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  2. It can be true! But you Also run out of monsters Also in Gloomhaven and put only Empty standees to the board when you run out moster figurines... So it may Also be intentional.
  3. Definitely not a science, and the above-suggestions are a good template. Part of the problem is that the game creators were learning about the game as they went, so in the early phases, it is likely that some units are costed too much and others not enough, but later units are often priced a bit more appropriately. Where you'll have problems: 1. Granularity: The lower the price point, the more possibility that something gets off. If a unit's real power value is 9.5, is that 9 or 10? If you had 2000 points for a game instead of 200, you'd have an easy 95, and the rest of the system could account for that granularity, but when you're forced to round, you're got to get cheap and expensive outliers. 2. At the extreme ends of abilities, it can become impossible to cost a unit successfully. This is an extension of granularity, but is slightly different. For example, imagine designing a siege that is worse than the Scion. At some point, it is just so bad that it becomes unplayable, or it gets to a price-point that is spammable in a ridiculous way. Or at the extreme end of good, you have a unit that is so powerful that it becomes an auto-include, or it effectively gets priced into a nice shelf-relic. That's where the generic template with price point comes in as a useful mediation point. 3. Will ceteris ever meet paribus? That's the Latin for "with all things being equal." We love to say that phrase so that we can eliminate variables and compare two items on supposedly equal footing. Yet all things are almost never equal. While there seems to be a basic idea behind the classes (infantry, cavalry, siege) and the races (Daqan, Uthuk, etc.), there's quite a bit of diversity going on. This comes in the dice thrown, the mix of melee/range attacks, the movement on the dial, the stats on the card. In fact, there are almost so many variables going on that I suspect the design process was more along the lines of: 2 trays of non-siege are going to be around 17-18 points, which we are then going to walk up or down based on how the dials/cards turn out. That just seems like an awful lot of variables for an algorithm to capture. The best bet will probably be to not let the algorithm act as a substitute for playtesting and thinking. It can probably get you within 2 points, but the rest has to come from good judgment.
  4. @Rabobankrider What would be the skill and difficulty to walk to the bar pick up a steak knife and throw it between the two combatants faces to hit a dart board on the wall?
  5. Accelerate to 3 and drive. Entering the City: 1eP+2eA+2eB+1eC+2eD+1eS 0 successes Well, that was... interesting
  6. Hi Fear, Yes, I found it fairly easy and the mod itself is exceptional - a lot of things are automated for you. The best way is to get a learning game - there are friendly people on the Discord happy to help (use the #gamefinder channel) I'll paste some links you might find useful below: Tabletop simulator: http://store.steampowered.com/app/286160/Tabletop_Simulator/ TTSMod Link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1159576143&searchtext=legion The discord: https://discord.gg/nPbhMj
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  8. In fairness, it's a lot easier for Armada to do it in those campaign packs. Squadrons only require one card per unique, and one per generic type. If I want to spam out 10 TIEs with Mauler and Howlie in support, I just need three cards. One pack covers an entire fleet, no matter how the player fields a list. Xwing scenario packs like that are going to have to find a balance between enough pilot cards and upgrade cards that you'd only have to buy it once, and simple price. That's going to be almost impossible to please everyone with. That said, I would like to see it, and it's not the only Armada thing I wouldn't object to being ported over in some way.
  9. That reminds me I should recompile that data with the other responses...
  10. Bariss would have made sense if there wasn't a bullseye requirement, making her a really interesting choice as a support ship because the force point would pretty much never be dead. I could see if the named torrents were playable that she could find a home still if there were a slight points drop, as a white barrel roll out of an arc and then still having a mod for a bullseye attack is pretty sweet.
  11. With the pre-order image I'm reminded of the Fate Witches from 7th Sea, which is another gameline that started with John Wick.
