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  2. Need Chewbacca crew for the captured AT-ST.
  3. So I mentioned in another thread, my housrule allows both lightsider and darksider access to all pips, for a price. So it matters how many of the "wrong" type is rolled with the "right" type. It doesnt look like your statistic covers that. (The text of my houserule: Lightside force users get all pips they roll, and take conflict for every dark pip they roll, unless they take a strain to resist the lure of a dark pip. You may roll less force dice than your force rating for any reason, and a destiny point purifies all pips. Once you fall to darkness, lightpips no longer give their power freely, but you may bend them to your will for a strain OR WOUND each, and of course dark pips are available for the low cost of a conflict each, with a destiny flip making all pips available.)
  4. Bikes are awesome, tanks are good. You by the T-47 for Wedge and the X-34 for Spleemo T. Magnabutt.
  5. The elementalist class is really cool. I must say the Soul reaper class is a bit disapointing, something like a necrohealer. My druid class was really better But I envy you, I wish I could design some, too, maybe for free
  6. Small quality of life suggestion: The ability to filter items by rarity. Or to have the option to track contribution level on the duty tracker and it could just filter things out when you select "purchasable items only". Im playing in a rebellion game and it takes a while to sort through items according to our contribution rank.
  7. I honestly don't see how this can be supported. Sure, we can argue about whether Milan or Rex really needed the fix and how necessary this is. But there are inclusions in the list (like Ace in the Hole and Quick Thinking) that clearly and obviously exist solely to fix things like Rita's infinite actions. Ace in the Hole was nobody's idea of a problem card outside of that degenerative combo. It being on the list seems like a pretty explicit admission that it was a problem for the game. Edit: One other thought here is that the dramatic nature of the changes points pretty strongly to an admission of imbalance. I can look at Switchblade or Scrapper and say "Yeah, maybe a little too good, nice tweak". But Streetwise and Higher Ed effectively went up a level and became Exceptional. Milan and Rex had their benefits cut to a third (give or take) of what they previously provided. There is nothing subtle about these changes, and it's impossible for a card to be balanced at both 3 and 8 XP.
  8. I think this misses how most people play LCGs. Just because there's no player across from you doesn't mean there isn't an arms race. There is still something to beat, and people want to beat it as best they can. Literally EVERY player does this, even you. I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to bet that you run multiple copies of a unique card in your deck? Why? To make it better. Simple as that. Specific cards are no different. Now sure, maybe you're the epitome of the "experience" player, or lean super-heavy into the RPG side and never play allies when you're in another dimension. That's cool. But it misses the way the vast majority of people play, and ignores what the GAME needs. Shotgun vs. Lightning Gun is actually a great example of this done right. Sure, most people prefer the Lightning Gun. But the Shotgun has a higher damage cap, costs less experience, and is arguably better for some investigators. Choosing one over the other also affects other deck designs - Shotgun needs a higher skill to make it work, whereas Lightning Gun brings its own big mods. If we expand the pool, the BAR brings flexibility at the cost of being less efficient overall. These are interesting design choices. There is no such choice in Higher Education (which I'm going to start using for Milan). Let's compare it to the upgraded Hyperawareness - for one more XP you don't have to draw it, don't have to spend an action to play it, get twice the resource efficiency, and get a better selection of stats. The only downside is the lack of agility icons if you commit it. In no way are those two comparable. Fixing Higher Education doesn't shut doors - it opens them. There's an actual choice now, because the XP cost is higher. And as someone mentioned, higher enough that it may take you two scenarios to save for it. Is it worth it? Is it better to upgrade Hyperawareness and get the coverage for half the XP? Maybe maybe not, but at least there's a choice there now. I'm sorry, but this is simply wrong. Every card you choose to include in your deck carries an opportunity cost. NO card decision is in isolation. For everything you want a card to do, you have to consider whether something else does it better. That may not mean the same thing for everyone. "Better" may mean "Does this fit the theme of my investigator better?" And that's fine. But at the end of the game, the Agenda doesn't care how well you respect your theme, and you aren't going to win or lose based on that. The game has a lot of flavor, but it also has strongly defined success conditions and that's what a vast majority of people play towards.
  9. How do you mean? What different systems for the dice are there that I haven't covered? Depending on what it is, I very well might!
  10. Title says it all. I have been out of the loop since late December. Thanks in advance. 😊
  11. Cool Initiative: 2eP 2 successes, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph
  12. It's telling that other v1s see some play and GI just doesn't. I've seen lists with multiple Inquisitors place Ok in several larger tourneys. They do good work for their cost. 7th Sis is clearly very decent. Barons.... Yeah well, who cares.... The chassis is good. Not brilliant, not terrible, but definitely usable. I generally feel that if you can do something with a ship completely naked, it's well priced. Consider almost every small base fighter you actually use and I'm sure you'd feel it will still do work with nothing added. If GI was 50-52, I'd probably consider using him with no upgrades, like I do 7th Sis. Decent ship, decent ability, decent Init. A nice alternative to the punchier but more variance prone, or less manoeuverable, alternatives. I'd probably still not run SNR GI at 74/75pt. But that's a whole other thing. SNR at 18 on I5... GI at 51.... you might have me. It's a difficult combo to use well, but it's definitely really good fun.
