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  2. Well that is refreshing to hear as I am a Pre-Prequel fan myself and some of the stuff I just chuck. My current group is very much ok with the games being in my version of things but I am thinking I want to branch out a bit and try to get involved with more community games, where I intend to compromise on a few things in the interest of experimenting with mainstreaming. As for the lore hounds I am sympathetic. About a year and a half ago I ran for a group of players who were ****-bent on trying to use the lore and wookieepedia as their insurance policy against ever not knowing things in-game. That failed miserably for them.
  3. You wouldn't be a level 4 out of 6 F1 driver though would you?
  4. I could see a case for Heightened Perception, but that is marginal.
  5. Hey @oneeyedmatt87 , I'm going to need you to make a Hard Athletics check as your Action, to escape the ensnare weapon quality that was activated; also, I'm afraid you need to make an Average Resilience check. You can keep the above roll for next round, if you like. I promise I'm not trying to kill your character off before you get a chance to play him! [ spoiler ]This is how you hide stuff, but without spaces between the parenthesis and spoiler [ /spoiler ] Just edit your post above, and then I'll edit this one in response.
  6. I think the political backstory of Star Wars is one of its most interesting story elements, it's often ignored though people find it boring. I especially find it interesting is the Republic Senate is so horribly corrupt yet the Jedi serve it faithfully, while the CIS Senate is full of idealists, and patriots but their military are run by mustache twirling villains. The CIS has a droid army core, and the Republican as a core military of factory grown slave soldiers.
  7. TIE l/ns in the hands of a good player are terrifying, both high I Howl Iden swarms, and stuff like e.g. Vader plus 3. (My oldest child also started 2nd ed with a list with named TIEs, generic Inquisitor and Vynder (long before 2nd ed Hatchetman revealed), actually stopped flying it, as it was "too much easy mode", not that much of an achievement winning.)
  8. I know "nobody" flies Sabine in the Attack Shuttle anymore, but Targeting Computer could be good there, particularly with Composure. Fail the boost/barrel roll from her ability into a Focus, do your move, take a lock. Double mods on her 3 red dice. // Anyhow, in general, I think there are three classes of likely users: [1] Aces who don't have locks. Soontir, Whisper, Echo (pairs decently on Phantoms with Fifth Brother for reroll and focus-type modification), Sun Fac, maybe Duchess and Strikers (but half the point of Striker aces--particularly Duchess--is the cheapness). [2] Ships which need a Lock action for some upgrade or another. I think that's mostly just Tarkin. It'll be nice to have a cheaper version of Krennic which takes a Mod slot instead of a crew-slot. To that end, I kind of wish Passive Sensors required a Lock action. On a ship without a Lock action like a TIE Phantom or Lambda Shuttle, it's kinda-almost-not-quite-sorta a Targeting Computer, plus the Passive Sensors effect. [3] Wullffwarro going for broke. It's almost surely never going to be a top-tables-large-tournament list, but some folks love to go hard with that Wookiee. I don't think it often gets just thrown onto a more typical Auzituck, Reaper, or Lambda, if there isn't a specific reason for wanting it. They tend to have strong actions which you'll probably want to perform instead. On non-ace TIEs, Quads, and other similar ships, I doubt it'll ever be worth the points. Efficiency is the order of the day.
  9. With specifically Feethan Ottraw? Not much, but you are still limited to nothing *more* than the upgrades on the cards. And it's mostly at the disadvantage of the player who needs to "cut" duplicates. They don't get any compensation, but it all adds towards the cost of the ships, meaning they'd get less for their points. Also, the context matters. I have this imagination that a great way to do Quickbuild events would be something vaguely draft-based, where you'll get a pool of ships from which to construct a list on the day. Having a bit of leeway, particularly in Separatists where the pool of available ships is so small, seems just and fair.
  10. Jeez, looks like I just missed that entire row of values on the Crab Droid! Fixed. I've added "Reinforced Chassis: Soak 3" to the Aqua Droid and brought the Soak down from 7 to 6 to bring it in line with the official B2 Droid. Thanks again, both will be in the next update.
  11. I have yet to field Kylo in 2E but I can confirm that Hate is very nice on Asajj. There’s nothing like regenerating defense, and the cost is cheap as heck.
