of that was cause of the elites giving all those bonus XP... So thinking about it more, I am dropping down all 3 defenders to being NON ELITE... For now, i will be Keeping Beta and Falcon's elite as is..
  3. I've used Scrivener, another novel writing tool, with great success. It works really well too!
  4. I don’t think you understand what the .125 means? It’s the 1/8 chance of a specific die to roll a surge, not the entire set of dice. If that die fails to roll a surge (7/8 chance), then the other dice could do so.
  5. Try Stealth Device in place of Shield Upgrade if running Brilliant Evasion.
  6. You had the right links, they just needed to be “insert other media - image from URL” into the post 🙂
  7. It’s probably more valuable than doing stats in a vacuum, which Legion is not 🙃
  8. Oberron

    Inert Fat Han

    Meh dies to kylo.
  9. I concur with respect to story, although I take issue with the xp disparity (the new starting master characters, have hundreds of xp more than starting master characters being played for what seems like a year now.
  10. See previous comment about "medium range" and Fear checks. Even BX-commando droids aren't immune to fear. And probably don't have the best Discipline checks. And I mean, come on; you can always come up with a winning hand that beats anything. But where's the fun in that? What GM is going to enable such a thing to go off without a hitch?
  11. Upload your pics to imgur and insert from url
  12. I hope it benefits you all. Posting here in case you do not look at the Compiled Resources List in the EoTE forum. Current through Allies and Adversaries, and will maintain as more books release. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VF_zDO-v5jappYRG5GGUxFi9engj8fFCz9QuPexvXvE/edit
  13. I hope it benefits you all. Posting here in case you do not look at the Compiled Resources List in the EoTE forum. Current through Allies and Adversaries, and will maintain as more books release. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VF_zDO-v5jappYRG5GGUxFi9engj8fFCz9QuPexvXvE/edit
  14. I’m talking statistical confidence, which you do not have using a hodgepodge of information that doesn’t account for literally dozens of variables.
  15. I hope it benefits you all. Posting here in case you do not look at the Compiled Resources List in the EoTE forum. Current through Allies and Adversaries, and will maintain as more books release. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VF_zDO-v5jappYRG5GGUxFi9engj8fFCz9QuPexvXvE/edit
  16. I concur with @DR4CO regarding the white B.Roll... I think its is what makes this ship...in every way. I think it's probably the cause of the base-price over the scum Z95, actually. Give Expert Handling to a Scum Z Black Sun Soldier for the same cost (29pts) , but then give it an extra ept to a play with.... Sounds super fair to me on the v19 Blue Squadron Protector.....just slap a crack shot on that boy and you're gonna take down some pesky Precise Hunters big time!! (I've grown to hate the I3 droids so much I'll come up with anything to bring 'em down...)
  17. I'm digging the book and named characters from the comic even (hello, 0-0-0!) I'm missing Count Dooku and General Grievous though. I guess maybe I'm smelling a prequel?
  18. Thank you!!! I accidentally spelled it incorrectly on a few lines and it messed up my searching. I also fixed other lines that had it incorrectly on the Specs by Talent tab. Should just be Sage (Consular), Seer (Mystic), and Hermit (Seeker) that do not have it. Also, I forgot Tusken Raider Species from Allies & Adversaries. Adding it now.
  19. The RRG is a living document. They didn't even include one in the box because of their intention to constantly be changing it. I wouldn't count on them ever thinking it's "done," unless Legion is.
  20. Low-I efficiency spam and jousting is a core archetype of the game, but not the only one. I don't think the devs intend to make this style go away. ... Some players only want to fly a certain way, and the devs have said that their intent is for "everything to be playable". Sounds like it's gonna stick around.
  21. This is objectively and provably untrue. There are people in this very thread who clearly believe that it is an issue, otherwise they wouldn't be wishing that the Jedi career allowed them to take out-of-career specs as in-career. I also can't count the number of people I've seen wishing for more universal specs. Since the only difference between a universal spec and an out-of-career spec is the cost, obviously the cost is a factor for them as well. Now to be clear, I don't actually think 10XP is a big deal either. But that doesn't invalidate the opinion of everyone who does, no matter how much bold type you use.
  22. I literally don't know how else to say it other than how I (and others) have said it, but you're wrong. I'm well familiar with the calculations on that page, as well as how the Critical X keyword functions. The information on that page does not account for the Critical X keyword since it didn't exist. You CAN'T just add 0.125 for the value of the Critical keyword and get anything close to a meaningful approximation, and we've explained why looking at the numbers will tell you immediately why that's wrong. You DO gain 0.125 per die, except in the extremely small number of cases where you will roll more than 3 crits (less than 3% of the time). The discrepancy (0.5 damage is pretty big) between your numbers for Luke and Obi Wan's average damage should immediately tell you "oh wait, that's way too much difference than a tiny 3% chance to have less damage should account for." Edit: I hope I'm not coming off as overly negative, I'm just extremely frustrated by my inability to communicate something to you that makes so much sense in my head but when the words come out they no do good.
  23. Okay, so I'm pretty much decided on (Iuchi) Aruzhan, an Iuchi Meishodo master who was actually born in the burning sands. Aruzhan decided to travel through Rokugan as a ronin to try to learn more about the spirits and magic of Rokugan, which she feels that she isn't well enough connected with to actually help safeguard the spirits of samurai. She hopes that along the way she can find Rokugani who will actually accept her and her "foreign" ways, both so that she can help guide people to enlightenment, and also so that she might be able to find someplace to call home. In the Burning Sands she always felt like a foreign Rokugani, and in Rokugan she feels like a Gaijin. I'm thinking that, while helping her sensei investigate some ancient ruins, Aruzhan found some lost lore which was being protected by some Qolat or assassins, thus giving her either a sworn enemy (assassin) or maybe the animosity of the Kolat conspiracy.
  24. Mmh 15 soak a squad of BX-commando droids armed with missile tubes should do the trick.
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