  13. @Edgehawk, as you know it's about to kick off, sure. Anyone else looking for a scrap can roll as well.
  14. I don't see it that way. This game has some people who are actively taking challenges that the game does not require already, albeit not FFG 'official'. Things like an all mystics playthrough, completely random deck builds from an investigators pool, etc. I will freely admit that I enjoy the game on easy/standard just fine. Taboos are just additional ways to tweak the difficulty instead of simply altering the chaos bag for more a higher fail rate on tests. I've heard that complaint multiple times about the difficulty modes (that they don't actually make the gameplay more difficult [ie tactics remain largely the same], they just make you fail tests more). Playing with taboos is one way to give yourself additional challenges without having to rely entirely on the chaos bag. A way to force yourself to remove cards that are seeing a lot of play in a lot of decks simply due to their ease of use. I don't think it's an acknowledgment that these cards are imbalancing the game.
  15. Why did this topic end? I want to keep celebrating! In spite of Yion, quad phantoms, and Super Han, this game has never been more fun. Ever. I mean just look at those three things and how different they are! This is nothing like the mundanity of 1st edition!
  16. Would you be willing to do the numbers for alternate force systems?
  17. Following up on my previous post: Luke stomped the Red Guard, Magnaguard, and Fallen Apprentice. Has some difficulty with the Fallen Master. Won 2/3 against Maul. Didn't win a single match against Obi-Wan (Clone Wars), Grievous, Ben, Vader, Yoda, or Sidious. Maul did about as well as Luke in all his match ups, with slightly more difficulty due to his lower damage and higher crit rating on his lightsaber. Grievous is a beast with his Linked 3, and consistently out-performed Obi-Wan and Ben. Yoda, Vader, and Sidious are the top dogs, with Yoda consistently performing below Vader, who fell just shy of Sidious. Even with Vader's Durable 3, free stim pack, Superior weapon, and I Have You Now, he just can't match Palpatine's ability to use Enhance as part of a lightsaber check. That ability is just busted, as it should be.
  18. One thing I learned about taking pictures of miniatures is that you need two light sources to avoid casting shadows. I also use a very large sheet of white paper and lay it over my couch, so the background is smooth.
  19. it needs to be at least 3/2 times this big!
  20. Just bought two hounds tooths On EBay for $9 each and free shipping. Crazy. Now to have me some IGs... Wonder if I can get the other 4 Interceptors and 3 bombers I need for a good deal.
  21. Don't worry about the mythosaur being on the opposite shoulder. Due to a costume mix-up, he was wearing it on the right in the Episode IV special edition. It's still technically screen accurate!
  22. Hello everyone! A bit of background: I'm Nick, I'm 19 years old and a first year student at UC Santa Cruz. During the summer of 2018, I had the tremendous opportunity to intern at FFG, which had been a dream of mine for many years. In many ways, I grew up on FFG games, and I owe my passion for tabletop gaming to them. First with Rune Age, then with Descent 2nd Edition. I can say with confidence I have played that board game more than any other over the course of my life, and so after about 2 weeks at the internship I was entrusted with working on the Lost Legends expansion. It was and still is to this day the coolest thing I've done. My main coworker on this project was Jim, whom you can see in the live playthrough that was released on youtube. Working together, I couldn't have asked for a better colleague, he was the most understanding, supportive, and genuinely good person I've met. But being given that much trust also came with responsibilities. I was so scared, I wanted to make the best thing I could for the community, and for a game I deeply loved. It seemed monumental, even though as you all know, this expansion is "only" a set of classes. I worked the hardest I had ever worked on this project, and I can say I gave it my all, first with the Soul Reaper, who came together rather quickly, and then second with the Elementalist, which took us much longer to figure out. Now, to be clear, I did the initial design for those classes, and then worked on revisions, up to a point. After I left (about 2 months in), Jim kept working on the project and with the aid of playtesters, incorporated their feedback into the final versions. I also did initial designs for I believe 5 of the hybrid classes (which I'm not sure have all been revealed yet). It's been so exciting to see this project come to life, and now that it's close to release, I figured it was a good time to post about it. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to answer everything. Obviously there is a lot of information I cannot disclose, but I'll try to answer in the measure that I can. I can't wait for everyone to get their hands on this expansion, and see what the community thinks of our hard work! Edit: Spelling
  23. We assume that this amounts to your rejection of our proposal.
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