  12. Six TIE swarm seems fairly popular in hyperspace Also, let's not forget swarms aren't super friendly in an environment where you have to play a lotta games That many ships gets exhausting pretty quick! But re Torrent in the republic, the Jedi are really bloody expensive. Gonna have to see if it's even possible to wedge n1s with them or if the Torrent will keep its spot as Jedi escort (re: meatshield)
  13. posting this again for clarity. 1. the dial is revealed by flipping it up. it is then placed next to the ship. this is the revealed dial. it seems like the revealed dial can be changed by other effects, but that's not entirely clear. this is done by effects such as hera syndullas or r2-a6s. 2. the ship executes the maneuver that's on the revealed dial. there are replacement effects for this, such as intertial dampeners or ved foslo. please note that these cards use the word instead to indicate they are indeed replacement effects. 3. ya, we're no longer discussing the revealed dial, just go ahead an perform an action or two, why don't you?
  14. And how much list design gets used by Tie Fighters? Not much. Especially rarely are they the best pick as non-swarm.
  15. You're right about the atrocities, I just got the impression that you were white washing Japan. Sorry if I misinterpreted you.
  16. Honestly, yeah in kinda in agreement here The beginning of 2nd Ed was a fair bit shaky with its cheapo wombo-combos (redline, boba with han gunner, Palob etc). Even if they were nowhere near 1st Ed misery it wouldn't have been the best precedent to keep So I'm glad FFG came down on these pieces. Even if the current environment isn't perfect, it's shown FFG's willingness to step in and curb some of the nonsense. better still is the design of the prequel factions which I feel are impeccably balanced around a player's decision making rather than passive modifiers (...other than Hate) Don't think we really gotta fear "combo-wing," least not remotely to the extent of the monstrous horror of last edition. Plus Torrents got their "Howlrunner" in Sinker 😛
  17. Agreed. Until you run the math. Form=Tree cost+10 for Out of Career, +15 for Talents. Outcast costs = Tree cost + 45 for Talents. Getting the Renegade Form talent costs 20XP more than just going for an actual form.
  18. It's like an FCS, plus Double repositioning soontir doesnt get a lock action. Or take a lock + boost/roll, get bullseye for focus. Only have 1 blank? predator reroll. Also, combined with Vessery, soontir may not want to spend his lock.
  19. Didn't get to look again for long but found these two things: Aqua Battle Droid has brawn 3 and a soak of 7 with no armor or anything listed. Not the end of the world, but thought I'd include it. LM-432 Crab Droid should have a soak of 8, WT of 21 and M/R Defense of 1/1 as per Rise of the Separatists.
  20. We killed a couple hundred thousand Phillpino's after we "liberated" them from the Spanish just two generations previous to Japans invasion. We invaded the Hawaiian Kingdom with Marines and (eventual annexed it) at the request of American Ranchers around the same time. We where busy carving up China (and had Marines on the ground in the Boxer rebellion) along with England, France, Russia and Germany during that time as well. Maybe the Japanese went the old adage "better our crooks than theirs", they Asian Co-prosperity Sphere was their attempt at being that crook an Asian, crook not a European one. The countries they invaded where all European colonial possessions at the time, Japan was acting like an Empire that wanted their sphere of influence, which is the same impulse that gave us the Monro Doctrine (which I'm sure South America still doesn't much care for as we are still meddling there). As for atrocities who invented firebombing of cities (the English, followed by America), Nuclear bombs and used them (America). WWII was full of asshats.
  21. Luke was also a lot better when he didn't have to spend 24 points on Supernatural Reflexes. The only other Force power that seems useful for him at the moment is Brilliant Evasion.
  22. Trouble with that is that you kinda have to have a Career (for Career skills, access to a Signature Ability, etc) and Universal specs aren't attached to a career.
  23. Yeah, I am looking for something that will generate a list of all the cards I have across all of my decks so I don't have to go through and check each deck individually. Thank you, though.
  24. v1.2.0 -updated data structure for new set -added -pl -pt, -zh lang
  25. Yeah, they killed this particular interaction like 2 min into 2.0, else composure would be auto stappled to a bunch of ship already!
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