  12. Turn 15 hyperpings: B1, C2, D1, D2, D3, H2, I1, L2, N1, N2, N3, O, Q, U, dsV, X1, X3, and Y1. A 474 point URASC task force confronts a 25 point Gungan Defense force over U. A 7 is rolled and the Gungan Force is annihilated. No ELE casualties. U is successfully invaded at the cost of 9 URASC ground forces. A 357 point ELE fleet appears over X3 and attacks a Gungan GR-75 Medium Transport; the transport is destroyed. No ELE casualties. X3 is under blockade. Details pending. An 11 is rolled and converted to a 4. A 500 point Gungan assault force opens fire on a 59 point ELE contingent over X1. An 11 is rolled and converted to a 4. The ELE loses 1 Gauntlet, a Gozanti-class Assault Carrier is scarred, and they are obligated to retreat. The Gungans lose an X-wing squadron. X1 is now blockaded. A bombardment destroys 3 credit production and 1 ELE GF. A lone Locust Drone is squashed over B1 by a 54 point ELE force. 15 locust drones are crushed over Q by a 329 point Wookiee fleet. No Wookiee casualties. The Merry Crew world of N1 has been blockaded by Proprietary Limited. Details pending. The Proprietary Limited worlds of N2 and N3 have been blockaded by the Merry Crew. Details pending. The Tunneling Hive assaults the GNIPian world of I1. 294 Locust Drones destroy a defending Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette with no casualties. 7 Locust Drones attack a 47 point Wookiee local militia over D2. A 3 is rolled and converted to a 10. 3 Locust Drones are smashed and the Malarian Brood must withdraw. No Wookiee casualties. 7 Locust Drones attack a 47 point Wookiee garrison over D3. An 8 is rolled and the Locusts are baited into a giant wasp trap. All Locust drones are destroyed, no Wookiee casualties. B2, C2, D1, H1 and I1 are infested by the Malarian Brood. Turn 16 is live, and will end in 48 hours. Awaiting orders from: @Bertie Wooster @idjmv @BiggsIRL @FortyInRed @LTD @Matt3412 @GhostofNobodyInParticular Orders processed: none.
  13. My feeling with this is that you establish benchmarks based on what other units cost and then, as @Xelto said, you have to apply the “art” from there as there’s simply too many variables that aren’t directly quantifiable. Of course, if you choose a benchmark that’s over/under powered, then you’re stacking one problem on top of the other. I think the community has identified which units are on the edges (or outside) of those boundaries. In the end, you simply won’t get it exactly right for everyone’s tastes. Look at the debate surrounding which units/upgrades were over/under powered...
  14. I’m expecting something along the lines of the Armada campaigns that contained new pilots. And I’m okay with that.
  15. These guys seem really neat. Not a big minor clans person, but it's a new and interesting design space. They feel like sidereals from exalted to me.
  16. "Or a prayer", the other novice adds to her companion's wishlist, perhaps just out of a habit to remind Estelia of their duties, or at least what Ariel considered as such. The dusk-skinned Sororitas would remain silent and in thought for the rest of the trip, though by no means did this mark an unusual change in behavior.
  17. @Edgehawk here's the resilience check you asked for. Sorry for the delay. Today does not appear to be Castar's day for making checks... Average Resilience: 2eA+2eD 2 failures, 3 advantage Sorry, I was a little confused by your description. You said "you are ensnared for this round... but his next check failed and you are free!" Ensnared means I'm just immobilized right? So I can't make maneuvers but I can still shoot or make some other action (Not that I would know what to do in a small dorm style room)?
  18. A cool piece of kit I saw @Wazat suggest for Dalan Oberos' Kimogila was Inertial Dampeners. Dalan can only activate his ability if three things are true at the start of the engagement phase: he has bullseye, his opponent has a shield, he's missing a shield. If you wait to lose shields naturally, your opponent's shields might already be gone. But ID can force a shield loss on Dalan so that he can "steal" one from an opponent. Meanwhile, although Dalan isn't very high Init, he might be able to do this trick after an enemy has moved, thus guaranteeing a bullseye arc. 50 points for Dalan with Crack Shot and Inertial Dampeners.
  19. I do think the base cost of the Jedi Knight should go down. For two side not sure I’d take them for much. And delta B should scale with a higher X first power coefficient. An alpha is what 34 PT? I think a Jedi could be 35-36. And barriss at like 39 would be very interesting.
  20. Finally done! I'm pretty happy with the result. The rodian made a good test subject for my plans on Endor camo for my Rebel Troopers. I may try to put more of a wash on the Twilekk at some point. I magnetized both passengers so I could remove them if I don't have the upgrades on the speeder at the time. Wrote "Justice for Alderaan" in Aurabesh on the hood. Happy with how that turned out. What's everybody think?
  21. 40 seems excessive to me, given that the Jedi Knight is 39. Init bump and a non-blank pilot ability is worth more than 1 point, even with the init scaling on the configs.
  22. Um.. no.. I said "he" in reference to your example. "He" being 'Ship Z'
  23. You even magnetized the engine covers? Very nice. I used magnets for the passengers and drilled through the outside rather than split the hull open. Part of me wishes I had tried but I was too nervous about breaking it.
  24. Honestly, there's no real reason to codify it. If you want your pc's to be edgy and "Grey" just suffer the strain and flip those points, and take the consequences. The story is more compelling and frankly more in line with how the force works. The dark side should be compelling and quick/easy to dip into when the character chooses to. Most of the most epic stories at my table are from those times when the force user gives into the dark urges, whether for expediency's sake, or because they're just that pissed, and coming to terms with it later. Had a PC take a 35 pt morality hit, but it was totally in character for it to happen, and the PC struggled with the after effect for a long time. Ultimately do what you want, as it's your game. I personally don't feel any need for extra rules for it.
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