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  2. Well, there is only so many opinions and advices how to do the eyes. But thanks, will do my better next time
  3. Yes, grab an Interdictor for $11 and a couple Nebs at $8. They are worth that. Also look at an ISD ASAP. They may be the next hard ship to find. Also, I don’t see a Core Set listed? Target had a deal of But one and get one 1/2 off. So, you could get a Core Set and an ISD and save a little $$
  4. Not directed specifically at you. But. This whole forum sometimes makes me miss the measured calm reasoning and coldly fact based conclusions of Time Cube. RIP Gene Ray!
  5. Ah, sorry. I used the arkhamdb rules page and assumed that it was the same as the printed Rules Reference. Clearly they have been updating it with information from the FAQ.
  6. Yeah, I think All of this sounds about right. I don’t think a Devoted BSP is bad, per se, but not worth the 32 points it costs. Now if I’ve got 7 points spare? I’ll consider it. But there are many things I’ll add before that. Like Concussion Missiles.
  7. 'scuse me? The Lion are winning on the Military side. Having them outmaneouverd politically is not treating them as Worf. Having them beaten in a military conflict would be, but the Crane are basically being whupped by the Lion that way.
  8. Here is a source bud. https://armadashipyards.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/obi-wan-kenobi/
  9. I have recently gotten back into Armada and am looking for the best way to expand my fleets. I am at the moment looking at the next expansions to buy and am wondering if they have “good” value for a new player. Is the Interdictor expansion worth it for 11$? Should I get a Nebulon-B expansion for 8$? Are there other expansions to purchase first? I am looking at ships and squadrons mainly, I can proxy upgrades. I collect both Rebel and Empire. My collection for reference: Rebels - Home One, Rebel Fighters 1, Hammerheads, Rogues and Villains Empire: Gladiator, Quasar, Gozantis, Rogues and Villains
  10. Advanced Sensors Grand Inquisitor is surprisingly good. It's really hard to get a good gauge on the TAP because it's been completely pushed out of Extended by first Squad of Legends and then after points Quad Phantom. 7th Sister? For 6 more points you get Soontir or 2 less points you get Countdown. Grand Inquisitor? For 3 more points you get Juke Whisper. Generic Inquisitors are pushed out by Gideon Hask and Wampa being very solid for fewer points, and even though you get a pretty hilarious token stack with Supernatural on them for only 46 points, but now you got Imdaars at 43. I think they'll be pretty good in Hyperspace, especially if they rotate out squints.
  11. Is there an issue? Start of Engagement Phase, Quinn’s at Range 1 of Yushyn, takes a disarm and replenishes a charge, Yushyn converts the Disarm into a Stress. It’s an interesting combo, but it’s not like the Scyk is loaded full of blue maneuvers. So taking a Stress instead is onlu advantageous if Quinn’s maneuver next turn doesn’t need to be anything other than a 1-bank or 2 to 3 speed straight.
  12. Update from my side for the lovers of pirates and bounty hunters. Flew this list a few times and I like it. Swarm tactics works nicely for me. Still haven't tried foreman proach yet. Bid would drop to 1 point, not sure what to spend it on. I like that this list moves nicely and packs some punch. Haven't tried it against ordnance heavy lists or fat han or other hardcore meta monsters, but I think I will try this for our hyperspace trial in a few weeks. Black Sun Assassin (48) Black Sun Assassin (48) Fenn Rau (68) Swarm Tactics (3) Captain Seevor (30) Total: 197 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  13. Updated for the new fiction. Kitsune Gohei - there's a name to conjure horrors with.
  14. Has FFG fixed the wording, that the combo works now ruleswise?
  15. Asajj Ventress (76) Heightened Perception (3) Maul (11) Shadow Caster (6) Ship total: 96 Half Points: 48 Threshold: 5 Lando Calrissian (Scum) (Escape Craft) (29) Tactical Officer (2) Ship total: 31 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 Han Solo (Scum) (54) Trick Shot (2) Qi'ra (2) Tobias Beckett (2) Engine Upgrade (7) Lando's Millennium Falcon (6) Ship total: 73 Half Points: 37 Threshold: 6 Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v6!s=200!125:72,48,,,,160:;93:,61,:;89:133,,55,62,,,107,152:&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  16. As far as a Talent on the G1A, you can't go wrong with Elusive. You will do enough red manuevers.
  17. Word of advice with eyes… Don’t paint them white and then do a black dot in the middle, instead paint them black and two white dots at the corner. Gives a little bit of a better look.
  18. How I made the wings open. I used two sizes of tubes. The bigger tubes were a bit too small to slide over the smaller tubes. I then cut the outer tubes into “C” shapes that can clip on to the inner tubes. The outer tubes being tighter makes them hold on nice and tight. I could also paint the inside easy too.
  19. Add a jamming beam just because it is free
  20. Not a fan of the constant use of the Lion as the Worf of L5R, when in doubt have them beat up on the Lion. Probably some baggage from O5R where they tended to get the same treatment
  21. ...wat? I just looked a bit at the actual content. Most of the ships appear to have slight changes (such as the different nav charts and the extra side red die on the Acclamator), but others are effectively straight rips. Compare, for example, the commanders Obi-Wan: Vs It's probably not strictly plagiarism as you do credit the source somewhat, but what you've shared is incredibly derivative of their work from a few years ago. This isn't "ps thanks for the assets," so much as "DA et al. should be listed as co-creators." This would be like a collaborator letting me see their data, running a couple more experiments, and scooping their story with a slightly different one- only to mention them in passing in the acknowledgements. Your attribution borders on misleading. By all appearances, the folks at Armada Shipyards put substantially more work into their project. Then you folks came along, swapped out some numbers and upgrade slots and called it your own. Yes, you had permission to use that work, and maybe they should have been clearer about what kind of attribution they expected, but your citation is completely and wholly inadequate in the face of the scale of the "reused assets." They ABSOLUTELY should be listed in the document itself as contributors, ideally with a specific breakdown somewhere of what you used and how. The way you phrase it, it sounds like they had a handful of screenshots they said you could use, which is not at all what appears to have happened.
  22. Boom zoom firetruck shed meatballs and potatoes.
  23. Amazing job! If my miniatures look 1/2 as good as yours I would be happy.
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