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  2. I just flew Daredevil + Advanced Sensors Dalan Oberos, and it was absolutely hilarious.
  3. 2E : He stays on the board until all ships of the current initiative have engaged. 1E : If he has NOT had an opportunity to attack yet, he stays until he does have an opportunity. If he has already, hes removed immediately.
  4. What's the big difference between this and Leia in a metal bikini, though?
  5. I don't think you would. You can then replace Braylan and Cassian with Magva and Heff, along with the existing Wedge/Biggs combo. Heff could take Selfless while Magva carries Leia. You lose Braylan's rerolls, but so does almost everyone who attacks you.
  6. Hopefully not with the South American supplier. That situation needs to get resolved. Yes, Tie Advanced Prototype.
  7. Or, one from Luke’s even. His academy only got destroyed some 6-7 years prior to TFA. That still leaves lots of time in which he was training Jedi.
  8. Not seeing an article by FFG, but this has been updated to “Shipping Now” on their upcoming page.
  9. That picture kind of says it all. Regardless of the gender, this kind of thing just doesn't feel like the setting to me. I get it, you gotta make comics so you can sell them, and coming up with stuff that aligns with the setting is really hard and requires caution, but this is really like path of least responsibility storytelling in the setting. There is a lot of bad Star Wars stuff out there form the days when oversight was low and a profit was assured to anyone who could get a chop from Lucas and put the logo on their product.
  10. It won't "kill it" at all. You just won't get all the parts. It'll still be competitive, you just don't get Wedge, Cassian, Braylen, Leia, and another quality named piece. It will still win tournaments. As far as why, I already gave it to you but I'll expand: Lists need weaknesses to cover for and for your opponent to attempt to exploit. Rebel Beef doesn't really have one. It sure as heck is a satisfactory answer when you are talking about rebalancing dozens of ships and hundreds of pilots instead of rebalancing six. Time and money are finite resources for FFG.
  11. Aim for one of each first. Breadth of upgrades before repeats 🙂
  12. Hi, I'be been away from the game for almost two years now and am looking to get back into it. I want to buy the Chimaera and either the Imperial Light Carrier or the second Arquittens. Since I haven't been following the threads and the strategies for a while but need to make the purchase tomorrow would someone be kind to offer advice on whether it is better to get a second Kittie or one Light Carrier. I can get the other in a few months but for the time being I have to use the funds sparingly, hence the question. Thanks.
  13. Just checked the Upcoming page...
  14. Any points change, even a small one, kills it in one or more of its current flavours. The question I’m asking is why should we make a good list worse in order to achieve parity instead of improving multiple bad lists? ’Because it’s easier’ is not a satisfactory answer!
  15. I found that you’re better off using Chrome to view and download from GMBinder.
  16. I'm thinking that sil 2+ objects as weapons should instant kill any normal person. The problem you may be having is that your other damage and soaking doesn't scale to this.
  17. Characters need to be able to make wrong choices. I think that's a fundamental aspect of good storytelling.
  18. I get where you are coming from, but hundreds of XP more than non-force users? That seems a bit hyperbolic to me. Even the normies are going to want to branch out to other specs, not just the Jedi types. It’s just part of the game design. If you don’t like the trees, that’s cool. You don’t need to use them, but you’ll need to price talents according to their power level and not based on where they fall on trees, because that’ll definitely lead to balance issues. Sometimes a talent that would be 25 xp on one tree may be 15 or 10 on another just because of the circuitous route that you’ve gotta follow to get to it. As a thought experiment, I’d be curious if you’d really be saving that much XP by reorganizing the various SWRPG talents into tiers ala Genesys or if its tiering of talents and pyramid structure/rules would lead to a similar xp total. Also, for me at least, the path to becoming a Jedi, gaining a lightsaber and force powers is part of the fun. Just giving me those from the get go would kinda ruin that. And, you’re still a perfectly servicable character before you earn your lightsaber and start buying into force powers. Edit: Just to add, but nothing is stopping anyone from starting a game with 300* extra xp per character and building that type of character. That’s a perfectly legit way to play. * Just an arbitrary number for discussions sake. You can definitely do it for less.
  19. Yeah and I should also say thank you for putting your method forward because I do think that is helpful. I am trying to figure out where to draw the line so that I am not being a sucker but also not being an *******. In my personal games I'm Caesar Augustus, but I am trying to cultivate a different sensibility to use in community situations. I guess I am feeling I am largely blind to the sacred cows of the average player.
  20. I think the first problem is using a flawed starting point. the 10 damage per silhouette is insanely powerful and not a good idea (as you found out!). Also, most silhouette 2+ objects are not designed to be used as a weapon and will break with the first use. So they won't be transferring all that force to the one target and so won't be a huge damage boost. Spitballing here, but I'd say that it'd be +2 per silhouette. And then you get to add one positive item quality that makes sense. Some examples: blast (cars explode and trees shatter) [rating equal to double the silhouette + your character's Brawn] Accurate (it's harder to dodge a motorcycle due to sheer size) [rating equal to silhouette] Pierce (all that bulk will have something sharp and pointy) [rating equal to 2+silhouette] Knockback (being hit by that much bulk will knock you around) Burn (if it has fuel, it can catch you on fire) [rating of 2] Ensnare (it'll take time to get out of that rubble) [rating equal to half silhouette, round down] Disorient (that hurts) [rating equal to silhouette] etc Just a few ideas off the top of my head.
  21. No, to start a melee you have to move the unit leader into base contact, it's under Melee in the RRG (page 41): To start a melee, a player must follow these steps in order: 1. Move Unit Leader: The player performs a move, moving their unit leader into base contact with an enemy mini.
  22. I think you missed the point. The points increases are small, designed precisely to not kill off Rebel Beef. Nobody wants to kill it. It's been stated over and over that people don't want it killed, just brought down to a little better parity. I'm starting to think you are willfully ignoring that.
  23. I agree, it is easier... but taking the easy short term fix isn’t necessarily the best option for the game in the long term. Points increases to kill off Rebel Beef potentially undoes a lot of the positives that came out of the last round of points changes. I seem to recall a lot of complaints about the dominance of i5 pilots, and that pilots at i3-4 weren’t being played. Now we have a successful list with 3 pilots at i3-4, and people want to kill it off! Fickle bunch...
  24. Here's another question; I've only gone into melee with Vader which is straight forward this question is about unit cohesion and melee. If I move my unit if Royal guards towards a rebel trooper unit and my unit leader falls short of base contact with them can I use cohesion to have another figure in my unit make contact with the rebels to start a melee?
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