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  2. Oh alright, but that only applies to the simultaneous fire rules of ships having the same PS. From your initial response, I got an impression you meant that even PS1 generic being shot down by PS11 Vader got to stick until they got to make their last dramatic shot. That's something I definitely didn't remember from 1.0 games I had.
  3. I would consider swapping Ciena for Mauler; otherwise she'll be shot at last. With Mithel, your opponent wants to kill everything immediately after getting through Zertik, forcing hard choices (plus heavy auto-damage has great synergy with Soontir and Counter.)
  4. Alright I've swapped Screed for JJ and dropped Tua/ECMs on the Glad for Brunson and replaced her with DCO on the ISD. I also changed up the squad lineup a bit: 1 Dengar ( 20 points) 1 Howlrunner ( 16 points) 1 Soontir Fel ( 18 points) 1 Ciena Ree ( 17 points) 1 Zertik Strom ( 15 points) Also now at 389/400
  5. The famous one was known as "The Grinning Liar", if that helps. Searching for that hasn't helped me so far either.
  6. svelok

    Resistance 5's

    It took a pretty steep dive after wave 3 released. (Giving the OT factions more ships bullies the smaller factions? Who knew!) wave 2 https://meta.listfortress.com/ship_combos/830?ranking_start=2018-12-13&ranking_end=2019-03-20&large_tournament_multiplier=true&widespread_use_multiplier=true&use_ranking_data=all&tournament_type=3&format_id=& wave 3 https://meta.listfortress.com/ship_combos/830?ranking_start=2019-03-20&ranking_end=2019-05-24&large_tournament_multiplier=true&widespread_use_multiplier=true&use_ranking_data=all&tournament_type=3&format_id=&
  7. I wanted to give you a chance and see if maybe you were just missing something, but now it's very clear that you have zero experience in high level games. Duck and cover on a sniper strike team is a really dumb idea and a waste of points. Snipers are one of the most durable units in the game due to corner peeking and medics. I would highly suggest that you try playing the game at a high level sometime. Perhaps you should watch a few Invader League games or even participate in Season 4.
  8. The sith work in the shadows There's about 30 responses, although I'd post the results again if a bunch more came in for some reason. I, too, want to see the points PDFs and compare what people thought to what comes to pass.
  9. has anyone seen a squad using guri win a big tourney recently?
  10. And the suggested system is basically just gaming the system.
  11. Don't pick a side. Don't get a prize. I personally dislike the concept of Grey Force users getting any bonuses. No penalty is your bonus. I also HATE the name Grey Jedi. Jedi are Lightside Force Users. Therefore if you claim to be Grey and follow a different code you are no longer a Jedi. Now if a player wishes to follow the path of redemption, and can get too and from Darkside / Lightside (like Revan/Vader if he had Lived, and I'm sure some other I don't know or cant think of) I may give bonuses to the player. But that should be the exception and to reward their hard fought roleplaying ( and I would make it hard, but I learned form the harshest killer GMs
  12. There dont need to be special rules. All a "Gray Jedi" is is someone willing to used the dark side on occasion. Basically just stay between 30 and 70 Morallity and you are done.
  13. Does listfortress have it performing poorly?
  14. Perhaps you didn’t realize, the hunter-killer units can threaten any point within 4 feet (2/3 of the board lengthwise...so pretty much the entire board), in one round. Potentially killing a sniper unit before it can even activate. Similarly, other units (Pathfinders/Jyn, Commandos, Leia) are pretty much primed to get the jump on strike teams, either via Infiltrate, Scout, or command cards. How are you losing corp units at that rate?; I’ve had games where there weren’t even firing solutions by either side until round 2-3 (low visibility conditions), and typically taking fire at all can be avoided on turn 0 (unit placement). I can’t even imagine what circumstances would lead to losing half my corps units less than a third of the way through a game, that would just be a rout.
  15. Times like this I wish everything was digital. Direct/Straight errata? (Not sure if Barriss would be straight. Rofl)
  16. Oh, I didn't realize those were the actual results for Kieransi's Wave 4 poll. Thanks!! Were there enough responses to get a reasonable standard deviation? If crowds think Vultures are staying within 1 point, then I'm already disabused!
  17. Also apparently the Ivory Kingdoms, heavily featured in the last years of oL5R (Rokugan even got a colony there!) is part of nL5R, as it's been referenced now and then.
  18. Gimme that Royal cruiser and star skiff WINGSPAN
  19. The results of @Kieransi's wave 4 doc I posted here: It's only been a few hours for my July poll ( https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfWzFP8EjiGoLFo2YXci433j1ZNUAF_23g8nH538W-cTw59HQ/viewform ) but at a glance so far: median is no change (or at most 1 point) for Lando, Vultures, Howl/Iden, CLT Anakin, Finch, and all the upgrades other than CC median 2-4 point reductions in price for Outrider Dash, Skull Squadrons, P1 Dengar, Thicc Grievous, Arcball, Res Han, and Contrabands median 2-4 point increases for Soontir, Tavson the widest range of guesses are on Anakin and Resistance Han the tightest range of guesses are on Vultures and Tavson (and upgrades)
  20. Second force and a one point drop would do it She should've been the cheaptest 2 force i4 because her ability doesn't work on herself (literally just a forcus, other than hit --> crit) But 1 force is cemented on the card so she's kinda buggered
  21. Sounds like the solution is to call the fight for Team Evil who makes their escape as they beat back Our Heroes.
  22. Check out the sidebar in the ranged weapons chapter I posted about using Astartes weapons as a human.
  23. A slightly different approach could be: Lok Revenant (43) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Lok Revenant (43) Dorsal Turret (2) Veteran Turret Gunner (6) Torani Kulda (50) Trick shot (2) R3 (3) Cluster Missiles (5) Lando (Escape craft) (29) Trick shot (2) Tactical officer (2) Total: 195
  24. .... could we get something for this pilot??? 😕. A massive point decrease? Errata to not need bullseye on her already bad ability? A second force?
  25. My favorite part was the first mis-posted version where he promoted himself to Ikoma Daimyo and for a few minutes no one really batted an eye at it.
  26. Then yes, I'd put the Collectors Edition cards with the normal copies of the same card. Of course, if that brought me up to four or more copies, I'd probably store the extras in a different way.
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