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  2. since i have no Verse casters in my party i have not thought about it, but if you ask me about a GMs decision i would do: The Bardic College (Tradition) (-1) Augment (-1) Curse (-1) Dispel (+0) Heal (+1) Beguilement (eg. Enchantment) (+2) Illusion
  3. Yeah, I don't understand this at all. If anything, Clone Wars makes way more sense for large scale battles that GCW era, since battleships duked it out regularly at the time. I'm assuming you guys haven't seen the Clone Wars show? Clone Wars will be THE reason I'll jump into Armada, as mentioned above. Thematically makes way more sense. Sequel Armada ship battles would be pretty cool too.
  4. I’ll piggyback on this thread and say I’m really tempted to try to start playing this with the addition of CIS and GAR. Nantex and ARC are some of my favorite fighters. Some good info here and I’ll keep watching here to see if there are more suggestions.
  5. Biophysical

    Inert Fat Han

    Im assuming you take some damage while taking the A-wing off the board to score some initial points, or it does some damage to you. I'm looking at things that are roughly the same cost as 150ish points of Fat Han, which is often 3x3 dice ships that night have some nice minor abilities, but rarely something like double mods combined with the maneuverability to keep up with Fat Han. Unless you're saying it's fair to put 200 points against Fat Han and assume his wingman does nothing at all.
  6. I don't think he was the only one, put me down for a failure as well.
  7. *shrugs* I dunno what to tell you, only 5 stores in the region submitted for it and none were in Fl. You're welcome to come up on the 18th though!
  8. There will be none, as that list is the final list. It a shame no one thought that Legion was going to be big enough to host an event here. The closest ones are the Georgia ones and those are 7+ hours away. Maybe next year. We gotta work together to get our communities stronger and larger.
  9. But but but but but.... The V-19 was designed to be a light escort to nimble Delta-7 interceptors piloted by Jedi Knights, and has a unique flight profile to reflect this role. and Blue Squadron's elite clone pilots are trained to fly their V-19s in conjunction with Jedi and often support famous commanders like Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.
  10. That sounds a bit too strong to me for a 70 points model.
  11. Two core sets, a y wing, and a tie advanced will give you some.good options, and having extra dice and an extra damage deck/templates is great to have as well. After that you can add saws renegades and a reaper or decimator
  12. I’ve been longingly checking eBay for Descent 1st edition, but I simply cannot afford it right now. 2nd edition is probably my favorite board game, but **** I’d love to play first edition.
  13. Also, IIRC, Motso had no connection with the Kami (maybe he was forsaken, even?), which is way he took an unusual career for a Kitsu. It would make much sense for both the Kitsu and Agasha daimyo to be shugenja. It could go either way for the Seppun.
  14. Recruit is good, but Imp Cadet has some very good Knowledge-based talents that would synergize quite well with Analyst. I have the book and can help you, if you are unable to access the tree by other means.
  15. That looks like a really fun list to fly. I flew a very similar list (Obi, Mace, and Luminara with 7B and 2 with R2 Astromech) and was impressed with the maneuverability and action economy from the force. I like the CLT, but I was concerned that it wouldn’t trigger enough for the cost. Did you find that you were able to trigger the bullseye attacks enough for it to be worth it over giving 7B to 2 of them (and cutting some force upgrades if necessary)?
  16. Sounds good to me. I couldn't see a background for the first of those applicants, but that may be my version of the internet messing with it.
  17. But this is a essential part of every game. They TELL you to build a deck in the l2p and rr book but they don't tell you HOW to do it. This is just confusing.
  18. Based on my experience, expand off the Core Set. Either get another T-65 X-Wing and a Y-Wing or two to four TIE fighters. Use generic pilots and no upgrades. The goal at first is to learn how to fly ships on the board because this wins or looses games. Getting named aces and fancy upgrades will cause confusion, distract you during the game, and give you a false sense of security. All of this I learned from hard won experience. Many times I have ditched upgrades in future games because I did not put them to good use during previous games. After six months of playing I feel like I am getting comfortable with aces' abilities and can use a few upgrades that match my style of play at the moment. This will all change as I continue to get more experience.
  19. Agreed. Especially in Allies and Adversaries (the same book) Ewoks are listed as silhouette 0 and are pretty much the same height as Jawas.
  20. Zara outmaneuvers the red speeder again, pushing inexorably ahead, but again she underestimates the determination of their young mechanic. Kid might make a racer, yet!
  21. Thanks for the helps guys. Means a lot. 4-LOM Zuckuss
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  23. That's up to you you got a few days. Anything else anyone wants to do before you go do the Hutt bull?
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