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  2. Usually the card effects of the guarded attachments (besides the guarded keyword itself or any rules about how to claim it) are not active as long as it's guarded so I would say that in this case the Hobgoblin is not affected by trap, it's simply guardind it and you have to defeat it, claim it and then play it as a trap.
  3. Even though before you can use sentinel you have to decide to not declare defenders the sentinel character it's still declared later on as a defender so the attack itself is not considered undefended).
  4. I'd love to have some insight into the weapon attachments. I've only caught a glimpse of that Vibro-motor and its surrounding text. What else is there, and what's it do?
  5. I've been eyeballing the legion miniatures for cool value for a while now but i know I will likely never actually play the game. But being a modeler and painter, the cool value has a strong pull... This is exactly the sort of thing I was thinking with some of the different kits. Take for example the heavy blaster team. why would there not be normal stormtroopers using this weapon. Some things I'd considered were .... different kits with the same weapons but different operators.... nope. not feasible I think. Another was kits with different parts to make the one that fits.... I can see issues with different armors being more different than just helmet changes. This led me to think maybe adding multiple operators to switch out out just put in... unsure if that would crank up price much and not sure how they attach to the weapons... I dont know. It is later and I'm rambling.
  6. May I ask: That power creep you all keep talking about, which deployment cards are subject to that? On my list it's just Weequays and Jet Troopers, and that's it ...
  7. I agree with @kris40k. Think of Palp as being able to refresh 2 Force Charges and increasing the cap by one for one of your pilots, and the best part is you don't have to decide which one until you need it! I find I'm constantly running low on charges for five users so I like at least coordinate to boost action economy, and Palpatine's floating charge is just as useful. My problem with using Palp to support non-Force pilots is that there will be turns where I wish I could use that charge in multiple places. Maybe Soontir used double repo and just missed the bullseye, Maarek had to choose between focus and TL, and both of them might be taking return fire if they can't kill their targets...
  8. In my opinion you have put to many points onto Admonition... its firemagnet also those Hammerheads don't last long checked that already... a good list against Imp 2 ship is Liberty with Bail, 2 Hammerhead Scout, Hammerhead Torp, 2 Flotillas one with slicer... it works really well unless you will be raped by the dice like me on last Regionals... my oponent did everything to let me win but the dice didn't let me...
  9. Unsure if this is an appropriate bug to report here, but the sheer volume of Imperial figures placed on map 2 of the mission called “Deadly Game” in the Hoth Campaign was outrageous. We couldn’t believe the app was still placing groups/figures and feel like there was no chance of making it through. We unlocked and opened two doors with 1 hero evacuated, 1 hero wounded, and 2 severely damaged, only to discover there was at least one more door and map expansion beyond a tank and a shield with 12 health and a defense die. For a bit of insight into our experience level, my group has played through every major campaign at least once, often 2-3 times, and played one campaign in the app before this one.
  10. For quite some time Amazon Germany autocorrected TIE to ... well, the german word for a tie. The results were always hilarious. But „Krawatte Dämpfer“ just hurts.
  11. Glad you liked it and found it helpful! Too many suitors has a certain comedy element to it that is often rare in L5R adventures ... but its a nervous sort of laughter! The potential insults to various parties could definitely result in duels and deaths.
  12. Top 8 at Adepticon: of the 8 top list, 5 had 3 Snipers, the other 3 lists had 2 Sniper teams each. Top 6 at LVO did see one list with a single Sniper team in it (augmented by naked Stormtroopers,) Between the 6 lists there were 14 sniper teams... 14 list => 1 list did not include multiple sniper teams The data pretty directly refutes your statement. When a non-mandatory unit is that prolific across both factions of the game at the highest levels of play it is a massive issue My concern is that activation count is more important than tactical usefulness in list design right now in legion... Snipers are the cheapest non core option available so they are spammed, they may not be broken but high activation count is... To my original point, I think we need mission changes to reduce the activation arms race so we can quite counting activations so much and actually take units on their merits not simply their point costs. The design space for a game with only objective based win conditions is limited and results in the uniform formula for success we see now in the list mentioned above.
