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  2. Oh man. That sounds like a great starting point. Command cards might be tougher. But units we've never played with before could be super interesting. Gunna have to try cook up a list of them and see if there's enough there to do something with. 👍
  3. Leia to 8. The effect should be as playable as Luke Gunner.
  4. How often are you spending more than 1 calculate on a dice roll with Vultures. I'd think a swarm of calculating ships will just laugh at Padme.
  5. Hello there, Your cleverness is again, mostly needed on this topic: The return of the Targeting computer, almost certainly as a modification upgrade, in the Nantex-class starfighter expansion . It's role ( if unchanged) is to add "Target Lock" action to your ship. This is a big deal. This could have a huge impact. Simply on the "modify your chassis" side, It has a big impact on the already super efficient Tie/ph. And as a mostly Imp player, I think of a way to give TL action to cheap Tie/ln to help Colonel Vessery to trigger is "auto lock on locked ships". But I bet there is so much more synergies/combo, that is what I a asking. Do you think of significant change this upgrade could bring? Let's assume it is unchanged from V1 (Text = Your action bar gains the target lock action icon) and priced between 4-8 (V1 price was 2). If I am not wrong, here are the ships that can equip it: Rebel: Attack Shuttle, Auzituck Gunship, Sheathipede-class Shuttle, "captured"Tie/Ln Imps: Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle , Tie/In, Tie/reaper, Tie/ln, Tie/ph, Tie/sk Scum: Escape Craft , Tie/mg Resistance and FO: none (Transport pod?) Republic and Separatist: Nantex So, what do you think this upgrade may bring on the table? A R3 sheatipede with two TL? A Freelance slicer Lambda? Does the meta should fear the TL Whisper? Give us you thought.
  6. No ships should be just filler until better ships come out. That is a horrible way to design a game.
  7. The problem is that the collateral damage from that change means some lists cease to exist... like Zeb with Leia and a mix of 4x Blue Squadron generic X-Wings, B-Wings and/or U-Wings. That’s already 200 points, so any increase to Leia kills it. The only way to avoid that is to have her scale with carrier initiative; maybe 2 pts at i1-2, 4 pts at i3-4 and 6 pts at i5-6.
  8. I made my own Versions of the MC-40 a while ago. Though I think it never added an ion cannon slot to the cruiser variant.... Both of these would be small class ships. I never got the cruiser variant to how I like it, however I feel like the carrier option is nice. Also could never get concepts for the Titles just right. I wanted 3 of them, one to boost squadrons, one to boost offensive capabilities, and the last to boost defensive capabilities. I like @Cap116 shield boosting one though.
  9. I certainly hope so. He's gonna need to be considering the tension.
  10. Soontir is fine, but absolutely does not need a point increase. 52 points is 8 points over Turr, 12 over the I4 genetic, and 18! Over the I1 generic. For a ship with 3 Hull and can go poof in a single shot. But absolutely I would not drop him either, that’s crazy talk. He’s a high risk high reward ship. Capable of dominating when played well, and with a spot of luck. Like all fragile ships, you can’t price them too much because costing a ship that can be one shotted too high removes it from play. Or do you not remember how for the last 2.5 years of 1.0 Interceptors were literally unplayable? Because I do! Wedge and Han are the biggest beneficiaries of initiative point compression. Both need a points increase far more than Soontir.
  11. yeah, for SANITY'S sake discard the unchosen story missions. Thing is, story missions are largely balanced for a given threat level. You may or may not run into odd circumstances if you go back and play unchosen missions. ... besides, it adds the narrative flair and gravity to choices.
  12. Padme combined with Handmaidens is what makes me nervous. It all layers a little too well. Padme is nice against other Space Wizards, but I'm not playing Republic. I'm more concerned with her effect on things primarily from a Vulture Swarm.
  13. Thank you for the advise. I talked to me DM about taking Knight and he said that he can work with this, but he is going to start me as a Padawan before I go knight, which I think is cool and will present some good roleplaying elements when I find my 'master'. But I am going to fill in some more of the Shii-Cho tree cause there is still some good stuff to get, like the fourth parry and natural blademaster as well as the quick draw and second winds.
  14. I know a guy from Kaiserslautern, American/british fellow, I will write him to check out this thread or to leave a mail so you can contact him.
  15. Fired a few of those sabot BB rounds into a phonebook so that I could easily remove the metal part from the orange plastic. Held a flame to some pegs so that I could stretch them and form them into various exhaust shapes. Fashioned the end of the exhaust so as to fit snugly into the orange part of the BB round, but could be easily removed from said orange part. Glue the orange pieces to the ship, glue the metal rounds to the melted plastic, and a nice effect that can come off and on the model is made (still not done painting it). Thinking of hollowing out a bomber munition pod for this mod.
  16. How I see it is that : The ''Revealed'' maneuver is the one on the dial (that is set aside after the ship has moved). This maneuver can still be changed with certain abilities, and this is kept track of with the open dial. The ''Executed'' maneuver is the one the ship actually did while it was moving. Currently, there is no official way to keep track of this one, and as such, no ability ask that you remember what ship Executed which maneuver, with good reason.
  17. Don't sleep on Soontir. I would not recommend a price drop on Soontir right when targeting computer is coming out. Good players can already abuse the bejeebers out of Soontir's free focus. If anything, Soontir needs a point or two increase along with all the other I6 repositioners out there.
  18. Qb just doesn't have enough rules to be clear about this kind of question. House rules are needed.
  19. That'd be an interesting tradeoff for only having four talent trees. Maybe enough to satisfy at least some who would prefer a six-spec career.
  20. at that point, what the difference with just playing a constructed list instead of QB?
  21. You're all missing the obvious one... TOM BOMBADIL! (Or maybe I'm missing it...)
  22. Yeah, this is way more in line with what I'd expect. Wedge should be more than Soontir, but by 2 points at the absolute most. I actually think Wedge to 53 and Soontir down to 51 makes sense. Braylen is too efficent at the moment, no doubt. He's becoming a bit of an autoinclude for me because he doesn't need upgrades and he's really cheap at 47. 50 Should be the absolute ceiling for him, though. Any more than a quarter of the list naked and I think you'll start to struggle to fit him in any list that doesn't down to 3 ships and add a load of upgrades - and I don't know if Braylen will see play there. Leia is the obvious one to bump. 6 sounds good. It's 3 points in 1e money, and the 3 point crews were often among the best choices in 1e. I'm sure she'll still see play at 6 (which is good - it's Leia), but she's way less autoinclude. 45 points isn't easy to fill as a Rebel. I wish Intimidation Arvel was better, because taking him and a couple of choice upgrades on the other ships sounds like it would be a fun list, but you're sacrificing a lot of damage in that joust.
  23. The only Dengar I've tried is a fully-kitted one at 90 points: Dengar (+ Punishing One + R3 Astromech + Shield Upgrade + Inertial Dampeners + Proton Torpedoes + Predator)
  24. Actually, in addition to grabbing marketplace cards they may want, you may also opt to bury one card per turn which is useful for those items / jobs that don’t help you or that you can’t afford.
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