  13. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of this list. You want as many points on Han as possible, because Han is nigh on unkillable for most lists. Anything that can go toe-to-toe with four Phantoms for 70+ minutes and not die is ridiculously tanky. As stated above, unless you’re flying like an absolute lemon, hurting Han is almost impossible for your opponent. Covering the stop and the four forward boost with a list’s entire firepower is almost impossible, and as a result Han should always be taking only a couple of shots at most in a round. Those shots should be obstructed a decent amount of the time, and Han should have multiple rerolls, an evade token and force, as well as the ability to regen with R2.
  14. Considering how the Miya daimyo just walked into the dead body and passed it off with a "Yeah, whatever, the Scorpion are at it again." and how you can shank the Emperor in the Hantei shrine (with the ancestral sword of the Hantei, no less!) and call in a crew to clean up the place without the Seppun kicking the door onto you within a minute, I wouldn't exactly trust these two to care/matter that much. You just have to tell them that this was what the Emperor wanted. Done. Nobody is going to question anything because nobody is questioning the Emperor. If he wants to leave for a trip completely alone and leaving everything behind on a moment's notice then good for him. The Heavens' Will is often inscrutable and all that. But again, I don't think this matters that much. I think postponing the Emperor's official death is plausible, but seeing how the Inheritance arc is shaping up, I don't think that such thing is in the writers' head.
  15. FO is in a very poor state for buildingoptions atm. Kylo and Tavsson beeing the two ships with some kind of effiency. Id propably look at Captain cardinal over hux though, to get som kind of similarity to double mods and also get the Upsilon to shoot modded shots. I expect FO to get a rebel overhaul in July with points reduction on both Hux and Sfg.
  16. Or coordinate first so that the /SFs can then do a blue manoeuvre and clear the stress, then take their own action.
  17. Today
  18. Every card in Keyforge is horribly unbalanced. By design. DECKS are where the balance levels are, not individual cards.
  19. I really love this list Actually i'm a really big fan of lambda and maarek Maarek with proton rockets is goooood. With aftermurners it should work better but it's not a "must have" Usually you always find the way to use them and if not is a good deterren for lists that wants only joust running in front of you. Paired with a coordinating lambda to double mod is very intimidating!
  20. Right now I own plenty of ships in 6 factions (not a fan of the CIS), but I don't think I'll be playing much Scum, First Order, and maybe Imperial. For the moment I'm focusing on the Republic, Resistance, and Rebels.
  21. ...Considering they didn’t even create some of it... A shout-out to original creators might have gone nice 🙂
  22. Well, IF Yoda is designed, then two versions of him could be designed at the same time. "Clone Wars General Yoda" and "Venerable Jedi Master Yoda". Both with different stats, one as a force using warrior, on as a non-combatant. But both with the same unique command card (e.g. giving all force-users focus as an action during Yoda's activation)
  23. The problem is, that I would LOVE new mechanics, cards, and other stuff. But I just do not want to play units that do not have proper figures. Therefore, if - for example - Yoda is introduced to the game as a unit on its own rights, I would play him only if I can find a figure that represents him well (and is in scale and format apropriate to the IA). This is why I would prefer new cards for all figure groups (e.g. new imperial spies represented by IGG figures, or another card for "Sorin, young aspiring officer"). That will bring novelty to the game, not requiring new figures.
  24. Grand Admiral Yeet, as the kids say.
  25. Yeah, I'm with @Ultimatecalibur here. 1( Future-proofing is absolutely good game design, especially since L5R is moving pretty fast in book releases. I expect by next month they'll be previewing Courts of Stone and may have announced a fifth book at this rate. And 2( while DMG/DLS is very much obviously rounded out by Edgeless Sword, there is absolutely loads of flexibility in using it with a 1h weapon including all those katas the Taoist Blade can take, which we should note, Togashi cannot. That kind of overlap is probably the design space they are deliberately designed to tap into, and it should not be underplayed. They had to give up Shuji to get here.
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